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Man, sometimes I forget just how much I love the Hush Sound. How so awesome, Hushies? Sing to me more, Greta. Oddly enough, my favorite song of theirs has changed yet again: now it's "Don't Wake Me Up" (even though I actually don't think the Patrick cameo fits the song at all).

SPEAKING OF FOB. How hot are they? I have to admit, both this picture and the election-themed one are just reawakening my desire for more Pete/Joe. Or me/Joe Troh. I can go either way. (BE MY BOOOOOOOOYFRIEND.)

I am cooking right now! Kasha with bacon and onions, om nom nom. I haven't had this in ages, but it's bizarrely good. Mmmm, buckwheat?

I am stealing a meme from [ profile] foxxcub because, uh, I am an attention whore? I got nothing. In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why?

In conclusion, I kind of want to read random het about Travie and Katy Perry being adorable on tour. I don't even know. Also inexplicable: all the dreams I keep having about being pregnant and having babies. DO NOT WANT.
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