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Last night Kelly and I were talking about 4/20 and band boys because they are all lol stoners and one of us made a joke about how hilarious it would be if one of them really wasn't a stoner.

And that made us both think of Joan of Arcadia and I realized OMG IMAGINE JON WALKER AS ADAM ROVE.


It works so well it's not even funny. And also explains a lot about [ profile] happy_coconut's taste in boys, because lol has a type.

You guys you guys you guys. That would make Ryan Ross of Arcadia! HE'S AN INSTRUMENT OF GOD. How adorable is that?

That might make Spencer Grace Polk and Brendon loser-y little brother Luke. We're not sure about that part.
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Today when I got on the bus I realized my phone didn't work. DDD: Work was so lonely without constant text updates of people's lives all day long.

I think now is the time for a very important poll.

[Poll #1284295]

Me and [ profile] happy_coconut are 100% agreed on the answer to that last question, just so you know. Like, ridiculously obvious. I ask mainly to see if people who don't know me in real life agree.
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1) If I can't have a baby, I should at least get a kitten. I need something snuggly and adorable to care for, okay? I don't think that is so much to ask. >:( >:( >:(

2) You guys are all right, the Middleman is fucking adorable. I watched the first four episodes while [ profile] happy_coconut was at work today. (Well, I watched three and a half; I am watching the fourth right now.) It is fucking adorable, A+, will watch again. :DDDDDD

3) I applied for a dozen jobs today. I need money. Jobhunting is evil. HIRE ME UNIVERSE. >:(
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i. So, Invader Zim. Gerard is Dib and Mikey is Gaz, but I can't decide whether Pete is more Zim or GIR. THIS LACK OF EASY CASTING DISTURBS ME.

ii. Everytime I see the word Stumptown it makes me go "...Patrick?" Since I live in the suburbs of Portland, you can see how this might be a problem.

iii. Why is Gabe singing in Spanish at the beginning of "Smile for the Paparazzi" so fucking hot, you guys? Ugh.

iiiB. Hey, do any of you know if Ray Toro actually speaks Spanish? I had assumed he had heritage knowledge, but my Google-fu has led me to now think he doesn't, or at least not very well? There's this, but that seems memorized rather than fluent.

iv. ONE MONTH UNTIL I'M BACK AT SCHOOL. I left Eugene during my breakdown in mid-May; it's been almost seven months. Next week is my birthday. In three weeks it's a whole new year, new semester, new chance. Maybe I'll actually finally graduate in June.

(Classes I am taking this term: linguistics seminar on Proto-Indo-European; linguistics seminar on neurolinguistics; low level general biology evolution class for my gen ed requirements. Two of these I am super excited about!)

The only part that sucks about this is the complete lack of central/southern Oregon fangirls. *LONELY FACE*

v. I feel as if these two pictures have a theme going on, but I'm not sure quite what it is.

vi. Mikeyway!
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Here is my plan for this weekend: WATCH LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF TV. Seriously, the only thing I am caught up with right now is How I Met Your Mother.

THINGS TO WATCH: Heroes (2 episodes); NCIS (1 episode); Pushing Daisies (1 episode); Dirty Sexy Money (2 episodes); Grey's Anatomy (3 episodes). And possibly Reaper, but I think I might be giving it up, just because, uh. Obviously this much TV is way too much for me to handle, so.

Things I have learned from the anonymeme:

1) [ profile] pre_emptive and [ profile] etben loses at anonymity, because I can identify them both blindfolded and three miles away, but they don't fail at much as me, because I managed to post non-anonymously twice

2) My friends are confusing yet awesome and also creepy

3) I apparently have awesome taste in tights?

4) I AM A TOTALLY INTIMIDATING BNF OMG YOU GUYS. Or I used to be. I'm a little unclear on that part. (Um, the fandom in which i am a BNF is unclear, too, although presumably not actually bandom, right, because ... newbielicious here.)

ANYWAY. If I have time to do anything else this weekend besides eat leftovers and watch TV, maybe I will get some writing done. (We have good leftovers, though! Not the turkey, because I hate turkey, but I made pumpkin cheesecake and apple-cheddar pie that both turned out excellent. It almost made up for my Rolls of Complete and Utter Failitude.) I am not sure whether said writing would be on the current WIP (tentatively called "Everybody Sexes Up Bob Bryar!") or maybe something new. WRIIIIIITING. How I have missed you!

Hey, you guys, look at my awesome new icon from [ profile] slodwick! Chuck is pretty.

Edited to add: Oh, and the other thing my family did for Thanksgiving was play a huge game of Apples to Apples, which reminds just how INCREDBLY BADLY I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH FANGIRLS. With fifty million write-in cards, natch. It would be awesome.
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[ profile] fluffontop, [ profile] phineasjones and [ profile] meresy gave me scarf pics here but I am greedy and want more. Because ... boys in scarves? What's not to love? Are there sighting on FOB or any other MCR boys? (I know Ryan Ross is doing the whole flowered bandanna thing, but that's not quite what I have in mind.) Or, seriously, non-bandom people: any fandom. The adorable! Share!

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I know I mentioned the other day that the summer has sapped me of all creativity ever, but this category over at the RomanceWiki is awesome in a way that makes me want to randomly write lots and lots of crazy stuff. Or any of the categories, really. (Actually clicking on the things is a ltitle disappointing, I must warn you, because the wiki doesn't look like it's been filled out too much with individual titles.)

Oh, and while on the subject of romance -- [ profile] mimesere, are you still looking for more nice romances that don't take themselves too seriously? Because I've been reading Candice Hern's Merry Widows series this past week, and they're a lot of fun, so I was thinking of you.

I forgot to mention Gilmore Girls in the list of TV I've been watching this summer; the ABC family weekday reruns have gotten all the way to the end of season 4 now. It's continuing to be a quite enjoyable show, and really, ever since Jess left it's been much less stressful to watch. I think I forgot to mention it mainly because I don't have any real thoughts on it, just "HEY SHOW HI *curls up with tv*."

Eh, I'm weirdly unsatisfied to day for no real reason: I seem to be losing the ability to properly entertain myself. Friends list! Where is the fic to distract me? *sadface*
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Here is an important question, and I am only five years behind the times in asking it: oh my GOD, is Jess SUPPOSED to be so absolutely incredibly repellent? Because UGH Rory what is WRONG with you NO NO NO.

(My sister has been watching Gilmore Girls repeats on ABC Family, and I have been watching some of the episodes with her. We're at the beginning of season 3. Man, if I had seen this before Heroes had come out, I probably would have disliked Peter Petrelli even more at the beginning of the season.)

Also in sister+media news, I made her watching three episodes of Doctor Who yesterday -- her first ever -- and succeeded in making her weep like a baby at Doomsday. Awwwww. Later today, Runaway Bride and Alias Smith and Jones. Yay!
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Since Friday afternoon, I have consumed the first 20 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Result: I'm sort of love it, you guys. This is the first show I have ever seen where the characters make just as liberal a use of the word AWESOME as me and the people I know! That alone is worth many many many points. Plus, Willow and Nick Andopolis (aka that redheaded girl and the tall guy) keep making out adorably.

Notable guest stars so far include Neil and Bill from F+G (Freaks and Geek mafia, woo!), Mr. Aly Hannigan (Alexis Denisof), and the chick who played Charlie on Ugly Betty and Heroes, who looked really cute.

[ profile] speshope drove me around Springfield and Eugene today so I could pick up my sociolinguistics final and some juice with insane amounts of vitamin C. Spes is awesome. And then we went to her house and watched a movie while I poked at her cat.

Next up in my exciting day: 45 minutes of YARDWORK with MY ROOMMATES! You guys, it was like a party. A really dirty party held outdoors that required a great deal of weeding and dirt and sweat and squatting.

Studying for my 8 am Monday phonetics exam! Possibly watching more of How I Met Your Mother. And ... maybe another shower, because see above re: sweat and dirt.

I got this new icon from [ profile] poisoninjest. Cadbury Creme Eggs are my favorite seasonal treat! And as I commented to her, I think this icon has serious layers -- one tiny little square of candy and it somehow manages to be delicious, a little disgusting, and vaguely unsettling! Hard-working, man.
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So by the time I was halfway through season 2 of The Offine, I was sort of thinking "Wow, this is a pretty awesome show, and yet I find it strangely unsatisfying." But then I realized it had been a couple of days and I couldn't stop watching it and now I am totally caught up all the way to the latest episde of season 3. So. Um? The Office! Pretty cool!

My favorite part so far is still the beginning tag of "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" when Dwight and Jim both call out "That's Batman" at the same time. ("What about Aquaman? Where does he live?" "...The ocean." "I work with a bunch of nerds.")

Basically all the pranks (faxes from future Dwight!) are pretty awesome. And I'm pretty amazed by how all the creepy weird stuff can suddenly become totally unexpectedly sweet -- Dwight and Angela, Dwight and Pam, Michael and Pam, all these little moments.

--And I was about to say Roy actually seemed like a really nice guy, but then the last five minutes of 3x18 happened. Heh.

Okay, seriously, could Pam be any more likable? Is it possible for anyone to watch this show and not Mary Sue yourself into her place? She's smart and funny and cute and sweet! It's ridiculous, it really is.

Finally, my mental image of Rainn Wilson is no longer as an undertaker-to-be nuzzling a sixty old woman like a horse. Instead, it is ... a really creepy guy carrying around dead things and staring at people. Awesome.

(Are there any ridiculous vampire AUs following "Business School"? It feels like there should be.)
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A Bit of Fry & Laurie episode two, you are responsible for my favorite bit of linguistics humor ever.

Hugh: So to you language is more than just a means of communication?

Stehen: Of course it is, of course it is, of course it is, of course it is. Language is my mother, my father, my husband, my brother, my sister, my whore, my mistress, my checkout girl. Language is a complimentary moist lemon-scented cleansing square, or handy freshen-up wipette. Language is the breath of God. Language is the dew on a fresh apple. It's the soft rain of dust that falls into a shaft of morning light as you pluck from an old bookshelf a half-forgotten book of erotic memoirs. Language is the creak on a stair. It's a spluttering match held to a frosted pane. It's a half-remembered childhood birthday party. It's the warm, wet, trusting touch of a leaking nappy. The hulk of a charred panzer. The underside of a granite boulder, the first downy growth on the upper lip of a Mediterranean girl. It's cobwebs long since overrun by an old Wellington boot.

P.S., here is a picture of Hugh Laurie in drag. Do with it as you will.
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Saturdays are so BORING, oh my GOD. People! Please! Come entertain me, I beg of you! Bleeeeeeeeeh.

Um, yes.

A couple things:


[ profile] pearl_o: man, plotty fic is so boring.
[ profile] ficbyzee: *giggles*
[ profile] ficbyzee: statements like that are why I heart you.
[ profile] pearl_o: *skims boring bits for yummy f/k bits*
[ profile] pearl_o: *beams at you*
[ profile] pearl_o: it's truuuuuuue. plot = the BORING PARTS OF THE STORY. i don't get why people are always like "hey, stories these days have too much good parts and not enough boringness."
[ profile] ficbyzee: *hee hee*


Have now gotten through 2.13 in The Office. I realize it doesn't work after Booze Cruise, but I kind of liked it when you could pretend that the film crew were all total Jim/Pam shippers, and that Jim and Pam really were somehow just friends and it was all being totally created by the magic of editing. Because that would be awesome.


I love my boys so much it hurts sometimes.


I am in the sort of mood that often leads to me writing death, break-up, and/or cheating fic. Rescue me with the power of porn! You don't want me to crush Ray and Fraser's hearts, do you? [[ profile] aerye and [ profile] katallison, you are exempted from this question.]


Yesterday I realized there was a bunch of chocolate hidden in the back of the cupboard. As soon as my roommate's feminist research group leaves this evening, it is BROWNIE TIME.
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Dear livejournal,

the other day I was cranky and mentrual and crampy and I emailed [ profile] brooklinegirl to whine at her and tell her how I had read every genderfuck/genderswap story in dS fandom at least a half dozen times and why wasn't there mooooore, dammit? And Tracey told me it is on her mind all the time and she would write some soon. And then the next day she posted to her livejournal about how obsessed she is with Ray/Ray genderfuck.


All of which is to say, my darlings, I desperately seek more stories of my queer boys having lots of het sex. Don't you love me and want me to be happy? PLEASE. SERIOUSLY I CAN BRIBE YOU WITH STUFF! I AM GOOD AT BRIBES.


In other news, I have seen about five episodes of season 2 The Office (US). I am pretty much enjoying it so far. Pam and Jim are insanely likable, aren't they? And all their interactions are funny and cute. I feel as though I should be shipping them hardcore, because they could not be designed more to encourage it, you know? But, um, I'm sort of stuck on "Come ON, you guys, stop being so STUPID, my god, get OVER it!" Which, again, I am only five episodes in and I understand that impulse is never fully resolved, so!

I am sort of really enjoying Michael's horrible horrible mancrush on Ryan the temp, however.
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Item one: Little Miss Sunshine = actually pretty adorable. Thumbs up.

Item two: the more I see of Hugh Laurie in British stuff, the more mindblowing I find it that he somehow became a witty cynical sex symbol. Wha?

Item three: still watching season 3 SG-1. So far I have learned that the principle signs of schizophrenia are pale make-up, dark circles under your eyes, and looking really sweaty, and also that I continue to be surprised by just how appealing I find Sam/Jack. I don't know why! I just do! I've heard lots of people say TPTB screwed the ship over royally in later seasons, but fortunately I have not had to deal with that, so whatever. Everything I have seen them in, it makes me go Awww. (Long-haired alternate reality Sam carries their wedding picture around with her!)

Item four: I have sold every single possible book in my collection to the used bookstore downtown for petty cash. All that is left is selling body parts, I guess. Plasma, I hear good things about you.

Item five: You know, seriously, I think Farscape might be my favorite show in the history of ever. Basically it is the best thing ever, and I could not love it more, I don't think. MY LOVE IS SO PURE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Bweeeeeeeeeee.
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This morning I had a dream where I logged onto AIM and was immediately pounced upon by a [ profile] nifra_idril, telling me all about what she's been off doing for the past year. And then I woke up, and it was sad. The end.

I downloaded season 3 of Stargate SG-1 the other day and am working through it very very slowly. It turns out it has the perfect ratio of boring-to-interesting and caring-to-not-at-all-caring to make it perfect background watching while I go about doing all my normal activities. Thumbs up.

Right now I am torrenting season 2 of the Office (US), because the pimping of half of my friends list has finally reached my saturation point. If it turns out I don't like it I shall hold it against ALL OF YOU very pettily.

Man, you know that song where you can see in your mind this really amazing vid hidden inside it, but you know that it's so far beyond your own technical abilities it's not even funny? For me that song is totally Andrew Bird's "Fake Palindromes", because the John&Aeryn&Scorpius possibilities in there are just gorgeous. But, yeah. At least if life ever presents me a captive vidder to be held hostage, I shall be prepared!
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Sometimes I have thoughts.

+ Watching many, many, many, many episodes of QI on youtube. Oh, Stephen Fry, why so darling?

+ VIDDING WOOOOOOO. Rough draft has been achieved! My normal vid pokey people aren't familiar with the source, which is a bother, though. Stupid not particularly fannish movies that happen to be really visually rich and interesting!

+ Also about vidding, I made this post almost a year ago, but everything I say in it is still absolutely true. On the other hand, vidding is maybe *slightly* less difficult now, because the new laptop is much less weak and wimpy and sad than the old one, and I can actually see things now! Cool.

+ Reading posts about last night's BSG has made me sort of want to watch it for the first time since I disgustedly abandoned it at the beginning of the season. Not for the [SPOILER], obviously, but for the rumored sexy bits.

+ I downloaded Heroes already, but I'm waiting to watch it live with Spes tonight anyway. I'm full of contradictions like that.

+ In conclusion, VIDDING EEEEEEE.
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Soap opera rite of passage: EJ on Days of Our Lives is officially the first soap characters whose aging-up process is such where a character I remember from when he was in utero is now way older than I am. Awesome.

You guys were no help the other day, but anyone else who was looking for the "Stephen, Stephen" song from Colbert Report should look here.

Hi, you guys. I have spending the week wrapping presents and shopping, but it is good to always know you all are here, holding down the fort. F/K WOOT. [ profile] justbreathe80 was talking earlier about F/K and how once in a while she can't get into it and needs Ray/Ray relief, and she said this: I can't just smoosh them together and say "yay happy!" It needs to be a little fraught, somehow.


(Hopeful + imperfect otp!!! Oh yes.)

Here is a snippet I wrote for the ds_flashfiction holiday party. I am pondering if I want to write something for the amnesty challenge before the new year starts -- by which I mean, I know I want to, but I don't know what! Or if I will actually do anything! There are just so many options, and nothing to yelling and kicking and screaming in my brain yet. Hmm.

Now I will go watch SG-1 reruns from Sci-Fi Channel.
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Here are some things I learned today!

1) Chief Weber from Grey's Anatomy is also Brandon's boss at the Beverly Hills Beach Club on 90210.

2) Daniel Jackson's grandfather is Mort the coroner!

3) Man, when you are having a ridiculous craving for red meat and cheese and goop and grease, there is nothing to fill the craving like Carl's Jr. Yum.

4) I am one of the few people who does not at all mind the new update journal page.

5) I really need to learn to walk in high heels so I can wear awesome trashy girly shoes. Heh.

Anything interesting for you guys?

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