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Oh man, have I really not crossposted any of the fic I've written since last May? Time to do something about that, I guess!

All XMFC or DOFP. Nobody should be surprised.

May 2014

Mailbox 1973-75. Post-DOFP, T, ~700 words. "Sometimes - not very often - Charles will receive a piece of mail, no signature and no return address."

June 2014

Kiss and Tell. Post-DOFP, T, ~2500 words. The one where Charles and Raven gossip about what Erik's like in bed.

July 2014

Rulebook. AU, M, ~6000 words. Teacher/student fic! Well, teacher/just-barely-ex!student.

November 2014

How to Tie a Knot. Old dudes, T, ~3500 words. My secret mutant assignment, on the theme of weddings.

December 2014

No Sting. AU, T, ~2500 words. Secret mutant pinch hit - spies undercover as married folk.

February 2015

Plain sight (co-written with aesc). AU, E, 37,000 words. AU of the AU that is our tough little baby telepath series, where Charles runs away as a kid and he and Erik meet when he decides he's ready to join the world again.

April 2015

This is not a true love song. Post-DOFP, T, ~1000 words. Erik writing a letter to Charles while on the run.

A Certain Mental Fortitude. XMFC, E, ~3000 words. Road trip sex swap porn with feelings.
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