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It's not my FAULT that the Ways' canonical favorite movie including canon incestuous kissing, okay. Or that Gerard has notebooks full of notes about the movie. And they spent their childhood playacting in that universe. Or that Gerard's own creative work has incestuous themes.

Putting these two pictures in direct opposition to each other probably IS my fault, though. But I don't care, because it amuses me.

lololol )

Also my fault: the following posts I made on twitter:

See what a great flister I am? You're welcome )

I blame [ profile] anoneknewmoose. And [ profile] brooklinegirl. And also [ profile] violin_road.

More cutting of my Waycest shit, except this part is actually Frank/Gerard! :D? )
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So today I wrote 1500 words of completely gratuitous Waycest basement porn where Gerard is a girl and they never touch each other. Note: when I say gratuitous, I'm not kidding. But hey! Porn! So ... enjoy, I guess.

and nothing is relieving )
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Oh god it is the time of the week when I am so tired I want to sleep forever but I can't because work! If I owe you comments I will get to them soon, but possibly not until Sunday, because I am working all weekend and also I really need to try and get my statement of purpose done tomorrow so I can mail things off on Monday.

BUT HEY YOU GUYS LET'S TALK ABOUT WAYCEST. Specifically: Paramour Waycest. I think I have mentioned before that this is probably the era where I find the incest the easiest to buy with these guys -- and then the people I was talking to stuck their fingers in their ears and shouted "LA LA LA" until I agreed to start talking about non-heartrending things again. But, yeah, seriously. The house of fucked-up-edness, and everybody at the very edge, and Mikey fucking Way you guys, falling apart so badly with nothing anybody can do to stop it. Canonical going into Gerard's room to sleep every night! I just want that sense of trying so hard to hold onto himself, and trying to do that by holding on to Gerard, because Gerard's always been there, the thing he can rely on and measure himself by, and Mikey's drowning in just all of this and needs something. Except that Gerard isn't doing that well either, and when you're drowning you tend to pull the other one down with you, and Mikey is far enough gone and needs enough that there's no sense of outside perspective, no sense of how things are in the outside world, and that's when things go farther and weirder and worse than they ever would if they weren't clinging together in this very specific situation.

SO YEAH THAT IS WHAT I AM THINKING ABOUT. Someone should write that! Lots of someones! Also I am very sleepy so I should go to bed now because I have to get up in eight hours to go and work some more.
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I got a new default icon, and I love it, but it's kind of unfortunate just because every single time I see it I sort of start staring at it and go into a daydream for five minutes. It happens a lot!

Here is some stuff that has been going on:

[ profile] 7iris wrote secret incest baby threesome fic just for me! It's here. This universe has been my happy place for a couple of days now -- you can see in the comments there I'm still thinking about it, plus I just had this conversation with [ profile] impertinence last night.

cut for chat ... about secret incest babies )

In other chat shenanigans, Imp posted our thoughts on a pointless MCR AU where they're all deer. This is mainly notable for the fact that I can't stop thinking about Frank the smallest deer in the world, climbing trees and barking at people. ALL THE PREDATORS WANT HIS TASTY BODY.


a) I went to get my last Coke out of the fridge and it was a Diet Coke instead. :(((((( Diet Coke is gross, you guys.

b) I can't find that picture of Fraser from MOTB -- you know the one, where he's in his boxers and wifebeater and it's all nrrrrrrrgh THIGH?

c) [ profile] fox1013 is still awesome. Always and forever. ♥

d) this is a subliminal message that everybody should write me more fic. Except I'm not even bothering with small font so it's not very subliminal.
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1) Pete/Mikey where Pete has a Waycest kink. I know, talk about the one filthy kink we don't know Pete has, right? I just like the thought of Pete thinking it's hot and just mentioning it as a joke, to see Mikey's reaction, just like he does everything, but then when Mikeyway sort of goes along with it, it becomes that much hotter.


(Please note that the only reason I don't approve is because I want endless amounts of it, and that's kind of a handful to get people to actually write for me. Um.)

Here is a random comment I made earlier tonight:

I feel like the thing with pregnant Gee is -- well, she's not going to talk publically about the dad, but even among like the band and family, everybody is going to assume it's Brian's. Which is weird, since technically she and Brian still haven't had any sort of sex, but is also understandable, because she notices when they're just standing around, the way he rests his hand on her arm or low on her back, the way he watches her so carefully all the time.

In bed she asks Mikey how he feels about it all, and he's quiet for a moment, resting his forehead between her shoulder blades. "I feel like I should be jealous," he says finally. "Like I should wish we could tell everybody. But ...I don't know. It's ours. We made that. And we both know that."

And she rolls over in the bed till she's facing him and kisses him softly.


3) Ray/Gerard cuddles are the best cuddles. Such an underappreciated genre!!!

4) I have been talking with both Zee and Lea today about how much it makes my brain hurt to think of Brian Schechter and Pete Wentz actually, like, co-existing. Interacting, even! I just -- *brain fizzles* How does that even work? I can't really imagine them having a conversation. I'd read the hell out of it, though.

ETA: and oh man, you all have seen how the Wikipedia article on Mikeyway was edited to say that Mikeyway confirmed Alicia was pregnant and due in November, right? A week ago, during an imaginary interview in New Zealand with an imaginary radio station? The really sad part is I mostly wish this was true just so I could ship Simpson/Wentz baby with Simmons/Way baby. I AM CREEPIEST.

ETA AGAIN: 5) Umbrella Academy fic. *__*

6) More about Gerard's geeky fanfiction/shipping.
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I went to bed at 9.30, and then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. >:(

In the umpteenth part in the series "Pearl-o Recs Everything Impertinence Ever Writes", I feel I should mention here how much I loved Collective. This should surprise no one, really: it's Imp, and it's MCR GSF (Gerard's birthday gangbang! ♥) ending in cuddles for everyone; I've been shipping Ray/Gerard more and more with every passing day, and the way she has them here makes me go starry eyed; and there's really meaty, interesting stuff with the Mikey/Gerard, too.

The way she handles the Waycest may actually be my favorite part here. Time for a tangent on my thoughts on Mikey/Gerard! )

Anyway! On the topic of things that won't add to my growing reputation as "That Chick What Likes Incest," I keep going back and looking at the pictures from my Bert/Gerard entry, and you guys, this picture never gets any less funny to me. I can't help making up ridiculous scenarios in my mind every time. Just look at Gee! Between the coat, the glasses, the expression and hand motions, that is possibly the most bitchy demanding diva I have ever seen him. He is totally chewing somebody out out-of-frame. Meanwhile, his boyfriend is all "Calm down, baby" and worried and pretty confused. It's not fun when Gerard isn't happy. And Jepha is just thinking "Christ, not again."

(Please note I don't actually think Gerard is a crazy diva bitch. Actually, the one thing about Gerard/Bert that gets me really upset is that I can't stop reading people's opinions on how the break-up is either totally Bert's fault because he's a drunken addict that Gerard was too good for, or totally Gerard's fault because he was an evil asshole who broke Bert's heart. They both make me want to hit things. :( They're both fucked-up people, they both obviously loved each other, they both kind of acted like assholes afterward, etc. Bad guy/victim castings make me sad.)

I need a Bert/Gerard icon. Hm.
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Bribery-fic for [ profile] impertinence, yay! SHE KNOWS WHY.

Beneath the cut is Waycest! With some Frank/Mikey and Bert/Gerard and Gerard/Lyn-Z. Yep. A little less than 2000 words, not all that graphic.

always seriously joking (and rambunctiously soft-spoken) )
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[ profile] pre_emptive quoted someone about how Gerard Way's name acronyms to "gay drawer." As she pointed out, it is doubly appropriate given the secondary meaning of draw-er, ie someone who draws. NEW LJ NAME TIME.

Today I got an email from business affairs at the university informing me that after two and a half weeks, they have finally gotten around to depositing my aid money into my bank account. It takes a day or two to clear, but OH MAN YOU GUYS. I CAN HAS CLEAN LAUNDRY AND TOILET PAPER?

Here are two stories I really loved recently that you might love too:

+ The End of the Rainbow by [ profile] onneonnights -- ADORABLE PETE/MIKEY COLLEGE AU ALL FOR ME MWAHAHAHAHA. Yep.

+ Swap by [ profile] impertinence -- my first reaction to GOOD WAYCEST appearing on my friends list is to think it's some sort of trick. When I figure out it's for REAL OMG, my next thought is that I must be being rewarded for something. I don't think I've actually done anything to deserve this, but I'm okay with that.

I'm still continuing slowly on with my rewatch of Alias; I'm up to about 2x03. God, I had forgotten how everything just seems to suddenly click into place at the end of season 1, the shift from kinda fun to suddenly breathless awesome. And now I have Lena Olin. SIIIIIIIIIIGH. I think Irina/Jack might actually be the hottest het couple ever to appear on television. (And you guys know exactly how fierce my love for John/Aeryn is, so this is not an easy decision.)

In one of the episodes in late season 1, Will finds this photograph in Sydney's junk drawer. If I had found that picture in a friend's junk drawer, I would be like "Wow, I didn't know Syd's dad used to be a homosexual actor!" But, no, Will made like actual deductions about spies and stuff. Will was a way better reporter than I would be, man.

ETA: Oh, man, I was going to go watch QI series 5 on youtube, but the link I had saved is for a suspended account. Anybody know where I can get a hold of stuff?
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Sometimes I find it hilarious that you guys totally let me go around being ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS in your own private journal space. What the hell, man? Because I mean it only leads to things like these examples from yesterday:

+ Frank is burdened by his hotness!

+ Gerard gives blowjobs the way other people say "Buck up, little camper!" or "It's okay!"

+ The line between "hot waycest" and "WRONG waycest" (also, bonus use of the word whatnot)

Also, my only thought about the Bden rumors going around is that Real!Brendon seems to be more of an asshole than Fanon!Brendon in almost the same ratio that Real!PeteWentz seems to be less of an asshole than Fanon!PeteWentz.


They all want you to have a happy birthday, Jules. I promise. (Actually, I'm sure Greta does, too, but I don't actually have any pictures of her. Dammit.)
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Dear east coast people, I hope you are enjoying your happy Marty Dressler time.

Anyway, the point of this entry is this:

You guys, my GOD, I didn't know just how many pictures I had of Gerard doing inappropriate things to Mikey onstage until JUST THIS MINUTE. And there's not even any nipple licking here.

Waycest is wrong, not hot )
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Ugh. You know what, you guys? Fuck the man. Fuck him gently with a chainsaw.

Um, hi, I'm in a pissy mood and that means that you guys get 5000 words of dirty dirty dirty porn. The co-writer shall remain TOTALLY ANONYMOUS. Enjoy.

Edited to add: Circumstances have changed! My fearless collaborator can be revealed as the totally awesome and amazing [ profile] impertinence. Yay.

The Monkey On Your Back Is the Latest Trend
by Pearl-o and Impertinence

Mikey/Ray/Gerard. That means incest, so be warned. NC-17 -- HEY LOOK, this content isn't suitable for minors! Plus, we made this shit up.

And the thing is, he's bad at confrontations, but he knows Mikey well enough to know his next step will be to let Gerard have Ray.

He also knows himself well enough to know he might take him.

the monkey on your back is the latest trend )
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A little bit more underage het Waycest. Some of this was contributed by [ profile] lordessrenegade.

This is is for [ profile] etben, this time. *MWAH*

More genderfuckery )
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So, okay. Before we start?

1) This is chat fic, between me and [ profile] lordessrenegade, and not a real story.

2) This is Waycest.

3) This is an AU where Mikey is and has always been a girl.

4) This has Mikey as underage and engaging in sexual activities.

With all those warnings clearly stated ... HI THERE, the ten of you who are left! Let us show you our pervertedness. Our pervertedness, let us show you it. Possibly Jai and I really love our brains; you might too.

underage genderfuck waycest chatfic for the win )
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Things I did yesterday: ate too much yummy holiday food, watched It's a Wonderful Life with my family, listened to Christmas carols play while it snowed outside, curled up by the glow of the fireplace with my family, wrote underage Waycest comment fic with [ profile] impertinence.


(It involves Gerard obsessing over how puberty ruins everything with sexuality polluting the innocence of childhood, a la Peter Pan. And Mikey being extremely persuasive. And them having a special connection. Um. Yeah.)

Anyway. This picture makes me happy in my soul: Oh, Pete Wentz )

Now I need to figure out some way to get ahold of Voyage of the Damned for the sister and me. Life is complicated!

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