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"You're not a gambling man, Jack."

"I didn't used to be. But it's been a pretty interesting year for me. It's made me reevaluate certain parts of my life.... I'm trying to have more fun these days."
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1) There are a couple of songs that everytime they come up on iTunes, they make me go "uggggggggh this is SUCH a Pete/Mikey song ;__;". And then I say "yes, self, that's why you put it on your Pete/Mikey playlist, like, weeks ago."

2) On the other hand, "People Who Died" always just makes me think about how it would be an awesome Buffy vid.

3) Still slowly rewatching Alias. Early season 4 still brings me joy. Oh, most ridiculous show, I have love for you. (The credits still needs to die, though.) Syd is being adorable and wearing glasses! Nadia and Weiss are flirting! Vaughn's really boring dad-plot hasn't started yet! Jack is Jacklike!

4) I get to go home for the weekend. Yay!

5) Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. Whatcha doing? Tell me a story! Or show me a picture of something making you happy!
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I'm rewatching the season 4 premiere of Alias right now, and this screencap struck me:

Jennifer Garner is pretty )


I need an icon of Gabe looking all "wtf" sitting in the office in the new Guilty Pleasure video. If someone can provide this for me, I will give you a cookie! It will be delicious and chocolatey.

In other news, Brian Schechter continues to be the hottest dude in bandom.
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Seriously, you guys, I love Alias so hard. I went back into my rewatch this week, and I've finished the first half of season three, and just ... this show. This is ridiculous and over the top in every conceivable way. The relationships between the character jump up and down all over my buttons like a freaking trampoline. It has the most shameless retcons I think I will ever see if I live to be a hundred. Every single place they could have stopped and gone "Hmm, too much?" they shook their head and said "NOT ENOUGH."

Oh, the triumph of awesomeness over coherence!

s3 spoilers )

Also, there was new How I Met Your Mother today. It was pretty awesome. Woo!
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I'm still slowly working my way through my rewatch of all of Alias, and man, I think the show might be even more satisfying the second time, just because it's so much easier to let yourself stop trying to make the plotlines make sense and ignore the stuff that won't ever get resolved and just concentrate on the AWESOME bits.

The king of those awesome bits: BRISTOWS. I am pretty sure that the Bristows have my favorite non-romantic relationship ever to appear on TV. They love each other! They're badass together! They do fucked up things to each other! They do even more fucked up things to anybody else who tries to hurt the other! SOMETIMES THEY HUG. BRISTOWS HUGS > EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD, OKAY.

It doesn't hurt that the episode I just finished was 2x06, Salvation, aka one of the first real instances of pure Bristow goodness, straight to the vein. Spoilers )

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[ profile] pre_emptive quoted someone about how Gerard Way's name acronyms to "gay drawer." As she pointed out, it is doubly appropriate given the secondary meaning of draw-er, ie someone who draws. NEW LJ NAME TIME.

Today I got an email from business affairs at the university informing me that after two and a half weeks, they have finally gotten around to depositing my aid money into my bank account. It takes a day or two to clear, but OH MAN YOU GUYS. I CAN HAS CLEAN LAUNDRY AND TOILET PAPER?

Here are two stories I really loved recently that you might love too:

+ The End of the Rainbow by [ profile] onneonnights -- ADORABLE PETE/MIKEY COLLEGE AU ALL FOR ME MWAHAHAHAHA. Yep.

+ Swap by [ profile] impertinence -- my first reaction to GOOD WAYCEST appearing on my friends list is to think it's some sort of trick. When I figure out it's for REAL OMG, my next thought is that I must be being rewarded for something. I don't think I've actually done anything to deserve this, but I'm okay with that.

I'm still continuing slowly on with my rewatch of Alias; I'm up to about 2x03. God, I had forgotten how everything just seems to suddenly click into place at the end of season 1, the shift from kinda fun to suddenly breathless awesome. And now I have Lena Olin. SIIIIIIIIIIGH. I think Irina/Jack might actually be the hottest het couple ever to appear on television. (And you guys know exactly how fierce my love for John/Aeryn is, so this is not an easy decision.)

In one of the episodes in late season 1, Will finds this photograph in Sydney's junk drawer. If I had found that picture in a friend's junk drawer, I would be like "Wow, I didn't know Syd's dad used to be a homosexual actor!" But, no, Will made like actual deductions about spies and stuff. Will was a way better reporter than I would be, man.

ETA: Oh, man, I was going to go watch QI series 5 on youtube, but the link I had saved is for a suspended account. Anybody know where I can get a hold of stuff?
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b. Last night I watched the first five episodes of the first cycle of America's Next Top Model. This afternoon I finished off the season. Right now the third cycle is torrenting very slowly to give me more to watch. That Elyse: pretty awesome, huh?

c. Before I watched more ANTM, I spent most of today doing lots of homework. My phonetics reading makes me angry, but I also spent two or three hours working on my 451 homework, which was a problem set on position class in Wasco nouns, and which I enjoyed rather ridiculously. I can't help it; figuring out all the morphemes and categories and glosses and order and rules makes my brain so happy. It's not so different from the joy I get out of logic problems and crossword puzzles, I suppose.

d. The problem with three day weekends is that Tuesday always looks so unappealing.

e. [ profile] fox1013 and I suggested a panel for [ profile] muskratjamboree! This is news mostly because I haven't been able to fully get over my inability to think of MJ as an actual con. In my head, I think of it as being exactly like going over to Livia and Zee's place for fangirl weekends, only in a hotel and there's 15 or 30 girls I want to hang out with instead of two. But, no! It's not just going to be me sitting in BLG's hotel room and cuddling people and eating cookies! There is actual organization, and part of that is panels. So, yes. I'm not sure if enough other people share our huge-ass DADDY buttons to be interested in talking for an hour about Syd&Jack and Veronica&Keith and John&Dean&Sam and Buffy&Giles and Adama&Kara and, uh, non-gen variations of some of the same.

f. Hi. Your hair looks nice today. Would you like a cupcake?
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Theory That Struck Me Today:

Caroline Morrison on "ReGenesis" is what Weir on SGA would be like if Weir was totally awesome.

Another Thing About Heroes::

Man, I know all the troublesome stuff about, you know, being totally evil and stuff, but nonetheless, I am in love with the relationship between Claire and her daddy. Because, seriously, I have a button a million miles wide. [ profile] fox1013 and I were talking earlier about daddy issues; while much of fandom seems to have the "I've been a bad, bad little kid. Spank me!", we both have more of the "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL WAAAAAAAAAH" thing going on.

There are lots of relationships that hit this button for me, but the classic is Jack and Sydney Bristow from Alias, which is my one true gen relationship FOREVER. Lilith and David on ReGenesis actually made me cry last night, in episode 1x08. Buffy and Giles, on the times when I'm not sexualizing them at all, can fulfill the same thing for me, despite the non-related-ness. Oh, and BSG: Kara and Adama are my favorite relationship on the show, even when I'm conflicted about everything else.

(Actually, a lot of the things that make me cry fit here. S2 Buffy and Giles, yep. Jack and Sydney, yep. My first year away at college, I came home and watched the freaking Land Before Time with my family and cried when Sarah the three-horn was reunited with her daddy. I don't even know!)

(And in comics! Babs and Jim Gordon! Roy and Lian! *sniffle*)
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Do you ever have a day when you wish that you had, instead of little devils and angels, a miniature Jack Bristow to sit on your shoulder and give you advice and guide you through this crazy, crazy world?

I feel like that every day. Jack Bristow, come and fix my life! Be my spy daddy FOREVER!

Today I made curried cauliflower for dinner as a treat for myself for fixing up my resume and applying for jobs today. I'm always surprised by my treat turns out to be something that's actually really healthy, but oh man, it is so freaking good.

Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver: I am approximately one-third of the way through, which means I just finished the first book-within-the-volume-within-the-cycle. Mmmm, 17th century. Mmmmm, history of science. Mmmmm, big juicy book to lose myself in.

Zee keeps teasing me with the promise of writing Young Avengers Cassie/Kate femslash. I almost help she never does complete this, because I'm already her obedient servant in way too many ways.

If you understand my subject line, you get a shiny new nickel.
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Also, this evening I finally watched the last two episodes of Alias for the first time, thus finishing off my very last pieces of canon I had saved away!

And, okay. The thing about Alias, as I was telling [ profile] fox1013, is that it truly is the TRIUMPH of "yeah, but it would be COOL" over every single other storytelling consideration in the world. And really, considering in that light? It succeeds just about perfectly in all its goals.

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Season 5 Alias, yay! I watched the first nine episodes this weekend -- I, uh, meant to stretch it out over this whole week, but that didn't happen. But I reached the point of mid-December, and am now taking my own little hiatus before I start 5.10. Although, of course, my hiatus will not last four months.

A couple thoughts )
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Wow, the season four Alias finale was TWELVE KINDS OF AWESOME. And I'm not just saying that because it spoiler )
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Please excuse the mess; I just watched Alias 4x18, "Mirage", and I may have accidentally just TOTALLY EXPLODED ALL OVER THE ENTIRE INTERNET OMG.

Um. I'll just go get a mop, shall I?
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I just spent the entire first half of season 4 Alias going "but wait! this is wacky and fun! Wherefore so much hate on it?"

And then I got to the last couple episodes and it is ALL ABOUT VAUGHN and HIS BORING BORING BORING PLOT and IT MAKES ME WANT TO DIE WTF. I know Alias isn't above abandoning non-productive plotlines and never returning to them and doing something totally different; why can't they do that noooooooooow?

*ignores the tons and tons of boring Vaughn and pays attention to Sydney and Jack and Nadia and Weiss and Marshall instead*
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Five episodes into s4 Alias, and I am still not accustomed to either the pictures in the credits OR the lack of Bristow hugs. On the other hand, Nadia is still way pretty, and "Welcome to Libery Village" made my entire world a brighter, shining, fabulous place for the forty minutes it lasted.

New default icon! Because Jennifer Garner is so adorable I could die.
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1. I realize that supermarket packaged sushi has very little to do with actual real high quality stuff, but the spicy imitation crab rolls I got from Safeway are kind of tasty anyway. Though I am sad that the little package of ginger is so small, because there's only half as much as I want. Alas.

2. I found a song that makes me want to vid Crichton. DAMMIT. This is sad because it's so never going to happen. It makes me long for one of those vid auctions and lots of money.

3. Three vids I have watched lately and really loved:

Suspended in Gaffa by [ profile] laurashapiro. Chiana from Farscape. Music by Kate Bush. The link goes to her front page; you'll need to email her for the password.

Say Hello to the Angels by [ profile] sweetestdrain. Oh, Richie Tenenbaum. Music by Interpol.

This Girl is Taking Bets by [ profile] killabeez. Sydney from Alias! Music by Thea Gilmore. The link goes to her regular vid page; this vid is near the bottom.

4. Speaking of Alias: TIME TO WATCH MORE YAYS.
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Here is what season three Alias has taught me so far: spoilers to about episode 14 or so )

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