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1. Couples trying and failing at kink
2. Couples doing lolzy roleplay or consent play
3. Age difference
4. Size difference
5. Post-coital discussions
6. People lying with their head in the other person's lap
7. Dudes who are bloody/beaten-up
8. Gangbangs
9. Historical AUs
10. Sex tears
11. Masturbating in the same room/small space as another person
12. Awkward-yet-hot desperate underageness (either solo or partnered)
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Today I didn't go to class, livejournal. I have decided that I have to announce to you whenever this happens. Between the shame of that, [ profile] speshope's possible visit, and my mother's bribe, I feel that should be adequate for keeping me responsible for the rest of the term.

Here, have a random list I've been thinking about.


BY PEARL-O, AGE 23 AND 1/3 )
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So today's been kind of a shitty day all around. I'm not saying I had a conversation with Zee earlier when I told her that fandom really needed to stop screwing around and provide with more Pete/Mikey, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, Frank/Bob and Pete/Joe instead of all these boring pairings like [insert your favorite pairing here]? But I'm not saying I didn't, either.

Um. Time to make an effort to remind myself about all the non-shitty things about today! Here we go.

ONE. Discussing Fall Out Boy, Regency Boyhookers crack with [ profile] mimesere.

TWO. That Joe and Pete interview where they are all mellow and snuggly and making dorky jokes with each other and basically being awesome buds.

THREE. The Q&A update about team dradle.

FOUR. [ profile] bexless posted yummy new long fic! Frank/Gerard is not my OTP, but it can still be AWESOME.

FIVE. Thinking about Bunny Way and Pete Wentz having matching wardrobes.

SIX. Changing my desktop background to Pete/Mikey cuteness.

SEVEN. Regency Boyhookers, because it counts enough for two.

EIGHT. Less than a month until classes start!

NINE. I totally got into this fandom thinking I was going to be a complete spectator, so the fact that I seem to be writing anything at all is pretty much the most exciting thing ever for me. Calling them actually stories might be a little overambitious, but I don't actually mind the fact that the things I write are definitely on the appetizer course of the menu, because they are my happy mini-quiches and crab puffs.

list of bandom writing so far )

That is ... a lot more than I thought. Cool. Although, wow, there are so many other pairings I want to get to.

TEN. [ profile] fox1013. ♥ x INFINITY.
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1) No work + sleeping in = happy Pearl

2) Ghirardelli peppermint bark, one of the best things about the holiday season

3) Getting some of the best pasta salad ever from New Seasons

4) Writing random filthy porn

5) Really cute incredibly comfy new pants

6) I kind of adore the completely grey dark rainy weather

7) Mikeyway. Just, you know. In general. MIKEYWAY.

8) Oh! Last night I had my first real fandom related dream. Surprisingly, it was about Panic! Possibly boring to people who aren't me? )

I mean, I would have preferred sexy make out times with somebody, but completely random and weird has its charms, too.

9) rockstar cool )

10) TIME TO WATCH MORE TV. My life, so hard.
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It's not quite time for the holiday wishlist to come around, but a) it will be soon b) my birthday is in a month c) the squeaky wheel gets the grease and d) people are talking about their kinks and being interesting and this is vaguely similar if not exactly -- so here is a list of stuff I really really like in bandom and/or would like to read.

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YOU GUYS I AM ALL ALONE IN MY HOUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS AND IT IS AWESOME. My parents and sister are all at work and I have freeeeeeeeedom.

I am catching up on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me podcasts! And looking at pictures of Fall Out Boy dressed up as Panic! at the Disco! And eating Halloween candy! And looking at Pushing Daisies screencaps! And telling [ profile] etben about the incredibly wretched stories I am craving, ie two completely different Pete/alwaysagirl-Mikey stories which I am not even sure which is more embarrassing )

Basically, all I need now is a Coca-Cola and life would be perfect. Well, that and actually succeeding at making a Pushing Daisies icon, because I want one of Chuck and Olive going "yay!" on the rooftop so bad I can taste it.

In conclusion, Hemmy would be a great half-brother, y/n?
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1. The way Pete Wentz thinks that Patrick Stump is the best thing that has ever, ever happened to him, and wants everybody in the world to know it.

2. Gerard Way's stupid, earnest little face.

3. Mikeyway and his hot wife dressing up their cat in crazy clothes.

4. Gabe Saporta talking about his fans and their love stories.

5. The way Frank Iero pokes and jumps on and teases and falls all over Bob Bryar.

6. Seriously, Bob Bryar GOT SET ON FIRE, you guys. That is crazy fucking devotion.

7. Big huge geeky intensely homosocial fucked-up self-aware dorks. All of them. ♥ ♥ ♥

8. The way they play like they're so incredibly surprised and lucky and excited to be there, everytime. Trohmania! Frank defying gravity! Whatever! Just giving it everything they possibly could, because this is what they want to be doing.

9. The way that Gerard plays the pronoun game/avoids specifying the gender or sex of his relationships in any way.

10. The MCR Secret Santa, forever and ever amen.
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So today my sister and I went out to Target, and of course the first thing to check is the one dollar bins, right? And I saw this there, and it freaked me the hell out badly enough that I almost bought it JUST SO I COULD SHOW YOU ALL. Seriously, what the hell?

I *also* went out with my sister yesterday, at which point I tried on these shoes, which. You guys. I am very much in a Wayne's World "They will be mine. OH YES. They will be mine!" place right now, because I am totally completely in love with them. I did not realize my life was incomplete without owls on my shoes, but it SO WAS. Not that I have any money whatsoever, but maybe an early birthday present?

I've gotten to the point where I have to stop brainstorming the fifteen different ideas I have going on and choose just one and commit to it for [ profile] ds_match. It's still weirdly exciting! Usually at this point in a challenge I'm kind of hating myself. But I'm still really happy and eager for this, which is awesome. I think I'm going to go with the "daily word count assignment" strategy to make myself write. By this time tomorrow I will have finished X number of words! Woo! Note to self: obtain caffeinated beverages to assist in this process.

(Ds Match is also doing a lovely job distracting me from both DS Seekritsanta and Yuletide, both of which I've decided I'm better off not doing this year. I didn't do Yuletide last year, and the year before that I had to drop out; the stress of the challenge overwhelms the awesome for me when I write, so I'm better off just reading. Plus, the things I really love about challenges aren't as vivid when you have hundreds and hundreds of people signing up, because I like the feeling of knowing everybody. Which I've always had in DS Seekritsanta, and actually I have participated in it every single year since its inception! But I really think I can't handle the responsibility this year, so sigh, just a reader [and beta, probably] again.)

I have had the song "West Coast" by Coconut Records stuck in my head for like five days now. It could be worse.

I still mean everything I said about arranged marriage fic yesterday, by the way. TELL ME MORE.
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+ Strawberry shortcake good humor bars, which I can never find except I did this week


+ Watching Doctor Who on my computer (Blink last night and Utopia later today. "This is my timey wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff.")

+ Lots of time to read library books and graphic novels

+ Having a week full of family things like my sister's graduation and my parents' anniversary and my brother's birthday and father's day (AND having that week end today)

+ Making cookies

+ Having pretty hair

+ Sleeping well

+ Evening walks around the neighborhood with my sister

+ Those webcam CKR pics

+ This xkcd comic

+ Having a zee and a livia and a spes all right in Portland YAY YAY YAY
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+ tom kha gai, the food of the gods
+ Ray Kowalski
+ only two months left until graduation!
+ my comfy comfy bed
+ the story [ profile] etben and I started plotting out on Friday
+ visiting [ profile] roz_mcclure next week
+ the cuteness of David Tennant as the Doctor. (With his little glasses, and his sneakers, and awwww.)
+ [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] hobbledehoy. Just in general.

I had more things I meant to put in that list, but I've forgotten what they were.

I find myself in one of those moods where I want to change everything and trim and clean and neaten it. Last night I got the urge to get rid of all my icons. I figure this is one of the things that is probably a passing urge I should not submit to, but if I keep feeling this way long enough, I might give in and see if I can trim down to just 20 or so that I really want to keep to express myself.

If I still feel edgy like this after that, maybe I'll erase all my lj interests and start from scratch.

I have noticed an annoying trend to my dreams lately. They seem to be all set-up, and never get to the good part! I have dreams about finally getting to a break, and having lots of vacation of excitements, except I only get the planning and annoying details and awful travel soul-killing bits, and wake up before the fun part. Or I dream about all the awkward stupid bits of dating and association with boys, without ever getting to the smooching. Not on, dreamscape. Not on at all.

I keep listening to the same eight Mountain Goats songs on repeat over and over and over and over. I need mooooooooooore. Help me, people! Help!

Elizabeth Taylor is bored of your shenanigans.
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Here are three things that I think are great:

1) I passed all my classes this term, so I am definitely graduating in June YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.

2) My vacation has rocked so far, and I still have all of muskrat jamboree ahead of me.

3) By the time I got to this defamer entry about Grey's Anatomy, Disney had already pulled the clip from youtube. But I did get to watch THIS today, and honestly, does it get much better than this? I THINK NOT. So much booze! Addison is a pirate! Dempsey throws coffee on people! Fox, you need to watch this NOW. Unless you have already seen it, in which case you lose for not making ME watch it before this.
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Here are some things that are awesome:

+ Naps
+ Thai food
+ Vacation!
+ Farscape
+ Robin Sparkles
+ Trolling other people's delicious accounts for good fic
+ [ profile] roz_mcclure and [ profile] juleskicks both getting into Due South
+ Linguistics
+ Zombies
+ Trashy romance novels
+ Less trashy regular novels that are still awesome
+ Pink glitter
+ Powell's City of Books
+ Cadbury creme eggs
+ Single digits left until Muskrat Jamboree!

But my favorite thing of all this evening, I have to say, is the very end of "Eclipse" in Due South. What could be better than Fraser wearing a dorky paper party hat on top of his head? I ASK YOU. Could it perhaps be the fact that Ray is also wearing his hat, only he is doing the thing where he's pushed it down behind his head to the back of his neck instead, like that makes it okay and he can actually seem cool? PERHAPS.
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Things what are great:

1) Boot Liquor radio from

2) It has been pretty and grey and rainy all day!

3) I am allowing myself to have Coke today for a special treat (I have been trying to mostly cut back so far this month).

4) I have spent the last hour or two writing the first 1500 words of the story I am REALLY REALLY excited about YAY.

5) The only thing more fun than getting into a new fandom is watching your friends be retarded and cute as THEY get into a new fandom. *pets adorable [ profile] ficbyzee*

6) DS fandom is being really fun and interesting and active lately. Yay.

7) Seven weeks until Muskrat Jamboree!

Things what are less good:

a) LJ is a little dead Saturday afternoon and evenings, no? I'm feeling a little lonely. HI PEOPLE WHAT IS UP? Seriously, come on! Isn't anyway feeling dorky or porny or spammy or anything? I'm bored.
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Things that are AWESOME: weekends with [ profile] liviapenn, [ profile] ficbyzee, and [ profile] frostfire_17, lots of cookies, a mild amount of cuddling, and way too much TV watching.

Things that are less AWESOME: Turning on my computer last night and finding that Firefox has deleted or lost every single one of my bookmarks. (It's not a profile problem; I checked the profile manager first, and anyway, everything else, like my themes and extensions and other customizations, is still there. Just all the websites I need are gone! Bleh.)

Also, [ profile] fox1013, I emailed you DAYS ago, and you have not replied yet. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME.

It is the week before Christmas, and I need F/K smooches and sexin'. Sigh!

Edit: fixed now yay!
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Um, I know it is not news to any of you? But menstruation is evil and soul sucking. Boooo.

Okay, let's try for a list of things that do NOT suck:

1) I just took a ridiculously long steaming hot shower.

2) My bed is super comfy and I have a pile of blankets and it's nice and grey and cool outside.

3) I managed to register for class for winter.

4) This time next week I will be home for Thanksgiving.

5) I have Friday Night Lights to watch! Edit: AND ncis! \o/

6) Waylon Jennings has one of the most comforting voices ever. I want to curl up in it like a blanket.

7) I can't stop thinking about this story and how much I wish it existed. (The jerkiness is the outer layer of the schmoopiest F/K relationship I've ever imagined, I swear, all love and need and hidden tenderness and protection. Between that and the F-V friendship nostalgia, no wonder I am enjoying this as perfect wallow fodder.) SIGH.

8) Another story I would kill for: A Very Special Twitch City Christmas. Where Curtis leans a very important lesson about the true meaning of the holiday! And Christmas is ALMOST ruined, but then it gets saved just in time!

9) F/K SNOW KISSES. Fraser's face is happy and his ears are pink and Ray is wearing a leather jacket that's not nearly warm enough and they're walking around with Dief on their day off. *SMOOSHES BOYS*

10) I am stealing this from [ profile] justbreathe80 the other day, because she got it stuck in my head: Vecchio calling people "baby." She was thinking mostly Ray/Ray, I think, but I'm stuck on Stella/RayV happily ever after. Canon het woot!

11) [ profile] fox1013 is the best raptor EVER.
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1) Fic in the Thrillkiller universe?

2) I know I have shippers on my flist -- if I hypothetically wanted to see more Babs/Dick stuff, what comics you point me towards?

3) 92.5% on my math midterm, YAYS. That's with getting 3/5 on the stupid word problem, too. But I don't feel too bad about it, since apparently no one in the class got that one right.

4) Deadwood = squee. I still can't follow the plot. Femslash is yay. Molly Parker is gorgeous.

5) Read Spider-man Loves Mary Jane #1-7. Cuteness!

6) Can anyone point me to a download or a torrent for Runaways v2 (everything from 11, 12, and everything from 14 on) or Batgirl? Or, uh, more Green Arrow?

7) Fox has left me for the week. WAAAAAH.

8) People who a) don't have their websites up and b) don't have their fic easily accessible by lj memories = ERICA SADFACE.

9) I like Thai food, porny fannish AIM chatrooms, and used bookstores. Whee!
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1) Summer quarter is going really, really well -- it's almost scary!

2) Tomorrow is July 4th, and thus day of sleeping in and not going to class!

3) I finally did all my dishes today, so my apartment is mostly clean!

4) My SLINGS & ARROWS dvds came today!!! <-- deserves extra exclamation points.

So far I have only watched the blooper reel, but I am already filled with joy. So many of my favorite Canadians all together! Paul Gross! Rachel McAdams! Don McKellar! Mark McKinney! SO MUCH SQUEE.

Fox, seriously, I can't believe we haven't succeeded in making you watch this yet. It is so good, and it will make your Canadian fannishness all the stronger!

5) I'm thinking about making brownies tonight. Maybe with walnuts and white chocolate chips. Hmmmmm.

6) Only an hour left on my Deadwood torrent, YAYS.
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If you had asked me two hours ago whether my idiolect allowed use of the word boughten, I would have said "no way" without even thinking about it. And yet, I just stopped in the middle of writing an lj entry when I realized I had just said "The two shirts my mother had boughten me last week came in the mail today."


(The shirts are way cute, though, so that's happy.)

Hello, friends list! I like Jennifer Garner and Sir Ian McKellen and the color pink and Benton Fraser and NC-17 fanfiction and drumstick brand ice cream cones and procrastinating on paper-writing and my new Cordy icon and babies and kittens and getting to see [ profile] hobbledehoy for the first time in over a YEAR today! How are YOU?
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My mother sent me money to go grocery shopping, and with careful budgeting there was enough for necessities such as toilet paper and olive oil and onions and enough to splurge on a Cadbury creme egg and some Coca-Cola. And when I got home, my Farscape season 2 was all done and ready for me to watch! And it's Friday!

*beams at you all*

Today is a GOOD DAY, people. If only I could figure out how to make myself a Farscape icon that doesn't look like crap, I would be totally happy! (Especially if it could be the John and Aeryn bit at the end of "Mind the Baby", because, mmm. But any Aeryn-centric would make me happy, really. Hmm.)

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