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I just changed my profile for the first time in a long while. I have interests now and everything, you guys!

Sadly, all of the following ones are unshared )

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Anyway, that just entertained me for a good amount of time, but ... man, have you all started your weekends early or something? Why so boring? I just ... shouldn't somebody be talking about dirty porn/stupid little faces/something else to amuse me? I don't get it.
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So I was getting read to post this all, and I realized I had no idea what to say in this entry. So I went to my trusty [ profile] etben and asked her for advice.

[ profile] etben: hi, I'm pearl! and I'm awesome! and I like summer camps, and stories about summer camps!
[ profile] etben: SO SHOULD YOU ALL.

Which, uh, made me giggle! Which I figure is pretty good, so there we go. I'll add a little bit more, though, which is: me and [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] etben have more in common than JUST all being awesome and young and adorable. We also all love summer camp AUs! [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] etben have lots of actual summer camps experiences, actually, and they have really SMART thoughts about summer camp space and why it's awesome and interesting in fiction, whereas I am kind of like "....awwwww! teenagers! bein' cute! NAWWW."

Anyway, the three of us very firmly believe that we should share our love with others, in the hopes that you too will understand the awesome! And, you know, if you got inspired enough to write some summer camp snippets of your own, there would be NO COMPLAINTS from our front.

If you go over to their journals, you'll see some How I Met Your Mother geekiness from [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] etben has due South cuteness on hers. I went with Wilby Wonderful, behind the cut. Obviously there is SO much more you could with those three fandoms, of course -- but also? We have a theory that pretty much ANY SINGLE FANDOM can be improved through judicious use of the summer camp au.

(The single exception here is perhaps Supernatural. As we concluded last night, it would .... pretty much be two guys hiking in the woods with their dad.)

Anyway! Here we go.

Wilby Wonderful summer camp AU! )
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Dan climbs into the truck, buckles up the old seatbelt, then watches Duck do the same. Duck puts the key into the ignition. He looks over to Dan, starts to turn away but stops.

"Hey," Duck says. He leans in, straining a bit against the belt, and Dan can feel his face heating up, his blood starting to pound a little bit more. "Stay still a second-- you've got a thing--"

Dan licks his own lips. Duck's face is close to his, just a few inches away, and Duck's vision is concentrated heavy on Dan's face. He reaches his finger out and strokes it lightly across the soft skin under Dan's eye.

Duck moves back a little, smiling. The lines around his mouth are all crinkled up and his eyes look amused. "You got an eyelash," he says softly. He lifts his finger so Dan can see the tiny black hair lying on the edge. "You have to make a wish now."

Dan says, "Okay." His voice is a little husky. He moves his mouth closer to Duck's hand. It feels like it takes a long time, much longer than the brief second it must be, for his breath to move across Duck's finger and blow the eyelash away.

Duck waits a moment, and then he sits back in his seat, turns his attention back to the front and starts the truck. "You wish for something good?" he asks as they start to leave the parking lot.

"Yeah," says Dan, watching Duck's long tanned fingers wrapped around the steering wheel. "I think so."


[Less is more! All the cool kids are doing it! /peer pressure]
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Exhibit A: "Victoria's Secret."

Exhibit B: On the street with Molly Parker at the very end of "Men with Brooms."

Exhibit C: Up against the coffeehouse wall with Rebecca Jenkins in "Wilby Wonderful."

Exhibit D: Rolling around the bed with Martha Burns in the second season of "Slings and Arrows."

Good GODDAMN, people. Why on Earth is Paul Gross not kissing girls onscreen ALL THE FREAKING TIME? I just -- I'm feeling a little lightheaded just talking about this.

In non-"Prettiest Man in Canada" news, today I started rereading some of the Gotham Knights run -- including #43, which is mainly notable as "Hey, Zee, did you say something about writing Babs/Jason sometime? Didn't you? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

(There are no permutations of Batgirl/Robin my OTPness will not encompass! Dick/Babs and Cass/Steph are classics, and Tim/Cass is my sekrit favorite, but I will take what I can get! Um. Also! Speaking of "fic ideas Zee and I have discussed on AIM many times", I *still* really want that story where after Dick stops being Robin, the small child Bruce finds and takes in and trains is not the wheels-stealing street rat boy, but rather the mute, traumatized warrior girl. Yis.)

I think now is the time to make dinner. And then watch NCIS. Yes.
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Here's a 2004 Daniel MacIvor interview about Wilby Wonderful I hadn't read before. There's a tiny bit of talking about Camp Wilby (not anything new, but I just always enjoy confirmation of it) and a nice question and answer about CKR, along with the stuff all Canadian filmmakers love to talk about, which is how much the Canadian film scene sucks.
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Mmm, you know what we haven't talked about in a long time, people? Duck MacDonald and Dan Jarvis. This is sad! Because, oh, Duck. Truly, I cannot think of any fannish character in my experience with more lovable qualities and fewer unlovable ones. No wonder we're all so crazy about him.

Oh, and DAN. Quiet cowboys! Hands on faces! Tenderness.

I say this frequently, but it's true: I always want to go back and rewatch Wilby Wonderful as my rainy-day comfort movies, and then I realize I just want to watch the sweet kissy bits, which don't actually exist. Except in our heads!

*happy sigh*

(Yes, I do realize the story list hasn't been updated since February. Yes, I do feel like a heel about it. No, I'm probably not going to do all the work that would be involved in catching up and keeping it going. Sorry.)
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"Imagine--" Duck says, chewing on his lip. "Imagine you meet this genie. You find a lamp on the beach, rub it, see what's inside."

"I don't think genies come this far north." Dan's voice is still faint and scratchy; you see what he's saying as much as you hear it.

"Yeah, well, this genie's a tourist," Duck says, meeting Dan's small smile.

Dan says, "Okay."

"Say you meet this genie, and he tells you can have whatever your heart desire. Anything you want," Duck says, and then he waits.

Dan doesn't say anything for a long moment, and then he says, "I don't know."

"You could go back. Everything like it was before."

Dan looks down at their hands as he squeezes them together tighter. "No," he says. "Not that."

"Okay," says Duck, and he feels himself smile, wide and bright.
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I wonder if part of the reason why writing explicit Wilby Wonderful fiction feels so odd or sometimes even wrong is not only the quiet mood of the movie -- but maybe more explicitly the attitude the movie has towards sex itself. Of the three main storylines, all of them can be basically boiled down to a journey from a negatively portrayed sexuality to a nonsexual intimacy. We have the climaxes all in a row at the end: kind words and walking in tandem; hair stroking and a hug; the tenderness of cupping each other's faces -- all from the beginning points of infidelity, insincere manipulation, and dirty illicit fumblings. No wonder it feels so strange to go back to sex in our stories: it's exactly what the movie has been moving away from.

On the other hand, of course, I don't think most of us buy into the implicit message here: we all want them to have sex and intimacy, both together.
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Here is a thing wot I made! Woot!


Title: 100,000 Fireflies
Artist: Magnetic Fields
Fandom: Wilby Wonderful, Dan and Duck

Download here -- wmv, 12.9 mb. Right-click and save, please. [Currently offline]

Obviously, I am the newbiest of newbies, so this is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Huge, huge thanks to [ profile] ficbyzee, who held my hand and made this a thousand times better than it would have been otherwise.

Any sort of feedback is very welcome.

Lyrics behind cut tag )
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Title: Now and Then
Fandom: Wilby Wonderful
Pairing: Duck/Dan
Summary: "It's not what he ever expected, but he likes it this way."
Approximately 1000 words. Thank you to [ profile] brooklinegirl for beta.

Read at my site or behind the cut tag )
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Three Buttons For a Fictional Text to Push If Their Goals Is To Freak Pearl-o The Fuck Out )

In other news, today is Saturday, which means Homework and Cleaning Day! Oh, the fun of it all.


You know what makes everything better? Thinking about Dan/Duck. caps from Wilby Wonderful )

...If any of you now go and write a story where Duck or Dan gets their eyes gouged out I WILL NOT BE AMUSED. I'm just saying.
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Man, some days I just LOVE fandom. No, seriously. *heart*

I was telling Kovsky yesterday about my sekrit dS pairing that I love that nobody else in the world wants to see, and she was mocking me. Dude, it's an incest pairing! I thought there was a law saying she had to approve! The fact that she's not in the fandom is irrelevant. Whatever, some day I will convince another person to share my vision!

I want everybody to write me Wilby Wonderful fic. Moooooooooore. I will pretend this is not just me being selfish and greedy, and use the excuse of how I need more stories around before I can update the link page, because when it's basically just me stories I feel weirdly like it is a vanity project. Isn't that a good excuse? The real reason is just me craving more stories, of course, but whatever. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Mmmmmm.

This picture of Sandra Oh makes me happy.

I am in one of those moods where I really want to write, but I have no idea what I want to write. This means writing will probably not happen. Really, though, it's just as well; I have plenty of homework to occupy me. Not to mention trying to defeat my high score at Dynomite over at Popcap Games (85,000, baby. OH YEAH.)
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Wilby is apparently just stuck in my head the last few days; here's another 900 words of fic from this evening. Emily, Duck, Dan, Sandra.

gift basket )
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Coolness and Warmth )
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I have a weird and completely unsupported theory that Benton Fraser is prone to use the word "prick" when using vulgar slang for penis, rather than the more common "cock" alternative.

You know? If due South did have pairing portmanteaus? They would be FRAY and RAZOR. That is kind of the best thing ever.

I have been rereading Dinosaur Comics all week because of [ profile] moireach and [ profile] annakovsky. DAMN THEM. Also, uh, last night in Kovsky's journal I seem to have written a CKR/T-Rex crossover. Uh, apparently they have poker nights together where they gossip about how much they like Kovsky! And then they get drunk and make out and play scrabble! Who knew?

...Don't judge me, OKAY?

Also, [ profile] rayk97s is still open for sign-ups! You should all consider coming and playing and having lots of fun with us all! [ profile] minervacat and I will smile upon you and think you're nifty-cool. (If you're not signing up because you don't know the music, you can email either of us and we can arrange to take care of that!)

Ideas which I had during my insomnia last night that I am never going to write:
a) Wilby femslash Sandra/Carol
b) AU where Muldoon killed Bob and not Caroline

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1) Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson are a really perfect example of two people whose weird voices I love individually but who sound oh my lord godawful doing duets. (With each other, I mean. I love plenty of duets they do with other people.)

2) I am sort of totally in love with Duck MacDonald. The fact that he's gay is totally not a problem. I just want him to marry me and bring me flowers and smile at me and hug me when I cry and tuck his chin on the top of my head. I don't think that's so much to ask.

2a) The fact that he's fictional might be a problem, I do admit that.


kovsky, you're not fooling anybody; I know you're totally clicking on this cut to see CKR being pretty )

wilby <3.

3/1/06 22:52
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Hahahaha, look at that! It is UPDATED and REFRESHED for the New Year! Really! (This may, uh, have been the first update since September, but you can't prove it.) But, yes! Wilby Wonderful stories! There are over 50 links there now, from really long old school stuff to quiet tiny snippets. Lots of fun!

As always, feel free to let me know if there's anything I've left off the list there. Since I just updated tonight, my bookmark folder is completely bare, but I've heard rumor that sometimes things happen in the world that are NOT reflected in my friends list! It's an ugly truth, but a sad one, I'm afraid.

In conclusion, here is an icon of Dan looking angsty. The end.
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+ Fraser, standing, reaching out to Ray's face; Ray, sitting, closed-eyed, half-turning into Fraser's cupped hand

+ Fraser, sitting; Ray, reclined, arranged so his head is comfortably using Fraser's lap as a pillow

+ Fraser, standing before a stove or something of the like; Ray coming up from behind and hugging him tight and kissing his neck. (This image I can actually point to why I'm obsessed with it; it's from a one paragraph throwaway of post-CotW fic from [ profile] katallison, and it is burned into my memory in the best way.)

+ Duck and Dan, sitting on the edge of a bed in a darkened room, kissing. Duck's hand is on Dan's shoulder, and Dan's hand is on Duck's knee, and they are not touching anywhere else.
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From yesterday's TV and movie viewing, I have also decided that the Essential Crucial Distilled Dialogue for SGA is contained in the following three sentences:

1. "Don't touch anything."
2. "I didn't touch anything!"
3. "Oops. I touched something."

For Wilby Wonderful, on the other hand, the Essential Crucial Distilled Dialogue is, I think, the question "What do you mean?"

I'm not certain what the Essential Crucial Distilled Dialogue for due South is, though. This might need further reflection.
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1) Livia delivers on her promises: SGA really is the show of Snarky Bitches. Awesome.
1a) Sheppard and McKay don't particularly strike me as totally gay for each other, but I can see the slash as believable.

2) Fantastic Four, while not by any means a good movie, is reasonably amusing and entertaining, certainly much more so than it appeared in the ads.

3) Livia has declared Duck in Wilby Wonderful the ultimate comfortador. She also apparently has a theory about the complentary attraction of comfortadors and woobies, but I didn't get all the details.

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