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GUYS. I have a copy of Alias Omnibus by Brian Michael Bendis that I am really hoping to sell. It includes the entire run of the Alias comic book (#1-28) as well as What If? Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers.

I paid $60 for it new in 2006; it's totally ridiculously out of print now, so prices for it can be super high. My copy has been read exactly twice and is in pretty much perfect shape. It's signed by BMB in sharpie on the front flyleaf.

Example of prices elsewhere on internet: Amazon, $169.99 - $200+ for used copies; abebooks, $175.

I'd be asking for 120 dollars, shipping included, for anywhere in North America. If you are interested, please email me at! Or if you're not interested but know somebody else who would be, please link them over here!

♥ Thank you.
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1) Listen to [ profile] cidercupcakes when she pimps; the comic book series Secret Six is pretty awesome.

2) After reading those comics, I went off to catch up with the almost-two-years of Buffy comics I had missed, and can I just say? The ending of the July 09 issue made me flail like a madwoman. I had no idea I was that invested in the spoilery thing! Gosh.

big day

2/2/09 12:42
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Today is my 7 year fandom/lj anniversary. On Feb. 2, 2002, I posted my first Smallville story to the SSA, and posted my first entry in this journal.

Seven years. That is forever, you guys! I was a little baby underage faking my way to eighteen back then! In those years there's been three major fandoms, three colleges, and too many awesome people to even start to name.

I'm going to take a shower now, and then I'm going to clean a little bit, and then I shall sit down with my new Umbrella Academy comics (I finally got the three latest this weekend) and my computer and the internet and just be happy I have you all.


PS, On an unrelated note, does anyone know where I could find a working torrent for the entire season of Middleman? And, actually, where all the screencaps of the show are?
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I kind of want Umbrella Academy fanfic now, you guys. This makes me sadface.

Hey, tell me your thoughts about Gerard the geeky fan! I just like thinking about him being a shipper, to be honest. What do you think his favorite ships were? [ profile] monkeycrackmary mentioned Luke/Leia as a possibility at one point, I know.
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I feel like I should be ashamed about liking the anon memes, but what the fuck ever. They're entertaining, in an empty calorie way! Like drinking too much Coke.

That is not the main point of this entry, though. The main point of this entry is to tell you all that I think this fandom could benefit from a Russian Revolution AU. Actually, I think that is true of every fandom ever, but since bandom is the only fandom I'm actually reading right now, it is the one I am concentrating on. Frank and Bob in the Red Army together! Mikey and Pete's true love against the backdrop of international politics ~wrenching them apart~! Ray and Gerard redoing Doctor Zhivago! It's beautiful.

...This is the part of the entry where I was going to link to the awesome scan of Soviet Batman from the Red Son miniseries, but it turns out I don't actually have it in my photobucket account like I thought I did. So I guess instead you will just have to deal with BATMAN PIRATE FIGHTING A SHARK. It doesn't actually fit in with the theme of this entry, but it is the most awesome thing ever, which I feel makes up for a lot.


This also reminds me of another subject I was considering, namely: who in bandom, if anybody, do you think Cass Cain would get along with? Sigh, she was my favorite.

Edited to add: Dear The Cab, +10000 points for your adorable video today, but -500 for insulting the awesomeness of Galaxy Quest. Love, me.
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I'm not actually in bandom or anything, so I don't have any real or relevant comments about the controversy going on right now, but reading [ profile] ficbyzee's latest entry has reminded me of the same issues I had when the issue was going around fandom a few years ago about straight girl fans using stuff like *licks* and *cuddles* and *kisses* in chat, and how that was maybe trying to be fake-lesbians-for-attention, and was maybe insulting to the real queer women involved in fandom. And yeah, appropriation of a minority culture is ALWAYS a serious issue, and I know that in this case I'm a member of the majority. So I guess I'm just left with the question of how to categorize homosocial interactions from people who don't explicitly identify as queer. Like, how do you prevent the offensive "fake-gay" taking of the culture without unduly restricting sincere affection and play and love and exploration?

I suppose this is probably complicated by the fact that a lot of slash fandom (both m/m and f/f) works by reinterpreting events that could be those nonsexual, homosocial bonds to show a sexual bond between the people. (Which is to say, if my life was a movie, I would totally be slashing me/[ profile] fox1013 to the moon and back.)

Anyway. IN OTHER NEWS, here are some more people Roy Harper should have sex with IMMEDIATELY:

1) Benton Fraser
2) Martha Jones
3) The Doctor
4) Captain Jack Harkness
5) Izzie Stevens
6) Ziva David
7) Either Winchester brother

Please feel free to contribute more suggestions in the comments.
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[ profile] ficbyzee just forced me to watch another Fall Out Boy interview -- I know, the things I do for friendship, right? It's an older one where there's a part where they mention their favorite touring stories, and start talking about drawing penises on the face of drunk guys. Which is to say, teabagging is seriously like only a small step away from canon, isn't it?

Starting tomorrow, I am giving up soda pop. I am announcing this to the entire internet in the hopes that the more people know about it, the more likely I am to stick with it, because I'll have to admit to more people and have more shame if I fail. I was telling my mom on the phone today that I actually kind of wish I had someone with me who was quitting something big, like smoking, at the same time, so whenever I felt whiny I could look at them and be like "suck it up, erica, they're managing it, and they're doing something much, much harder!" But then my mom told me that apparently my dad has been cigarette-free since January 2nd, which, AWESOME.

The Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive was on another one of my podcasts this afternoon. I still think Sam Carter beats the pants off him.

These are the interests I currently have listed in my facebook profile:

linguistics, history, gossip, cooking, feminism, geekiness, science fiction, fantasy, unicorns, zombies, comic books, striped socks, pink glitter, weeks of rainy days, second run theaters, trashy television, quiz shows, npr podcasts, romance novels, bookstores, driving around aimlessly, being AWESOME, capslock abuse, ya writers' blogs

I'm sort of proud by how well that shows my personality.

Back to my evening of comic books and crossword puzzles!
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1) Yesterday I made the best macaroni and cheese I've ever made. This would be awesome anyway, but it's also, like, five times easier than any other mac and cheese recipe I've tried. [ profile] misspamela, you are awesome for linking to this last week! Macaroni and Cheese.

2) I am really, really in the mood to reread Runaways. I own all of volume 1 of the series, but not any of volume 2, so I spent a frustratingly long time this afternoon trying to find torrents, without any luck. The best prospect only went up to issue 18, and it also included all of volume 1 in the torrent as well. Bleh. If anyone had, you know, sources *cough*, I am perfectly willing to bribe with anything I can.

3) [ profile] speshope and I are going out this evening to the $1.50 theater. It is a thing of joy forever.

4) However, given the amount of time, effort, and financial cost involved in employing hundreds of condoms, if you want a huge dildo, we suggest you just buy a larger one rather than using hundreds of condoms to make your average-size dildo bigger.

5) I am WAY BEHIND On Friday Night Lights, you guys. I thought it was three episodes, but it's actually four, which is slightly ridiculous. This situation must be remedied as soon as I get home tonight.
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Marten's boss on Questionable Content is a slasher: yay or nay?
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Exhibit A: "Victoria's Secret."

Exhibit B: On the street with Molly Parker at the very end of "Men with Brooms."

Exhibit C: Up against the coffeehouse wall with Rebecca Jenkins in "Wilby Wonderful."

Exhibit D: Rolling around the bed with Martha Burns in the second season of "Slings and Arrows."

Good GODDAMN, people. Why on Earth is Paul Gross not kissing girls onscreen ALL THE FREAKING TIME? I just -- I'm feeling a little lightheaded just talking about this.

In non-"Prettiest Man in Canada" news, today I started rereading some of the Gotham Knights run -- including #43, which is mainly notable as "Hey, Zee, did you say something about writing Babs/Jason sometime? Didn't you? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

(There are no permutations of Batgirl/Robin my OTPness will not encompass! Dick/Babs and Cass/Steph are classics, and Tim/Cass is my sekrit favorite, but I will take what I can get! Um. Also! Speaking of "fic ideas Zee and I have discussed on AIM many times", I *still* really want that story where after Dick stops being Robin, the small child Bruce finds and takes in and trains is not the wheels-stealing street rat boy, but rather the mute, traumatized warrior girl. Yis.)

I think now is the time to make dinner. And then watch NCIS. Yes.
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Today has been much more productive than I thought it would be! And by "productive", I mean I have spent the day chatting, making chocolate cupcakes and yummy sandwichs, and now I am rereading comics. Green Arrow: Quiver for the win! I sort of want to reread all the stuff I spent the summer reading, but I don't have anything at all on my computer, and my number of hard copy comics is regrettably limited. I need to reread Archer's Quest and the Batgirl series and maybe Superman/Batman and a little bit of Outsiders and I don't know what else! But I guess for right now Batgirl Year One and Y: the Last Man and the first volume of Runaways will do for me.

Something I didn't notice upon earlier readings of Quiver )

It's not like the fact that Kevin Smith is a giant fanboy is news but it amused me anyway.

In conclusion, I want more fic about Tim and Cass. And [ profile] ficbyzee said earlier that I could have a Roy of my very own, so please get on that request, universe. And here are Babs and Dick being gratuitously heterosexual. Aww.
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So this week is Fraser/Vecchio week over at [ profile] stop_drop_porn, which I'm actually weirded stoked about! I feel about F/V much the way I feel about country music.

No, seriously, stick with me on this. People who claim to like everything and anything will make an exception just to exclude this genre/pairing; people think about it and automatically think of a bunch of cringeworthy stereotypes, so they can't any of the really cool shit that's actually out there. It makes perfect sense! (Um, to me.)

In conclusion, VECCHIO!

A conversation with [ profile] ficbyzee earlier has an AU bunny in my head that I don't think I'm actually qualified to write but which I am desperately intrigued by. GODDAMMIT ZEE. Must you always use your powers for eeeevil!?

I'm still reading Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, but I'm finding The Confusion to be slower going than Quicksilver, simply because I find thirty page action sequences much less interesting than people standing around talking. From the reviews I've read, I am very much in the minority on this.

You all know Due South Sekrit Santa is gearing up for its third year, right? All the cool kids are playing. You know you want to too!

Tomorrow is my first day of the school year. Ancient Greek, here I come!
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I felt like reading comics, but I didn't have anything around, so I've been going through all the random scans I bothered to save and upload to photobucket. Which has put me into an EXCELLENT mood, because the crack! The character porn! BWee! There is a big smile on my face from like everything I have here.

Talking to [ profile] ficbyzee about this page:

[ profile] pearl_o: I know we've talked about how gay that is before.
[ profile] ficbyzee: *snickers*
[ profile] ficbyzee: yes. yes we have.
[ profile] pearl_o: But, you know, that makes it sounds like SO MUCH MORE interesting a story than it really is!
[ profile] pearl_o: Like, "Yes, and then you ran off to New York with an infinite money supply and your fun loving best frind who's totally gay for you."
[ profile] pearl_o: "But because you are Dick, you could think of nothing more interesting to do than start yet another crime fighting team. Good job!"

Oh, Dick.

In other news, I think I might need an icon of this, because it is still the awesomest.
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Do you ever have a day when you wish that you had, instead of little devils and angels, a miniature Jack Bristow to sit on your shoulder and give you advice and guide you through this crazy, crazy world?

I feel like that every day. Jack Bristow, come and fix my life! Be my spy daddy FOREVER!

Today I made curried cauliflower for dinner as a treat for myself for fixing up my resume and applying for jobs today. I'm always surprised by my treat turns out to be something that's actually really healthy, but oh man, it is so freaking good.

Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver: I am approximately one-third of the way through, which means I just finished the first book-within-the-volume-within-the-cycle. Mmmm, 17th century. Mmmmm, history of science. Mmmmm, big juicy book to lose myself in.

Zee keeps teasing me with the promise of writing Young Avengers Cassie/Kate femslash. I almost help she never does complete this, because I'm already her obedient servant in way too many ways.

If you understand my subject line, you get a shiny new nickel.
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Today on FUN WITH ELSEWORLDS, we have the story of depowered Superman surviving in the mutant-infested post-apocalyptic Earth following nuclear holocaust! YAYS.

Does every elseworlds need a green lantern ring? )

ETA: Hey, check out the new community Jules set up! [ profile] weekend_battle
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Okay, this is EVEN BETTER than Leatherwing, I SWEAR TO GOD. <3<3<3<3<3

Side note: I love how in Elseworlds it's always completely obvious exactly exactly who the writers ship. Usually it's just "Wow, I feel a strange inexplicable connection to you because you are my OTP in another world!" but this is good too.
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In the box: my mail, a kitchen scale, a slip, and a mesh laundry bag.

Also, here is Ces's TS chan I was telling you about.

Um, for the rest of you -- here, have a scan of 16th century Bat crotch. And another one of decadent 30s Berlin Batman with a pink robe and lipstick.
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There's an Elseworlds where Batman is a pirate?

Why don't you people TELL me these things???

Detective Comics Annual 7, aka a fucking PIRATE AU )

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