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YOU GUYS I MADE DINNER TONIGHT AND IT WAS INSANELY DELICIOUS. Balsamic-glazed salmon, green onion risotto, and roasted baby carrots (two pound bag of baby carrots tossed with olive oil and salt, cooked at 475 for twenty minutes, shaking & tossing several times in the second half of cooking; I also put them under the broiler for a few minutes at the end, because I like them ever done).

That is pretty much all I have to say. Except how heartwarming it is to read ICH comments and see how the whole community can come together on how worthless sluts are.
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Quick book recommendation: So, hey, those of you who have a kink for historical fiction with love stories featuring girl-dressed-up-as-a-boy-for-reasons-of-plot falling in love with dude-who-doesn't-know-she's-really-a-girl? (And don't lie, I know there are a ton of you.) Blindspot is a little slow for the first hundred pages or so, but once it gets going, it delivers on that plotline but good. You'll dig it.

I think it's time for me to start watching more Star Trek again, after taking a couple weeks off. I did "Operation: Annihilate!" yesterday and was well-pleased. I love me some Kirk angst, yessirree. I think I'm finally ready to watch Voyage Home, too, so woohoo!

(Thinking about Search for Spock some more, it turns out the "Jim. Your name is Jim" is an OTP moment for me right up there with large sections of Call of the Wild in Due South. MY HEART, YOU GUYS. MY HEART.)

Yesterday I had excellent cooking adventures! Spaghetti with oil and garlic and chickpeas for lunch, lamburgers stuffed with feta for dinner, and in the evening blackberry-raspberry ice cream. Nothing exciting today, but I might make more pickled garlicky red peppers tomorrow before work.
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There have to be stories out there where Spock's human mother, Amanda Grayson, had a great-great-great-whatever-grandfather named Dick, right? That goes without saying?

I saw the movie for the second time Sunday, and it was still excellent. It went a lot faster when I was basically anticipating the next totally awesome thing to show up at all times. Seriously, though, I still love it and want the sequels all immediately. Sigh.

Also I am having some thinky thoughts about kinda spoilery )

In other news, I made homemade dulce de leche this morning so I can make my brother and sister-in-law these later this afternoon. I'm also might try this recipe at some point, because we have a ice-cream maker we have never used once and [ profile] happy_coconut has demanded a dessert involving Kahlua.

Why do I still not have a Star Trek icon? Either movie or TOS? My life is the saddest. :(
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[ profile] barnacling wanted the recipe for the chocolate banana bread I made today. It is om nom technology 100%. Like the cookies last week, this recipe is also from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home To Yours (except this one is an exact quote, rather than me lazily paraphrasing). So far everything I've made from this book has been awesome.

Chocolate Banana Bread )

In other news I am reading the entire backlog of Kate Beaton comics. I feel this was a good life choice. Also I am currently making chicken stock! I will let you all know how that turns out tomorrow.
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I just got home from the hairdressers about 20 minutes ago. I was way overdue for my eyebrow waxing. They look really nice now! The thing is, though, that if our hairdresser was Captain Ahab, my brows would be her white whale. She's such a perfectionist, and she tries so hard to get them exactly even, and my face just won't cooperate. Poor Gina. My eyebrows drive her crazy. :(

Anyway. Here is a recipe for Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Mix together 3 cups of oats, 1 cup of flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg and 1/4 teaspoon salt.

In a different ball, use an electric mixer or hand mixer at set to medium speed to cream together 1 cup each of softened butter (that's 2 sticks), peanut butter (whether creamy or chunky is between you and your god), granulated sugar, and packed brown sugar. When it's all nice and creamy, add one egg and beat for a minute, and then add another egg and beat for another minute. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Now turn the speed down to low and add the dry mixture a little bit at a time, stopping to scrape down the sides every once in a while so it all gets combined. When it's blended in, turn off the mixer and add 1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips (or 9 oz of finely chopped bittersweet chocolate).

Stick the cookie dough in the fridge for two hours to make it easier to handle. When you're ready to bake, adjust the oven so that it's divided into three sections. Preheat to 350 F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. Taking about a tablespoonful of dough at a time, roll it into a ball between your hands and set on the cookie sheets, then press down with the heel of your hand to about a 1/2 inch thickness. The cookies should be about two inches apart.

Cook in the oven 13-15 minutes, two sheets at a time; 7 minutes in, you'll want to switch the sheets top to bottom and back to forward. When they come out of the oven they'll look entirely limp and soggy, but once you remove them to a metal rack to cool, they'll crisp up really nicely. (It took me a long time in baking in general to realize that the reason you use racks is because the air circulation underneath actually serves a big function and that getting them off the sheet and onto a plate or a towel won't work as well.)
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So today kind of sucked, but not as much as it could have. I accomplished some things, at least! I got in an application to a job I'd really like to get (they called back this afternoon, but when I called back they were already gone, and I had to leave a message. Also, I made this potato salad, which is delicious and which I highly recommend. Plus I watched another episode of Middleman with [ profile] fox1013! All in all, good times were had.

I got a new cookbook recently and it's pretty brilliant. Baking: From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan. I have been trying to decide what to bake next, and it's been harder than usual. Kelly was all "I wanted muffins!" and I like to make Kelly happy! Except I have gone through all my cookbooks and multiple recipes websites and Kelly has now rejected dozens upon dozens of different muffins possibilities, so, uh. Oh well! Something exciting from the new cookbook it is. I believe next will be milk chocolate mini-Bundt cakes. Om nom nom.

Kelly and I are watching Farscape now -- we're pretty far thorugh s4 -- and she is giving me a dirty look for typing this up insteas of paying complete attention, so I must go.

I do not have a satisfactory cooking icon. Hmm.
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Man, sometimes I forget just how much I love the Hush Sound. How so awesome, Hushies? Sing to me more, Greta. Oddly enough, my favorite song of theirs has changed yet again: now it's "Don't Wake Me Up" (even though I actually don't think the Patrick cameo fits the song at all).

SPEAKING OF FOB. How hot are they? I have to admit, both this picture and the election-themed one are just reawakening my desire for more Pete/Joe. Or me/Joe Troh. I can go either way. (BE MY BOOOOOOOOYFRIEND.)

I am cooking right now! Kasha with bacon and onions, om nom nom. I haven't had this in ages, but it's bizarrely good. Mmmm, buckwheat?

I am stealing a meme from [ profile] foxxcub because, uh, I am an attention whore? I got nothing. In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why?

In conclusion, I kind of want to read random het about Travie and Katy Perry being adorable on tour. I don't even know. Also inexplicable: all the dreams I keep having about being pregnant and having babies. DO NOT WANT.
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I don't think I ever remembered to share this with you guys, but [ profile] loveyouallwrong made this for me like a month ago and it still brings me massive joy:

She likes me more than you! )

I am feeling sorry for myself this week, so here I am in the love meme.

Yesterday I made the almond buns (my problems with yeast dough continue; too tough and heavy) and chicken paprikash (good but a little too spicy). I'm not sure what to do next for my list of "working out my life stresses entirely through cooking and baking." Hmmmmmm.

Also I have failed to find someone to accompany me to the movie tonight. MY LIFE IS TRAGIC.

I leave you with this:

Another picture )
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This weekend I made a puffed apple pancake for Sunday brunch, which was quite good, and then this pasta salad, which was absolutely amazing, holy crap. I actually didn't have as much basil and green onion than the recipe called for and I was too lazy to toast the pine nuts, so I can only imagine it's even better if you actually follow the recipe more exactly. Seriously, though, I could have eaten that entire recipe by myself. Also I can't remember if I posted here about the big dinner I made for my cousin's last day at home with us, but that was quite good, too, a very filling Indian dish with black-eyed peas and coconut milk and tomatoes and lots and lots of spices.

Tomorrow I think I am going to get to work on a recipe I have for some sweet buns stuffed with almond paste and cream, and also chicken paprikash which I've never made before, and maybe try a goat cheese and tomato tart later in the week. And we have bags upon bags of blueberries in the freezer, and unfortunately nobody in my family actually likes blueberries, except my dad, who is rarely home, so I think this weekend might be my first foray into trying jam-making.

ALSO the fresh corn should be getting cheap soon finally, I think, so I can make my mother buy lots of that so I can try grilled corn and creamed corn and corn pudding and corn fritters and plain old classic buttered and boiled. Om nom nom nom summer.

(The point of this entry is not actually to bribe certain people into coming out so I can cook for them, but IF IT WORKS.)
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I have been home for a week and a half. So far my summer has been at all filled with the activities I expected to be hard at work at here -- writing porn, reading porn, chatting on AIM for hours a day and jobhunting have all been way underrepresented so far. On the other hand, some dark horses have shown up to occupy my time. Namely, reading, cooking, and playing Mario Kart. I've also spent some time doing data entry for my mom, but that's been like two hours total, so really, mostly the first three. It's been kind of glorious! My reading had been a lot less the last six months than it usually is, so it's been nice to get back into my normal groove with that. Since I got home I've finished a nonfiction cultural history of Russia, a fantasy satire, a classic British whodunnit, and a memoir I thought would be juicy but was surprisingly well-written. I'm about to start on YA on Amy's recommendation (now with extra apocalypse, incest and eating disorders!).

The two biggest successes cookingwise have been the stuffed peppers on Sunday night, and the baked four cheese pasta yesterday. The pasta was seriously yummy, but the stuffed peppers were glorious; I want to make them again right now. Thursday [ profile] happy_coconut and I are going to experiment with spinach-cheese triangles: we're hoping for all the yumminess of spanokopita in bite-size portions, so we'll see how that turns out.

The Mario Kart kind of explains itself, I think. Kelly, my cousin and I have all gotten kind of addicted to the Wii in the last week and spend hours upon hours racing around the tracks. We all have very sore right thumbs.

I am planning on starting the job-hunting this week, though, for sure. Even just getting two or three applications this week will be a start. HEY IF ANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE A JOB LYING AROUND AND WANT A REALLY SMART AND ENTHUSIASTIC HARDWORKING COLLEG GRAD YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME, RIGHT? RIGHT? C'MON, FANDOM, LET'S GET THAT OLD GIRLS' CLUB WORKING HERE.
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You guys, I got the Gourmet Cookbook back in the end of June for, like, 80% off the list price, and man, it is some of the best eight dollars I have spent. And I haven't even got to make that many recipes from it yet! Although I am making long, long lists of all the things I want to try when I have enough time or money.

Tonight's dinner, though, was both pretty cheap and really easy -- and turned out yummy. Triple play! Seriously, though, anytime you cook apples with lots of butter and sugar until they're soft, it's going to turn out good, I think. The batter here is sweet and creamy and mild, and basically just supports and mixes in with the apples.

Puffed Apple Pancake from Gourmet Cookbook )

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1. Captain Jack (GOOD).
2. Captain Jack (BAD).

Today I made cupcakes! They are okay but not outstanding, which is slightly disappointing, because the batter was absolutely gorgeous, all chocolate and creamy and fluffy, so I had to spoon it into the muffin cups and push it down a little instead of the usual pouring. I am pretty sure this is the fault of my overcooking them (I set the oven for 30 minutes by accident, instead of 20-25, so they are a little dry.) They're still good, though, especially with a big glop of vanilla cream cheese frosting. Homemade frosting is usually disgustingly sweet, and cream cheese frosting is, too, but somehow I can practically just eat it with a spoon. Yum yum yum.

(This is the cupcake recipe I used, by the way.)

I could have sworn I had more things to talk about than cupcakes. Um. I guess I fooled myself!

What are you guys up to? I really want to read dirty dirty porn about celebrities. Or about Fraser and Ray. Either way! I am easy!

Also bored. HI.
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SECRET SHAMEFUL YET MEANINGLESS ADMISSION: I can never keep straight the difference between ie and eg. Never!

COOKIES ARE AWESOME: I just made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, num num num. Very tasty! Though I think I might have been a little stingy with the spices. Next time, maybe some chopped walnuts, too.

WHOOOOOOOOOO: Doctor Who is so awesome I can't stand it anymore. (Yes, I finally got around to watching Utopia.) Livejournal, I have to say, I am SO PROUD OF YOU for not spoiling me for Utopia spoiler-y thing )

OTHER STUFF: Man, I am feeling in a very selfish mood re: fandom lately. I just want people to write me fic and entertain me, which -- LAME. The whole thing about fandom is that it manages to be give *and* take, not just one-sided and stuff. I need to find a better way to contribute, but it's hard when I'm so far from being in a writing place. (I don't know how to have people entertain me unless I bribe them with their own entertainment! That's just how it works!)

ALWAYS ON MY MIND: Fraser and Ray are preeeeeeeeetty.
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Katie Heigl is awesome. Katie Heigl's boobs are awesome. Seth Rogen is awesome. Everybody who was ever associated with Freaks and Geeks is awesome. I was looking to Knocked Up for all of these reasons, but it surpassed ALL my expectations. Seriously: awesome.

Little spoiler )

I also learned today that Lee Scoresby in the Golden Compass is going to be played by none other than SAM ELLIOTT. I feel vaguely saddened that not one of you had seen fit to inform me of this. Even though I realize none of you probably realize that Sam Elliott information is a big deal in my house. I come by my fangirlness honestly: my mom is to Sam Elliott as many of *you* are to CKR or Jensen Ackles. Seriously. Anyway: nice casting!

Two recipes I made this week from Sausage, Salami and Mozzarella Tart and Three Cheese Lasagna with Italian Sausage. Omigod, both of them came out incredibly, incredibly well. I haven't made lasagna from scratch before, but everybody in my family loved this one, and they're hard to please. And the tart was just ridiculously yummy (probably the fact I used fresh mozzarella that was sitting in our fridge helped).
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A reason to love sales: getting The Gourmet Cookbook and The Best Soups and Stews by Cook's Illustrated for 12 dollars.

In other news, if any of you know how it suddenly became June, I'd be quite interesting in hearing your thoughts!

Last night I signed up for [ profile] midsummer2007 (as I am sure all of you have either already done or are about to!). [ profile] brooklinegirl assures me that once again I have composed an entry email that is ridiculously and embarrassing ME and no one else. I guess I am just awesome that way!

Finally, here is a humongous picture of CKR. Remember, smoking is NOT sexy, no matter what he wants you to think! )
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So my new laptop came with a trial period of Microsoft Office, which just ran out on April 30. I don't have money to convert to the actual product, so it's gone now. I do still have two files saved, containing my "books read so far this year" and "books I want to read sometime in the future". They're saved in .docx format, though, so I can't open them in Open Office. Do any of you guys have Word 2007, so I could email you the files and you could just copy and paste the information into a text file for me? Because ... books! Recordkeeping is important. Edited to add: DONE! Thank you so much to all you guys who offered to help.

I very much need to go grocery shopping. This is yet another one of those times when my not having a constant companion to take care of me and take me places really sucks.

I do have an untouched five pound bag of (white, long-grain) rice, though. What's good, simple and hopefully cheap with plain rice, anyway?

I'm lying on my stomach on my bed, using my laptop, and the kitty is lying across the small of my back. It's nice.

I think I shall go watch Supernatural now, since Fox isn't online to discuss last night's Grey's Anatomy.
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1) Yesterday I made the best macaroni and cheese I've ever made. This would be awesome anyway, but it's also, like, five times easier than any other mac and cheese recipe I've tried. [ profile] misspamela, you are awesome for linking to this last week! Macaroni and Cheese.

2) I am really, really in the mood to reread Runaways. I own all of volume 1 of the series, but not any of volume 2, so I spent a frustratingly long time this afternoon trying to find torrents, without any luck. The best prospect only went up to issue 18, and it also included all of volume 1 in the torrent as well. Bleh. If anyone had, you know, sources *cough*, I am perfectly willing to bribe with anything I can.

3) [ profile] speshope and I are going out this evening to the $1.50 theater. It is a thing of joy forever.

4) However, given the amount of time, effort, and financial cost involved in employing hundreds of condoms, if you want a huge dildo, we suggest you just buy a larger one rather than using hundreds of condoms to make your average-size dildo bigger.

5) I am WAY BEHIND On Friday Night Lights, you guys. I thought it was three episodes, but it's actually four, which is slightly ridiculous. This situation must be remedied as soon as I get home tonight.
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Things that I appreciate today:

+ I spent an hour or two using the UO library to find articles for my sociolinguistics class -- we have to turn in a reference list tomorrow, with a list of five articles on a topic we'll write a review paper about next month -- and OH MAN. Sometimes I love school! LEARNING IS AWESOME. Seriously, what is awesomer than researching native language instruction and its role in language revitalization of indigenous American languages? (The answer is: very few things.)

+ This post of [ profile] geeklite's wins Post of the Day on my friends list.

+ I have been watching Ugly Betty since this weekend (through 1x11 "Swag" so far), thanks to an anonymous benefactor (not anonymous to *me*, but anonymous in the sense that I'm not telling you all. Um. Yes). I am not totally on board with the show yet, but I am enjoying it quite a bit -- it's funny and charming and such. The balance of the reality of Betty's home life and the over-the-top melodrama and satire of most of the Mode plots is kind of hard to get used to. Also, I want Betty to dump her gross boyfriend and hook up with Jake 2.0 and have adorable bespectacled babies who just know useless facts. *cough*

+ [ profile] speshope is a ridiculously nice, generous, giving person, and I am really lucky to have her as a friend.

+ New Jen Garner movie out this weekend.

+ Now it is time to watch NCIS!

Things that are annoying me:

+ I went to go cook lunch today and our 9x13 pan is nowhere to be found. I was looking forward to trying out a new yummy-sounding baked pasta recipe! :(

+ Still nowhere close to having a job.

+ I'm still annoyed with myself over my school attendance these first few weeks, and need to start over and do BETTER.

All in all, though, I think that is a pretty good ratio! I approve of today. *thumbs up*
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One thing I cooked today: Lamb stew, as advised by several of you in yesterday's post. Stew is really the most improvisational food in the world, isn't it? Besides like sandwiches. Mine turned out to be of the "emptying kitchen cupboard" variety: lamb, onion, lots of spices, chicken stock, lentils, carrot, potato, tomato paste. The lentils gave it an interesting texture -- it's very thick and mushy, rather than being at all liquid -- but I like it this way.

One things I accomplished today: Greek midterm = YAY. At least a B, hopefully higher.

One thing I am weird about: I know I've been mentioned this before, but whatever. I still don't get why people have RayK call Fraser by his first name in slash stories! I mean... he doesn't call him that. Ever. Just like Fraser doesn't call RayK "Stan" or "Stanley" and Vecchio is the only one who calls Fraser Benny.

I guess it's just a basic difference of opinion at the really basic level: I don't think in that situation that Ray calling him Ben creates a more intimate relationship. I just don't. It feels false and sentimental to me the vast majority of the time. I guess because I think their friendship is plenty intimate already, in canon? And Ray does not call him that even once, even in the most fraught or emotional situations, which ... leads me to believe that Ray thinks of him as Fraser. And what I like best about slash, most of the time, is the relationship coming out and being an extension of the friendship they already have, rather than something completely seperate, as if that never existed.

(Stories I can remember where I believed the first name thing: [ profile] resonant8's American Way and [ profile] cesperanza's Passion. There were probably plenty where I didn't notice, too, but mostly? Weird quirk of mine.)

One thing that I am oddly ashamed of: You know, at this point I feel it is sort of ridiculous for me to be ashamed any of my kinks -- AND YET IT IS SO.

I mean, I can own my fondness for hetcest and underageness, and I can be fascinated by non-consensual scenarios, and god knows there are 80 million non-sexual buttons that get pressed all the time. And you would think I have been in fandom long enough -- and had enough completely TMI and smutty conversations -- that I would be without shame! Human sexuality is healthy! Fantasies are fantasies! My kink is OK, your kink is okay!

And yet there is this one thing that kind of disturbs me and yet gets me off so much, even in the most ridiculously worst written fics. WTF, brain. WTF.

(No, you sickos, it has nothing to do with piss, scat or children. It's not even that twisted; I'm just, obviously, inexplicably shy about it.)

One thing about my imaginary fandom: Motherhood, 400 words or so )
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Darlings, can any of you help me out with what to do with the pound of chopped lamb shoulder sitting in my fridge? I'm craving meat, seriously.

What I do have in the house: one onion; carrots; potatoes; chicken stock; fresh and canned tomatoes; various spices; frozen spinach; flour/sugar/brown sugar/salt/honey; navy beans; handful of walnuts, almonds and lentils; apples; noodles; bread; vinegar; wine; cooking oil; butter; eggs; lemon juice.

What I don't have: garlic; any other onion type things; any other fruits or vegetables; any dairy product except butter; rice; fresh herbs; basically anything else you can think of.

I can't afford to go to the grocery store, and all my cookbooks are depressing me. If any of you know something tasty I can do, please share!

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