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Several more things about my current bandslash fascination:

a) Without making any attempt at any specific genre beyond "good writers" and "fall out boy-centric", over the course of this weekend I have read a high school AU, a superhero AU, a craigslist AU, boy-wakes-up-a-girl fic, wingfic, vampire fic, antichrist fic, tons of underage smut, and many stories that actually deal with, you know, these boys in this one band. Pretty much all of it has been awesome.

b) There seems to be no direct connection between who I am attracted to and who I want to read fic about. I'll try most anything, but most of what I'm reading has been Pete/Patrick -- which is partly Zee's fault, because it's her OTP, but also there's a lot of good quality stuff of it. But even though they're all kind of adorable in their own ways in youtube clips and picspam, Joe Trohman and Jon Walker from Panic are totally the ones who make me go "wow, I have a total ridiculous crush on you and want to DATE you. The hell?"

c) My favorite picture changes very frequently but right now -- as it has been for most of the day -- it is totally Pete Wentz at the VMAs, wearing a cape and making out with a monkey. I have no words.

HI THERE. On a completely different note, I am trying to figure out how to make bit torrent work on this computer. My success or lack thereof will determine whether or not I get to see Rome anytime soon. (Roooooome! I need my Titus Pullo fix!)

I imagine lots of my friendslist has already gone to bed and is thus seeing this for the first time on Monday morning, and so I present a gift to you, to make up for the morning-of-Monday-crappiness. Fraser loves you, you know. He wants you to stick with it.
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For what is pretty much the first time in 3 years, I find I have nothing to say about due South at all. Not even a little bit. It is a very odd feeling! I don't know what's going on! Just ... blank. Huh.

(Three years, man: Wednesday is the anniversary of the first story I posted. Time flies, I guess. They're still the prettiest, and still my OTP. <3<3<3)

This afternoon I watched Rome. I find I have the same trouble with this show after each episode, and that is that my thoughts are pretty conveyed through random gestures and flailing, and not so much through a textual medium. So you'll have to imagine the flailing for yourself, until the internet becomes magical.

Tonight Heroes returns. Tuesday is NCIS, Wednesday is Friday Night Lights, Thursday is Grey's Anatomy (not to mention Supernatural), and then more Rome on Sunday. TEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE. I love you!

Today I am thinking about Twitch City. Newbie! Hope! Curtis! I want desperately to write more fic about them, something brightly colored and funny and surreal and ironic and sharp-edged. With kissing, preferably. And perhaps cake-decorating.

That would be awesome.

Actually, I seem to be thinking a lot of six-degrees-of-due-South fandom. Men With Brooms! That movie makes me want backstory; I want drinking buddies, Amy and the boys, all the beginnings of the stuff that fucks them up so much later. And beaver tattoos! I want that. Oh, Amy Foley.

And of course there's Slings and Arrows, which is one of those things where it's so good and so self-filled it's hard to think of anything else to say, but I find myself weirdly fascinated by Ellen Fanshaw. (Well, and Geoffrey, of course. Everybody loves Geoffrey.) Ellen! So self-centered, and fucked-up, and almost ridiculous, but well-meaning in a vague way, and good at what she does, and ridiculously sympathetic despite her many, many, many faults.

...Not to meention Darren Nichols. Because! Darren Nichols! If I didn't already love Don McKellar, I would have to love him just for that role. (I think I have spoken to some people before about my theory about Darren's love life. Which is that he very much has types, and his guy type is, like, twinky blond Aryan arts students. And his girl types are incredibly tall, thin women who wear heavy eyeliner and dress in black and wear stiletto heels so they stand two or three inches above him. They might be European or Asian or African, but it's better if they have foreign accents.)

In the recent "what to create" meme, I told Livia she should make a multi-fandom icon set using quotes from Invader Zim. I think this is a foolproof plan. The subject line to this post now makes me think of s2 Atlantis.
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I didn't post much about my reactions to the new episode of Rome this week; that is mostly because I don't have much to say besides "EEEEEEEEEEE SHOW IS BACK AWESOME YAAAAAAAAAAY."

I will say, though, omg Vorenus and Pullo and Vorenus/Pullo!!! One of the troubles of being fannish about an HBO show, I think, is that you can't be sure they aren't going to go there. Anything can happen; who knows!

(This is something I kept forgetting during the first season of this show, which is why there were two seperate pairings that I went "ooh, there is some juicy subtext here that could be ficced with" and then became CANON. For the win, HBO.)

Anyway, my point is: Vorenus and Pullo love each other a LOT. <3<3<3

On a completely different subject, no one told me there was new NCIS tonight! Minus 50 points, friends list.

I don't want to do my reading and go to classes tomorrow. Meh. Dear self, stop being so whiny and suck it up, love and kisses, me.
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b. Last night I watched the first five episodes of the first cycle of America's Next Top Model. This afternoon I finished off the season. Right now the third cycle is torrenting very slowly to give me more to watch. That Elyse: pretty awesome, huh?

c. Before I watched more ANTM, I spent most of today doing lots of homework. My phonetics reading makes me angry, but I also spent two or three hours working on my 451 homework, which was a problem set on position class in Wasco nouns, and which I enjoyed rather ridiculously. I can't help it; figuring out all the morphemes and categories and glosses and order and rules makes my brain so happy. It's not so different from the joy I get out of logic problems and crossword puzzles, I suppose.

d. The problem with three day weekends is that Tuesday always looks so unappealing.

e. [ profile] fox1013 and I suggested a panel for [ profile] muskratjamboree! This is news mostly because I haven't been able to fully get over my inability to think of MJ as an actual con. In my head, I think of it as being exactly like going over to Livia and Zee's place for fangirl weekends, only in a hotel and there's 15 or 30 girls I want to hang out with instead of two. But, no! It's not just going to be me sitting in BLG's hotel room and cuddling people and eating cookies! There is actual organization, and part of that is panels. So, yes. I'm not sure if enough other people share our huge-ass DADDY buttons to be interested in talking for an hour about Syd&Jack and Veronica&Keith and John&Dean&Sam and Buffy&Giles and Adama&Kara and, uh, non-gen variations of some of the same.

f. Hi. Your hair looks nice today. Would you like a cupcake?
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*flails SO MUCH*

March 2007? Seriously? Seriously?

Hi, my name is erica, and I am dead. Thank you.

(P.S. hahaha, "brotherly love".)
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Rome, 1x11 )


31/10/05 19:21
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Rome 1x09 )
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Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant, while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? What's so great about Caesar? Hm? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar. Brutus is just as smart as Caesar. People totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar. And when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody, huh? Because that's not what Rome is about. We should totally just *stab* Caesar!

Hi, that part of Mean Girls is even funnier now that I'm watching Rome every week. Hee.
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Rome 1x08 )
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Tonight I made myself Rome icons.

Icon #1:

Keywords: rome: well this sucks

Icon #2:

Keywords: rome: writing is hard

Icon #3:

Cut tag for spoileryness for last week )
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I watched all six episodes of Rome over the last three days, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I think part of the reason is probably that I have exactly the right amount of Roman history knowledge -- that is, some, but not that much. This means I have a vague context for most of these events, but I don't know how any of them happen. And also that I spend a good portion of the time going "So he's the one who's going to kill Caesar? But he's kind of cute." and "How on EARTH do they get from here to Mark Antony marrying her daughter? Wait, Octavia is the one he marries, right?" and "Hee hee hee, that little twerp is going to be the EMPORER! But he's so twerpy! Pax Romana and everything? All the world should be taxed? Weird!"

(Not that I don't like Octavian, even as I call him a twerp; he's actually possibly my favorite character on the show, or at least up there with Titus Pullo, who's everyone's favorite. Sullen teenage boys, now in antiquity-style!)

And oh! I forgot! Since I haven't been watching before now, I have no ideas who's been talking or saying interesting things -- let me know if you have been, so I can go back and troll your journals, yes?

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