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Today when I got on the bus I realized my phone didn't work. DDD: Work was so lonely without constant text updates of people's lives all day long.

I think now is the time for a very important poll.

[Poll #1284295]

Me and [ profile] happy_coconut are 100% agreed on the answer to that last question, just so you know. Like, ridiculously obvious. I ask mainly to see if people who don't know me in real life agree.
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[Poll #1192811]

Please defend your answer in the comments.
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[Poll #1189183]

Obviously if you only know one of us, you are going to skew the results. Flawed LJ poll technology is flawed!
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[Poll #1105718]


3/12/07 10:27
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I ... really don't want to go to work. Hi! I apparently can only think in polls now.

[Poll #1099751]
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So I showed [ profile] fox1013 the latest (ridiculously adorable) picture of Pete Wentz and Hemmy.

Which led to this:

[ profile] fox1013: that must be the longest-suffering dog in all of fandom
[ profile] fox1013: right now, Scully's dog is sitting there thinking "I'm just glad that wasn't me."
[ profile] fox1013: ...Scully's dog got eaten by a sea monster.

[ profile] pearl_o: I was about to be like I don't know x-files, but I bet that was clever and funny!

[ profile] fox1013: <3

[ profile] pearl_o: I think Hemingway might be the longest suffering ANYTHING in any fandom, really.

[ profile] fox1013: heeeeeeee
[ profile] fox1013: --more than Dief?

[ profile] pearl_o: Yes.

[ profile] fox1013: Wait. More than Hope?

[ profile] pearl_o: Wow.
[ profile] pearl_o: That's a tough one.
[ profile] pearl_o: I SMELL AN LJ POLL.


[Poll #1097591]
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It's been raining steadily since I woke up this morning, which is just fabulous: there's nothing more comforting than the grey skies and the sound of the raindrops outside. I missed you, rain! Summer always wants to drive us apart!

Yesterday [ profile] isiscolo replied to the Frannie story I posted using her Miss Fraser icon. This means I now have the idea of Miss Fraser/Frannie in my head. I admit mine is a sick mind.

This week's goal is to start applying to lots of jobs. I will let you imagine the fun involved in this for yourselves!

Here, let's have a poll.

[Poll #1023103]
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I made a poll! It is not about porn. I know, I am surprised, too.

[Poll #1015434]

Here are some recs for you this fine July 4th! First, there is Price of Distance by [ profile] nos4a2no9, which is a really lovely and evocative futurefic. It's loving and painful and honest, all at the same time, and it's poetic and descriptive in a way I would have thought would bore me (I have a short attention span) but which she makes work, absolutely beautifully.

Second rec is more general, because -- dude, you guys have all been reading [ profile] arrow00, right? Her first dS story was posted in January, and the last six months have been totally productive. A new writer, writing in your favorite pairing, writing often, and writing really well? Seriously, is that not the most exciting thing in the world? I really admire how fresh the voice is in these stories; it feels like a new angle, a new version, and it adds an extra depth and characterization to the stories, even ones that are more or less PWPs.
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a) I am having a bad week.

b) I am bored.

Therefore, c) here is a poll.

You guuuuuuuuys. Come and talk to me about porn.

[Poll #974649]
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YOU GUYS I AM AT CHEZ RENARD! (translation: I am at Fox's apartment yaaaaaays!)

Fox picked me up at the airport an hour and a half ago or so and we are sitting at her apartment watching HIMYM dvd commentaries, which are hilarious. Soon we will go to sleep! And then we will wake up early and trek off to Muskrat Jamboree! And it will be hours and hours of awesome!

I feel as if the awesomeness has not fully soaked in yet. Maybe it won't until I leave on Monday!

Here is a poll on How I Met Your Mother, because I have a THEORY.

[Poll #956815]
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This may in fact be the dorkiest poll ever to appear in my journal -- and that's counting all the times I made you guys tell me about how big Fraser's dick was and Ray Kowalski's favorite sexual activity.

[Poll #884355]
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Yet another one of these poll entries clogging up your flist! You're welcome! *beams*

[Poll #831819]
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Here is a poll! It is about fandom and infidelity and incest. WOOOOOOOT.

[Poll #734194]

The second answer to the last question should be: To me it's more weird than pairing related characters played by unrelated actors.


13/5/06 16:56
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[Poll #728353]
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[Poll #716904]

It's amazing how far a three hour nap and a nice long shower can go towards making me feel slightly more a part of the human race and slightly LESS an evil uterus spawn out to murder the world.

I just opened up my partial draft of my Meredith vid for the first time since spring break, expecting to kind of be "arrgh, so much work to do!" Which, you know, partly, but I'm also really surprised by how much I like what I have so far. I think I'm going to wait to work on it some more until the season finale (only four more episodes!), but I feel really good about it at the moment.

When [ profile] fox1013 gets back online, she and I are going to watch Mammoth synced up together. Because we are just that AWESOME.

Finally, [ profile] slodwick made me this fabulous Teyla icon, like, WEEKS ago and I haven't used it yet. Bad pearl-o! Keywords: "teyla is saner than you."
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Last night when I was drifting off to sleep, it occurred to me that a silent majority of the fandom is probably either bored or grossed out by our F/K/V movement.

And then I thought, "But that's okay, because, hey, we all like different things. I mean, God knows I tune out when they start going on about stuff like Turnbull and Hugh Dillon--"

And then I thought, "Wow, that would be a beautifully grotesque crossover."

Anyway. Here's a poll!

[Poll #711180]

In other news, His Majesty's Dragon is so good I want to roll around and wallow in it and live in it. And somehow figure out a way I can keep on reading and reading it and not get closer to the end. Mmmmm.
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Pop quiz, livejournal:

On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf of the red roses? Seriously?

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