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by Pearl-o

Party Poison/Korse. NC-17. ~1400 words. Takes place some time after "Sing" video.

Thank you to [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] anoneknewmoose for beta.

Warnings: non-con, scarification.

Summary: Party Poison wakes up somewhere he's never been - but there's plenty that's familiar here.

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I am going to be completely and utterly honest with you guys: I pretty much just wrote songfic. Schmoopy songfic, for that matter. I really have no excuse to offer you all, except that, uh, I wanted to make [ profile] inlovewithnight happy. And I mean -- there's porn? That makes it better, right?


The lyrics to the song in question, Franz Ferdinand's "Michael", can be found here if you require them.

sticky hair sticky lips
by Pearl-o

Pete/Mikey. NC-17. ~1500 words.

Established relationship. AU of the regular lives/no bands type.

For [ profile] inlovewithnight. Thanks to [ profile] anoneknewmoose for support and beta.

sticky hair sticky lips )
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Someday I am going to write something again that isn't just gratuitous Waycest porn. I really do believe this. I HAVE to.

The Kids Flash Like Lightning
by Pearl-o

Mikey/OFC, implied Gerard/Mikey. NC-17. ~650 words.

Warnings: voyeurism, emotional incest.

This is for [ profile] anoneknewmoose and [ profile] inlovewithnight. Mostly because it's their fault.

Summary: Two times out of three, it's the giggling that wakes Gerard up.

You can read the story at AO3 here, or behind the cut tag.

The Kids Flash Like Lightning )
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Dig Me Out, Dig Me In
by Pearl-o

Gerard/Mikey, implied Gerard/other. NC-17. ~2500 words.

Warnings: incest; always-a-girl!Gerard; unplanned pregnancy issues; general fucked-up-edness.

Much thanks to [ profile] anoneknewmoose for support and beta duty.

Summary: Gee took the test in the basement bathroom. Leaving the door open just a crack, so she could still hear the familiar sound of Mikey playing video games on the couch.

You can read this story at AO3 here, or behind the cut tag.

Dig Me Out, Dig Me In )
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Hey, I wrote something.

whiskey drinks and chocolate bars
by Pearl-o

Thanks to [ profile] lordessrenegade, [ profile] cidercupcakes and [ profile] inlovewithnight.

Gabe Saporta/always-a-girl!Mikey/always-a-girl!Gerard. 1400 words or so. Pre-MCR Jersey partying. Not smutty, but if anyone wants to write the dirty dirty porn sequel to this, they will be my favorite person ever. I'm just saying.

whiskey drinks and chocolate bars )
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More post-WWII Ray/Gerard! I ... just really like this universe, I don't know. And I still have plenty of lyrics to steal from Gaslight Anthem's "Miles Davis and the Cool" for titles, so there's that..

Don't Wait Too Long To Come Home
by Pearl-o

Ray/Gerard, 1800 words. Sequel to Sway Sweet and Slow; still 1940s post-war AU, but less crossdressing this time, and more angst.

Much thanks to [ profile] impertinence for encouragement and looking this over.

Don't Wait Too Long To Come Home )
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Oh man, I just rediscovered my old Pete/Mikey playlist today! I haven't listened to it in a long while, and some of the songs are a slightly angstier take on the pairing than I'm really feeling these days, but some of them are still right on. Mike Doughty's "I Hear the Bells", for example, is exactly what I needed this afternoon. I stole the title for this from those lyrics.

This was written for the square on my kink_bingo card for "bondage (held down)". It's surprisingly not pornographic, considering.

gone to the moon about you
by Pearl-o

Pete/Mikey. Summer of Like. PG-13-ish. ~1250 words.

Thank you to [ profile] brooklinegirl for encouragement and beta. ♥

Summary: There's a bruise on Mikey Way's wrist, and Pete doesn't know how it got there.

gone to the moon about you )
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So today I wrote 1500 words of completely gratuitous Waycest basement porn where Gerard is a girl and they never touch each other. Note: when I say gratuitous, I'm not kidding. But hey! Porn! So ... enjoy, I guess.

and nothing is relieving )
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I told [ profile] brooklinegirl to choose any kink off my kink bingo card and any pairing, and I would write her a ficlet. She chose "breathplay" and "Brian/Gerard."

This is about 900 words, not as porny as you might think, and quite a bit of Gerard/Lyn-Z got mixed in.

feel better the heavier they get )
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I posted a timestamp meme the other day; here are the first two responses.

[ profile] ciel_vert asked for "the Pete/Mikey you just posted, one month later"

One month after began and ended with ellipsis )


Five things that happened after A Boat That Can Love the Rocks or the Shore )
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began and ended with ellipsis
by Pearl-o

NC-17, Pete/Mikey, 2000 words. Summer of Like first-time blowjobs, written for the kink bingo 'facials' square. Thanks to [ profile] bexless and [ profile] lordessrenegade! ♥

Summary: Mikey's spent the last two weeks assuring Gerard that there's nothing going on, and it's been true and not-true at the same time. But this is definitely something.

began and ended with ellipsis )
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Click, Click, Click, Click
by Pearl-o

Ray/Gerard/Frank. NC-17. Written for the "film/photography" prompt on my kink bingo card. ~2200 words, pretty much a PWP.

Once again dedicated to [ profile] bexless, dammit.

Summary: Ray likes taking pictures, Gerard likes being the center of attention, and Frank likes both of them.

click click click click )
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A Boat That Can Love the Rocks or the Shore
by Pearl-o

Gerard/Frank/Mikey, PG-13, van days. ~1900 words.

For my dearest [ profile] bexless ♥♥♥

Summary: Frank knows a test when he hears one, but he still gets the answer wrong.

A Boat That Can Love the Rocks or the Shore )
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Hello! I was productive today and wrote the porn I've been babbling about to [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] impertinence and [ profile] lordessrenegade! Here it is, if you would like to read it. I have been trying and failing at describing it to people, but let's go with dead!Mikey!spirit-in-Pete's-head jerk-off porn. Okay?

This starts out like commenty/chatfic (because I am quoting from an actual email I sent Jai) but then it becomes much more storylike for the actual porn. I will probably not write more in this universe, because the stuff that would make up the actual *story* part of it doesn't interest me as much to write? So, due warning and all that.

Blah blah blah death warning blah blah blah it's porn blah blah blah IDK, do you people have telepathy squicks?

Anyway. THAT SAID, here we go:

I have been thinking about the story where Mikeyway dies and then is, like, a spirit, right? And the person he finds who can hear him and understand him is Pete who unbeknownst to himself is apparently a natural medium. And Mikey has to use Pete to go and find Gerard again!

It goes on from there )
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[ profile] lordessrenegade made me write her porn. I don't even know how this happened, you guys. She has some sort of weird powers, I think. ♥

Sway Sweet and Slow
by Pearl-o

~2000 words, Ray/Gerard, NC-17. Post-WW2 AU. Gerard's in drag. I don't think you need any other summary, to be honest.

Sway Sweet and Slow )
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You realize the sun doesn't go down
by Pearl-o

R. 5500 words. Pete/Mikey. Not real at all! Title from "Do You Realize??" by the Flaming Lips.

Thanks to [ profile] impertinence and [ profile] etben for encouragement and [ profile] bexless for excellent beta. ♥

Full disclosure: Nobody dies in this story, but minor characters are dead before it begins. There's bad sex. Gerard and Mikey are kind of mean to each other. Some of the facts are probably far off accurate. Also, it's another goddamn high school AU.

Summary: Mikey's slogging through high school, Gerard's working for the man, and neither of them are fine. God only knows what's going on with Pete Wentz.

You realize the sun doesn't go down )
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Sometimes I have conversations with people where they tell me all about the epic badfic of their souls, all the really ridiculous, over the top, totally self-indulgent things they would write, if it weren't for that tiny filter that stops them from actually going all the way and producing that sort of stuff. The thing about these conversations is that they always make me realize that I have no such filter; the ridiculous stuff in my brain is pretty much the ridiculous stuff I end up writing.

As a wise [ profile] bexless said once, we should all be very grateful my mind is not full of more healing cocks.

Uh, all that said, here's 1000 words of some fic where Pete Wentz's teenaged spawn makes out with Gerard Way's teenaged spawn. Yeah.

There'll be love in the bodies of the elephants too )
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Imp said she was sad, too, so I wrote her a story. This one is longer and yet contains considerably less rape, incest, and random character infantilization. Actually it's pretty much completely gratuitous domestic boyfriends AU schmoop porn. IDK.

Ray is brushing his teeth )
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YOU GUYS [ profile] blondiusmaximus WAS HAVING A BAD DAY.





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So I told [ profile] loveyouallwrong about how I wanted Pete/Mikey selkie fic, and she freaked out and called me a furry. If you ever wondered where Lea's line are: there you go. Pete/Hemmy mpreg where Hemmy has magically turned into a human? Okay. Selkie fic? SQUICK.

The more you know, right?

Uh, for those of you who don't share Lea's aversion, here's 750 words of commentfic on the subject, because I am dumb and wrote it out to describe to someone and thus lost all need to actually make myself write it. Lame, self. Very lame.


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