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Because there's just enough time left in the year to fit one more meme in, I guess!

my thread here
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I currently have 226 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 226 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.
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There is a love meme going around. I can never resist them at the best of times, and today I happen to be especially sick and pathetic, so I'm not even going to try.

Once someone has a comment thread about them, leave a comment and tell them about something they've done or made that you liked. A kind word, a signalboost, a drawing, a story. This can be short or long. You can just name or link to something, or go into more detail.

My thread is here.

One of these days I am going to get around to doing a real update, I swear it, instead of just these drive-by pop-ins. Soon!
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[personal profile] mrsronweasley is holding a love meme. I'm planning on getting around to commenting on people's later this evening, but in the mean time, my thread is here.
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Some answers for the "story I didn't write" meme! They're all a little over the one-to-three sentence guidelines, but I don't think anybody will mind.

[personal profile] spuffyduds prompted The one where Billy Tallent's daughter Billie hits her teenage years and discovers punk history and becomes obsessed with Joe Dick and Billy has to deal with THAT..

My response )

[ profile] rubynye prompted I really adore the story you wrote where Charles and Raven dp'd Erik -- having Charles tied up with metal the whole time, communicating only in fervent thought and grunts from behind the doorknob gag, was sheer brilliance, but then the whole story was.

My response )

[ profile] pocky_slash prompted: Remember that time you wrote a story about teenage Charles and Erik on a field trip with their class? And how they snuck away from the group and it was really thrilling to be doing something to blatently against the rules, but also thrilling to be doing it with each other because they were both nursing crushes that they thought were unrequited? And also there was kissing? REMEMBER THAT STORY?

My response )
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Let's bring back this meme, because I'm really very fond of it:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

The last time I did this was back in mid-December - the responses from then can be found here and here.
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So apparently there's another love meme going around? I'm not proud of my addiction to these, guys, I'm really not. But it's not only really gratifying to get these comments to save and look at when you're depressed and self-conscious and needy, but I also appreciate the chance to be reminded to say awesome things about people I love.

So, here: My thread at the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL meme.
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It is Friday, and it is a gorgeous day, and I am in a happy mood. I think it is the perfect time for this, really.

Happy Galentine's Day
my thread
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Taking this one from the lovely [personal profile] pocky_slash, because - fun.

1. Clear your schedule for five minutes (or longer if you have time, I'm not gonna turn down more fic).
2. Then look under the cut tag, where you will find ten prompts, all of which are song titles (selected at random from my iPod).
3. Choose one of the prompts, and - using any appropriate fandom/character[s] (meaning ones you think I might enjoy) - write.
4. Reply with your teeny weeny story in the comments to this post.
5. Repost this in your journal and make your friends write for you!

Prompts )
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I asked some people for prompts of timestamps, before/after/during my stories. Here are a couple of them. Warning for chatty storytelling rather than polished writing.

First: With the Red Roses, the previous fisting sex referred to in the story.

Nobody is in wolf form, for the record )

Second: the A Smile Rising universe, one month after cleaning the windows between us.

Erik has a birthday coming )

Third: Swim From Your Heavens, the day after.

Charles has trouble concentrating that day )
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Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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[ profile] misspamela is hosting a love meme (anon or not, as you like). It feels like lots of us are having a hard time lately. Go spread the love!
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Here is a meme, just in case you were thinking "hmm, it is too long since we heard Pearl babble on about her many opinions." You were, admit it.

1. Comment with any ship from a fandom that you know I have some knowledge about (if it's a fandom I only know by osmosis, this could be hilarious).
2. I will rant about aforementioned romantic ship. This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust or evocations of apathy, depending on what it is.
[note: it doesn't have to be a romantic ship, though if you don't want it to be, you should say so.]
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Second of the fake movies! This cast comes from [ profile] cidercupcakes.

The Warriors
Starring Selena Gomez, Ellen Page, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gina Torres

Music: "The High Party" by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Synopsis and image behind cut )
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First answer to the fake movie meme from the other day. Cast courtesy of [ profile] strobelighted.

Our Mornings
Starring: Ellen Page, James McAvoy, Zoe Saldana, and Callum Keith Rennie

Music: "The Drying of Our Lawns" by the Tallest Man on Earth

Synopsis and image behind cut )
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Here is a meme!

Leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you.

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