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Things I would very much enjoy, if you happen to have them handy:

+ Links to tumblrs I should follow (my own is available at, though I have been known to forget about for ages at a time)

+ an MP3 of Death Cab's cover of "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)"

+ MORE MIKEYWAY PORN. ALWAAAAAAAAAAAYS. I would accept both vintage and modern era versions.

Um. That is all. FOR NOW.
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1. The Middleman continues to rock my socks. On the Cursed Tuba Contingency, all I have to say is this: spoilers )

2. I got a pile of back issues last week of a magazine I'm planning on applying for an internship with in the next couple of weeks. I want this internship more than life itself, but man, even if I don't get it, I am glad I got these, because this stuff is really awesomely good. Uggggggh literature I love yoooooooooou. Even when you think of yourself as literature.

3. Cab and Hush Sound on Saturday, wooooot!

4. I have an interview tomorrow! For an actual job! A part-time customer service representative with Netflix, to be precise. It's a phone interview (which makes sense since the entire job is being on the phone) which is really nerve-wracking in some ways but kind of freeing in others. I don't have to worry about making eye contact or sitting up straight, woo? Anyway, the interview is at 11.30 my time so if you feel like sending along good mojo, that'd be awesome. It's evenings (4-10), probably four nights a week, which would be perfect (especially if I get the above internship), and from what I heard, it's a really good place to work for. Plus, free subscription!

5. I am feeling the urge to write suddenly. Like, not fanfiction, but actually original writing. The last time this urge hit was during my nervous breakdown in May 2007, so it's a little unexpected to see it happening now. Last spring I didn't actually write anything, but the notes I starting writing up then still really appeal to me, so I may go back to that idea if I can keep it up. I still really like it.

6. The National's Boxer and The Long Blondes' Couples are both quite good albums. But it really annoys me that when I play music in my bedroom, the wireless connection isn't good enough to scrobble anything. (Also that I can't lie on my stomach on my bed and talk to people on AIM.)

7. Seriously, though. MIDDLEMAN! I still need an icon. Anybody know where to find screencaps?
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1) There are a couple of songs that everytime they come up on iTunes, they make me go "uggggggggh this is SUCH a Pete/Mikey song ;__;". And then I say "yes, self, that's why you put it on your Pete/Mikey playlist, like, weeks ago."

2) On the other hand, "People Who Died" always just makes me think about how it would be an awesome Buffy vid.

3) Still slowly rewatching Alias. Early season 4 still brings me joy. Oh, most ridiculous show, I have love for you. (The credits still needs to die, though.) Syd is being adorable and wearing glasses! Nadia and Weiss are flirting! Vaughn's really boring dad-plot hasn't started yet! Jack is Jacklike!

4) I get to go home for the weekend. Yay!

5) Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. Whatcha doing? Tell me a story! Or show me a picture of something making you happy!
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On reflection, I find this pleases me.

(It's totally her dad in the background that makes the picture, of course.)

Also pleasing me this evening: SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET.

Note to self: "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is probably a bad choice for music when you're feeling this itchy and restless about not having a dude to make out with.
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So, okay, the MCR in Taiwan clip. Normally I would be dead just from the fact that all of them look really pretty and Frank and Ray are fucking adorable with their super-earnest attempts at speaking Chinese? But I can't actually focus on any of that right now, because I am totally stuck on Mikey. MIKEYFUCKINGWAY. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU LATELY BUT I AM PRETTY SURE I APPROVE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

St Vincent is playing in Portland February 18th, which makes me sad, because I am kind of ridiculously in love with Marry Me, still, and have been listening to it non-stop for the last month and a half. But I have no convenient or inexpensive way of getting up to the city, and even if I did, it's a 21+ show, so I couldn't make my baby sister accompany me, so I wouldn't want to go anyway. SAD.

If you haven't seen it yet, [ profile] bexless's Frank/Gerard manifesto over at [ profile] bandom_ships is so awesome it even made me into a Frank/Gerard shipper for, like, a good forty-five minutes after I read it. (I like all the intra-MCR pairings, but I would usually rank F/G at 8th out of the ten possibilities. I know! I'm weird! The point is, they're adorable and these posts are made of win.)

(My list, in case you care, usually looks something like this: 1) Frank/Bob 2) Gerard/Ray 3) Gerard/Bob 4) Gerard/Mikey 5) Ray/Mikey 6) Frank/Mikey 7)Mikey/Bob 8) Frank/Gerard 9) Bob/Ray 10) Frank/Ray. But that's really very misleading, I think, since it doesn't include Schechter OR threesomes.)

It is Sunday afternoon and now I shall walk down to Safeway, because I am out of ziplock bags and aluminum foil and Coke and pita bread, and it is cold but not rainy outside and the fresh air makes me happy. And then I will come back to my room and decide exactly how I should celebrate my six year fandom+LJ anniversary this evening. Feel free to leave suggestions!r
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Regina Spektor, That Time.

lyrics )

This song makes me desperately want some sort of Gerard AU. Gerard and Bert? Gerard and Frank? Gerard and Mikey? I don't know. But Geraaaaaaaaaaard. The quirkiness and total fucked-up-edness all mixed together! Sitting on the fire escape to a crappy apartment and smoking in the middle of the night, when you have to go off to your crappy minimum wage job in three hours. Going to the same tiny diner every weekend to eat vegan pancakes and drink too much coffee. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor because you never bothered to get a bed and figure out how to actually put it together. Etc, etc, etc.
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Christmas Eve! In my house, this equals all of us sitting around being completely mellow while my mother runs around like a chicken with her head cut off, freaking out about everything. It's sweet.

[ profile] pre_emptive has me planning to write a Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson story. I don't even know, you guys. It's going to wait until the new year, and me getting settled into Eugene and all, but. I'm going to have to do actual research on Ashlee Simpson. Tentative title: The Aesthetics of Dick.

And then after that maybe I will get through my rewatch of Farscape, and think about Pete/Chiana!

(Sigh, FARSCAPE. Truly you are my favorite TV show of all time. *HEART*

OTest-fucking-P EVER )

No one else could ever HOPE to compare. JOHN/AERYN, BITCHES. 4-evah!)

Uh. Last night I realized that Rebel Rebel is truly the Gerard Way song of my heart. In the sense that it is now forever connected in my brain with his character. Although I would also certainly not be adverse to hearing him cover it, to be honest.


How are you guys doing? Waiting for the yuletide archive to open? Drinking eggnog? Thinking about Brendon Urie's stupid face? Come around my campfire! We can sing festive songs, all alone on the internet!
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Today on the bus I was concentrating so hard on the song on my iPod I almost missed my stop on the bus.

Look, it's not my fault, okay, you can't give me the first two or three minutes of "Famous Last Words" and expect me to remember things like "where I live" or "my immediate surroundings"! I have more important things to think about! Things like "GERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD" and "MIIIIIIIIIIKEY" and "GERARD AND MIKEY" and "MIKEYWAY D: D: D: D: D:" and "BOOOOOOYS."

So, yes. Not my fault at all.

The other day [ profile] fox1013 told me there should be a bandom AU for Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. This is not surprising, because Fox thinks there should be a Rudolph AU for every fandom. We ended up casting Gerard = Rudolph, Mikey = Hermey, Frank = a misfit toy, Ray = Yukon Cornelius. I mention this not because it's that interesting on its own, but because the casting of Mikeyway as Hermey the Elf Who Wanted To Be a Dentist is brilliant in ways I cannot actually explain or make sense of. Like, Mikeyway makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE TO ME NOW, seriously. I feel like it has opened up new doors to him for me!

I was really happy at being scheduled to start at eleven all week, but today I agreed to come in at 8 tomorrow and Friday. SIGH. I will grin and bear it and imagine how lovely it will be to not die of starvation in January.
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So okay you guys, I was listening to my iPod on the bus today again -- it's like my new hobby or something -- and I was suddenly reminded of how Sleater-Kinney's "Lions and Tigers" is the best song ever in the history of the world for kidfic soundtracks. I'm obviously associating it with baby Wentz Way, but it works with anything.

Here, tell me what you think.

Also on my mind today was thinking about those bands where there was a relationship going on in the early days, but they only really got big after it was totally over between them (No Doubt, Sleater-Kinney, etc). Which is making me kind of want a story where Pete and Patrick DID have a thing at the very beginning of Fall Out Boy (and maybe a couple songs are about Patrick, technically) but had the amicable break-up and still managed to get to the platonic best friends forever guys they are in real life, right now.

So, yeah. Gimme.
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This afternoon when I was coming home from work, I was listening to my iPod on the bus, and it occurred to me that because Girl!GerardWay does not actually exist, I will never get to hear her and the rest of MCR covering "Cherry Bomb."

It's a good thing our universe has so many awesome things to recommend it, because I actually got really bummed for a moment there.
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Don’t make me drive that truck, don’t make me feed that rottweiler
I’m clean out of luck, take me to the bedroom and tie my body down

...You guys, remind me not to listen to the LYRICS when I put on Paul Gross's songs, okay? OKAY.

(I stick with what I said the first time [ profile] brooklinegirl showed me the Voodoo video: I actually do really like his voice. DON'T JUDGE ME.)

Now is the time of the day when I have to choose between continuing what I am doing -- that is, listening to PG and read all the archives at I Can Has Cheezburger? -- or watching the new Doctor Who episode I have downloaded. Decisions are hard!

Note that this is not a cue for [ profile] fox1013 to comment to tell me that my lack of a clear decision means I should be writing her fic. That's not how it works!


13/2/07 13:16
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Stupid question time! So, all my music in on the other computer. It's *also* on my iPod. Am I right in thinking there's no way to get it all transferred from the iPod to the new computer, instead of having to figure out how the hell to get it all off of the old computer? And second, how do I add music from the new computer to the iPod without it deleting all the songs that aren't in this library?

Problem solved and music has been transferred! Thanks so much, guys.

Gmail is being absolute bitch to me, sadly. I'm not getting any livejournal comments, and it also seems to be holding beta responses hostage, which is incredibly frustrating.

I'm bored and listening to Fall Out Boy and reading bandslash. Whatt the hell? GODDAMMIT ZEE. :[ I have had "This Ain't a Scene, It's a Goddammn Arms Race" stuck in my head for two days.

(Back in the day, popslash was really one of my favorite not-in-the-fandom-but-joy-in-reading places, but I haven't read it in quite a while. So it's understandable that when Zee goes "Look! Cute boys! They make music! And LOVE each other! And they're big dorky BOYS!" I go "Oh, really?"

Anyway. Links to stories?)

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Things what are great:

1) Boot Liquor radio from

2) It has been pretty and grey and rainy all day!

3) I am allowing myself to have Coke today for a special treat (I have been trying to mostly cut back so far this month).

4) I have spent the last hour or two writing the first 1500 words of the story I am REALLY REALLY excited about YAY.

5) The only thing more fun than getting into a new fandom is watching your friends be retarded and cute as THEY get into a new fandom. *pets adorable [ profile] ficbyzee*

6) DS fandom is being really fun and interesting and active lately. Yay.

7) Seven weeks until Muskrat Jamboree!

Things what are less good:

a) LJ is a little dead Saturday afternoon and evenings, no? I'm feeling a little lonely. HI PEOPLE WHAT IS UP? Seriously, come on! Isn't anyway feeling dorky or porny or spammy or anything? I'm bored.
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Being totally honest here: if I gave a list of the cities Boston, Chicago and Portland OR, would you -- without consulting a map -- be able to a) tell me which of them is closer to the North Pole than the Equator and b) tell me which one was southernmost?

I admit it, I wouldn't have been able to an hour ago. Geography is not especially intuitive sometimes.

Also, you guys, I don't know if I mention this often enough, but I am incredibly fucking lucky when it comes to my mother. I wish everybody could have someone as sweet, caring, funny and awesome as she is. <3<3<3

Apparently I am starting new medication soon. That's ... exciting. Hm.

I cannot stop listening to the 5 Mountain Goats songs I have on my iTunes. Or the song "Right Back Where We Started From" by Maxine Nightingale or "Natural's Not in It" by Gang of Four. Damn you, catchy soundtracks!

Also, every time I hear Regina Spektor's "Fidelity", which I love, part of me can't get past what an awesome example of glottal stops she gives.
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[ profile] fox1013 has informed me that Jennifer Garner, Michael Cera and Ellen Page are all going to be in a movie together. Where Ellen Page is pregnant with Michael Cera's baby.


I ... don't know what to do with this information! Wow, universe. Just wow.

Here are two conversations I had with Fox and Zee lately, concerning my recent music downloading habits:

That Callum and Katee one, and also Grey's music )

I have been carefully crafting my to-do list for today. So far on the list: completing my syntax homework; doing lots of laundry; watching a bunch of America's Next Top Model; and getting pizza.

I think it sounds like a good plan.
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The Mountain Goats' "Woke Up New" makes me want desperately to write deathfic. From me, that is a profound compliment!

(I don't want to write FNL deathfic, of course -- I save that for Due South -- but I want to show off my new icon I just made. OH MATT SARACEN. Keywords = "friday night lights: all you can ask for".)
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Saturday night all alone in the house, with the roommates both gone?


Man, you know, I am totally aware that most people didn't, in fact, grow up with their parents playing country music at every single possible moment, but it still feels so foreign to me! How did you guys survive? How are there people who can seriously say "I like all music but country"? (All music except mainstream or Nashville country, sure, but...)

Here, for your edification, is my offical list of The Top Ten Country Songs To Belt Out Full Strength. Ideally, these will be performed with the greatest amount of feeling you can muster, but what you lack in sincerity you can sometimes make up for in volume. And I'm not cheating by including any alt-country or recent stuff, either: this is all classic country or outlaw country.

Of course, you could also fill this list solely using Johnny Cash (people who don't like Johnny Cash: wtf, yo?), but the rules are only one song per person, with the exception for duets.

In alphabetical order:

Dolly Parton, "Jolene"
David Allan Coe, "You Never Even Called Me By My Name"
Hank Williams, Jr., "A Country Boy Can Survive"
Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire"
Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler"
Merle Haggard, "Mama Tried"
Roger Miller, "Dang Me"
Tanya Tucker, "Delta Dawn"
Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)"
Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, "Pancho and Lefty"

(Honorable mention to Bobby Bare's "The Winner", because it's too hard to belt.)

Sadly, all but one or two of these songs I have on my computer off of iTunes, or I TOTALLY would share with you. Because if you don't hear "the greatest country and western song ever written" and immediately think "I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison", well. I don't know what to do with you! Everyone knows the only two things in life that make it worth living on a guitar that tunes good and firm-feeling women! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.

Also, man, "Pancho and Lefty" is totally the buddy slash song of my heart. I cannot wait until the day that I figure out a fandom with the right amount of history + betrayal to allow me to vid that. Mmmmm.
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Things about today that are great!

1) MY SHOWER WORKS AGAIN. Frabjous day! Calloo, callay!


3) Hahahaha, Superman/Batman for the win! It is both really gay and very entertaining -- cool.

4) Now I am watching the little mini-documentary on the Peacekeeper Wars dvd about the making of the miniseries. Oh, FARSCAPE. <3<3<3 (I had totally never seen the actor who plays D'Argo out of make-up before. WEIRD.)

5) Clean dishes! Garbage is out! Now I just need to do laundry and everything will be non-gross.

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