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So due to a number of factors -- namely, 1) being sick 2) working all the time and 3) sleeping like the dead -- I didn't actually get a chance to finish watching the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy until THIS AFTERNOON. You guys, how sad is that? And when I did watch it, my DVR decided it would be really funny to stop the recording RIGHT AT THE EXACT POINT WHERE SPOILERS HAPPEN )

SHOOOOOOOOOOW. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Irrationally! Unapologetically! MY SHOW.
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Today is my first day off after three days of nine hour food service shifts starting at 4 am. YOU GUYS, I realize I am a ridiculously sheltered bunny whose only prior work experience is sitting at computers in air-conditioned offices, but just as big of a surprise as how much my feet hurt by 1pm is learning how much my free day ROCKS. I am all giddy here, for serious. I slept fifteen hours! It was glorious!

As my reward for surviving my first week of work, I decided I deserve to buy myself something nice this week. Since this coincides with my getting a 40% off any dvd box set from Borders on Monday or Tuesday, I should (cross my fingers) be the proud owner of Grey's Anatomy season 3 in a matter of hours. Yay!

I just found out yesterday that Rilo Kiley, Iron & Wine, Stars, and the New Pornographers ALL have new albums coming out last month or this month. I am a bad indie fangirl and completely out of the loop; I feel as though I should blame all of you (as well as the rest of the internet) for not giving me this information.

Next week starts both school and the new TV season. I'm honestly not sure which one I am more excited about.

In conclusion, [ profile] ds_team_angst brings all the girls to the yard, and you know it:

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So yesterday I was talking to [ profile] pirateygoodness about how hard writing is, and how weird fandom is, and how maybe I should just give up and write stories just for [ profile] fox1013. Then, out of nowhere, something Jane said put this pairing in my head. Then I got off of AIM and went into crazy writing frenzy for two thousand words or so (for the first time in six months!). When I came back up for air, I had this to show for it. Fox not only inspired but also betaed: this is dedicated to her. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

How To Be Classy, and Other Sucker's Games
by Pearl-o

RPF: Katherine Heigl/Callum Keith Rennie

Notes: Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight and Sandra Oh are all actors on Grey's Anatomy. Callum Keith Rennie was on due South and Battlestar Galactica and a million other things, and he and Sandra Oh have worked together on a bunch of Canadian films and are good friends.

Special tinhat note: You guys, it's okay, Hugh knows that making out with hot chicks is just one of Callum's weird quirks. It doesn't mean anything!

Summary: It's 2005, and Callum is old-yet-hot, Katie has a magnificent rack, and Sandra Oh knows all.

This is one of the first things Katie learned about Sandra: she always has the hook-up to the good booze. )
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So you all know that Fall Out Boy was totally a question on Jeopardy tonight, right? Right? They even played a little snippet of "Dance, Dance." They were worth $1200!

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy made me really really happy in three ways, and really annoyed in one way (which is a character being assholey, but in a way that makes sense for his character, so I am annoyed at him and not the show). But right now I want to just say that Cut for Medical Party Time spoilers )
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Okay, so here's the first thing, is that one of the keywords to this icon is "izzie-lover." And another thing is, I basically cried enough at this episode to give me a headache. So, um, my biases toward the show are quite possibly different from yours! And that's okay! But it will make me sad if you tell me how much you hate certain people and/or plotlines, and nobody wants me to be sad, right?

Commenting with Fox on the George and Izzie subplot )
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Here are three things that I think are great:

1) I passed all my classes this term, so I am definitely graduating in June YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.

2) My vacation has rocked so far, and I still have all of muskrat jamboree ahead of me.

3) By the time I got to this defamer entry about Grey's Anatomy, Disney had already pulled the clip from youtube. But I did get to watch THIS today, and honestly, does it get much better than this? I THINK NOT. So much booze! Addison is a pirate! Dempsey throws coffee on people! Fox, you need to watch this NOW. Unless you have already seen it, in which case you lose for not making ME watch it before this.
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1) I was totally under the impression that the day after big holidays was the time for buying lots of cheap candy! This does not seem to be the case -- or if it is, the window for buying them is really small, because by nighttime they're all replaced by Easter candy already.

2) You guys, Thursday night TV!!!! Both Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural were like GIANT PUNCHES IN THE FACE OF AWESOME.

3) I think bandslash might totally be my new fun-time-no-pressure-happy-making-reading fandom. I mean, popslash used to fulfil that role for me really well, but it's kind of fizzled out lately -- and then SGA was great at it, until I started to, you know, hate everything in SGA. But Zee's Fall Out Boy flailing has rubbed off on me. Their videos are all, like, "HEY! We're in a ROCK BAND! We have GUITARS! It's AWESOME! WOOOOOOT!" which is, um, kind of irresistible. And then Pete Wentz's Q and A quotes. And then reading really good fic. Seriously I am a sucker for really incredibly dorky BOYS. *watches Making the Video parts on youtube*

4) Wow, I REALLY don't want to go down to campus and walk all over the place to pick up one stupid piece of paper. BOO BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.
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This evening, while listening to my iPod on the way to her house, [ profile] speshope and I came up with the best vid idea evah. Namely: Grover's "Monster in the Mirror" vidded to Niki from Heroes.


Just think about the AWESOME.

If someone actually produced this, I would buy you a pony! I mean it. Or love you forever. Something along those lines!

To continue the muppet theme of this entry, I present to you a conversation between [ profile] fox1013 and me concerning Meredith Grey's sex habits.

Sometimes I traumatize Fox, but she loves me anyway )

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Here are some things I learned today!

1) Chief Weber from Grey's Anatomy is also Brandon's boss at the Beverly Hills Beach Club on 90210.

2) Daniel Jackson's grandfather is Mort the coroner!

3) Man, when you are having a ridiculous craving for red meat and cheese and goop and grease, there is nothing to fill the craving like Carl's Jr. Yum.

4) I am one of the few people who does not at all mind the new update journal page.

5) I really need to learn to walk in high heels so I can wear awesome trashy girly shoes. Heh.

Anything interesting for you guys?
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Hey, guess who cried at tonight's Grey's Anatomy like it had just murdered her puppy? OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT IT WAS ME.
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If you feel like giving me anonymous lovin', my snap cup link is here.

In other news, last night's Grey's Anatomy came close to making me cry at three different places. AWESOME.
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The spoilers I read about last night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and the tiny spoiler ) storyline were written in a really clueless/offensive way, so I was really worried about it, actually -- kind of, you know, "Show, I WANT to trust you! I love you! PLEASE NOT TO LET ME DOWN!". But while the storyline was a little boring and shoveled in, it did seem at least respectful, so points (and relief) for that.

(The whole episode felt a little weak to me, actually; I loved lots of individual things, but it didn't hang together the way it does when they're on their game.)

Proof that the key to my heart is tiny awesome moments: my favorite part of last night's Grey's Anatomy was spoilers )

On the same note, my favorite part of Supernatural was the previouslies. Ahahaha, that is half of what I love about the show RIGHT THERE, in that artfully edited fifteen seconds or so.
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Okay, so, based on the first two episodes of Regenesis, I can say with some certainty that my friends list was indeed right: Peter Outerbridge is totally, totally hot.

(I had my doubts! Just a little! Because, um, I still think of him as Lennox, you know? But ... yes.)

Also, Ellen Page looks freaking awesome here; that's a flattering haircut. And the two of them sitting around smoking and eating ice cream is kind of the best thing ever.

In other news, three and a hours until BRAND NEW Grey's Anatomy, WOOOOT.

Also, yesterday I got myself some pretty Heroes icons, which I think will come in very useful in the future. The one with this entry I made myself; the following two were made by [ profile] liviapenn and [ profile] mimesere, respectively:

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+ When I was looking up the Heroes cast on IMDB, it turns out both Sendil Ramamurthy and Noah Grey-Cabey have been on Grey's! Mohinder was just "Intern #2" in the pilot, but Micah was that little kid with two daddies from late last season.

+ Goddammit, Isaiah Washington, how on Earth did you manage to lose the high ground to motherfucking Dempsey, man? I hope this does not make me see Burke as any less hot.

+ And I mean, it's not like there was any doubt that the [name deleted] up there was TR Knight, because even before Fox linked me to these pictures it was pretty common knowledge that the boy is kinda bent, right? Nonetheless, AWWWW. His boyfriend actually looks pretty cute; good for him.

+ Can anyone tell me who the pregnant chick was in last Thursday's episode? The guest star cast isn't up on IMDB, and she seemed super familiar.
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Grey's Anatomy 3x02: My show is the best thing since sliced bread. <3<3<3<3<3

Supernatural 2x01: Entertaining enough, and Jensen Ackles was hot. That's all I ask for from the show. Plus, spoiler )

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1x02: I'm enjoying this show enough to keep watching, but it hasn't really grabbed me yet at all. Also, everyone in Sorkin-land is a big old ornery crank. But I still have a ridiculous amount of goodwill towards Sarah Paulson from "Down with Love" and especially "Deadwood", and I'm surprised by how much I'm liking Amanda Peet's character.

Heroes 1x01: AWESOME.
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[insert keyboard mash here]


I don't care what you say, spoilers ) was just for me.
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Things on my mind this evening:

1) This dialogue of Fraser's, on love:

I thought I was in love once. And then later I thought maybe it was just an inner ear imbalance... We spent an evening snowed in on the side of a mountain watching the northern lights. It was probably the most dramatic moment of my life. But in the end I realized I'd learned two things. The first is... that it's easier to think you're in love than it is to accept that you're alone, and the second is that it's very easy to confuse love with subatomic particles bursting in the air. Well, I also learned that I should have my ears checked more regularly.

Emphasis mine, of course. Oh, FRASER. Just that sentence makes a million extremely vague bunnies pop into my head, and they're all wrist-slittingly depressing. Also, it makes me think of [ profile] katallison's Fraser, post-"End of the Road". Sigh!

2) Jeannie Miller's (and by extension, Kate Hewlett's) hips are a thing of joy.

3) Wait, Amy Acker had a baby? Two babies? Seriously? I actually really like her, but I am having trouble imagining her pregnant and a life-sustaining mass. Huh.

4) I pre-ordered the Grey's Anatomy s2 dvds. PLEASE COME NOW THANK YOU.

5) For people whose names rhyme with schmox1013: the second sexiest man in America is not only castrated, but apparently hates babies.

6) Marcia Cross is pregnant, too. Man, I skip my gossip blogs for a week and all this stuff shows up! So, uh, I guess this means she actually has heterosexual sex with that guy she married? Huh.

7) Tomorrow starts two weeks of Ray/Ray over at [ profile] stop_drop_porn, which means all the rest of you have to pick up the slack to give me my Fraser fix, okay? I would say you should all post more [ profile] getfraserlaid fics, but, you know, pot throwing stones at the glass kettle.

8) I am in LOVE with my giant room and my tiny cute house and BWEE.

9) Back to reading more of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver while I wait for more NCIS to download.
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I am pretty sure I am FAR FROM ALONE in this, but I cannot look at any pictures of Melina Kanakaredes without going "omg Victoria!!!" Apparently Fraser's evil ex-girlfriend looks like this now: cut for image )

Of course, we have pictures of Paul Gross in 2006, too, but the problem with that is looking at screencaps of Geoffrey Tennant looks less than nothing like Fraser. Oh, well.

Emmy fashion! Of the Grey's Anatomy women, Katie Heigl's dress is best, and she looks awesome-est. Sandra Oh's dress is the worst, but she looks good, anyway, is a sort of "So I'm wearing an ugly fucking ruffled thing. I'm still hot, bitches!" Ellen Pompeo, on the other hand, is TRYING TO EAT MY SOUL.

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