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I was going to post about the bandom twitters, but to be honest there is not much to say beyond :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Over and over and over.

More important right now! [ profile] happy_coconut is having some kind of crazy Supernatural nostalgia. She just put on "Salvation", the second-to-last episode from season 1. It's the one that starts with the "Carry On, My Wayward Son" song, which is the best part. :( I keep trying to ignore it and have it in the background, but I keep getting distracted by Papa Winchester. SERIOUSLY WTF JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN HOW ARE YOU SO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. SHUT YOUR STUPID HOTASS FACE AND YOUR STUPID HOTASS VOICE UGH UGH UGH.

Seriously you guys how is he so hot. ;______; Why is Kelly torturing me like this.

In other news I miss my Amy. FOUR MONTHS until we live together! How crazy is that?

In conclusion, Mikeyway )
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1) I was totally under the impression that the day after big holidays was the time for buying lots of cheap candy! This does not seem to be the case -- or if it is, the window for buying them is really small, because by nighttime they're all replaced by Easter candy already.

2) You guys, Thursday night TV!!!! Both Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural were like GIANT PUNCHES IN THE FACE OF AWESOME.

3) I think bandslash might totally be my new fun-time-no-pressure-happy-making-reading fandom. I mean, popslash used to fulfil that role for me really well, but it's kind of fizzled out lately -- and then SGA was great at it, until I started to, you know, hate everything in SGA. But Zee's Fall Out Boy flailing has rubbed off on me. Their videos are all, like, "HEY! We're in a ROCK BAND! We have GUITARS! It's AWESOME! WOOOOOOT!" which is, um, kind of irresistible. And then Pete Wentz's Q and A quotes. And then reading really good fic. Seriously I am a sucker for really incredibly dorky BOYS. *watches Making the Video parts on youtube*

4) Wow, I REALLY don't want to go down to campus and walk all over the place to pick up one stupid piece of paper. BOO BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.
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With regards to Supernatural, I don't think I really have anything to say about the recent plot developments on this show beyond: hey, check out this post I made last April for my feelings.

Wait, okay, I lied. I have one more thing to say, and that's "Dean! You can't poke her with a stick!"
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The spoilers I read about last night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and the tiny spoiler ) storyline were written in a really clueless/offensive way, so I was really worried about it, actually -- kind of, you know, "Show, I WANT to trust you! I love you! PLEASE NOT TO LET ME DOWN!". But while the storyline was a little boring and shoveled in, it did seem at least respectful, so points (and relief) for that.

(The whole episode felt a little weak to me, actually; I loved lots of individual things, but it didn't hang together the way it does when they're on their game.)

Proof that the key to my heart is tiny awesome moments: my favorite part of last night's Grey's Anatomy was spoilers )

On the same note, my favorite part of Supernatural was the previouslies. Ahahaha, that is half of what I love about the show RIGHT THERE, in that artfully edited fifteen seconds or so.
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2) Okay, I am totally lame, but I so thought that last minute of the show that they were setting up for spoilers, I guess ) and I was REALLY EXCITED.
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My thoughts on Supernatural 2x04 are few, mostly because I can't get over the fact that that was totally NOT Summer Glau, omg, IMDB and the entire internet are LIARS. I was looking forward to her, too!

Also, Dean's still smoking hot.
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Grey's Anatomy 3x02: My show is the best thing since sliced bread. <3<3<3<3<3

Supernatural 2x01: Entertaining enough, and Jensen Ackles was hot. That's all I ask for from the show. Plus, spoiler )

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 1x02: I'm enjoying this show enough to keep watching, but it hasn't really grabbed me yet at all. Also, everyone in Sorkin-land is a big old ornery crank. But I still have a ridiculous amount of goodwill towards Sarah Paulson from "Down with Love" and especially "Deadwood", and I'm surprised by how much I'm liking Amanda Peet's character.

Heroes 1x01: AWESOME.
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I just woke up from a two hour nap, and I am left with two questions: first, why on earth did I just have a very detailed and elaborate Supernatural dream? and second, how did it manage to be even more EMOTASTIC than the show?

Sort of in the same fandom, [ profile] wistful_fever posted a Jared/Jensen vid yesterday that is pretty much the cutest thing in the universe. Dude, I haven't even bothered to read much of their RPS, but -- the CUTE. Aww. "You're My Baby", here.
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First thing -- copying immature meme from [ profile] fox1013, YAY.

Because this one has been popping up, and who among us could resist?

Comments are screened. If you've ever had a smidge of a crush on me, feel free to comment below. I won't mock you, and only you and I will ever know. Bwhahaha. Then post it in your own LJ.

Second thing -- [ profile] fox1013 and I are trying to figure out the Hottest TV Families, perhaps so we can have a battle to the sexy, sexy death. The first ones we came up with are the Jack-Irina-Sydney from Alias and Dean-Sam-John from Supernatural. Go here to come up with more suggestions for us! I personally think it should only count if you have at least 2 seperate generations represented, but I don't know if Fox is as picky.

Speaking of SPN, I watched the season finale yesterday, and I have nothing to say that [ profile] liviapenn didn't already say in her episode reaction post.

And on the subject of Alias: wow. Season one was a lot of fun, but season two is kicking serious ass so far. I'm not allowed to watch anymore until I spend a couple hours studying, though. Hot spy family hijinks must wait!
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[ profile] pearl_o: ...Livia has created a desire in my mind to see a story where awful things happen to Sam and he goes like, evil, and Dean has to kill him for the good of the world and it is the woobiest thing ever.

[ profile] ficbyzee: .........
[ profile] ficbyzee: *pats your brain*

[ profile] pearl_o: Or Dean CAN'T kill him!
[ profile] pearl_o: And bad things happen tot he world!
[ profile] pearl_o: And it is all Dean's fault!

[ profile] ficbyzee: you are a special girl.

[ profile] pearl_o: *beams at you*

Because you know what I always say about Supernatural? NOT ENOUGH DEAN WOOBIENESS. Right? RIGHT.

*goes back to watching Tak the Hideous New Girl commentary*
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I realize my strong dislike for both Sam Winchester and John Sheppard is competely irrational and not really founded on anything, but knowing this really doesn't do anything to make me able to stand them.

(This is opposed to my completely rational hate of McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, which is supported by all the canon and means he deserves to die a painful death.)

Also, Ben and Jerry's is way, way overrated. *very sadly disappointed in the pint I bought to help me through weekend o' PMS*

Hmmm. Maybe I'll write today. That would be nice. The day has gotten off to a good start -- I cleaned! And did all my dishes! Maybe I'll continue with the productivity!

[ profile] aerye was asking about the differences between my perspective and [ profile] china_shop's in the sleeping-arrangements-ficlets we both were writing. One of the things that really stands out to me, at least, is that China's writing with a prior Ray/Ray, so the tension there is making sure Fraser knows he isn't the odd one out, third wheel type person. Whereas I think in the universe I was setting up, the tension comes from more the sense that the Ray/Ray relationship is the weakest link; so that it ends up the sleeping arrangements is one of the things that helps strengthen up the fault line, instead of undermining, like in her interpretation.

Basically: I don't see the Ray/Ray, so I needed to give them something to make them closer together, because I see the Fraser/Vecchio and Fraser/Kowalski as both much stronger and not needing the encouragement, so I wrote my thing to adjust the relationships into something more equal. But [ profile] china_shop sees Ray/Ray as the strong foundation point, so the adjusting I did to balance it for me made it unbalanced for her -- so she wrote her thing making sure Fraser was still balanced into it with the two of them.

It's really pretty neat, I think.

spn 1x20

21/4/06 16:24
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Also, my response to "Dead Man's Blood" pretty much comes down to:


Um, yes.

ETA: Obviously, Papa Winchester is included in my vague "BOYS!" pronouncement, duh.

spn 1x19

14/4/06 17:13
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Last night's episode of Supernatural featured Dean sharpening a knife, both boys climbing things, Dean digging, Dean speeding in the car, Dean hitting on girls, and Dean shooting things.

Honestly, people, there is nothing more I could think to wish for in this show. It even makes up for the fact that Sammy is getting more annoying by the week!
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You know, setting aside for the moment the whole question of Dean Winchester's insane woobiehood -- which I realize is next to impossible, but go with me for a minute here, okay? -- one of my other favorite parts of Something Wicked definitely has to be SPOILERS )

spn, 1x18

7/4/06 18:37
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This is a public service announcement. You might not know this, but one of the leading cause of high pitched noises in young fangirls in a condition known as "death from woobie". The condition is a growing one, with more and more fangirls falling into it every year.

A leading cause of this tragedy can be seen in Dean Winchester of TV's Supernatural. I myself, previously a young and healthy fangirl, have succumbed to his ways, and died of woobie JUST THIS AFTERNOON, upon viewing the episode "Something Wicked."

Remember, knowledge is power! We don't want to lose a single more fangirl! THESE DEATHS ARE PREVENTABLE. LIMIT YOUR WOOBIE INTAKE OR BEWARE.
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Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 x infinity.
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Okay, that speech in "Dead in the Water" where he's talking about being brave for her and thinking about her every single day? CONGRATULATIONS DEAN WINCHESTER YOU HAVE NOW JOINED LEX LUTHOR AND BENTON FRASER IN THE DEAD MOMMY WOOBIE HALL OF FAME.

(Hey, look, I stole an icon from Livia!)

oh, man.

2/3/06 22:23
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Uh. I might be in love with Dean. And by "might be" I mean I flail like a lunatic everytime he is onscreen and explode with woobie. DEAN! <3<3<3<3<3

Things that are hot: Dean. Boys in suits. Boys climbing fences and cages. Boys bloody and beaten up. Boys making out with hot girls. Boys doing push-ups and/or strong kicks. DEAAAAAAAAN OMG DEAN.

(Things are not hot include all the boring boring boring bits, but thye are easy to ignore for the next hot stuff.)

Also, re: the last episode: I'm not so interested in the incest fic yet, but go ahead and point me to the fic where spoilers for Shadow )
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Okay, you all mentioned the CKR had an episode of Supernatural thing, but nobody told me it had Stella Kowalski and Maggie Mackenzie from dS, and Sandra from Wilby Wonderful, and Fred and Darla from Angel, and Cadman from SGA, and a Backstreet Boy wife, and Aunt Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch! I'm sorry, people, but I'm going to have detract points for all of that.

(That's some s1 Smallville levels of guest-starrage, too. Oh, Vancouver.)

So, what is the split in the fandom like between Sam girls and Dean girls? [ profile] ficbyzee indicated to me that she thinks the fandom prefers Sam, which surprises me, but would continue my winning streak of Fandom's Guy 2 being Guy 1 in my heart (see: Clark Kent, Benton Fraser, etc).
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I'm on my period and my head hurts and I'm cranky and hate the world and I want junk food and I have none and I'm miserable.

Time for trashy tv.

Supernatural, Asylum and Scarecrow )

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