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[ profile] pearl_o: it's weird. in all my fob pictures, it is either "goof joe!" or "hot ass joe!"
[ profile] pearl_o: there is NO IN BETWEEN.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: heeee, yeah. i love joe troh, but he's only gotten hot to me very recently. and i don't even LIKE his hair now. he's just.....all hot and stuff.
[ profile] pearl_o: *nods*
[ profile] pearl_o: I need to read more Pete/Joe. I only realized recently that they were my number two FOB pairing.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: mmmm, yeah. i like them a lot.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: and there isn't much of them! there should be more!
[ profile] pearl_o: *nodS*
[ profile] pearl_o: (especially underage shenanigans. *cough*)
[ profile] pearl_o: also, pete is the yin to joe's yang. if you didn't know.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: *nods lots*
[ profile] pearl_o:, that sounded dirtier when i repeated it.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: oh man. underage joe is HOT.
[ profile] pearl_o: I think it's the word "yang"
[ profile] lordessrenegade: and heeeee, yes! he is! *giggles* yang is totally a dirty word.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: joe's yang. oh baby.
[ profile] pearl_o: Pete TOTALLY yinned that yang when joe was 16.
[ profile] lordessrenegade: mmmm, yes. he DEFINITELY did. (and joe? liked it. *grin*)
[ profile] pearl_o: hell yeah.

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

Um, the context for this conversation was ... I was making icons. Which meant I had to look through my pictures folder. HAD TO, you guys. It was a struggle. But I made it through.

I feel weird making icons for bandslash, for some reason. I guess just because there are already eight million ones of every cool pictures, made by people better than me? But whatever, I enjoy it.

Fifteen icons, some FOB and some MCR )
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So yesterday I finally went to bed around eight p.m., after having been up since ten on Thursday morning. The first 24 hours or so of that were caused by a Thursday overnighter for school, but once I got home from my Friday morning class, the rest of the day can be chalked up to "Wow, I am tired, but I have been up so long that I have stopped being sleepy and become totally giddy and manic and WHEEEEE." Fun times, you guys, no joke! I think I weirded my roommates out, because everytime someone asked me how I was, I gave an update of how many hours I had been awake in my perkiest voice ever.

I made a new icon! See? I still need an Ellen Fanshaw icon, but at least now I have my other Canadian Ellen covered, right? The original photograph I cropped is here, where it is easier to read. I think some of the awesome must come from the complete lack of context I have for it. (P.S., if someone wanted to make me an Ellen Fanshaw icon I would be ridiculously grateful! I am having a hard time finding decent caps, I'm afraid.)

I spent some time this morning writing up the notes for the story I'm about to start and which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT OMG. Seriously, I don't know if a switch was suddenly turned back on in my brain or what! Maybe, as [ profile] fox1013 suggested, my new computer really IS magic.

This story isn't an S+A story, nor a RPF story, and in fact has nothing to do with Paul Gross or Martha Burns at all, but I am still stuck on how freaking cute they are. All my pictures are stuck on the other computer still; those of you with large PG collections want to share some with me that have the two of them together?

I am not fannish about Ugly Betty in any way, but man, that is a show that really encourages a lot of flailing while you're watching, doesn't it? I am surprisingly impressed by how they are handling the Rebecca Romijn storyline, because it is a subject where I am inclined to trust mainstream media LESS THAN NONE, and when it was set up, I was really afraid it was going to be played for stereotypes, soap opera-yness and laughs, but they have been pretty respectful.

In conclusion, please send me a sweet nerdy bespectacled Christopher Gorham of my own.
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The Mountain Goats' "Woke Up New" makes me want desperately to write deathfic. From me, that is a profound compliment!

(I don't want to write FNL deathfic, of course -- I save that for Due South -- but I want to show off my new icon I just made. OH MATT SARACEN. Keywords = "friday night lights: all you can ask for".)
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Question: does anyone have a copy of the version of "Devil's Town" that played at the very end of the second episode of Friday Night Lights?

Links: [ profile] liviapenn has polls here and here, one about The Girl That You, a Straight Girl, Would Go Lesbian For/The Guy That You, a Lesbian, Would Go Straight For, and the other about the all around hottest people ever.

[ profile] rps_advent -- daily porn of the CW and Canadian RPF variety, all through December! Despite name, not just slash but het too.

Icons: 25 icons from Heroes, behind the cut.

Icons )
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Wow, I haven't made icons in a really long time. But that's sort of what happens when I get distracted and wander around my screencaps all afternoon. Because, I don't know if you noticed it or not? But I'm kinda head over heels for these boys.

10 due South icons )


30/7/06 00:09
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Tonight I made icons. I don't really have a reason for this beyond "Hey, season 2 Thatcher, you're hot!" Well, that and "wow, Photoshop is fun!"


22 season 2 due South icons, Thatcher and Fraser )
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If you don't have [ profile] stop_drop_porn friended, I posted about 1300 words of due South F/K porn there earlier this evening. Yays!

I asked Zee what kind of icons I should make tonight, and she said Supernatural. So Supernatural it is!

20 icons -- mostly Dean, but with some Sam, John, Cassie, and random non-character stuff )
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Twenty-seven Farscape icons behind the cut tag! Lots of Aeryn, John and Chiana, all from seasons three and four. Comment if you're taking, and feel free to alter and add things however you like.

Mmmmm, Farscape )


18/4/06 17:37
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This is the woobiest woobie I know:


This is a pony:


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I bet you guys didn't even KNOW you were missing random Victorian portait photography from your icons, did you? It's a good thing I am here!

20 icons from Julia Margaret Cameron's photography, 1860s and 1870s, behind cut tag.

icons )
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Uh, wow. No wonder you were all sucked into SGA so easily, if that's what your feedback habits are like! Color me impressed and flattered.

Today, in real life, I translated Old English poetry, learned about phonological and morphological distinctions between the West Slavic languages, saw eighty million slides of the church of St. Sernin in Toulouse, finished another romance novel (the only literature my brain seems able to digest while I'm in school) and did more of my neverending supply of dirty dishes.

In fun time, I made myself more icons. I'm up to 82 now, which is an all time high for me. Woot! So, uh, I guess this is pretty much a quintuple icon GIP.

wilby: woobie dan

deadwood: al hates all you bitches

other: johnny motherfucking cash

arrested: angry nap

arrested: portugal
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So I just spent my entire evening going through my big "actors and actresses" pictures folders and making icons of some of the pretty things I had sitting around. I'm not entirely sure why? But, oh well.

16 icons: Alexis Biedel, Amber Tamblyn, Angelina Jolie, Clea Duvall, Jena Malone, Julia Stiles, Lauren Ambrose, Rosario Dawson, Zooey Deschanel )
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I sort of doubt any one but me will be interested in any of these, but if there's one thing I've learned in fandom, it's to never underestimate the geekiness of other fans.

Behind the cut = a bunch of icons made from images of medieval manuscripts (plus one Fraser icon I had lying around from yesterday).

medieval fangirls UNITE )
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01 02 03 04

Why, yes, I do make my own fun. Why do you ask?

To get the BOOT in the CHEST screencap there, I totally just rewatched that part of "Bird in the Hand." Mmmmmmmmmm, Fraser. And then the scene with Dead Bob, which is so one of my most favorite exchanges between them EVER.

"Dad, we've been through all this. This is an imaginary gun. It fires imaginary bullets."

"Make it look like a freak lighting accident!"

"He'd shoot him for you if you asked." <-- If I was a F/V person, that line would send thrills down my soul. I mean, it already kind of does, in the friendship sense, but it would be even more then. Killing somebody for you = REAL LOVE.

Also, it's totally instructing to think how very very wrong Gerrard was about Bob Fraser, in light of "Call of the Wild."
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Twelve due south icons!

Mask, The Promise, Dr. Longball )
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And, uh, then I made a couple of icons! All due south, all from the screencaps I've done this past week.

9 Frannie, 2 Fraser, 1 Ray Vecchio )
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I am having an incredibly annoying couple of days, so this morning I decided to do some icon therapy; I went back through my old tags and saw what I had made that was still unclaimed, and went crazy with adding.

Hey, maybe I needed two more Fraser icons! I only had ten or eleven before! And this Rachel McAdams one is different than my others, because it has a spork! And you can never have enough CKR! And ... George!


New icons:

The keyword on the last one is "hcl: coooool." The extra o's are very important!
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Um. Here are 12 icons of my hot Canadian girlfriend. Because ... she's hot. Yes.

Whatever, it's [ profile] fox1013's fault. She encouraged me! Bah!

Rachel McAdams is so cute I could die )


18/12/05 18:18
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I am taking a break from cookie-making and present-wrapping and tree-decorating and snow-walking and pizza-eating to show off this icon, which is now My Official Icon of PORN.

Sandra Oh is hot, yo.

...Somebody should write Sandra Oh/Molly Parker. Uncannily gorgeous Canadian actress buddies UNITE.

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