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1) Last night I had a dream where I was trying to decide whether or not to pimp Slings & Arrows to [ profile] pre_emptive. This is a pretty hilarious topic for a dream in the first place, but what makes it even more awesome is the pro/con list I was making in my head to help me decide. The pro list was all stuff like "is completely awesome; really smart; kind of gay" and I was feeling good, but then I was suddenly "OH, but Jori's Jewish, so maybe not. It IS really Shakespeare-centric!"

Because apparently my subconscious finds the difference between Shakespeare and Roman Catholicism very confusing. I don't even know.

2) Bex and I talk about the Ways' childhood )
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[ profile] fluffontop, [ profile] phineasjones and [ profile] meresy gave me scarf pics here but I am greedy and want more. Because ... boys in scarves? What's not to love? Are there sighting on FOB or any other MCR boys? (I know Ryan Ross is doing the whole flowered bandanna thing, but that's not quite what I have in mind.) Or, seriously, non-bandom people: any fandom. The adorable! Share!



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Do you ever get hit by an unexpected rush of OTP-ness of one of your pairings? Like, one you haven't even thought of in a long time? Because in the middle of wandering through people's livejournals this morning I suddenly got hit with this weird fever of Geoffrey Tennant/Ellen Fanshaw feeling, and now suddenly I'm like, "I LOVE them! And their stupid little FACES! I want them to be together FOREVER and have stupid little BABIES and SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH."

Yeah. It's weird, you guys. I have no idea.

The other day I found a notebook in my room from 2004: it had a couple of handwritten pages full of "A is for Apple" and "How Many Ways", all in purple ink in my overly girly nice cursive. It was a very odd feeling! And last night I reread another story of mine from three years ago, and realized that even though I could still remember the entire process of writing it and all the work in it, I was still able to read it as an actual *story*, and find it really effective that way. That never happens to me! It was nice.

I'm feeling weirdly lonely today and I don't know why. Hmmmm. Hey, maybe I should tap into this for angst-writing? Heh.
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Ellen Fanshaw is driving me INSANE, you guys!

(Which ... I guess is not exactly new for her, now that I think about it?)

But, arrrgh, last night, she was suddenly in my head. Which sounds good, except that now I am newly full of Stuff I Know About Ellen Fanshaw but with no story to go along with it! Seriously, what is more frustrating than that? There is no story, no structure, no explanation, just all these thoughts and sudden, sure facts about her that I keep turning over and over and polishing a little to see them a bit better, maybe. Like how )

You know what fic I would kill to read? Something in the style of a magazine article interview with Geoffrey and Ellen after 3.06. It would be rather brilliant and charming -- and also obnoxious, since it's Geoffrey with the media, of course -- and the same mixture of sad and happy and just bittersweet as the end of the series. Somebody should write that for me! *looks hopeful*
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Here is the picture of the day in my world! Uh, possibly my mind is still on the story from yesterday, because today I felt a need to go look up the pretty pretty pictures of Paul Gross and Martha Burns rolling around a bed and making out in season 2 of Slings and Arrows.

Hi, we have been married for 20 freaking years, and we're still totally smokin'. Go us! )

Now it's your turn! Come on, you guys, go ahead and comment and show me your favorite picture today, the one that you can't stop looking at it, that keeps making you happy. (Even if it's not my fandom. Even if it's, you know, John Sheppard or someone else I don't like. I embrace ALL the love!)

Also, I think I need an Ellen icon. Hmm.
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Swans mate for life
by Pearl-o

Slings + Arrows. Backstory, het, Geoffrey/Ellen, R-ish, about 1300 words. Not spoilery. Thanks to [ profile] brooklinegirl for beta.

'It's two a.m., Geoffrey,' Ellen said, holding the door half-open. )
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For what is pretty much the first time in 3 years, I find I have nothing to say about due South at all. Not even a little bit. It is a very odd feeling! I don't know what's going on! Just ... blank. Huh.

(Three years, man: Wednesday is the anniversary of the first story I posted. Time flies, I guess. They're still the prettiest, and still my OTP. <3<3<3)

This afternoon I watched Rome. I find I have the same trouble with this show after each episode, and that is that my thoughts are pretty conveyed through random gestures and flailing, and not so much through a textual medium. So you'll have to imagine the flailing for yourself, until the internet becomes magical.

Tonight Heroes returns. Tuesday is NCIS, Wednesday is Friday Night Lights, Thursday is Grey's Anatomy (not to mention Supernatural), and then more Rome on Sunday. TEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE. I love you!

Today I am thinking about Twitch City. Newbie! Hope! Curtis! I want desperately to write more fic about them, something brightly colored and funny and surreal and ironic and sharp-edged. With kissing, preferably. And perhaps cake-decorating.

That would be awesome.

Actually, I seem to be thinking a lot of six-degrees-of-due-South fandom. Men With Brooms! That movie makes me want backstory; I want drinking buddies, Amy and the boys, all the beginnings of the stuff that fucks them up so much later. And beaver tattoos! I want that. Oh, Amy Foley.

And of course there's Slings and Arrows, which is one of those things where it's so good and so self-filled it's hard to think of anything else to say, but I find myself weirdly fascinated by Ellen Fanshaw. (Well, and Geoffrey, of course. Everybody loves Geoffrey.) Ellen! So self-centered, and fucked-up, and almost ridiculous, but well-meaning in a vague way, and good at what she does, and ridiculously sympathetic despite her many, many, many faults.

...Not to meention Darren Nichols. Because! Darren Nichols! If I didn't already love Don McKellar, I would have to love him just for that role. (I think I have spoken to some people before about my theory about Darren's love life. Which is that he very much has types, and his guy type is, like, twinky blond Aryan arts students. And his girl types are incredibly tall, thin women who wear heavy eyeliner and dress in black and wear stiletto heels so they stand two or three inches above him. They might be European or Asian or African, but it's better if they have foreign accents.)

In the recent "what to create" meme, I told Livia she should make a multi-fandom icon set using quotes from Invader Zim. I think this is a foolproof plan. The subject line to this post now makes me think of s2 Atlantis.
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Exhibit A: "Victoria's Secret."

Exhibit B: On the street with Molly Parker at the very end of "Men with Brooms."

Exhibit C: Up against the coffeehouse wall with Rebecca Jenkins in "Wilby Wonderful."

Exhibit D: Rolling around the bed with Martha Burns in the second season of "Slings and Arrows."

Good GODDAMN, people. Why on Earth is Paul Gross not kissing girls onscreen ALL THE FREAKING TIME? I just -- I'm feeling a little lightheaded just talking about this.

In non-"Prettiest Man in Canada" news, today I started rereading some of the Gotham Knights run -- including #43, which is mainly notable as "Hey, Zee, did you say something about writing Babs/Jason sometime? Didn't you? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

(There are no permutations of Batgirl/Robin my OTPness will not encompass! Dick/Babs and Cass/Steph are classics, and Tim/Cass is my sekrit favorite, but I will take what I can get! Um. Also! Speaking of "fic ideas Zee and I have discussed on AIM many times", I *still* really want that story where after Dick stops being Robin, the small child Bruce finds and takes in and trains is not the wheels-stealing street rat boy, but rather the mute, traumatized warrior girl. Yis.)

I think now is the time to make dinner. And then watch NCIS. Yes.
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One of the IMDB plot keywords for Slings and Arrows is "male nudity." I approve.

Jaci just reminded me of my very favorite quote from S+A ever, in her last entry.

"Everybody cries when they get stabbed! There's no shame in that!"

Now, you guys come and share your favorites in my comments while I go off and write my paper, okay? OKAY.
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I watched the last four episodes of Slings and Arrows season 3 last night. I ... feel like I should have a lot to say about it, but I don't really. It was excellent, excellent television, but that almost goes without saying. Paul Gross was pretty. Paul Gross and Martha Burns were hot together. Don McKellar was more and more my imaginary Canadian boyfriend with every line of dialogue Darren Nicholls said.

But, man, that season was so stressful, and dark, almost, even as the comedy of the other seasons was weaved through. And the last episode vague spoilers )

So, yeah, I'm still kind of speechless. It's OVER. That's all there is!
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1) Summer quarter is going really, really well -- it's almost scary!

2) Tomorrow is July 4th, and thus day of sleeping in and not going to class!

3) I finally did all my dishes today, so my apartment is mostly clean!

4) My SLINGS & ARROWS dvds came today!!! <-- deserves extra exclamation points.

So far I have only watched the blooper reel, but I am already filled with joy. So many of my favorite Canadians all together! Paul Gross! Rachel McAdams! Don McKellar! Mark McKinney! SO MUCH SQUEE.

Fox, seriously, I can't believe we haven't succeeded in making you watch this yet. It is so good, and it will make your Canadian fannishness all the stronger!

5) I'm thinking about making brownies tonight. Maybe with walnuts and white chocolate chips. Hmmmmm.

6) Only an hour left on my Deadwood torrent, YAYS.
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I have now finished watching all of the second season of Slings & Arrows, and I have absolutely nothing more intelligent in my head than BLIND SQUEE.

Well, except for vague pseudo-spoilers )
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Eeeeeeee! Tape of season two Slings & Arrows came today! Sister and I have watched first episode! I am so excited I need an exclamation mark for every sentence! MY SQUEES ARE LEGION!

Dear kindly benefactor on my flist, thank you once again.

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+ I actually don't know if I would ever be up to watching the whole thing again -- it doesn't seem like it would stand up to repeated viewings by me -- but for now? AWESOME.

+ I was already predisposed to like Rachel McAdams simply because she appeared in the cinematic gem that is Mean Girls, but between watching The Notebook Saturday and then this show tonight, I am now convinced she is the cutest thing since sliced bread.

+ I was going to phrase something here concerning whether or not the Oliver-Geoffrey relationship was supposed to have a textual unrequited sexual element on Oliver's side, but I got distracted by the fact that my default phrase for such situations is "totally gay for him." This actually breaks down as a figure of speech when the character involved is, in fact, canonically gay in general.

+ There were an astonishing amount of actors in this who seemed very familiar and yet when I went to their imdb profiles I recognized nothing. Also, the chick who played Maria was oddly reminiscient of Lauren Graham if you aged up a bunch.

+ [ profile] estrella30 is stupid and wrongheaded for her random hatred and prejudices. My Don McKellar love has only increased. LOOK NANCY I AM EVEN USING AN ICON WITH A CLEAR SHOT OF HIS FACE TAKE THAT.
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Paul Gross and Don McKellar having a drunken theatrical duel with swords = EXACTLY WHAT I NEVER REALIZED MY LIFE WAS MISSING.

(Yes, I have finally gotten around to watching the "Slings & Arrow" tape [ profile] serrico sent me, like, a year ago. *heart*)

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