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FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: the Justin/Alex kink meme is open!!!!! You guys, it is retarded how excited I am about this, seriously. It's located over at [ profile] omgjustinalex and the main kink meme entry is here. Make sure you read the rules, and then we can all get busy requesting and writing fic. Obviously kinky porn is encouraged, but seriously, anything Justin/Alex or Justin&Alex goes.


Look, there's even a banner!

Uh. Other things I wanted to discuss in this entry! That have nothing to do with sexy underage incest for Disney shows!

Psych )

Bones )

FINALLY, I uploaded one of my favorite movies and you should all download it, and then watch it, and then if you want to write fanfiction AUs off of it, you should feel entirely welcome, but just appreciating its genius is also enough. It's called The Lady Eve, and it is a 1941 Preston Sturges screwball comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, involving sexy con-women and innocent-yet-self-righteous rich boys and snakes and revenge and love. Here is a link from megaupload:

(Seriously, I think the bandom story I want most right now is still the one where MCR are conmen and Mikey falls for Pete and Pete finds out who they are right before Mikey was going to tell him the truth. I want that one even more than the sex pollen Summer of Like one where Mikey thinks Pete has finally just got over his weird gay sex hang ups and they have lots of dirty fucking and then the next day Pete freaks the hell out. Either of those stories would make me love the person forever, basically.)
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Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.

Oh my god, you guys. This evening I got out of work early and went out with one of my friends to the movies to see Plan 9 From Outer Space. And not just, like, the regular movie. It was with an ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK with an orchestra of live musicians and an electronica dude, as well as live actors dubbing over all the dialogue. (Website here)

I was expecting it to be fun but I was not prepared for the sheer fucking awesomeness. THAT WAS SOME OF THE BEST TEN DOLLARS I HAVE EVER SPENT, HOLY SHIT. Next week they're doing the same treatment for Missile to the Moon (3 dollars off if you have your ticket stub from this week!), but I can't get off work early then. It's tragic.

I also recommend reading the goofs page over at IMDB for the movie, whether you've seen it or not, because ahahaha.

I should be getting to bed now because tomorrow is Saturday and I have work early, but instead I am going to watch more TOS. Latest episode watched was Shore Leave, which featured more Kirk beating people up, which is my most favorite as you probably know. Also a plot ridiculous even by TOS standards, because, uh, it ended by spoilers ) Next up, This Side of Paradise! Edited to add more spoilers )
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Hello, livejournal! Yesterday [ profile] happy_coconut and I decided to go see a movie. There was nothing we super wanted to see in particular, so we decided to go on a few friends' advice and see "Twilight".

Oh my goodness. It was amazing, you guys. Amazing. The acting! The direction! The complete and utter fail of it all! KELLY AND I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Or, well, we could occasionally, but only in order to stare the screen in slack-jawed wonder. Also one lady in the theatre yelled at us to shut up already. Luckily that was already after the sparkling, though, and the best gutwrenching guffaws were the introductions -- after that it was more silently shaking.

So, yes! Both Kelly and myself recommend the movie very very very highly.

Also, the PNW is super pretty.

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Gene Wilder and Sheriff Bart are super slashy, you guys.

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I have not been on lj since sometime Monday afternoon, but I felt a need to come on right now as soon as we got back to [ profile] speshope's apartment just to inform you all just how completely I disliked WALL-E. (For the first half of the movie I actually hated it, so that was actually quite a move up in the last half, to be hair.) SO MANY OF MY OWN BIZARRE PERSONAL SQUICKS ALL HIT AT ONCE! What are the odds?

Susie just put on High School Musical 2. I'm doubtful we will be drunk enough to enjoy it as much as we did High School Musical 1, but it's still possible! Maybe I will even get drunk enough to send ill-advised drunken text messages to people. We can only hope.


22/6/08 13:49
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Our cousin had us watch Harold and Maude last night, because it's her favorite movie and neither [ profile] happy_coconut nor I had ever seen it. And it was pretty awesome! But, uh, Bud Cort kept making me think of Ryan Ross and I don't know what to do with that. Um.

Also, I like Cat Stevens' music a lot.
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Rewatching Hot Fuzz, and seriously, you guys. I think Nick/Danny might be the purest, most precious example of buddyslash ever to exist. It's like the platonic ideal of boyslash, oh my god. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

TIME TO DOWNLOAD TORCHWOOD. *waits impatiently*
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4) ??????

So it turns out I have need of rewatching Say Anything.... It's for a super secret project, SSSSSSSSSSHH. Only I don't actually have it on DVD. Can any of you fine people hook me up?

Today the subject of my random ultra-focused obsession is even stranger than usual. Namely: Mikeyway's KNEES, you guys.

oh my goodness gracious )
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Today I went with my sister to see Juno and it was MADE OF AWESOME. Seriously, like, infinite hearts. I loved it. Ellen Page and Michael Cera own my soul. Yes. I need the mp3 of them singing together like burning.

Then I came back and read more of the anonymeme replies from the five hours I was out, and the fatphobia had gotten so much worse, you guys. D: D: D: D: STOP THAT FANDOM. STOP THAT NOW.

Of course, that still leaves me like 98% amused to 2% pissed off, so all in all, good show!

(What's really sad is I find myself really, really glad now that all the girls in our canon are tiny. How awful is that? But I just don't think I could take the criticism a non-skinny girl would get. SIGH.)

Frank/Bob! And lots of Bob porn from before he got skinny! THANKS.

I just left a comment to [ profile] fallingfortruth that basically said, "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE RENAISSANCE DRAMA AU, Y/N?" Which I will admit I only said to get a chance to suggest the title 'Tis Pity Mikey's a Whore. Come on, even if you hate incest fiction, you have to admit that's hilarious. Hee.

The other day the subject of "Pete travelling through time to have sex with baby!Patrick" came up yet again, when [ profile] kalpurna said that he'd totally do it even if he already HAD had sex with that Patrick in the normal timeline. Which of course leads to the question of whether Pete Wentz would go back in time to have a threesome with Baby!Patrick and his own younger self.


(Patrick would be all, "wait, so you got even MORE insane in seven years? How does that work?")

You know what is never not funny? The word "cockslut." ♥

In conclusion: but I don't want to want to fuck Brendon Urie. Make it stop? Help me, fandom.
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So earlier today, my mother had me growing through some boes of books I had brought back with me from Eugene, and I came across a half-dozen DVDs I had forgotten I had packed away, and which I hadn't seen in six months. Along with answering my slight worries that I had somehow lost my boxset of the best show ever (Freaks and Geeks, represent!), I also came across The Reel *NSYNC.

You guuuuuuuuys. This is the stuff that made me love popslash, the way LotMS made me love MCR. Dorky dorky dork dork dorks. Considering how perfect bandom is in practically every single way, it's possible the only thing to make it more awesome would be to add ostriches into the mix.
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Three thoughts I had this evening that are completely and utterly NOT original in any way:

1) Wow, The Sting is a really freaking awesome movie.

2) Young Paul Newman was really hot.

3) Young Robert Redford was really hot, and the resemblance to Brad Pitt can be uncanny.

And then after my sister and I finished watching The Sting, we moved on to tonight's episode of Big Brother 8. Oh, yeaaaaaah. Nothing but CLASS in this joint!
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Katie Heigl is awesome. Katie Heigl's boobs are awesome. Seth Rogen is awesome. Everybody who was ever associated with Freaks and Geeks is awesome. I was looking to Knocked Up for all of these reasons, but it surpassed ALL my expectations. Seriously: awesome.

Little spoiler )

I also learned today that Lee Scoresby in the Golden Compass is going to be played by none other than SAM ELLIOTT. I feel vaguely saddened that not one of you had seen fit to inform me of this. Even though I realize none of you probably realize that Sam Elliott information is a big deal in my house. I come by my fangirlness honestly: my mom is to Sam Elliott as many of *you* are to CKR or Jensen Ackles. Seriously. Anyway: nice casting!

Two recipes I made this week from Sausage, Salami and Mozzarella Tart and Three Cheese Lasagna with Italian Sausage. Omigod, both of them came out incredibly, incredibly well. I haven't made lasagna from scratch before, but everybody in my family loved this one, and they're hard to please. And the tart was just ridiculously yummy (probably the fact I used fresh mozzarella that was sitting in our fridge helped).
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To the small portion of my friends list who love both How I Met Your Mother AND Callum Keith Rennie:

Okay, no kidding, after tonight's HIMYM, somebody is going to write Barney/Craig from Last Night, right? RIGHT? He ... he has a list, people. *hands it to you on a platter*

Edited to add: the mini-crostic puzzle I am working on online right now has KEN WAHL as a clue. *glares* I am not sure HOW Tracey is responsible for this, but I blame her nonetheless.
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I'm not sure what it says about me that not posting for three whole days feels so WRONG and INEXPLICABLE, but it really does. So, um, hi there!

I got a lot of reading done this past week -- I finished Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey, which I'd been nursing alng for a few weeks; it was long and rich and absorbing, just like the first three, and I'm a sucker for historical fantasy, even if everyone *is* inhumanly beautiful and the sex is weird. I also got through Magic Lessons by Justine Larbalestier and The Mislaid Magician by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. They were both really good and exactly what I needed to read this weekend, so yay! Quality YA fantasy series for the win.

Next up: more Julia Quinn romance novels. Totally anachronistic voice yet incredibly charming and funny and likable characters = heart.

Last night [ profile] speshope and I went to see Spider-man 3, which, yeah, not a great movie -- it was episodic, unfocused, overstuffed -- but there were fun moments within it. As I told Spes afterwards, my favorite part was spoiler! ) and my least favorite was spoiler! ). The ending made me sad, too, just because spoiler! )

Spes also took me grocery shopping last night, which I desperately needed. I have FOOD now! It's so exciting! It was my first time shopping at Trader Joe's, too, so I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap yet cool and enticing everything was.

Today is Monday. That means it is HEROES NIGHT. Yay!
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So [ profile] speshope and I went to the cheap-o movie theater to see a movie for a dollar-fifty this evening and ended up seeing the quite enjoyable Music & Lyrics. We both think that the movie could benefit from some choice Fake-Band-Not-Really-RPS, though. Because! In the flashback music video thing, Hugh Grant and his band frontman were very very slashy. All over each other! And, you know, there is the whole betrayal thing, because Slashy Frontman left the band to be a big star on his own, after he and Hugh Grant were together all the way since school and wrote all their songs together.

--Huh, imdb tells me that Slashy Frontman is actually Jason Street from Friday Night Lights. No wonder he looked familiar.

SECONDLY. During the before-the-movie thing where they show random behind the scenes footage of different things, they had this whole little thing about I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which ... um. Okay, so obviously we are definitely not the target audience for this movie, right? But man, in theory, that sort of plot scenario has such potential.

"Slash has spoiled us too much," I told Spes. "If I went and saw a movie like that, I would want them to fall in love by the end. Dammit."

...So then Spes decided that that should be a challenge. Any fandom! They are forced by circumstances into a marriage of convenience! Then (unexpectedly!) they fall in love! Awwwww.

So, yeah, anyone who wants to write that for us, feel free!

Also, when we got back to Spes's place, we ended up eating pizza and watched What a Way to Go!, which I had never seen before, which -- oh my GOD, dudes, Paul Newman is incredibly smoking hot in this movie. Like, obviously, Paul Newman has always been an attractive man, but seriously: smoking. (Also, strangely reminiscient of current day Ryan Gosling at times.)

If I could find pictures online I would share, but I can't. My brilliant plans are foiled!!!

Edited to add: [ profile] speshope has provided some screencaps! Mmm, scruffy.
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Item one: Little Miss Sunshine = actually pretty adorable. Thumbs up.

Item two: the more I see of Hugh Laurie in British stuff, the more mindblowing I find it that he somehow became a witty cynical sex symbol. Wha?

Item three: still watching season 3 SG-1. So far I have learned that the principle signs of schizophrenia are pale make-up, dark circles under your eyes, and looking really sweaty, and also that I continue to be surprised by just how appealing I find Sam/Jack. I don't know why! I just do! I've heard lots of people say TPTB screwed the ship over royally in later seasons, but fortunately I have not had to deal with that, so whatever. Everything I have seen them in, it makes me go Awww. (Long-haired alternate reality Sam carries their wedding picture around with her!)

Item four: I have sold every single possible book in my collection to the used bookstore downtown for petty cash. All that is left is selling body parts, I guess. Plasma, I hear good things about you.

Item five: You know, seriously, I think Farscape might be my favorite show in the history of ever. Basically it is the best thing ever, and I could not love it more, I don't think. MY LOVE IS SO PURE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Bweeeeeeeeeee.
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The brand new movie theater over by Spes's house had a deal with $1 movie tickets, popcorn and soda, so we went to one f the matinees there yesterday and saw The Pursuit of Happyness. Which, you know, nothing special but enjoyable enough, and we left the place feeling okay. Except now it's a day later and the longer I have to think it over, the angrier I am getting in retrospect. Because )
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[ profile] fox1013 has informed me that Jennifer Garner, Michael Cera and Ellen Page are all going to be in a movie together. Where Ellen Page is pregnant with Michael Cera's baby.


I ... don't know what to do with this information! Wow, universe. Just wow.

Here are two conversations I had with Fox and Zee lately, concerning my recent music downloading habits:

That Callum and Katee one, and also Grey's music )

I have been carefully crafting my to-do list for today. So far on the list: completing my syntax homework; doing lots of laundry; watching a bunch of America's Next Top Model; and getting pizza.

I think it sounds like a good plan.
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Exhibit A: "Victoria's Secret."

Exhibit B: On the street with Molly Parker at the very end of "Men with Brooms."

Exhibit C: Up against the coffeehouse wall with Rebecca Jenkins in "Wilby Wonderful."

Exhibit D: Rolling around the bed with Martha Burns in the second season of "Slings and Arrows."

Good GODDAMN, people. Why on Earth is Paul Gross not kissing girls onscreen ALL THE FREAKING TIME? I just -- I'm feeling a little lightheaded just talking about this.

In non-"Prettiest Man in Canada" news, today I started rereading some of the Gotham Knights run -- including #43, which is mainly notable as "Hey, Zee, did you say something about writing Babs/Jason sometime? Didn't you? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

(There are no permutations of Batgirl/Robin my OTPness will not encompass! Dick/Babs and Cass/Steph are classics, and Tim/Cass is my sekrit favorite, but I will take what I can get! Um. Also! Speaking of "fic ideas Zee and I have discussed on AIM many times", I *still* really want that story where after Dick stops being Robin, the small child Bruce finds and takes in and trains is not the wheels-stealing street rat boy, but rather the mute, traumatized warrior girl. Yis.)

I think now is the time to make dinner. And then watch NCIS. Yes.

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