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TODAY'S RANDOM CONNECTION: Lassiter from Psych is totally Molly Parker's first dead husband from Deadwood! Only with a hilarious mustache. This makes me very joyful indeed.

Also this means everything in Psych is only one step away from everything in due South. Awesome.
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Things that suck: I am so stressed out I want to scream about school stuff, I still don't have my loan money, I have a ton of cleaning I have to do before I leave Wednesday morning, and I seem to be getting sick. GRAR.

Things that do not suck: I finished the rough draft for my [ profile] vecchiofest story, and I am currently awaiting [ profile] justbreathe80 to tear it apart for me. Yays writing for the first time in foreever! I am in love with [ profile] etben's nummy nummy brain, because brainstorm-y comment tigs about imaginary fandom are the best thing ever. Wednesday I get to go home for five days of holiday, yay! And I finally downloaded the last two episodes of Deadwood (ever, *sniff*) and they are waiting for me to watch later. Oh, and the Twitch City dvds apparently really exist, who knew?

Things that are just weird: Last night I emailed [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] justbreathe80 to tell them that while innocently minding my own business and listening to iTunes, I realized a song I was listening to was totally a Ray/Ray song. The subject line of this email was "tracey, i hate you right now."
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It's hot and miserable; I'm lying in my stuffy bedroom and dreaming of comment snippets. Ray Kowalski and Fraser having a first kiss while it snows; wee Fraser at his mommy's funeral; conversations from a scenario where RayK starts his subtle courtship of Fraser by trying to get in good with Dief (it's like the combination of getting the kids to like you and getting the parents to approve!); the world where Fraser has always been a girl, and she and RayV have a very brief thing when she first comes to Chicago, but only for a few episodes, and then they're like brother and sister till the end of the show; Slings and Arrows fic with crazy, crazy Geoffrey Tenant; Batgirls and Robins smooching in all sorts of permutations; the awesomeness and walking porn that is Roy Harper; Duck and Dan being cute; John and Aeryn together post-PKW.

Actually, you know, I want everybody and/or anybody kissing as the snow falls. It's hot and I'm sickly and it automatically makes me go aw. KISSES + SNOW = LOVE.

I can't stop playing Talismania. I don't know why; it's not so wonderful that it should be so addictive, really.

I have nothing to say about last night's Deadwood except that it might be my favorite one of the season so far. And also I can't believe it's getting so close to the end forever omg!!! Also also, Molly Parker is pretty.
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--Dude, you have got to be fucking kidding me. On Deadwood last night, SPOILERS ) and NOBODY on my flist says a WORD? What the hell is wrong with you people?

In conclusion, god bless HBO.
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1) Fic in the Thrillkiller universe?

2) I know I have shippers on my flist -- if I hypothetically wanted to see more Babs/Dick stuff, what comics you point me towards?

3) 92.5% on my math midterm, YAYS. That's with getting 3/5 on the stupid word problem, too. But I don't feel too bad about it, since apparently no one in the class got that one right.

4) Deadwood = squee. I still can't follow the plot. Femslash is yay. Molly Parker is gorgeous.

5) Read Spider-man Loves Mary Jane #1-7. Cuteness!

6) Can anyone point me to a download or a torrent for Runaways v2 (everything from 11, 12, and everything from 14 on) or Batgirl? Or, uh, more Green Arrow?

7) Fox has left me for the week. WAAAAAH.

8) People who a) don't have their websites up and b) don't have their fic easily accessible by lj memories = ERICA SADFACE.

9) I like Thai food, porny fannish AIM chatrooms, and used bookstores. Whee!
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1) Summer quarter is going really, really well -- it's almost scary!

2) Tomorrow is July 4th, and thus day of sleeping in and not going to class!

3) I finally did all my dishes today, so my apartment is mostly clean!

4) My SLINGS & ARROWS dvds came today!!! <-- deserves extra exclamation points.

So far I have only watched the blooper reel, but I am already filled with joy. So many of my favorite Canadians all together! Paul Gross! Rachel McAdams! Don McKellar! Mark McKinney! SO MUCH SQUEE.

Fox, seriously, I can't believe we haven't succeeded in making you watch this yet. It is so good, and it will make your Canadian fannishness all the stronger!

5) I'm thinking about making brownies tonight. Maybe with walnuts and white chocolate chips. Hmmmmm.

6) Only an hour left on my Deadwood torrent, YAYS.
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1. "Don't fuck with the fucking deity, Leon."

2. "Do you know where I can get one of those gold necklaces with a T on it?"
"That's a cross."
"Across from where?"

3. I had no idea Tracie Thoms was in The Devil Wears Prada. Huzzah for happy surprises.

4. Funny thing is, Joe Bean's never been to Arkansas.

5. This year is half over. There is no bad in that. I'll beat you yet, 2006!

6. I feel like I should be writing or vidding or doing something creative. Where is my fanbrain? Is it going to come back anytime soon?

7. My Farscape dvds I paid for a month ago still haven't arrived. Stupid ebay.

8. Bon Jovi makes me think of [ profile] lalejandra.

9. La la la, I am in the mood for juicy dS fic. Please to be providing for my whims on demand, fandom.

10. Compendium of Lost Words.
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People, no one on my friends list is talking about either last night's brand-new episode of Deadwood (squee!) OR the fact that Don McKellar just won a Tony Award. You know I love you guys, but sometimes you just fall down on the job, you know?

Here is a website that is even more strangely addicting and fun than trolling through the latest popular tags on
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Hahaha, for no reason at ALL that I can imagine -- um, besides boredom -- I was looking up SGA s3 spoilers this afternoon. But they ended up being kind of awesomely entertaining, which was a big surprise! Like, just the general thing about how the producers think the show needs um, not really a spoiler )? And then casting spoiler ) And that's not even mentioning that, ahahahaha, they're doing the episode spoiler )

Speaking of shows with new episodes this summer -- DEADWOOD SEASON THREE STARTS JUNE ELEVENTH, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Season two dvds 5/23/06! Um, not that I will have 80 dollars to spend on them in a month, but just knowing they will exist is awesome.
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Q: How impatient am I for new Deadwood episodes?

A: VERY impatient.

I had been thinking in the back of my head all this time that the new episodes would be starting in march 2006, but apparently season 3's beginning has been pushed back to June. Three months more isn't that long of the wait (hee, not like Rome, right?). Ooh, and May 23rd for the second season dvds (which I won't be able to afford, of course, but that's way beside the point).
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I just finished the last episode of Deadwood season two.


Eeeeeeeeeeee, I love this show so fucking much. Seriously. Just, love and love and then MORE LOVE.

Definitely going on my [ profile] yuletide request list, I think. In the meantime, do any of you have links to any fic that's already written? I think this is a show, like Firefly, where I'd be more into femslash and het than boyslash, but really, I find all the characters fascinating, so. Hit me, flist!
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And on the heels of my last entry: GIP.

YAY, Trixie.
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"Fuck the future!"

"You cannot fuck the future, sir. The future fucks you."

Question: How happy am I to finally have a copy of S2 Deadwood?


I only got to 2x04 with the sister during the summer, but now I have the whole rest of the season. YAY MY SHOW YAY YAY YAY.

...Possibly I need an icon. Maybe Trixie. Because, Trixie! Yes.
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And the sister and I just finished the last episode of the first season of Deadwood.

Part of me is filled with the sadness of "now it's all done!" (since I still haven't managed to make bit torrent work for me, which is the only way I would be able to get season two).

Beyond that brief sadness, though, much much more more of my mind is filled with the "Oh my fucking god, that was good and satisfying and incredibly amazing!"

I'm using this icon because, as it turns out, [ profile] nifra_idril was right on the money when she tried to pimp it to me all those months ago.
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I am irrationally displeased by the tagging craze going on now. I have no reason for it to bug me, and yet...

The sister and I continue to plow our way through Deadwood -- three more episodes yesterday, ending with the appearance of Veronica Mars. I'm loving this show to ridiculous degrees -- I don't think there's a character on here I don't find fascinating.

I think I'll continue using my Molly Parker icon for Deadwood posts, simply because I have nothing more appropriate.

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