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Today, on things I forgot I ever wrote: a McKay/Sheppard ficlet. No, I'm serious! This is even weirder than the fact that I've written Ray/Ray, because at least that was for [ profile] brooklinegirl's birthday, you know? Life is hard for a dialogue slut, you guys.

In other news, my sister -- who is still very much into SGA and has actually, you know, watched all of season 3 -- was rewatching Sunday the other day while I was in the same room. I have two things to say about this episode: first, if ALL SGA episodes involved the characters sitting around gossiping and talking about their social lives instead of boring plot, I would still be watching! and second, omg, seriously, is Atlantis the most boring place ever? The choices are golf, fishing, botany and painting? Wow.

Also found while I was wandering the archives: an entry where I talk about an idea for Sandra/Carol Wilby femslash. And the one where I mention Barney from HIMYM/Craig from Last Night. And a FOB fic where Wentz & Stump are a famous broadway musical team. And a dS AU for the Best Littlehouse in Texas. And the one where [ profile] fox1013 and I talk about what fannish characters we would want to nurse us through heroin withdrawal. And the SEVERAL DIFFERENT TIMES I talk about Fraser getting paralyzed for life from the bullet in his back.

I don't know, man. I just don't know.

People whose names rhyme with Schmivia and Schmee should start thinking about when a good time for a visit would be. This weekend I am moving all my stuff out of Eugene, but otherwise I am pretty much free.

I kind of want to read random historical AU porn with hints of context. I have no explanation for this, either. Maybe a whole regency AU or medieval AU is too much to ask for, but what about Ray the rake (who is secretly not REALLY a rake, but just appears to be one, and is hiding his broken heart caused by Stella breaking their engagement) and innocent newly-from-the-country Fraser being seduced? Or Fraser the monk and Ray the layman with the precious smile, when the temptation finally overcomes Fraser's vows?

Ah, my brain. I think I shall go sit around and read.
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1) "Forced Entry" (2x9) has won the official title of crappiest episode I've seen so far! When my sister and I were watching it, it was just confusing, but the more I think about it the worse it is.

2) "Call of Silence" (2x7) -- the one with the Iwo Jima Medal of Honor recipient -- almost made me cry. *SNIFF*

3) Gibbs telling Kate that when Ducky was younger, he looked like Illya Kuryakin: clever use of injokiness, or horribly cheesy use?

4) Non-NCIS content: I really enjoyed "McKay and Mrs. Miller", which I was worried about even though you guys all loved it, because, well, often I have the exact opposite reaction as my friends list (see the difference in the John and Elizabeth episodes). But this was cute, yay! And, honestly? I saw more McKay/Sheppard here than I ever have before, simply because I think this is one of the first episodes where it seemed like they (and also the team as a whole) were being portrayed as actual friends.

Back to watching "The Meat Puzzle" (2x13) now. I love Ducky centric episodes! Although it has meant a regrettable lack of Abby so far.

(Icon choice now has me imagining Babs and Abby in the same place. Heh.)
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Wow, my SGA reactions are becoming more and more completely inappropriate by the week. Last night I spent most of the episode thinking um, most of you don't want to click this )

Wow, it is actually way earlier than I thought it was. I'm totally going back to sleep. But then when I wake up: PACKING GALORE. Woot.
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Last night I watched SG-1's "Tin Man", and the more time goes by, the more thinking about it is kind of freaking me out.

Here's the thing: probably the easiest way to freak me out completely in fiction is to start dealing with epistomelogical issues of reality and the self. Who am I? What is real? How do I know I am who I think I am? How do I know the world is what I think it is? How far can I trust my own perceptions of reality?

Which, of course, knowing that presses all my weird buttons, I immediately go and seek it out in fiction. Sane people trapped in Victorian mental asylums, checked. Fictional characters who are self-aware of their fictional state and seek to outwit their author, check. Waking up in asylums and told your experience of your life is a hallucination, check. Having yourself be doubled so there are two original and equal versions of you existing in the same time, check. Realizing you are an inferior cloned copy of the person you thought you were, check. Realizing your friends or family were created recently and your mind was tampered with false memories of their always having existed, check.

Seriously, it freaks me out even more than needles in the eye, and that's saying a lot.

(I have determined that the reason I liked "The Real World" on Friday more than everybody else is probably just because of my terrible fondness for Torri Higginson, though.)

I am waiting for my parents to come and pick me up to take me home. My sister is coming home from her summer on the East Coast with our grandparents tonight, too -- I haven't seen her in months! She sent me an email on Friday squeeing quite loudly and incoherently over the awesomeness of SG-1 "200". Basically she is the cutest baby fangirl ever, and I can't wait to see her again.
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*hides* )
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If I was interested in watching a couple episodes of SG-1, what would you recommend to me to show it as fun and entertaining and not totally boring? So far all I've seen is a few Rodney bits, the first Vala episode, and some of this season. Not that I haven't tried a couple other random things, but ... there's a reason I'm asking for the criteria I am.

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Zee told me I should watch tonight's SG-1 because it was a crossover with Atlantis.

--Possibly this is the first SG-1 episode I have actually seen the whole way through.

spoilers )

sga 3.02

22/7/06 00:55
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My two favorite things about tonight's SGA are spoilers )
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So, SGA! Um, I thought it kind of sucked, although there were a lot of really cute moments. Still better than Siege III, though! (Also, oh, Torri Higginson, honey. I love you already, but really: you don't have to try so incredibly hard!)

Comics -- I've just began Young Justice, and so far it's really not clicking with me at all. Wacky hijinks are all good and well, but I get bored super quickly if it feels like the characters aren't being taken seriously. That's sort of the reason I could never get into the Justice League cartoon when Livia was pimping it, even though it was an entertaining show -- I just need to feel like the characters are real, fully formed people, and I can't do that when the focus is so far elsewhere.

Is there anything better than AIM conversations where you mention a fic idea to your partner and it proceeds to eat the poor girl's brain right in front of you? I THINK NOT.

Two small portions of chat from last night:

[ profile] ficbyzee: *dies* okay, I was telling [ profile] thete1 that you'd been reading comics, and liked Roy--
[ profile] ficbyzee: 'See, she should be into Bruce. He's so FRASERY'
[ profile] pearl_o: ........
[ profile] pearl_o: Oh, Te.
[ profile] pearl_o: That's a comparison I would never have come up with a million gazillion years.
[ profile] ficbyzee: I am giggling. a lot.
[ profile] pearl_o: I think that is just a sign that Te's Fraser is several degrees more fucked up than mine!
[ profile] pearl_o: and by "degrees" I mean "miles".


[ profile] pearl_o: I am trying to pace myself with what I read, since there is so much I haven't gotten to in the comics, but. Uh. ROYS! ARROWS! *love = searching for fic*
[ profile] pearl_o: ...Roy is not plural.
[ profile] pearl_o: At least not in any comics I have read yet.
[ profile] thete1: *dies*
[ profile] thete1: I fully believe that, somewhere in the Golden Age, there exists an issue of *something* with Multiroy.
[ profile] pearl_o: I am willing to believe just about anything exists in comics somewhere!
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I realize my strong dislike for both Sam Winchester and John Sheppard is competely irrational and not really founded on anything, but knowing this really doesn't do anything to make me able to stand them.

(This is opposed to my completely rational hate of McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, which is supported by all the canon and means he deserves to die a painful death.)

Also, Ben and Jerry's is way, way overrated. *very sadly disappointed in the pint I bought to help me through weekend o' PMS*

Hmmm. Maybe I'll write today. That would be nice. The day has gotten off to a good start -- I cleaned! And did all my dishes! Maybe I'll continue with the productivity!

[ profile] aerye was asking about the differences between my perspective and [ profile] china_shop's in the sleeping-arrangements-ficlets we both were writing. One of the things that really stands out to me, at least, is that China's writing with a prior Ray/Ray, so the tension there is making sure Fraser knows he isn't the odd one out, third wheel type person. Whereas I think in the universe I was setting up, the tension comes from more the sense that the Ray/Ray relationship is the weakest link; so that it ends up the sleeping arrangements is one of the things that helps strengthen up the fault line, instead of undermining, like in her interpretation.

Basically: I don't see the Ray/Ray, so I needed to give them something to make them closer together, because I see the Fraser/Vecchio and Fraser/Kowalski as both much stronger and not needing the encouragement, so I wrote my thing to adjust the relationships into something more equal. But [ profile] china_shop sees Ray/Ray as the strong foundation point, so the adjusting I did to balance it for me made it unbalanced for her -- so she wrote her thing making sure Fraser was still balanced into it with the two of them.

It's really pretty neat, I think.
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Hahaha, for no reason at ALL that I can imagine -- um, besides boredom -- I was looking up SGA s3 spoilers this afternoon. But they ended up being kind of awesomely entertaining, which was a big surprise! Like, just the general thing about how the producers think the show needs um, not really a spoiler )? And then casting spoiler ) And that's not even mentioning that, ahahahaha, they're doing the episode spoiler )

Speaking of shows with new episodes this summer -- DEADWOOD SEASON THREE STARTS JUNE ELEVENTH, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Season two dvds 5/23/06! Um, not that I will have 80 dollars to spend on them in a month, but just knowing they will exist is awesome.
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Did you know that you can ORDER FOOD and people will BRING IT TO YOUR DOOR? IT IS AN AMAZING INVENTION. And you can do it online! Without using the phone! CRAZY.

Hi, my name is Erica, and I have joined the Century of the Fruitbat, kicking and screaming. Woot.

I am listening to crazy SGA commentary. Oh, David Hewlett, you are so awesome. Also, commentaries are confusing when you are not watching the show!

People, it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here, I have pizza coming, and I am thinking about due South porn. YAAAAAAAAAAYS.

(This commentary has Hewlett talking about how Kermit is an inspiration to him. SHOUT OUT TO FOX? I THINK SO.)
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Title: Queen of Quiet
Fandom: SGA
Summary: Atlantis was a home for those without homes. Once Teyla would have considered it strange.
Pairing: Teyla-centric, with some Teyla/Rodney and Teyla/m.
2800 words/16k. Thank you to [ profile] riverlight and [ profile] ficbyzee for beta.

Read at my site or behind the cut tag )
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I appear to have written SGA fic -- how unexpected! I blame Zee, of course.

Title: A Brief Quiet Moment
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Summary: Five years in this galaxy together, and she couldn't remember seeing Rodney this peaceful ever before.
Approximately 900 words, gennish, Elizabeth and Rodney. For [ profile] ficbyzee.

Read at my site or behind the cut tag )
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Update from the house of Livia and Zee: today, while riding on the streetcar on our way back from brunch, the three of us found yet another truth of the universe. To wit: Rodney McKay EQUALS Invader Zim.

Please discuss among yourselves. We have an appointment with Big Gay Jim and Blair soon, I believe.
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As first thing on vacation, my sister made me sit down and rewatch the SGA episode "Hot Zone" with her this afternoon. And ... okay. People, I know you all love the guy to the death and/or think he is the hotass, but Sheppard has never been a particularly fascinating character for me, right? But this is the first time I have seen the episode since, like, the very first episodes I watched of the series and wow. I think I actually kind of hate him now.

Did I mention I am home now? Because I am. VACATION WOOOOOOOO.
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I ... appear to have written something that could be categorized as SGA fic. Um. If I'm going to have disgusting insomnia and be unable to do anything but write weird snippets, I would at least think they would be in my fandoms. Weird. I am not sure what to think.

500 words of John and Rodney behind the cut. Snippet, unbeta-ed, all that jazz.

Aftermath )
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