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The Unicorn and the Wasp )

Hi, livejournal. All I want to do today is write pointless fluffy MCR porn, but my brain isn't cooperating. It's very sad.
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i. Last night I watched the My Chemical Diary thing for the first time. You can probably fill in all my flaily ugggggggggh their little faces/I love them so much/how are they so precious/etc etc for yourself at this point, so instead I will just say this: Gerard thinks the band can't be just friends; ICU THAR JAMIA!; and Joe Troh has the stupidest, most distintive voice ever, ha.

ii. I also watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. As soon as it ended, my first thought was "I would totally read incest fic about that brother and sister."


Whatever, I am just going to blame it on lingering effects from season 1 Rome and move on.

iii. Last night I reorganized my entire bandom pics collection. It's all so neat and orderly now! SEXXXXXXXXXXY. I have little hearts in my eyes. Maybe next week I will put a few hours aside to renaming every single one of them so I have one consistent naming system. *hearts in eyes*

iv. What the fuck, caesar salad, why do you have a random pepperoncini? Who does that?

v. The shower in my building, the one that has been making me miserable for weeks because of its general fail, has been fixed!

vi. I am in an excellent mood this afternoon, lj. Tell me something that is making you happy!
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So I've grasped for a while that the difference in my reactions to different seasons of Doctor Who seems to come from the fact that while Martha, with her awesomeness and winning of everything there is to win, owns my brain, Rose kind of owns my heart. And watching vids and thinking about the show today, it occurred to me part of exactly why that might be, which is actually kind of obvious, in Me babbling, with tiny spoiler for Last of the Time Lords )
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My internet keeps popping in and out this afternoon, which is really annoying and keeps kicking me out of chat and stopping me from watching everything that comes up when you search "David Tennant" on youtube. Sigh! Technology gives with one hand and takes away with the other. I did get to see his introduction of the Pussycat Dolls from Live Earth, though, which. Scottish accent omg!!! He is dreamy. It's never a good sign when you're melting from hearing someone say "CO2 in the atmosphere."

(Joan pointed out in chat that it feels very strange to now have the knowledge of exactly what the Doctor would sound like saying "pussy." Hm.)

---And four or five hours later, it lets me post! Yay! David Tennant dorky interview watching was achieved, after all: I'm sure you're quite relieved.

I feel like there should be some pointless yet entertaining meme going on where we all chat a lot without anything to say, but I haven't seen anything going around. Oh well!

*ponders whether to try downloading Casanova or Blackpool*
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Here is an important question, and I am only five years behind the times in asking it: oh my GOD, is Jess SUPPOSED to be so absolutely incredibly repellent? Because UGH Rory what is WRONG with you NO NO NO.

(My sister has been watching Gilmore Girls repeats on ABC Family, and I have been watching some of the episodes with her. We're at the beginning of season 3. Man, if I had seen this before Heroes had come out, I probably would have disliked Peter Petrelli even more at the beginning of the season.)

Also in sister+media news, I made her watching three episodes of Doctor Who yesterday -- her first ever -- and succeeded in making her weep like a baby at Doomsday. Awwwww. Later today, Runaway Bride and Alias Smith and Jones. Yay!
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You know, I am not usually a huge crossover person? But it is really impossible to stop thinking about all the people in the universe Martha Jones really, really, ought to get a chance to sex up. Like, [ profile] cidercupcakes mentioned the other day how obviously, during Spoilery events in the finale ) (BECAUSE JULES IS BRILLIANT LIKE THAT.)

But also just in general! Martha needs lots and lots and lots of lovin', because she is pretty much the awesomest ever. Ray and Fraser! Callum Keith Rennie rpf! Aeryn Sun or John Crichton! (Her and Aeryn = smoking hottest thing ever. Her and John = weird amount of sense. John is a lovable schlub who gets girls way out of his league!) Hiro Nakamura! (Nathan Petrelli would be hot, too, but she totally wouldn't. Standards!) Teyla or Ronon! Barney from HIMYM! Buffy Summers! THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS.

--I think she's honestly too good for the Supernatural boys, much as I dig them. Sorry.

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So, uh, I actually did enjoy the Who finale. The Last of the Time Lords )
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You know what always makes me feel better? Posting random pictures of pretty people. It makes EVERYTHING shiny!

Here are some David Tennant and Doctor Who related pictures that live in my computer:

Lots of pictures, duh )
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SECRET SHAMEFUL YET MEANINGLESS ADMISSION: I can never keep straight the difference between ie and eg. Never!

COOKIES ARE AWESOME: I just made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, num num num. Very tasty! Though I think I might have been a little stingy with the spices. Next time, maybe some chopped walnuts, too.

WHOOOOOOOOOO: Doctor Who is so awesome I can't stand it anymore. (Yes, I finally got around to watching Utopia.) Livejournal, I have to say, I am SO PROUD OF YOU for not spoiling me for Utopia spoiler-y thing )

OTHER STUFF: Man, I am feeling in a very selfish mood re: fandom lately. I just want people to write me fic and entertain me, which -- LAME. The whole thing about fandom is that it manages to be give *and* take, not just one-sided and stuff. I need to find a better way to contribute, but it's hard when I'm so far from being in a writing place. (I don't know how to have people entertain me unless I bribe them with their own entertainment! That's just how it works!)

ALWAYS ON MY MIND: Fraser and Ray are preeeeeeeeetty.
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I'm feeling a little crazy today. I have leftover Chinese food and a pint of Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, though, and that's nice. And my amazon package, which had an estimated arrival date of between April 18 - May 12 (which -- thanks for narrowing it down, guys?) actually came today, anyway. Yay for new books.

I am all caught up on Doctor Who now and I have thoughts, but I don't know what they are. David Tennant is very adorable. Very, very adorable. I just got distracted and spent 10 minutes looking at pictures of him and Billie Piper being really cute out of character.

Here is a picture of Paul Gross being young and hot and completely debauched, because it makes me happy: cut for large image )
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DOCTOR WHO UPDATE: I just finished season 2, moments ago.

My verdict is this: This is not spoilery in any way )

Thank you and good night.
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Last night I went ahead and deleted all 98 of my user icons. Then I went back and re-uploaded just about 25 or so, just the bare minimum. Then I gave them all NEW and EXCITING keywords (so everything from the past 5 years is labeled wrong, but they're pretty now). And then, to top it off, I went and changed my journal layout to something simple and clean and pretty.

It's like the internet version of those montages in movies and TV shows, the ones where the girl is standing in front of her mirror and slowly but determinedly chops off all her hair? Yeah. Take that, hair! I'M MY OWN PERSON.

Doctor Who update: I am caught up through "Fear Her". Two more episodes left of season two, and then the Christmas special, and then I'll be up to season 3 and the rest of you. Given the rate I've been going through these, I'm guessing that will happen by Thursday. Yay?

Last night continued the pattern of my dreams being all set-up and no payoff. Honestly, if my hormones are going to continue to be all crazy and fucking with my head, you'd think I'd at least get some dream smooches out of it.
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+ tom kha gai, the food of the gods
+ Ray Kowalski
+ only two months left until graduation!
+ my comfy comfy bed
+ the story [ profile] etben and I started plotting out on Friday
+ visiting [ profile] roz_mcclure next week
+ the cuteness of David Tennant as the Doctor. (With his little glasses, and his sneakers, and awwww.)
+ [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] hobbledehoy. Just in general.

I had more things I meant to put in that list, but I've forgotten what they were.

I find myself in one of those moods where I want to change everything and trim and clean and neaten it. Last night I got the urge to get rid of all my icons. I figure this is one of the things that is probably a passing urge I should not submit to, but if I keep feeling this way long enough, I might give in and see if I can trim down to just 20 or so that I really want to keep to express myself.

If I still feel edgy like this after that, maybe I'll erase all my lj interests and start from scratch.

I have noticed an annoying trend to my dreams lately. They seem to be all set-up, and never get to the good part! I have dreams about finally getting to a break, and having lots of vacation of excitements, except I only get the planning and annoying details and awful travel soul-killing bits, and wake up before the fun part. Or I dream about all the awkward stupid bits of dating and association with boys, without ever getting to the smooching. Not on, dreamscape. Not on at all.

I keep listening to the same eight Mountain Goats songs on repeat over and over and over and over. I need mooooooooooore. Help me, people! Help!

Elizabeth Taylor is bored of your shenanigans.
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[ profile] juleskicks's idea of Callum Keith Rennie as a Watcher is the most charming thing I have seen all day. Thumbs up for Jules! (Context here.)

Today I finished all the episodes of the Ninth Doctor. Which I guess means on to Ten, basically! I have heard it is less pleasing, in comparison, but hopefully David Tennant's cutest will help.

Molly Parker, Paul Gross, and Peter Outerbridge are all smoking hot, yet there is surprisingly little Men With Brooms porn in the world. Discuss!

Today Fox and I watched "Eclipse." Fox was very impressed by Dief's uncommon sensitivity and also how cute he looks in a birthday hat. I was distracted by how hot Ray Kowalski looks with his glasses hanging off his face. There was also another nice moment of "OH I GET IT NOW" with the "Do you find me attractive?" conversation.

I just took a really long nap and -- if I am remembering it accurately -- in this dream Ray Kowalski was a very successful and happy OB/GYN. My mind automatically goes to the skeezy place saying that, but I am pretty sure there was a complete lack of skeeze in the dream! I don't know, he likes babies. What do you want from me?

You guys, were you aware that Callum Keith Rennie is really, really hot? In chat just now I linked [ profile] etben to the picture under the cut without proper warning, and I think I might have broke her. I do not want to be responsible for exploded etbens! oops.

Callum is Hot )

That actually wasn't the picture I wanted to share, though, because the point I was going to make was that I still love the shot of Old Kinda Scruffy Possibly Homeless But Really Happy Callum Who Is Totally Post-COTW Ray Up in Canada, and I want to make everyone in the world write me fic based on it.

See? )

HI. I don't care what you say, he is ADORABLE and that is RAY, and Fraser and Ray are up in Canada being HAPPY (in between bickering and obnoxiousness and prickliness, but with loooooove underneath!).

(I bet that is how Ray looked in the last picture of him and Fraser before they found out Fraser was dying of something slow and painful and horrible.)

(I'll shut up now.)
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Here is what I have accomplished today:

+ I wrote a little bit! Yay!

+ I did all my linguistics reading for the next week! I am ahead of the game! Even if it is only the first week of term, that is still awesome. Yay!

+ I have watched lots of Doctor Who. [ profile] mayatawi showed me a few episodes when I was in Boston, and then I came home and downloaded the entirety of the Ninth Doctor. I'm currently almost through with 1x07 (The Longest Game) and I expect I will probably be watching many more episodes tonight. While I am never going to be fannish about this, wow, is this show incredibly enjoyable! Time travel! Space travel! Aliens! Zombies! Fun fun fun. I am totally not surprised at how everybody on my friends list was shipping Nine/Rose, considering they don't seem to do anything at all except flirt. Also, I find Rose's accent very pleasing. Lots of glottal stops. Awesome.

+ Here is part of an email I just sent to [ profile] justbreathe80 about Ray Vecchio and Stella having babies:

I don't know )

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