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from Overheard in NYC:

Disgruntled woman: You know, you could take someone's eye out if you're not careful with that umbrella.
Umbrella-wielding man, cheerily: That is perfectly okay!

I have work in a couple of hours! Dum de dum. Who wants to talk about HIMYM? The last episode made me flail all over the place and say "MY SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" a whole lot. And like objectively I'm not even sure it was a good episode, but it doesn't matter! spoilers )

PS I finally watched the youtube clip of Ryan and Brendon doing their mtv playlist and jesus christ. RYAN ROSS HOW ARE YOU SUCH A FREAK? AND WHY IS IT ENDEARING?
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FIRST. Secret Admirer/Crazy Stalker Meme!

SECOND. The comments on my entry from last night mean that never again will I be able to look at that picture of Ryan Ross in the MCR t-shirt without laughing hysterically.

THIRD. [ profile] kalpurna is hosting an OTP LOVE-IN. All pairing accepted! Share pictures and stories and whatever you want about how awesome your people are! ♥ ♥ ♥ (I might have posted this picture again. WHY SO PRECIOUS?)

FOURTH. Gabe Saporta was in the New York Times, which I mention only because repeated mentions of "Mr. Saporta" are send my mind to a strange High School Teacher place.

FIFTH. I added the feature on my profile that allows people-I've-friended to send text messages to me. I haven't figured out if it actually works or not yet, but you're free to try. I always enjoy random stupid thoughts about Pete Wentz.

SIXTH. Dear How I Met Your Mother, I love you, never change, much love, erica.
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I just changed my profile for the first time in a long while. I have interests now and everything, you guys!

Sadly, all of the following ones are unshared )

Some other interest statistics! )

Anyway, that just entertained me for a good amount of time, but ... man, have you all started your weekends early or something? Why so boring? I just ... shouldn't somebody be talking about dirty porn/stupid little faces/something else to amuse me? I don't get it.
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So between last night's episode and the highly disturbing cut scene that [ profile] fox1013 has provided, I just had this conversation with her:

[ profile] pearl_o: Oooooh, Ted. Oh, Barney.
[ profile] pearl_o: I kind of want to write a fic where Ted and Barney have a drunken threesome with a random chick, and it ends up all weird with them cuddling and spooning all night.
[ profile] fox1013: *does not stop you at ALL*
[ profile] pearl_o: Barney: It's not gay! It's not! It's just ... BROS. Two BROS with a CHICK.
[ profile] pearl_o: Ted: silent stare.
[ profile] pearl_o: Barney: This never happened.
[ profile] fox1013: I just choked.
[ profile] fox1013: <3
[ profile] pearl_o: Wait, random choking, or me-inspired choking?
[ profile] pearl_o: ....You injure yourself a lot.
[ profile] fox1013: you-inspired! Although it did make a cookie go down a little wrong.

Uh, and then I told Fox my theory about how the slashiness in HIMYM kind of reminds me of the slashiness you find in Kevin Smith movies. Both of them have these really really tight male friendships, where these basically straight guys are close enough and love each other enough that you get that element of homoerotic tensions, except the guys are totally aware of it, too. Which is different, to me, than a lot of other forms of slashiness, and pretty awesome in its way.
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I haven't been really posting at all this week, I realize, but it's not because I'm off having horrible things happening to me and making people worry. I've been home since Sunday, and I think I was totally right about getting out of Eugene being the best thing I could do at this point.

I'm being weirdly not very fannish at the moment, though I don't know why. The most obvious evidence of this is that when the "tell me what you want me to write!" meme was going around, I didn't comment to ANYBODY's. You guys, usually I spend half my day telling people what to write for me, you know?

I'm doing a lot of reading, which is awesome. BOOKS! LIBRARY! YAY! Lots of YA fantasy for me.

Question: if a girl wanted to do research on werewolves, potentially for writing later on, what sources do you find useful?

Monday night TV is amazingly awesome. Heroes! How I Met Your Mother! Both of them equal as much love and devotion as you can imagine from me. Tomorrow: GREY'S OMG. TV, you are great sometimes.
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To the small portion of my friends list who love both How I Met Your Mother AND Callum Keith Rennie:

Okay, no kidding, after tonight's HIMYM, somebody is going to write Barney/Craig from Last Night, right? RIGHT? He ... he has a list, people. *hands it to you on a platter*

Edited to add: the mini-crostic puzzle I am working on online right now has KEN WAHL as a clue. *glares* I am not sure HOW Tracey is responsible for this, but I blame her nonetheless.
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YOU GUYS I AM AT CHEZ RENARD! (translation: I am at Fox's apartment yaaaaaays!)

Fox picked me up at the airport an hour and a half ago or so and we are sitting at her apartment watching HIMYM dvd commentaries, which are hilarious. Soon we will go to sleep! And then we will wake up early and trek off to Muskrat Jamboree! And it will be hours and hours of awesome!

I feel as if the awesomeness has not fully soaked in yet. Maybe it won't until I leave on Monday!

Here is a poll on How I Met Your Mother, because I have a THEORY.

[Poll #956815]
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I also have caught up with How I Met Your Mother all the way up to this week's episode. This show is so awesome it's not even funny, you guys. Seriously, it always just looked like Random Crappy Sitcom #163! I would never, ever have guessed that this much coolness was hidden inside. "Slap Bet" is now on my list of top half hours of television ever.

Actually, you know, I think the most impressive part of all might be the fact that I never would have guessed I would be able to see Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, or Neil Patrick Harris in ANYTHING without automatically going "Willow Rosenberg! Nick Andopolis! Doogie Howser!" But they have somehow totally managed to become Lily, Marshall and Barney for me. Cool.

I was going to allow myself a soda today as a reward for finishing everything, but I am not actually sure how I will get ahold of one right now. I have been doing pretty good about not drinking for the last three weeks or so, but I am really craving one today. And WINTER QUARTER IS OVER WOOOOOOOO.
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Since Friday afternoon, I have consumed the first 20 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Result: I'm sort of love it, you guys. This is the first show I have ever seen where the characters make just as liberal a use of the word AWESOME as me and the people I know! That alone is worth many many many points. Plus, Willow and Nick Andopolis (aka that redheaded girl and the tall guy) keep making out adorably.

Notable guest stars so far include Neil and Bill from F+G (Freaks and Geek mafia, woo!), Mr. Aly Hannigan (Alexis Denisof), and the chick who played Charlie on Ugly Betty and Heroes, who looked really cute.

[ profile] speshope drove me around Springfield and Eugene today so I could pick up my sociolinguistics final and some juice with insane amounts of vitamin C. Spes is awesome. And then we went to her house and watched a movie while I poked at her cat.

Next up in my exciting day: 45 minutes of YARDWORK with MY ROOMMATES! You guys, it was like a party. A really dirty party held outdoors that required a great deal of weeding and dirt and sweat and squatting.

Studying for my 8 am Monday phonetics exam! Possibly watching more of How I Met Your Mother. And ... maybe another shower, because see above re: sweat and dirt.

I got this new icon from [ profile] poisoninjest. Cadbury Creme Eggs are my favorite seasonal treat! And as I commented to her, I think this icon has serious layers -- one tiny little square of candy and it somehow manages to be delicious, a little disgusting, and vaguely unsettling! Hard-working, man.

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