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Hey, I wrote something.

whiskey drinks and chocolate bars
by Pearl-o

Thanks to [ profile] lordessrenegade, [ profile] cidercupcakes and [ profile] inlovewithnight.

Gabe Saporta/always-a-girl!Mikey/always-a-girl!Gerard. 1400 words or so. Pre-MCR Jersey partying. Not smutty, but if anyone wants to write the dirty dirty porn sequel to this, they will be my favorite person ever. I'm just saying.

whiskey drinks and chocolate bars )
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So I was supposed to go to two concerts in August, right? But then I missed the Hush Sound/Cab show because I was sick. And now the Cobras cancelled their part of the show today because Gabe is sick.


The email from when they changed the venue last week says refunds are still available, which is nice because frankly I would rather have the 25 bucks to spend on other things than I would want to go all the way down to Eugene for Gym Class Heroes and The Academy Is... (If I wasn't so poor and it wasn't so far away, we would probably still go, but as it is? No.)

It was going to be me and Susie's last hurrah before she moved, too.

In other news: I STILL DON'T HAVE A JOB. :((((((((((
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Cobra is the hottest band )

No commentary, because I can't think of that many different ways to say HOLY FUCK GABE SAPORTA DO ME NOW.

edited to add: I feel like this just went around, but what the fuck, I'm a hor: my name on the love meme.
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So one of the things about me is that for the most part I'm not really cut out for live music. My issues are rampant, but it kind of comes down to the fact that being crammed with an incredibly hot, incredibly loud room filled with strangers is generally something I would think of as torture rather than a fun time. I have an anxiety disorder, dude, it sucks. Also I have a short attention span and I get bored and sleepy easily when I am not already familiar with the music being played, which is often the case with opening acts.

(Honestly, before last night, the last concert I had been to was Sleater-Kinney in fall of 2002. Yeah.)

With all of that said? God, the Cobras rocked my world last night.


+ The first band (they were from Seattle; I didn't catch their name) featured a guitar player onstage who was having the time of his life. It was kind of awesome; we couldn't stop beaming whenever we looked at him, because he was just so into it. Also, the singer took out a tambourine to beat on in a couple of songs, so major points for that.

+ The Cab: Holy shit, you guys. No, seriously, holy shit. You know how I said earlier I tune out when I don't know the music? It turns out that is not always the case. They blew me away, for real. My sister and I kept turning to each other and being like "Dude!"

Yes, I know you guys have all been waving the Cab flag for weeks/months now, but to be honest, sometimes you guys do that about things that kind of suck sometimes! But, yeah, I'm now converted to the cause. Give me your downloads.

(Also? My sister is completely and utterly in love with Alex Marshall.)

+ We the Kings: did a super entertaining set and were cute. I wasn't bored! I would probably read the two guys who talked being gay together.

+ Cobra Starship: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Yeah, that's basically it. THEY CAME THERE TO ME DANCE TONIGHT. IT WAS WONDERFUL. \o/

...That's all I have. Yay Cobras.

+ PERSON WHO RECOGNIZED ME FROM THE INTERNET AND CALLED OUT TO ME ON LINE: I am so sorry, dude! I really didn't mean to blow you off! I was following [ profile] speshope and my sister, and I was afraid if I stopped I would lose them and ... die, basically. I looked around inside but didn't see you! Sorry!

+ Hawthorne: hotter than the ninth circle of hell, my god.

So yeah. It was a good night.

Two more random things: first, can anyone link me to the footage that this picture comes from? And ... actually, I can't remember what the second thing was, so I'm just going to tell you guys, I keep wanting to describe last story I posted like "It's mostly Gerard & Mikey gen, is the thing. It just ... also has a big gay threesome in it!"


Oh, I remember the second thing -- Doctor Who vid to "Bicycle Song", anyone have a link? I want to make my sister watch it. (She loves Doctor Who AND Queen! It's a beautiful combination.)
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So, birthday presents! I got new headphones from my sister (they're PINK) and a couple sweaters plus The Settlers of Catan from my parents. YOU GUYS WHO WANTS TO COME OVER AND PARTY WITH MY BOARD GAMES? :D :D :D Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue -- good times all!

I also spent a fair amount of time this morning looking at pictures of Cobra Starship. Seriously, the more I see of them, the more I would kill for Cobra Starship Weekly Mystery Hour (And Dance Party!!!) Seriously, you guys, how are they so fucking adorable? And how are they the only band where I would do any of them?


Okay. Time to drink Coke and maybe write a little. *high hopes!*

EDITED TO ADD: Today's thought of the day is this: Frank/Jamia/Bob. Let's all just quietly reflect on that for a while, okay? OKAY.
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i. So, Invader Zim. Gerard is Dib and Mikey is Gaz, but I can't decide whether Pete is more Zim or GIR. THIS LACK OF EASY CASTING DISTURBS ME.

ii. Everytime I see the word Stumptown it makes me go "...Patrick?" Since I live in the suburbs of Portland, you can see how this might be a problem.

iii. Why is Gabe singing in Spanish at the beginning of "Smile for the Paparazzi" so fucking hot, you guys? Ugh.

iiiB. Hey, do any of you know if Ray Toro actually speaks Spanish? I had assumed he had heritage knowledge, but my Google-fu has led me to now think he doesn't, or at least not very well? There's this, but that seems memorized rather than fluent.

iv. ONE MONTH UNTIL I'M BACK AT SCHOOL. I left Eugene during my breakdown in mid-May; it's been almost seven months. Next week is my birthday. In three weeks it's a whole new year, new semester, new chance. Maybe I'll actually finally graduate in June.

(Classes I am taking this term: linguistics seminar on Proto-Indo-European; linguistics seminar on neurolinguistics; low level general biology evolution class for my gen ed requirements. Two of these I am super excited about!)

The only part that sucks about this is the complete lack of central/southern Oregon fangirls. *LONELY FACE*

v. I feel as if these two pictures have a theme going on, but I'm not sure quite what it is.

vi. Mikeyway!
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Seriously, you guys, I'm starting to get creeped out by how Cobra Starship KEEPS GETTING MORE AND MORE ADORABLE.

(That video would be worth it just for Gabe's stupid laugh and inability to keep in character, but it also features awesome fake make-outs!)

[ profile] slodwick had helped me to discover that of all the things in bandom that I want to really actually HAPPEN in REAL LIFE, I would kind of kill to hear Gerard Way as the Not My Job guest on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR.

[ profile] pre_emptive just reminded me of this old MCR thing again, which is nifty because it's the source of some of the best random canon facts ever. Mikey and Frank both love SoniCare toothbrushes, but Mikey likes it because he's really lazy and Frank likes it because it's like getting PUNCHED IN THE FACE. Gerard thinks Annie is BADASS. BOB LOVES BRING IT ON.

Somebody just posted in [ profile] wolfshirts about Bandom in Discworld, but I like the version [ profile] missmollyetc came up with about Bob on the Guard and Gerard and Mikey the Black Ribboners a lot better.

The other day on the phone [ profile] hobbledehoy delicately hinted to me that since I got into bandom, my lj spamming has reached new and profound heights. They were not wrong in this. I just ... I have a lot of thoughts, okay?
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I CAN HAS COBRA TICKETS. \o/ (Spes, we got one for you, too.)

I have had at least three different conversations in the last week or two involves dudes coming on Mikeyway's face. (See most recent example.) I, um. I guess it's a way of showing my love? I would say "sorry, mikeyway!" but whatever, in our fictional stories and imaginations he seems pretty into it. SO.

[ profile] impertinence also reminded me that I seriously cannot think of much in bandom fic that thrills me more than the idea of Pete/Mikey phone sex of any kind. I mean, phone sex is not usually one of my particular kinks, but with Pete and Mikey -- their personalities, and the way they talk and communicate, makes the entire idea ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND HILARIOUS. Which is awesome! Especially since it somehow still seems sweet and hot at the same time.

Bex and I had a OMG MAJOR FANDOM RIFT this afternoon. It lasted about five minutes )
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[ profile] pearl_o: (goddammit, cobra starship, why so adorable? *watchign the wake gabe up video*)
[ profile] mimesere: I don't know! They are like a miracle of adorableness
[ profile] pearl_o: I want them to drive around in a van and fight crime.
[ profile] mimesere: oh dude, they'd so get in each other's way
[ profile] pearl_o: i think they'd get distracted a lot.
[ profile] mimesere: they would
[ profile] mimesere: and gabe would call them the civic minded five
[ profile] pearl_o: they would go on weird tangents discussions all the time and the bad guy would get away.
[ profile] pearl_o: and there could be DANCE BREAKS.
[ profile] mimesere: heeeee
[ profile] pearl_o: Gabe is like, "Okay, we've been working hard for a while now. I think our brains need a rest. Time for .... DANCING."
[ profile] pearl_o: Sometimes Patrick Stump could visit. And be like "Uh, dudes, you missed this really incredibly obvious clue. Like. Seriously. Are you all high?"
[ profile] mimesere: *giggle*
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--Also, you guys, my sister has been sitting across from me for the laugh half hour just watching Cobra Starship videos online at friendsorenemies, and okay, HONESTLY, I DO NOT THINK I WILL EVER EVER EVER GET SICK OF GABE SAPORTA'S LAUGH. It's so weird! He sounds like he's wheezing! Or like a donkey! Or like a wheezing donkey!


Edited to add: apparently I have too much shame to post for the third time in three hours, which is new for me, but. You know what song I love? Is "Baby It's Cold Outside." If you wanted to tell me about your dream duets for this song, that would be pretty damn awesome. Extra points for any bandom content.
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FIRST. Secret Admirer/Crazy Stalker Meme!

SECOND. The comments on my entry from last night mean that never again will I be able to look at that picture of Ryan Ross in the MCR t-shirt without laughing hysterically.

THIRD. [ profile] kalpurna is hosting an OTP LOVE-IN. All pairing accepted! Share pictures and stories and whatever you want about how awesome your people are! ♥ ♥ ♥ (I might have posted this picture again. WHY SO PRECIOUS?)

FOURTH. Gabe Saporta was in the New York Times, which I mention only because repeated mentions of "Mr. Saporta" are send my mind to a strange High School Teacher place.

FIFTH. I added the feature on my profile that allows people-I've-friended to send text messages to me. I haven't figured out if it actually works or not yet, but you're free to try. I always enjoy random stupid thoughts about Pete Wentz.

SIXTH. Dear How I Met Your Mother, I love you, never change, much love, erica.
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1) The Cobra Starship video is the best thing in the history of the world. It just

is. I don't even care if you're not into bandom, this is sheer brilliance.

2) Yesterday I read my first piece of real MCR badfic! It was traumatizing, yep. It should surprise no one that, yes, mikeyway died in it.

3) I really crave Thai food right now. Not on, world. Not on.

4) Things that are made of win right now include [ profile] quettaser's recap of the Hoboken show here. I think the part about Bob, Gerard and the cigarette might have fried out my brain. (I mean, the parts that weren't already fried out with pure love for these guys.) Also, pretty much everything in [ profile] mcee's journal. Look at the Way boys! And check out the comments to this entry, which include Alicia+Mikey as evil geniuses, Alicia as super-dom, and [ profile] missmollyetc's utterly delightful imaginings on Gerard+Lyn-Z wayspawn.

5) I love the part of a new fandom where you are learning new completely random pieces of canon every single day. Yesterday I read about Ian McKellen eyeing Mikeyway "like a piece of chicken." HEART.

6) When I started to get into MCR, my sister did this whole "okay, I went along with your crazy Fall Out Boy stuff, but I draw a line, don't play them around me, blah blah blah." And then yesterday we saw the Teenagers video and the Vampires Will Never Harm You video on TV, and afterwards she turned to me and went "...Okay."

So then we went to my computer and I showed her my collection of dorky dorky pictures, and then choice bits of LotMS, and the makings of both Ghost of You and I'm Not Okay. It was awesome. I guess her antipathy had been based on the fact that she only knew them from "Helena", basically, and she hated that video? But dorky boys being dorky wins her over in the end everytime, so. I win. No one can resist Gerard getting a hamster cage! NO ONE.

(The highlight was Mikeyway telling us "Gerard has always been my older brother." She laughed so hard we had to pause the file and rewind. I was afraid she might choke!)

7) This is Pete the linguistics TA, in case you were wondering.

8) I had a number 8, but it's gone now.
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+ How very very very adorable Gerard Way is.
+ How I have finally found the only incest pairing in the WORLD of fandom that actually squicks me. (Doing that to Gerard is like kicking a puppy! IT JUST IS.)
+ The fact that said squick will probably only last about two weeks.
+ Something we will refer to as Gabe Saporta's dating habits for lack of a better phrase )

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