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Hi, darlings! It is that time again where I make a list of all the stories in the world I desperately, desperately want, but don't exist, simply because the universe wants to thwart me. Well, also because I am too lazy to write them myself, but mostly the other thing.

Stories that should exist! (7 bandom, 2 Canada 6 degrees )

In other news, [ profile] impertinence has once again written the fic of my SOUL. It's called Nicer than a Cylon, and it's the RAYBOT fic, and it is darling and you should read it and squeal, the end.

For some reason I had never read this question and answer with Mikeyway from last year before. I know I say this a lot, but he is my FAVORITE. He's fucking hilarious, too.

(Plus it has this--

Ever have a regrettable summer hookup?
Regret is a sign of weakness. Oh, and girls have cooties.

Ahahahaha, my Pete/Mikey tinhat is so retarded, you guys.)
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So I showed [ profile] fox1013 the latest (ridiculously adorable) picture of Pete Wentz and Hemmy.

Which led to this:

[ profile] fox1013: that must be the longest-suffering dog in all of fandom
[ profile] fox1013: right now, Scully's dog is sitting there thinking "I'm just glad that wasn't me."
[ profile] fox1013: ...Scully's dog got eaten by a sea monster.

[ profile] pearl_o: I was about to be like I don't know x-files, but I bet that was clever and funny!

[ profile] fox1013: <3

[ profile] pearl_o: I think Hemingway might be the longest suffering ANYTHING in any fandom, really.

[ profile] fox1013: heeeeeeee
[ profile] fox1013: --more than Dief?

[ profile] pearl_o: Yes.

[ profile] fox1013: Wait. More than Hope?

[ profile] pearl_o: Wow.
[ profile] pearl_o: That's a tough one.
[ profile] pearl_o: I SMELL AN LJ POLL.


[Poll #1097591]
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Dearest friends list of mine,

I do not own the Twitch City dvds yet -- which is sad, but hopefully will be corrected when I have money. Except that won't be for months and months and months. So I come asking you guys for information. I know where the usual place to get downloads of the show is, and have done so in the past, but right now I'm really looking for better quality source. Do any of you have episodes available from the dvds? Or know of somewhere I can get some? I would be very grateful!

Love and kisses,

P.S., keywords for the new icon are "rpf: emo boys like to cuddle!"
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This story is dedicated to [ profile] fox1013, because she held my hand and cheerleaded the hell out of it. Special thanks to her, [ profile] justbreathe80, and [ profile] brooklinegirl.

Love in the Bushes (Like There Was No Tomorrow)
by Pearl-o

Twitch City. R. 5500 words. Gennish het or hettish gen. AU branching off from episode 2x5, "Planet of the Cats."
Summary: Fascists, coups, feline assassinations, explosive revolutions, having Curtis as a boyfriend -- Hope survives it all.

There was a calendar on the wall she hadn't noticed immediately. It was filled with pictures of kittens in various adorable positions. Someone had scribbled 'Fascist!' and 'Mr. Whiskers is worse than Stalin!' all over it in blue ink. )
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For what is pretty much the first time in 3 years, I find I have nothing to say about due South at all. Not even a little bit. It is a very odd feeling! I don't know what's going on! Just ... blank. Huh.

(Three years, man: Wednesday is the anniversary of the first story I posted. Time flies, I guess. They're still the prettiest, and still my OTP. <3<3<3)

This afternoon I watched Rome. I find I have the same trouble with this show after each episode, and that is that my thoughts are pretty conveyed through random gestures and flailing, and not so much through a textual medium. So you'll have to imagine the flailing for yourself, until the internet becomes magical.

Tonight Heroes returns. Tuesday is NCIS, Wednesday is Friday Night Lights, Thursday is Grey's Anatomy (not to mention Supernatural), and then more Rome on Sunday. TEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEE. I love you!

Today I am thinking about Twitch City. Newbie! Hope! Curtis! I want desperately to write more fic about them, something brightly colored and funny and surreal and ironic and sharp-edged. With kissing, preferably. And perhaps cake-decorating.

That would be awesome.

Actually, I seem to be thinking a lot of six-degrees-of-due-South fandom. Men With Brooms! That movie makes me want backstory; I want drinking buddies, Amy and the boys, all the beginnings of the stuff that fucks them up so much later. And beaver tattoos! I want that. Oh, Amy Foley.

And of course there's Slings and Arrows, which is one of those things where it's so good and so self-filled it's hard to think of anything else to say, but I find myself weirdly fascinated by Ellen Fanshaw. (Well, and Geoffrey, of course. Everybody loves Geoffrey.) Ellen! So self-centered, and fucked-up, and almost ridiculous, but well-meaning in a vague way, and good at what she does, and ridiculously sympathetic despite her many, many, many faults.

...Not to meention Darren Nichols. Because! Darren Nichols! If I didn't already love Don McKellar, I would have to love him just for that role. (I think I have spoken to some people before about my theory about Darren's love life. Which is that he very much has types, and his guy type is, like, twinky blond Aryan arts students. And his girl types are incredibly tall, thin women who wear heavy eyeliner and dress in black and wear stiletto heels so they stand two or three inches above him. They might be European or Asian or African, but it's better if they have foreign accents.)

In the recent "what to create" meme, I told Livia she should make a multi-fandom icon set using quotes from Invader Zim. I think this is a foolproof plan. The subject line to this post now makes me think of s2 Atlantis.
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It's the Sunday of a three-day weekend. As always on these days, I feel oddly at loose ends and don't know what to do with myself. How easily things go topsy-turvy in my head!

Blah blah blah )

Fandom angst! And anniversaries! )


The other day I was pouting because [ profile] brooklinegirl didn't want to add my "underage or chan" prompt to the list of options for the kinkfest at [ profile] stop_drop_porn.

I own my weirdnesses )

...I forgot that I hadn't posted this entry yet, and was feeling sorry for myself that no one cared enough to comment yet. IT IS THAT KIND OF DAY, PEOPLE.

Google searches are fun )

Sometimes I wonder if maybe you guys are all starting to think of me as just "That Crazy Girl Who Loves Fraser the Best." Because, I mean, I do, but there are many other facets to my character. For example, I also like things that are shiny.

I wish there were more Twitch City fic in the world. I want more of these characters. MORE.
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Okay, I know Twitch City's official dvd release date was Tuesday, but I'm assuming nobody has actually managed to get their hands on it yet? looks like it has "usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks" note, which is ... pretty ridiculous, actually. The only other place I see it for sale online is, and I'm assuming that's not any better?

PEOPLE I WANT THIS SO MUCH. As soon as one of you get it, you have to promise to share ALL the details, okay? Look at the listed bonus features: Bonus Features: commentaries with Don McKellar and Special Guests. I want to hear that SO MUCH. Even if it is just Don McKellar being really boring and pretentious! Hell, especially if it is!

Also, I find the official product description kind of entertaining: Don McKellar, Molly Parker, and CKR are all listed with their most recent, high profile projects in the parentheses behind their names. Like someone who is picking up Twitch City is going to know these guys only as the chick from Deadwood, one of the Cylons from BSG, and a guy who won a Tony. Like, I'm pretty sure the core audience for this dvd is people who like Canadian stuff, you know?

(Oh, actually, I see it's listed on now, too, but ... not coming out until February? So like it is really out in Canada, or is that just a lying early release date? Someone prove the existance to me!)

In conclusion: I WANT.
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There are some days when the internet makes me so fucking incredibly happy that I don't even have words for it.

Today is shaping up to be one of those days, and it is all [ profile] glossing's fault.

My Roommate Is a Monster!

This is a G-rated Twitch City/Sesame Street crossover. It has Curtis, and Hope, and Grover, and each and every one of them has a perfect voice, and it is sweet and hilarious and AWESOME. If you are familiar with both of these fandoms and don't read this, you are dead to me. (Not really. But read!)
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Lines That Will Not Be Growing Up Into Real Stories:

"Come on," Ray said, raising his hands up into the air, "come on, do me."

It's an invitation, but mostly it's a challenge; the tone of his voice, the expression on his face, even his posture all scream it loudly, and it's obvious to Fraser that Ray expects him to back down even here.


In theory, Meredith is totally happy for George and Izzie. Of course she is. They're her friends. She wants them to be happy, and if they're happy with each other, well ... then, yay. Good for them.

In practice, it's a different story.

"They hold hands," she tells Cristina, getting changed before pre-rounds. "They call each other 'sweetie' and 'dear.' This morning, when I went down to the kitchen? She was sitting on his lap at the table and they were Eskimo kissing. I can't be expected to deal with this before I've had coffee."

"Whatever, quit bitching," Cristina says.

"Excuse me?" says Meredith.

"So they're cute."

"Nauseatingly cute."

"--Nauseatingly cute. Big deal." Cristina starts to walk away, but she's still talking. "Jeez, Meredith, you can't stand seeing anybody else happy, can you?"

"I have no problem with seeing people happy!" Meredith calls after her, but Cristina just waves her hand in a small not-paying-attention gesture. Meredith scowls down at the locker and mutters, "I just don't need happy people in my house."


Finding out that Maggie's Fraser's sister, Ray thinks maybe he should feel a little bad about thinking about her like this, thinking about her in sexy ways. But she really is hot, cute and pretty and smart, and if Ray's going to be completely honest, the fact she's Fraser's sister maybe even makes it better.


After Fraser dies, Ray gives Dief a choice: he can stay with him, he can go with somebody, he can even go back into the wilderness and stay up in the Arctic, if that's what floats his boat. Free will, just like Fraser always said.

Only it turns out that even after this many years hanging around Fraser, Ray still can't speak one word of wolf, let alone enough to figure out what it really is Dief wants. In the end, he takes him with when he moves back down to Chicago.


Sometimes Hope thinks that this must be what's it's like to be in a relationship with a genius. A real genius, or maybe an artist. The weird hours, the strange habits, all the quirkiness and weird behavior. And maybe he doesn't participate as much, or help out with things, but that's because he's busy doing other things. That's why he needs her, after all -- why she needs to take care of him. Geniuses aren't expected to be able to do these things.

The only difference, really, when Hope stops to think about it, is the fact that Curtis doesn't actually contribute anything to the world in return.

um. yes.

21/1/06 16:56
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Looking at screencaps for Twitch City, as one does, and I came across a REALLY WEIRD one. A quick survey of [ profile] dsudis and [ profile] fox1013 has confirmed that it is, indeed, a little freaky.

Evidence )
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Things I have made [ profile] fox1013 watch this week:

+ The entire run of Twitch City (minus "Angels All Week", which is reserved for tomorrow.)

Things I have made [ profile] fox1013 look at this week:

+ All the cute Twitch City related pictures here. There was particularly fun in playing with the two pictures that show the Powers of Selective Cropping!
+ The Hugh Dillon/CKR pictures there as well

Things I have made [ profile] fox1013 read this week:

+ Sandra Oh and CKR talking about what they'd do at the end of the world.
+ CKR's Flower and Garnet journal.
+ The quote of Molly Parker's where she talks about how she and Sandra Oh and CKR were all BEST BUDDIES down in LA.
+ The quote of Lynne Stopkewich's where she quotes CKR saying "Make me your meat puppet"

Things I have promised to show [ profile] fox1013 in the future:

+ Slings and Arrows. (Rachel McAdams AND Don McKellar AND Paul Gross AND s1 Rex Reilly[Mark McKinney]!)
+ Men With Brooms. (Molly Parker AND Paul Gross AND Dan from Wilby Wonderful AND Peter Outerbridge who is not CKR but was in Molly Parker's necrophilia movie! Written by, directed by, composed by, starred by, THE BRILLIANT BRAIN CHILD OF Paul Gross!)
+ various episodes of due SOuth. (Guest starring every actor in Canada!)

There has also been much gossip, as I told her bits and pieces of approximate eight million stories without full context on any of them. Why CKR and Hugh Dillon are insanely slashy! CKR's high school background with Bruce McCulloch! His bad boy youth and how he quit drinking when he got a shard of glass through the eye! The fact that everybody on the Wilby set lived in like a giant dorm and partied all the time!

Also, Fox has gotten two different people to write her crazy Canadian actor zombie road trip RPF in LESS THAN A WEEK. I am sort of in awe of her talents, people. I hope she manages to get you all writing Twitch City, too!
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You might ask why. And if you do, I will point you to this entry of [ profile] fox1013, where she reveals my mad skills at converting her to Twitch City. It only took me three years, too!

Also, in that entry, you might notice Fox's plaintive cry for more CRAZY CANADIAN RPF, which I cannot second strong enough, omg. People! They all know each other! They have all worked together! They are all wacky and adorable and quirky! PLEASE write them hanging out being weird now, thanks!!!

Do I have to link to this article again? Because I will. CKR and Sandra Oh and Molly Parker were BEST BUDS in LA! Being hot and awesome and kickass! And that is not even counting the others still up in Canada (*cough*Paul Gross is pretty*cough*Don McKellar is a strange little man*cough*).

In conclusion, <3<3<3<3!
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I think I've mentioned this before, but I really would be totally interested in knowing that CKR/Don McKellar fic existed out there. Especially if it didn't totally suck.

Detail I never noticed about Twitch City until tonight: Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould poster on the wall of the unrented room all through "I Look Like Joyce Dewitt."


1/6/05 17:54
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+ There is never ever enough wee!Fraser fic.

+ There are few things in this world that make me as purely joyful as Duck/Dan.

+ It's probably possible to produced really amazing, well-characterized Twitch City with the same tone as the show, but I would think it'd be really really fucking hard. If someone managed to pull it off, I would probably be forced to worship them.

+ I covet Buffy/Giles, except I don't want recs, because I covet them done in a really really specific way that I can't actually describe or put words to. And no fic at all is better than not-the-right-fic in that case, I think.

+ I like dS het. Hmmm. Maybe I should try the one I promised Lynn, again.
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Dear Hope, re: Psychotic Killer in the Attic

Thanks again for saving my life. MMmmmm. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

Love, Curtis

CC: Cupid


"Listen. I'm gonna cut your fucking head off, freeze it, wrap it in plastic, put it in a thermally insulated box, then I'm gonna mail it to Nathan with a little Hallmark card I bought special."


"Well, I do want sex, Curtis, but I also want to *talk*. About our relationship."

"While we're having sex? That's, that's a bit of a turn-off."


"It's like I have this tumor in my brain, it's gonna kill me. At the same time, I have this microscropic submarine coursing through my bloodstream, racing to my brain, it's gonna blast that tumor with its miniature little lasers? What I don't want it to do is to stop along the way and clear the snot out of my sinuses. You know what I mean?"


"After the meteor hit, the disease spread and all the pet monkeys died. Without the monkeys around, people became distraught, especially the kids. So the cats were brought in to replace the monkeys. But people started blaming them, resenting the cats for what had happened to the monkeys. We beat the cats, we kicked the cats, we generally just treated them like shit. We forced them to work as our slaves, first at jobs left vacant by the monkeys -- helping organ grinders and stuff. And then just any shit job we could find. Courier, waiter, Canadian actor. Well. It wasn't long before they turned against us. Ironic, isn't it?"

"None of that makes any sense. What do you mean, all the pet monkeys died? And you can't train cats to do anything."

"We know that now. We even tried using flamethrowers."


"Do gay people sleep in bunkbeds?"
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I'm still twitchy about the VMars finale tonight (which I won't get till tomorrow morning, wah), so I'm trying to take my mind off it reading fic. But I am in a mood where it seems like I have read everything in the fandom eight gazillion times.

I realize that this is both inaccurate and completely irrational -- and I really do appreciate the fact that dS is a really vibrant, active, creative and productive fandom -- but. GRAR. I want porn, dammit!!!

Or just boykissing. Mmmmm. Boykissing. Fraser and Ray in a Canadian shack under mounds of blankets in bed. Dan and Duck with the lightest, gentlest of kisses, not touching anywhere but where Dan's hand is resting on Duck's knee and Duck's hand is burning hot on Dan's shoulder.

Or girlkissing, too, of course. Frannie just doesn't know she likes girls yet, people. Don't you want her to find out? (Or who was it that was talking about boy!Frannie trying to seduce Fraser a couple weeks ago? That rocked.)

Sigh. I guess I'll go watch Molly Parker and Don McKellar and gay Canadian Nazis.
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[ profile] brooklinegirl's fault. Really, do I even need to say that anymore? We were discussing this picture this morning, and somehow the idea for this came out of it. Yeah, I don't know either.

Twitch City snippet )

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