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You guys, I got a story for Yuletide! And it's pretty awesome! :DDD!

Descent (9195 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Classical Greece and Rome History & Literature RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Emperor Augustus/Marcus Tullius Cicero filius
Characters: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Quintus Tullius Cicero, Marcus Tullius Cicero filius, Quintus Tullius Cicero filius, Tullia, Emperor Augustus

The greatest treat of all was sitting on his father’s lap to add his signature to the bottom of a letter to Atticus while his father corrected his spelling: kappa iota kappa epsilon, the pen slipping in his chubby hand, rho omicron nu. Cicero the younger sends his greetings to Titus the Athenian.

One of my requests had been for a story about Cicero, because he's kind of one of my favorite historical figures, in all his amazing complicated glory - all the ways he's such a great man and all the ways he's such a small or petty one, all mixed up together. I didn't have any of what I might have expected for a story, but I'd never have thought of a story like this, but I'm so glad the author did! It's 9000 words of Marcus Tullius Cicero the younger - that is, Cicero's son - and there's so much rich, good stuff about what that relationship means, what it is like to be the son of a man like that. (DADDY ISSUES GALORE.) And then there's also the opportunity to see the points of view of others, too, all talking about Cicero, each one adding a little more to this complex portrait. And of course, the cherry on the top of the sundae that is the fic is Octavius/Augustus - whom I didn't even mention in my request, I don't think, but is so awesome here, especially as very young man, pretentious arrogant ass that he is.

TL;DR READ THE STORY, IT'S GREAT. Roman history fic is the most delicious.
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So here is the question: Where is all the Grant Morrison porn?

Don't lie, you've totally been asking that question. We've all seen the "Na Na Na" and "SING" videos! And then there was the amazing picspam that [ profile] fleurdeliser posted!

Okay, fine, maybe you don't care about the answer to the question. In that case, the rest of this entry is probably not for you. But for the rest of you, here are some stories I would like to rec to you that feature either Korse or Grant in the main pairing.

First I present to you some Gerard/Korse recs.

Gerard/Korse stories! )

I don't have any links to Korse/anybody else - though I'm not going to lie, I could really go for some Korse/Gerard/Mikey. Whatever, you guys know me.

There isn't nearly as much Grant Morrison fic as there should be (have you guys SEEN Grant and Gerard heart-eyes at each other???) but [ profile] fleurdeliser and [ profile] tuesdaysgone are fighting the good fight. They've written two Grant/Gerard/Frank stories, in the same universe. The first one is called Sing It For The Boys and the second is the devil's got your number tonight.

Both of them are beautifully, filthily pornographic and excellently written. Threesomes can be hard to balance all the different relationships and give them appropriate weight, but I really like how they deal with them here, and find myself captivated by parts I wouldn't have thought I would be. Anyway, they're both great, but I have a special fondness for the second one, and not just because of Gerard in drag. Although, honestly, that never hurts. :DDD
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Hello, bbs. It's time once again for Wizards of Waverly Place rec time! :DDD

Two stories, both by the same author, [ profile] amathela. The first one is Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and okay, the tone and plot of this are really quite close to the show, except for the bit where Justin and Alex actually make out, instead of just always seeming five minutes away from it! The second story is Spin Spin Sugar, and it's a post-ep for 1x12, Justin's Little Sister (aka the one where everybody tells Alex her new boyfriend Justin is a hottie) and omigod you guys this is exactly the slightly-porny coda I have always wanted/needed for this episode. Hearts in my eyes.

Also, so, the other day I told [ profile] annakovsky she should write Selena/D.Henrie fic where they're cop partners and there's tons of longing and UST, right? And at the time, maybe I was saying it mostly to play upon Kovsky's weakest point, but man the more time passes the more I actually want it. Especially if it has a scene where David has to shoot somebody who's trying to hurt Selena and he's a perfect deadly shot. Ugh, why are my kinks so dumb.
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Yeah, so, just so you know? I am going to be pimping the fuck out of every single good WOWP I find, and you should all be prepared for it, okay? Okay. Now go read write a story with firecracker paper and disappear by [ profile] irishmizzy, which is Justin POV directly after the movie, where things are back to normal except ... not exactly.

On another note, I keep seeing more and more people popping out of the woodwork, all "Wait, so I'm NOT the only person in the world who thinks they're always two seconds from making out?" NO YOU ARE NOT. COME INTO THE WARM DEVELOPING ARMS OF YOUR NEW FANDOM, BB.

EDITED TO ADD: Also check out this tiny picspam of the top 5 wonderful Alex/Justin moments from the movie. AHHHH MY HEART.

ALSO if you have asked yourself recently "Wow, those baby lesbians you keep mentioning sure are adorable. I would like to know more!" then today is your lucky day, because [ profile] pirateygoodness has posted a primer to the cuteness that is Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez OTP here

fic recs!

7/9/09 14:30
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I have two fic recs for you guys!

First I just read the first Pete/Mikey Summer of Like fic that I've come across in ages, and it was excellent, perfectly funny and sweet and weird and ever-so-slightly-hurty in all the best ways the pairing allows. The John Hughes School of Romance by [ profile] nokomis305.

Second of all, as I think I have made abundantly clear by this point, Alex/Justin from Wizards of waverly Place is my newest OTP and I crave fic for them more than pretty much anything else right now. Some of you share this craving, I believe, and so I point you to Keep Quiet (Nothing Comes As Easy As You), which is awesome porny moviefic, taking place the night of the campfire, and you should go read it immediately, because I love the way it's written.

Hi, you guys. It's labor day and I slept in until 1.30 and I'm gonna stay in my pajamas all day long, because it's my apartment and I can, no matter who else is here. Also, I have successfully wrangled our stove. Yay grilled cheese! :D

Rec me!

23/3/07 08:48
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YOU GUYS. I mentioned earlier that [ profile] juleskicks and [ profile] roz_mcclure are getting into due South, right? And I love them both and they are totally awesome and this is the best thing ever, right? RIGHT?

ANYWAY. My tastes don't overlap with theirs 100%, but I thought I would come and hound my friends list for recs for them, because you guys KNOW ALL.

So, Jules. Likes: kickass female characters, snark, and hitting things. Dislikes: Manpain and slash cliches. Jules adds, I'm not anti-slash, but it doesn't really turn me on, and we all know my feelings on manpain. But if it has them being dorks, I CAN GET BEHIND THAT. Not in a gay way. Maybe. I don't know.

And I am pretty sure Roz is still totally floating on Frannie love, so! She could probably use your best Frannie stories in general, but particularly the ones where our girl gets laid.

(Hahahaha, I am totally secretly hoping that they are going to start a whole new movement of het and femslash writing JUST FOR ME. Effective pimping for the WIN.)
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Things to rec!

NUMBER THE FIRST: [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] pirateygoodness wrote 21,000 words of Grey's Anatomy sex pollen fic for Valentine's Day. I am completely serious. It's hilarious, it's porny, it's hot, and they included the voiceovers. Basically, it is made of awesome. You can read it here: Bad Case of Loving You.

NUMBER THE SECOND: Someone made a Sylar Heroes vid to Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains." I do not have the words to express how utterly full of glee this has made me. Go to [ profile] shati's livejournal and download and feedback here.

Things less full of rec! Um, this page was one of the links on Largehearted Boy's round up of links this morning, mentioning that was a valentine's theme blog post about Kirk and Spock. So I went "aww!" and clicked. And, um, it turned it out it was totally mocking and pointing out bizarre and weird this slash thing is. Booooooo. And the thing is, some of the things they say are totally things I or a friend might post about in a bitch filter or a locked post or something? And that wouldn't make me mad at all, because we're part of the community, and it wouldn't be all "hey, look at these freaky freaks!"


Also, our House of Representative is classy like gossipy high schoolers.

On a closing note, I would like to point out that today is the International Interfandom Day of Making Out. Do your part to make it a shiny day, people!

EDITED TO ADD: I am listening to the Fair Game NPR podcast, and the host is talking to this scientist about black holes and stuff, and he was ALSO voted Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive! I totally think Sam Carter got robbed.
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Greek final was this morning -- now one class down, two to go! I have the first 2100 words of my linguistics paper done, and an outline for the rest of the paper, so I should be able to finish that this afternoon and then I can devote all my attention to the OCS final on Thursday morning. Oh, finals.

When I am not paying attention, my friends list is often super cool. See:

+ [ profile] aerye wrote comment fic for me yesterday! It's Fraser/Kowalski f/f. It is just as awesome as you'd think. Even MORE SO, actually.

+ This morning, [ profile] mrsronweasley posted a RayK ficlet that made me about twelve different kinds of happy. Five Fights That Ray Kowalski Lost.

+ My darling [ profile] ficbyzee just posted her hilarious, adorable Supernatural vid! I have seen several versions of this as she was working, and every time it makes me clutch my chest and go OH BOYS!!!!! <3. One Week.
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Oh my gosh, people, I don't know how many of you read the comments to my entry last night? But [ profile] aneli8 is my HERO. She is the wing beneath my freaking wings, no joke. LOOK WHAT SHE MADE.

Prettiest imaginary fandom EVER.

I am also really excited about the current challenge over at [ profile] ds_flashfiction. I, uh, suggested it a while back, so I should probably write something for it, if I can get past my year long writer's block. It's just such a great, wide open challenge! Just THINK of all those genres! Can you imagine an obituary? A screenplay? An enyclopedia entry! A heroic epic! ANYTHING.

The challenge opened on Friday and there's already some really cool stuff -- [ profile] isiscolo did some goofy noir, and [ profile] china_shop did an awesome Victorian comedy pastiche, and [ profile] joandarck has outdone herself with both a hilarious Western and an AWESOME comic book script!

I strongly advise reading and feedbacking and then writing a story of your own for me to read. Also, eat more leafy vegetables.

As it's November 1st, I wish all you attempting NaNoWriMo or your own private writing challenges good luck for the month ahead! I myself am not particularly ambitious, but I am going to attempt to get a good headstart on my [ profile] vecchiofest story tonight. Man, it's not a good sign when I can't even remember the last story I wrote. But! Vecchio! That's inspiring, right? Right!

(Remind me again why I keep signing up for challenges? Oh, right: the characters are pretty and my friends are hors. Got it!)

(At least I resisted [ profile] yuletide this year.)
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There are some days when the internet makes me so fucking incredibly happy that I don't even have words for it.

Today is shaping up to be one of those days, and it is all [ profile] glossing's fault.

My Roommate Is a Monster!

This is a G-rated Twitch City/Sesame Street crossover. It has Curtis, and Hope, and Grover, and each and every one of them has a perfect voice, and it is sweet and hilarious and AWESOME. If you are familiar with both of these fandoms and don't read this, you are dead to me. (Not really. But read!)
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Midsummer 2006 recommendations )

For those of you who were gone this weekend, I posted a HCL story for the challenge, which you can find here.

In other news, [ profile] sloganeer scanned in an interview with Paul Gross, talking about Wilby Wonderful, Daniel MacIvor and Callum Keith Rennie in her journal here. It is pretty awesome, frankly.

Plans for the rest of the day: rewatching more of Farscape s3, and ice cream.
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I just woke up from a two hour nap, and I am left with two questions: first, why on earth did I just have a very detailed and elaborate Supernatural dream? and second, how did it manage to be even more EMOTASTIC than the show?

Sort of in the same fandom, [ profile] wistful_fever posted a Jared/Jensen vid yesterday that is pretty much the cutest thing in the universe. Dude, I haven't even bothered to read much of their RPS, but -- the CUTE. Aww. "You're My Baby", here.
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1. I realize that supermarket packaged sushi has very little to do with actual real high quality stuff, but the spicy imitation crab rolls I got from Safeway are kind of tasty anyway. Though I am sad that the little package of ginger is so small, because there's only half as much as I want. Alas.

2. I found a song that makes me want to vid Crichton. DAMMIT. This is sad because it's so never going to happen. It makes me long for one of those vid auctions and lots of money.

3. Three vids I have watched lately and really loved:

Suspended in Gaffa by [ profile] laurashapiro. Chiana from Farscape. Music by Kate Bush. The link goes to her front page; you'll need to email her for the password.

Say Hello to the Angels by [ profile] sweetestdrain. Oh, Richie Tenenbaum. Music by Interpol.

This Girl is Taking Bets by [ profile] killabeez. Sydney from Alias! Music by Thea Gilmore. The link goes to her regular vid page; this vid is near the bottom.

4. Speaking of Alias: TIME TO WATCH MORE YAYS.

vids yay

16/5/06 22:19
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I have a hankering, so -- any vid recs for Farscape, Alias, or Grey's Anatomy?
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Things That Are Awesome:

+ [ profile] fox1013's SGA/Grey's Anatomy backstory gen crossover, Fireworks.

+ [ profile] annakovsky's Grey's Anatomy George/Bailey AU-for-the-last-episode, One Thing That Didn't Happen.

+ Today's Dinosaur Comics.

+ This t-shirt design.

+ The combination of huge amount of blogs I read on a regular basis, ranging from geeky linguistics to books and literature and publishing to mp3s to food and cooking to snarky celebrity mocking to trashy gossip.

+ Just in general.

+ The Scout Niblett songs I downloaded from one of the aforementioned mp3s blogs the other day, which turned out to be INCREDIBLY AWESOME. There are some up free and legal here. (And ooh, just looking at her site, apparently she's going to be in my town next month! Hmmm.) (And here are a few more.)
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Okay, so I just finished my first quick readthrough of the [ profile] midsummer_fic stories and, OMIGOSH, there is so much good stuff. I am very very pleased.

I haven't read everything yet -- there's a bunch of fandoms I don't even know -- but here are my recs so far:

Lures (Wilby Wonderful)
Sometimes Dan was a little shocked at how little he really knew about Duck. Most days, his old life – his wife, the suicide attempt – was another world, and he couldn't remember what it was like not to have Duck. Other days, Dan would stare at Duck and think, what the hell am I doing with this stranger?

The Evening and the Morning (Wilby Wonderful)
uck, Dan thought, not for the first time, would have made a great cowboy if he'd only been born in the right century--not the movie-star kind, tipping his hat and kissing the cowgirls, but the real kind, with callused hands and a tanned face, who didn't say much because cattle don't give a man much practice in conversation. The kind who might be thoughtful in funny ways, like knowing where downwind was, and standing there to smoke.

Groupie (Hard Core Logo)
So what if he kisses Billy with more passion than he's ever had for any girl: goth, Jap, slut or virgin? It's all rock'n'roll, and they don't know the difference between Billy fingerfucking them in the van and Joe humping Billy's leg. It's all perverse to them, it's all dirty, and Billy seems to take it in that spirit, too, with his long-standing and committed Billy-position of "Yeah, whatever."

Scenes from the Tragical, Comical, Historical, Pastoral, Implausible Life of Geoffrey Tennant, Actor (Slings and Arrows)
Unless, like Mr. Geoffrey Tennant, late of the New Burbage Festival (founded 1953, New Burbage, Ontario), late of the Happy Knolls Sanitarium (December 1996 – July? Is it already July? 1997, Toronto), you're never at a loss for words no matter what your mental state. "'Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt,'" he orders his misbehaving dick, perfectly aware that in this context it makes absolutely no sense. Which seems oddly appropriate, as not much has made sense to Geoffrey recently.

Trajectory (Men with Brooms)
Cutter shrugs. "At least I don't have to ask my mom's permission before I leave the house at night."

"Yeah," Lennox says, "Well, at least my mom still knows if I'm even in the house or not."

There's a moment of silence. Lennox feels his neck heat up, and then his face. It's times like this that make him suspect there's something really wrong with him--like, maybe he's going to turn into a serial killer one day, develop a liking for really sharp knives and a taste for human flesh. "Sorry," he says to Cutter's chest.

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School by [ profile] brooklinegirl (Twitch city)
She felt Curtis's hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, Hope," he said. "A lot of girls find the idea of two men together very attractive. There's nothing to be ashamed about."
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13. I made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they are SUPER GOOD. Actually, the frosting is so tasty that it's a little sickening. I mean, I just saw myself beat the hunk of cream cheese together with a disgusting amount of powdered sugar -- and yet knowing this does not make it less tasty.

14. [ profile] moireach and I have formed a new club! She says I can be secretary. Topics on the table include: hot girls; incest; Buffy/Giles and other approved pairings involving Joss Whedon characters.

15. Last night I got a chance to slag off my favorite hated dS fic to people who had never heard my rant on it before. Hee.

16. [ profile] cesperanza wrote new due South fic! Yay! As I mentioned to Lale earlier, my favorite part of this is when spoiler, I guess, if you're a big freak )

17. Speaking of [ profile] lalejandra, she gets a number all to herself. Because she wins JUST THAT MUCH.

More updates will follow as awesomeness occurs.


2/7/05 16:41
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Okay, I don't know if you people reading my journal pay any attention at all to me, but if you do, you probably realize that of my all due South fandom yearnings, Francesca Vecchio fic is way, way, way up there on my wishlist. And Frannie femslash is especially rare, and thus especially sweet. So I am doing a happy little dance now over just having read [ profile] lost_theplot's A Glorious Revolution, which I somehow missed when it was posted to noticeboard the other day. Slow and sweet and lovely and FRANNIE. *heart*

And really, while I'm on the subject of Frannie/Maggie Mackenzie stories, there's only really one other story in the pairing I know of, and that's [ profile] cmshaw's awesome Dear Francesca, from the [ profile] ds_flashfiction Courtesy Challenge a few years back, which I also rec very very highly.

In conclusion: FRANNIE!
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Last night I was having a mini-pity-party over my dismal job search, and made a sad little entry about the fact that the whole thing was KILLING MY SOUL.

So [ profile] lalejandra, being the best person in the world, decided to make my soul feel better.

In Which Ray Tries to Find a Job and Also There is Sex.

Jobhunting! And so much porn! And also a surprising amount of food references, all of which made me really hungry for bacon and cheese and cookies! And schmoopy goodness!

I think this is definitive proof that [ profile] lalejandra loves me more than you. (And, yes, I mean that ambiguous sentence in both of the two different possible readings. Yay!)


17/6/05 13:21
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Fraser made himself comfortable before starting to talk. "Okay. First, again. Estrella." He made a face and huffed. "Tell her to just…I don't know. Leave me alone for a while. Tell her if she does that then I promise to cooperate with her in the future."

Pearl frowned. "Hmm. I'll write it down but I don't know how much good it'll do you." When Fraser quirked an eyebrow Pearl explained, "Estrella's kind of a bitch."

[ profile] estrella30 posted her Slash the Slashers story about me. It might be possible for me to love Estrella more than I do right now, but I really can't see how. I less than three you times infinity, my darling!

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