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Quick book recommendation: So, hey, those of you who have a kink for historical fiction with love stories featuring girl-dressed-up-as-a-boy-for-reasons-of-plot falling in love with dude-who-doesn't-know-she's-really-a-girl? (And don't lie, I know there are a ton of you.) Blindspot is a little slow for the first hundred pages or so, but once it gets going, it delivers on that plotline but good. You'll dig it.

I think it's time for me to start watching more Star Trek again, after taking a couple weeks off. I did "Operation: Annihilate!" yesterday and was well-pleased. I love me some Kirk angst, yessirree. I think I'm finally ready to watch Voyage Home, too, so woohoo!

(Thinking about Search for Spock some more, it turns out the "Jim. Your name is Jim" is an OTP moment for me right up there with large sections of Call of the Wild in Due South. MY HEART, YOU GUYS. MY HEART.)

Yesterday I had excellent cooking adventures! Spaghetti with oil and garlic and chickpeas for lunch, lamburgers stuffed with feta for dinner, and in the evening blackberry-raspberry ice cream. Nothing exciting today, but I might make more pickled garlicky red peppers tomorrow before work.
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On the bus ride home from work today I was thinking about a YA novel I read the other day and wanted to talk to someone about it. THEN I REMEMBERED I HAD A BEST FRIEND GETTING HER MASTER'S DEGREE IN KID'S LIT. What a coincidence!

conversation, slightly edited for coherency, spoilers for Paper Towns )
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1. From The Knowledge of Water, which I'm currently reading:

Love made Milly nervous. Sex, that was easy; one sys yes, one says no; but when the person was in love, who knows where it ended. Milly liked things clear and definite; love, like stories, should have a beginning, a middle and especially an end. Love was depressing, a want without reason, a male want. I want the Mona Lisa to throw in the Seine. I want to own another person. I want you to write, dear. I want the moon.

2. Today I have reached the point in my job hunt where I lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling and did pretty much everything but burst into tears. Two major lifechanging important things happened to me this summer, and it is still going to go down in my memory as The Summer of Rejection.

3. Why is shirtless pete wentz in a bunny head with his arms outstretched hot? That should just be creepy. DAMN HIS EYES.

4. I think I'm going to go play the Sims 2 some more. Mmmmm micromanaging imaginary lives, why so satisfying?

5. [ profile] taraljc's 101 Reasons to Love the Middleman. Seriously, if you are not watching this show, you are missing out. If you show up in a couple weeks being "omigod this is so good why didn't you TELL me" I will beat you with a stick, because you should consider yourself officially told. Bandom people, it is a snarky comics-loving art kid saving the world! What more do you want?
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I have been home for a week and a half. So far my summer has been at all filled with the activities I expected to be hard at work at here -- writing porn, reading porn, chatting on AIM for hours a day and jobhunting have all been way underrepresented so far. On the other hand, some dark horses have shown up to occupy my time. Namely, reading, cooking, and playing Mario Kart. I've also spent some time doing data entry for my mom, but that's been like two hours total, so really, mostly the first three. It's been kind of glorious! My reading had been a lot less the last six months than it usually is, so it's been nice to get back into my normal groove with that. Since I got home I've finished a nonfiction cultural history of Russia, a fantasy satire, a classic British whodunnit, and a memoir I thought would be juicy but was surprisingly well-written. I'm about to start on YA on Amy's recommendation (now with extra apocalypse, incest and eating disorders!).

The two biggest successes cookingwise have been the stuffed peppers on Sunday night, and the baked four cheese pasta yesterday. The pasta was seriously yummy, but the stuffed peppers were glorious; I want to make them again right now. Thursday [ profile] happy_coconut and I are going to experiment with spinach-cheese triangles: we're hoping for all the yumminess of spanokopita in bite-size portions, so we'll see how that turns out.

The Mario Kart kind of explains itself, I think. Kelly, my cousin and I have all gotten kind of addicted to the Wii in the last week and spend hours upon hours racing around the tracks. We all have very sore right thumbs.

I am planning on starting the job-hunting this week, though, for sure. Even just getting two or three applications this week will be a start. HEY IF ANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE A JOB LYING AROUND AND WANT A REALLY SMART AND ENTHUSIASTIC HARDWORKING COLLEG GRAD YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME, RIGHT? RIGHT? C'MON, FANDOM, LET'S GET THAT OLD GIRLS' CLUB WORKING HERE.
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So the novel I just finished reading had SUDDEN SURPRISE HETCEST. If you're reading this journal, you probably know enough about me to assume that this would be a huge plus in my mind, but in this case you would be wrong. It was bait and switch, man! The author spent four hundred pages convincing me this dude and chick were totally OTP in every way, and then hey, they finally get engaged! And they have sex for the first time! And then it's like you can almost hear the alarm go off in the author's head, all "oh, shit, I have to wrap this up in the next fifty pages, how can I stave off the happy ending? I KNOW, THEY'RE SECRETLY HALF-SIBLINGS! GENIUS!"

So weak. So very weak. There wasn't even any interesting angst about being in love with her, either! Just automatic "ew, gross cooties, I must break our engagement and go off alone into the world." Bleh.

In other news, today we moved the final bits of my stuff back from Eugene. Stuff! I missed you! I have a bed and everything. And my books. Sweet, sweet books, never leave me again.
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I was absolutely sure I had brought my copy of Amphigorey along with me to school, but today I went through my box of comics and it was not there. TRAGEDY! I crave it badly.

Edward Gorey + Star Trek = motherfucking win.
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Last night I had a dream where [ profile] cidercupcakes had written a novel that could basically be boiled down to "Napoleonic Wars meet Mr & Mrs Smith". It was pretty awesome -- competent married Regency spies wooo! -- and now that I have woken up I am kind of bummed it doesn't exist.

In the comments to the last entry I was telling [ profile] kristiinthedark about how I was thinking about Ray and Fraser in a blackout. It would be while they're busy doing something, maybe for a case, examining some large and busy room or something. The lights go out, it's pitch black, Ray is twitchy and keeps moving around, bumping into things and cursing, until Fraser tells him to quit and stay in one place. Which Ray is probably bitchy about, but he stays still anyway, and Fraser asks him to keep talking, so he can find him by the sound of his voice (like Marco Polo). So Ray is standing still all alone in the pitch black and forced to just keep talking to himself about stupid things, until Fraser finds him, and that shuts him up because Fraser's right in front of him, so close you can feel the heat of his body and his breath. And then THEY KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, in the dark, and it is awesome until the lights suddenly go back on again, and then they pull apart and are awkward and stupid and pretend for days/weeks that it never happened and don't talk about it at all.

Sigh. Booooooys.

In news that will shock absolutely no one, Paul Gross is still distgustingly attractive. Um, ignore the last one, though. Stick to the candids of "my god."

I spent an unhealthy amount of time yesterday looking through and making lists of all the dvds I would need once I was filthy stinking rich and things like food, rents, and debt were not an issue. Heroes! Arrested Development s3! How I Met Your Mother! Grey's s3! Deadwood! Rome! Doctor Who! NCIS! Joan of Arcadia! Newsradio! I want it all. Is that so wrong?

It's too hot for September, and I'm really really excited about my Latin textbook coming in the mail.
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I know I mentioned the other day that the summer has sapped me of all creativity ever, but this category over at the RomanceWiki is awesome in a way that makes me want to randomly write lots and lots of crazy stuff. Or any of the categories, really. (Actually clicking on the things is a ltitle disappointing, I must warn you, because the wiki doesn't look like it's been filled out too much with individual titles.)

Oh, and while on the subject of romance -- [ profile] mimesere, are you still looking for more nice romances that don't take themselves too seriously? Because I've been reading Candice Hern's Merry Widows series this past week, and they're a lot of fun, so I was thinking of you.

I forgot to mention Gilmore Girls in the list of TV I've been watching this summer; the ABC family weekday reruns have gotten all the way to the end of season 4 now. It's continuing to be a quite enjoyable show, and really, ever since Jess left it's been much less stressful to watch. I think I forgot to mention it mainly because I don't have any real thoughts on it, just "HEY SHOW HI *curls up with tv*."

Eh, I'm weirdly unsatisfied to day for no real reason: I seem to be losing the ability to properly entertain myself. Friends list! Where is the fic to distract me? *sadface*
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Here is the thing about Lord of Scoundrels:

Okay, first, I have a sort of pyramid of romance authors in my head, with them sorted out all the way from "omg brilliant!" to "not actually good at all, but it's a quick read and entertaining enough." Which, okay, the very top slot is pretty much just Laura Kinsale and Jennifer Crusie by themselves, but Loretta Chase is up near the top for me, because her stuff is always both well-written *and* really fun. So I was in a good place going into Lord of scoundrels! And it's not perfect or anything (the last third really drags, I don't love it as much as The Lion's Daughter or Mr. Impossible) but yes: fun! good! joy to read! Everything I want out of a romance, right?

But the thing that really put it over the top for me? Is Spoiler! )

Uh, apparently this is the entry where I babble about romance novels! Man, which reminds me that my dream romance novel is *still* a contemporary set on Antarctica. Scientists or mechanics or pilots! One of them would be a newbie, of course, with everything brand new and bizarre, and the other one would be experienced, someone who returns to the ice every year, can't stay away. And there would be geekiness and pure antarctic LOVE. Yes.

(People falling in love in polar regions is actually a button of mine that predates my due South love. It's just a really happy coincidence!)

Hi, you guys. I am actually really bummed out for no real reason lately. You want to do one of those memes where you tell me nice things? I need love.
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Note for the YA people on my friends list: Cecil Castellucci's Beige wins at awesome.

...I really thought I had something else to say in this entry, but I lost it. Oops.
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A reason to love sales: getting The Gourmet Cookbook and The Best Soups and Stews by Cook's Illustrated for 12 dollars.

In other news, if any of you know how it suddenly became June, I'd be quite interesting in hearing your thoughts!

Last night I signed up for [ profile] midsummer2007 (as I am sure all of you have either already done or are about to!). [ profile] brooklinegirl assures me that once again I have composed an entry email that is ridiculously and embarrassing ME and no one else. I guess I am just awesome that way!

Finally, here is a humongous picture of CKR. Remember, smoking is NOT sexy, no matter what he wants you to think! )
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So I was in Pennsylvania from Tuesday to Sunday night with my family; it was busy and surreal and sad and chock full of my loud and argumentative and bitchy relatives, whom I love a lot. I didn't really have any internet access. I've checked a few things on LJ, but you might as well assume that I am ignorant of anything that has happened the last week or so.

Here are some books I've read lately that I've enjoyed:

Avalon High by Meg Cabot; Devilish by Maureen Johnson; The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart; Holmes on the Range by Steve Hockensmith; Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder; Shine On, Bright & Dangerous Object by Laurie Colwin; The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig; Heat by Bill Buford.

Books are great. I need more of them to read now. *refreshes library website constantly to see if my holds have come in*

I find I don't have much to say, huh? Here, come and cuddle with me and tell me about pretty things.
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Here are some awesome YA writers' blogs you all should be reading (or watching), because if you're not, you are missing out and also I am totally judging you.

Meg Cabot. Duh.

quote )

Justine Larbalestier. Writer of Magic or Madness trilogy. Also nonfiction and fiction anthologies on women and science fiction.

quote )

Maureen Johnson. Writer of The Bermudez Triangle (the one that just was in the news for book banning), Devilish, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes.

quote )

Brotherhood 2.0. John and Hank Green, one of whom is a YA novelist (Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines) and one of whom is a environmentalist blogger, are going a year without text communication between them. This means they are doing daily video blogs to each other for this entire year. Basically, they are awesome and hilarious, and I'm only caught up through January -- I hear they get better as they go on.

quote )
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You guys, I'm looking for book recommendations. What can you point me towards in the way of:

a) your favorite Arthurian-inspired novels
b) your favorite Trojan War-inspired novels
c) good mystery series (= likable hero/heroine with relationships that change and grow from book to book, along with the installments being good books on their own)
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I'm not sure what it says about me that not posting for three whole days feels so WRONG and INEXPLICABLE, but it really does. So, um, hi there!

I got a lot of reading done this past week -- I finished Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey, which I'd been nursing alng for a few weeks; it was long and rich and absorbing, just like the first three, and I'm a sucker for historical fantasy, even if everyone *is* inhumanly beautiful and the sex is weird. I also got through Magic Lessons by Justine Larbalestier and The Mislaid Magician by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. They were both really good and exactly what I needed to read this weekend, so yay! Quality YA fantasy series for the win.

Next up: more Julia Quinn romance novels. Totally anachronistic voice yet incredibly charming and funny and likable characters = heart.

Last night [ profile] speshope and I went to see Spider-man 3, which, yeah, not a great movie -- it was episodic, unfocused, overstuffed -- but there were fun moments within it. As I told Spes afterwards, my favorite part was spoiler! ) and my least favorite was spoiler! ). The ending made me sad, too, just because spoiler! )

Spes also took me grocery shopping last night, which I desperately needed. I have FOOD now! It's so exciting! It was my first time shopping at Trader Joe's, too, so I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap yet cool and enticing everything was.

Today is Monday. That means it is HEROES NIGHT. Yay!
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One of my books that came from my Christmas gift certificate from Amazon yesterday was The Lion in Winter -- aka, my favorite play of ALL TIME. I adore Plantagenets and Eleanor of Acquitaine, and have since I first discovered her in third grade, but this is something in and of itself. HEART.

Christmas with the family )
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Oh, gosh, you guys. I am watching Friday Night Lights each and every week, right, so the only reason I am not posting about it all the time is because I can't think of anything at all to say ever except "THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD OMG" and "I <3 MATT SARACEN."

But. OMG SHOW. Seriously, between just this show and Heroes, this season of new shows is a total success for me.

I need a FNL icon. And an NCIS icon, too, for that matter. Who wants to do me a favor? Matt in his hoodie in "Nevermind"? Matt/Julie anything? Abby-Gibbs hugging? Help a girl out, darlings!

The last of my Christmas gifts came today. My parents gave me a gift certificate for Amazon for 50 dollars; 52 dollars got me seven books that all came today. JOY OF JOYS. YAY BOOOOOOOOKS.

I have really been in the mood to write lately, for the first time in a long while. It's unfortunate that inclination does not come hand-in-hand with the ability to do so. Lame! I am sur I have stories hidden in my brain somewhere, if I knew where to look.

Hmmm. I think I need to read the Superman/Batman annual. Anyone have links to that to download? Or rereading Batgirl?


13/12/06 07:58
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Another year of reading! This year was really really heavy on romance novels, I find, and light on everything else. I didn't manage to keep track of all the graphic novels I read, however, which would skew the data quite a bit. Books I started and never finished, including collections of short stories, aren't included; books I read for school are only if I read and digested the whole thing. I actually thought my reading this year was pretty weak, all around -- no amazing discoveries like last year -- but looking back, there was still some really good stuff. My top five are in bold (cheating, by counting only one from a series).

Goal for next year: MORE READING YIS.

Books Read, 12/13/2005 - 12/12/2006 )
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For lunch today, I had a bowl of cereal and then the best apple EVER. I like apples, but I don't buy them that often partially because I am snobby about texture and partially because I forget to eat them but, mmmmmmm. Now I want to go back to the grocery store and buy a big huge bag of them. Why has nobody told me about Honeycrisp before?

I just made dinner (...yeah, a little late. so?), and it is also ridiculously good. There was one chicken mango sausage and a third of an onion in the fridge, so I sliced them up and sauteed them while I made a recipe of coconut rice, and then stirred it all together with some crumbled feta and a splash of lime juice. Is there anything better than having impromptu "I'm hungry, let's see what's sitting around" meals turn out awesome? I think not.

Also today I got a package in the mail containing some super-cheap-o romance novels I bought, including a couple of Carla Kelly ones and all of my unread Laura Kinsale ones.

Also also, today it was cool and grey and absolutely lovely. Yay for fall Oregon weather.

All in all? I AM A HAPPY MONKEY.


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