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Here are my top three OTP moments of all time:

1. Kirk/Spock, Star Trek: The Search for Spock. "Jim. Your name... is Jim." (Honorable mention: the very end of "Requiem for Methuselah.")

2. Fraser/Kowalski, due South, "Call of the Wild". "We still partners?" "If you'll have me." (Honorable mention: Same episode, RayK in the car with Thatcher at the stake-out.)

3. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun, Farscape, "Icarus Abides". "I'm very angry." (With a honorable mention going to "A Prefect Murder". "I'm not sure I have the strength to miss again." "I think I'm just a bad shot.")

You guys should do the same thing in your journals, too, because I would really like to see other people's answers! It's interesting when you sit down to do this, because there are pairings I consider OTPs where I do not have the same sort of specific moment crystallized - Bones/Booth, for example, or Angel/Danny from Hot Fuzz, are both pairings where I OTP them so hard it's sickening and flail over how much they love each other omg, but don't have the same sort of definite moment for, just that more general squee.
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My favorite MCR twitters of the last few days:

I def just got out of talking to some dude by saying "no engles" ina wierd accent and I clearly have english words tattooed all over my body

I like this one because Frank is a DICK. Omigod, such a dick.

If I had my own alien race, instead of perfect bettie page bangs and pointed ears we all have sick pomps

I am about 90% sure that Mikeyway IS the last survivor of such a alien race.

Hey, when do we think Lyn-Z is due? End of the month? June?

In other fandoms: I heard for the first time William shatner's famous "sabotage"/"it sickens me" thing and that four minutes in the recording studio where he humiliates that guy making him do another line reading. How is he so amazingly douchey? ♥

Finally, this is the hottest Ben Browder has ever been, y/n/mfy?

Om nom nom )
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HEY LOOK HEY LOOK YOU GUYS. I wrote something!

Reproductive Strategies of the Interstellarly Nomadic
by Pearl-o

800 words of Farscape fic. Takes place post-Peacekeeper Wars, so spoilers for that.

Summary: Motherhood is terrifying, but Aeryn Sun has dealt with worse.

Read more... )
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[ profile] happy_coconut and I just finished season 4. Ballsiest series finale ever, y/n? We still have the Peacekeeper Wars to do, but we're not watching that until tomorrow night at the earliest. Partly because I want her to be grateful for not having to wait a year or two like people watching in real time, and partly just because it is getting too late tonight for us to do it now, when we have school and work tomorrow.

Seriously, though: it really is my favorite show ever, and I can't tell you how satisfying it's been to watch Kelly slowly getting more and more drawn into it as time goes on. Also I love all John Crichtons and all Aeryn Suns and they are one truest pairing of all time, amen.

Also, Ben Browder has an ass to rival anyone in bandom. I'm not even kidding, that thing should have gotten regular status as a co-star. JOHN CRICHTON, ASS-TRONAUT. The thing about Ben Browder is that he kind of looks like a Neanderthal and yet he is totally smoking hot. I don't even know.

SHAMEFUL ADMISSION: I would read all sorts of Braca/Scorpius.

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So today kind of sucked, but not as much as it could have. I accomplished some things, at least! I got in an application to a job I'd really like to get (they called back this afternoon, but when I called back they were already gone, and I had to leave a message. Also, I made this potato salad, which is delicious and which I highly recommend. Plus I watched another episode of Middleman with [ profile] fox1013! All in all, good times were had.

I got a new cookbook recently and it's pretty brilliant. Baking: From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan. I have been trying to decide what to bake next, and it's been harder than usual. Kelly was all "I wanted muffins!" and I like to make Kelly happy! Except I have gone through all my cookbooks and multiple recipes websites and Kelly has now rejected dozens upon dozens of different muffins possibilities, so, uh. Oh well! Something exciting from the new cookbook it is. I believe next will be milk chocolate mini-Bundt cakes. Om nom nom.

Kelly and I are watching Farscape now -- we're pretty far thorugh s4 -- and she is giving me a dirty look for typing this up insteas of paying complete attention, so I must go.

I do not have a satisfactory cooking icon. Hmm.
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Last night I was talking with [ profile] cheshireempress and somehow during the midst of the discussion I was tried to claim that Farscape was a fandom in which I had no incest ships. And then I remembered Chiana and her brother.


On the plus side, this reminded me of something I have had on my mind for a couple of weeks now, which is: Mikeyway is totally Chiana.

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. How much would I kill for a manip of Mikey as a Nebari? Answer: A LOT. He's halfway there already, for god's sake )

And you could do the same for Gerard, of course.

especially with the white hair )

And god knows the Ways already follow the same means of showing affection as Chiana and her brother

They're close! )

Other things I would kill to see: Gerard Way's Farscape fan art. ♥___♥
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Christmas Eve! In my house, this equals all of us sitting around being completely mellow while my mother runs around like a chicken with her head cut off, freaking out about everything. It's sweet.

[ profile] pre_emptive has me planning to write a Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson story. I don't even know, you guys. It's going to wait until the new year, and me getting settled into Eugene and all, but. I'm going to have to do actual research on Ashlee Simpson. Tentative title: The Aesthetics of Dick.

And then after that maybe I will get through my rewatch of Farscape, and think about Pete/Chiana!

(Sigh, FARSCAPE. Truly you are my favorite TV show of all time. *HEART*

OTest-fucking-P EVER )

No one else could ever HOPE to compare. JOHN/AERYN, BITCHES. 4-evah!)

Uh. Last night I realized that Rebel Rebel is truly the Gerard Way song of my heart. In the sense that it is now forever connected in my brain with his character. Although I would also certainly not be adverse to hearing him cover it, to be honest.


How are you guys doing? Waiting for the yuletide archive to open? Drinking eggnog? Thinking about Brendon Urie's stupid face? Come around my campfire! We can sing festive songs, all alone on the internet!
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Yesterday on the drive down to Eugene I spent most of the time seriously strongly overidentifying with Billy Joel songs (HI THERE VIENNA), but somewhere in between bouts of this time-consuming activity I decided that Pete Wentz/Chiana from Farscape is my new crossoer OTP.

I mean it, guys. She is so his type it's not even funny! And can you imagine the songs he would write about her?

Plus, shallowly, they would look pretty adorable (and possibly strangely hot) together. Ugh, Chiana wearing one of his stupid hoodies, you guys, I can't even.

I'm planning a rewatch of the entire series of Farscape after I get back to school next term, and now I am going to be thinking about this the whole time.

Also, last night I talked to Zee about how a random Portland AU is still sort of my bandslash happy place, for some reason -- I don't even care what an actual story would be, I just like to think about them wandering around the city -- and I realized that I pretty much imagine Gerard and Mikey living in the apartment Zee used to share with [ profile] liviapenn. The conversation we had on this topic was freaking hilarious, and would mean absolutely nothing to any of you (except perhaps [ profile] speshope, also a former resident of the place, but less informed about MCR).

Joe and Pete are going to get chinese food and watch a movie on Christmas. Go team dradle (sic).

In conclusion, Mme Victoria's House of Discreet Gentlemen is the best brothel in all of Regency London.
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I just changed my profile for the first time in a long while. I have interests now and everything, you guys!

Sadly, all of the following ones are unshared )

Some other interest statistics! )

Anyway, that just entertained me for a good amount of time, but ... man, have you all started your weekends early or something? Why so boring? I just ... shouldn't somebody be talking about dirty porn/stupid little faces/something else to amuse me? I don't get it.
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Item one: Little Miss Sunshine = actually pretty adorable. Thumbs up.

Item two: the more I see of Hugh Laurie in British stuff, the more mindblowing I find it that he somehow became a witty cynical sex symbol. Wha?

Item three: still watching season 3 SG-1. So far I have learned that the principle signs of schizophrenia are pale make-up, dark circles under your eyes, and looking really sweaty, and also that I continue to be surprised by just how appealing I find Sam/Jack. I don't know why! I just do! I've heard lots of people say TPTB screwed the ship over royally in later seasons, but fortunately I have not had to deal with that, so whatever. Everything I have seen them in, it makes me go Awww. (Long-haired alternate reality Sam carries their wedding picture around with her!)

Item four: I have sold every single possible book in my collection to the used bookstore downtown for petty cash. All that is left is selling body parts, I guess. Plasma, I hear good things about you.

Item five: You know, seriously, I think Farscape might be my favorite show in the history of ever. Basically it is the best thing ever, and I could not love it more, I don't think. MY LOVE IS SO PURE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Bweeeeeeeeeee.
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I wrote something for [ profile] stop_drop_porn. F/K, masturbating-in-the-same-room-as-somebody-else. You can find it here: Like Emeralds and Glints in the Night.

(For some reason, forcing myself to write is often more depressing than not writing as all. Dear creative impulse, feel free to return at any time!)

Here, have some het OTP pictures )
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I am having an WHEEEEEEEE OTPs!!!! day. This is always fun! I approve!

*thumbs up*

Obviously, the first otp to come to mind for me is always Fraser and RayK. Because, frankly, I have spent three years of my life now doing very little else but thinking about their true true true love. It has got me this far! I'm not just going to stop now!

Fraser, as you know, is possibly my Favorite Character Ever OMG. And Ray Kowalski! Oh, Ray Kowalski. You're jumpy and testy and asshole-y and sweet and lonely and the opposite of subtle and you are full of hidden depths. When we meet you, you are so in love with your ex-wife it is painful. By Call of the Wild, you are so in love with Fraser that it is still painful, but in a much, much, much happier way, because Fraser loves you back. You are one of his Rays, and he hurts when you hurt, and he pats you on your back and wishes he could make things better for you, so much so that he goes for Bob for advice, which, seriously.

(Will any fandom ever present me with anything that gives me more pure happiness and joy forever than RayK's line to Thatcher about knowing who you are? It's possible -- me and fandom have years in front of us -- but I can literally not imagine it.)

You are my BOYS, my prickly damaged beautiful goofy boys, and I smush you together FOREVER.

F/K is not, however, the only OTP that has been on my mind lately, because I don't know if I've mentioned it in a while? But I really love Farscape. And for all that it's not a primary fandom of mine, I honestly cannot think of any relationship pretty much ever that I am more invested in than John and Aeryn. I am irrational on the subject; I am *this* close to saying MEANT TO BE in all seriousness, but luckily I'm not quite there. There is basically nothing I do not love about them, and they leave me wordless. Just -- John and Aeryn! SMOOCHES. SO MANY SMOOCHES. OTPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

The thing is, though, that OTP doesn't quite feel like the right word, despite everything I just said, because, well... okay, the thing is, I am a generally monogamous person in pretty much both the literal and metaphorical sense of the word? But with Farscape, how can you not be poly? There is canon text or subtext for pretty much any two non-puppet characters on the show (and sometimes human-puppet pairs, as well). My utter JOHN/AERYN SQUEEEE does not detract at all from the fact that every other pairing in the world is totally there. Even in a fandom like due South, where I do write and enjoy odd pairings at time, I've never been this free of jealousy about it.

In conclusion, Farscape is an orgy. I blame Chiana.

One of the interests I have listed in my profile is "historical aus." When one is scrolling very quickly down the page, it is possible for this to look, for a brief second, like "historical anus."

Finally: See the icon [ profile] phineasjones modified for me? I've made it my default for this month; really, it fills me with a strangely intense glee.
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John Crichton: "A cheap date, a lousy drunk, and a redneck."

OH MAN, rereading all my "farscape" tagged entries was SUCH A BAD IDEA when all my dvds are living with [ profile] ficbyzee and [ profile] liviapenn for the next few months! I am all FLAILY now and I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH and it is SO GOOD and and and and and and BWEEEEEEEEEE.

John/Aeryn = still OT-estP EVAH. But ALL the relationships. And just. SHOW. OH SHOW.

I realize this entry is completely and utterly incoherent, but, well. I can't help that.

The description of Crichton up there is actually one of my favorite quotes from the show, I think. But my all-time favorite is still probably in PKW when John says "Crichtons don't cry," and then pauses and says "Often. Or for very long."

How about you guys? Favorite quotes? Favorite moments and images? I'm bored and lovestruck; tell me.
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1) Still rewatching season 3 of Farscape. OH SHOW! I have to say, though, "Eat Me" is the creepiest fucking episode ever. It is like a mini horror movie. I made Fox cuddle and hold me when I was watching last night -- but it's a really important episode for the entire rest of the season, so!

2) Articles which refer to a father caring for his child as "babysitting" are incredibly irritating and make me raise all my feminist rankles. On the other hand, Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are still adorable.

3) Crab rangoons, you are a beautiful, beautiful foodstuff.

4) People have started posted their vids from VVC, yay! From what I've seen so far, I'm especially fond of "I Put You There" by [ profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] lithium_doll (meta) and "Goody Two Shoes" by [ profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] pipsqueaky. FRASER! And his RAYS! In no universe is that not squee-making. The post for both of them is here.

5) Fox seems to think I am trying to slowly make her want to watch Farscape. Which, I mean! Just because I giggle evilly when she mentions Ben Browder and Claudia Black being adorable on SG-1! And talk an awful, awful lot about how incredibly fucking hot Aeryn is! And mention the Muppets and explosions! And show her pictures of pretty girl touching! )

But, nooooo. In her mind, everything's a plot!
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One side effect of my general apathy towards Ray/Ray as a pairing is that -- although I actually do quite enjoy some stories with them, if only because you guys write so awesomely and do justice to the characters -- my suspension of disbelief often fails me. I can accept the failure of RayK/Fraser; I can accept all the things you want me to accept for the boys from Call of the Wild, whose chemistry I don't see, getting all the way to this complicated relationship. But when you try to get me to that tiny extra little step, and tell me that Kowalski is more important to Vecchio than Fraser is, that the V/K relationship trumps the F-V friendship in Vecchio's head -- that, in point of fact, Ray is willing to give up Fraser in order to have Kowalski...

Yeah, I totally get lost there. Alas!

Probably the solution here is for me to stop trying to read Ray/Ray stories, since I obviously have mental stumbling blocks that have nothing to do with the quality of the story, but. You guys keep writing fic! And you're good! And it's my fandom! I don't know how to resist all those things!

(Actually, this is sort of similar to a problem I had in Smallville fandom, although in that case it wasy 50 times more extreme -- people wrote Chloe/Lex that not only wasn't really about Clark, but where Lex would choose Chloe over Clark. Giving up friendship when the friend disapproves of the relationship! Which, dude. Writing s1 or s2 Lex choosing anybody over Clark? Is characterization I am not likely to buy, no matter how much work you do.)

The last few days I have been watching lots of Farscape commentaries. Ben Browder + Claudia Black = adorable. Tonight was the two of them and two of the producers doing "Jeremiah Crichton". They subtitled the commentary When Bad Things Happen To Good Shows. Commentaries where they talk about how inexplicably crappy it ended up = for the win.

"It's not right, if you have 88 children, to say one is your most favorite and one is your least favorite--"
"--But this is the son of satan."
"This is the child in military school who has almost no future."
"But we do send a care package occasionally!"
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I am rewatching some first season Farscape tonight, because I'm in that sort of mood, and you know, it cheers me up! So "Durka Returns" and "A Human Reaction", because yays.

I know Farscape always rewards more viewing, but man: I have to say, I never noticed before how much Crichton-nipplage you get in the t-shirts and undershirts they give him. Hee.

In conclusion, John/Aeryn OTP.
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Things about today that are great!

1) MY SHOWER WORKS AGAIN. Frabjous day! Calloo, callay!


3) Hahahaha, Superman/Batman for the win! It is both really gay and very entertaining -- cool.

4) Now I am watching the little mini-documentary on the Peacekeeper Wars dvd about the making of the miniseries. Oh, FARSCAPE. <3<3<3 (I had totally never seen the actor who plays D'Argo out of make-up before. WEIRD.)

5) Clean dishes! Garbage is out! Now I just need to do laundry and everything will be non-gross.
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MY FARSCAPE DVDS CAME! Seasons 1, 3 and 4, part of season 2, and Peacekeeper Wars, all in my hot and greedy little hands! (The rest of season 2 was bought, too, but those disks were out of stock and will be sent later.)


*dances around apartment the best I can without dropping dvds all over the place*

New plan for the rest of today, after I finish reading the Middle English of King Horn: hours and hours of dvd extras!
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1. I realize that supermarket packaged sushi has very little to do with actual real high quality stuff, but the spicy imitation crab rolls I got from Safeway are kind of tasty anyway. Though I am sad that the little package of ginger is so small, because there's only half as much as I want. Alas.

2. I found a song that makes me want to vid Crichton. DAMMIT. This is sad because it's so never going to happen. It makes me long for one of those vid auctions and lots of money.

3. Three vids I have watched lately and really loved:

Suspended in Gaffa by [ profile] laurashapiro. Chiana from Farscape. Music by Kate Bush. The link goes to her front page; you'll need to email her for the password.

Say Hello to the Angels by [ profile] sweetestdrain. Oh, Richie Tenenbaum. Music by Interpol.

This Girl is Taking Bets by [ profile] killabeez. Sydney from Alias! Music by Thea Gilmore. The link goes to her regular vid page; this vid is near the bottom.

4. Speaking of Alias: TIME TO WATCH MORE YAYS.

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