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So a couple of weeks ago, I told [ profile] etben how wretchedly I wanted a story where Mikey Way was a girl and Pete Wentz knocked her up during the Summer of Like.

Then we talked about nothing else for two weeks )
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I felt an urgent need to write something today. Therefore, have some kidfic.

(Other installments can be found here.)

Sunday morning )
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[ profile] shoemaster wrote me cuteness commentfic last week, and she has agreed to take her payment in the form of kidfic, rather than the pony I promised. Yay!

(This is unrelated to any other kidfic I have written in the past; don't try to match it up with the Carrie stories.)

Could you invent a world for me? )
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1) Last night in [ profile] brooklinegirl's journal, I might have made a comment along the lines of "CKR should be fucked, and often, and by somebody who knows how."

Um. Mangling classic quotes for porn purposes = for the win? Maybe?

2) I am still thinking about kidfic an awful lot. Help me! Seriously, what is it about due South fandom? I know there's no other fandom I've been in where I actually want my OTP to get together and be together 4eva and be domestic and HAVE BABIES OMG. But, um, RayK and Fraser? I want them to be daddies. I can't help it. And I have heard many other people say the same exact thing -- usually kidfic isn't their thing, but in dS? Bwee. What the hell is that about, you guys?

(Hmm, I am still annoyed with myself for missing Dira's kidfic panel at Muskrat Jamboree. LAME, erica, LAME.)

I don't know if you guys know this, but Diefenbaker really, really likes babies. He is FIERCELY PROTECTIVE of random nobody-cares-about-the-damn-baby in A Cop, A Mountie and a Baby. (Fox, Dief LOVES BABIES. He likes to PROTECT THEM. It's VERY CUTE. *cough*)

Which is to say, I want you to imagine for a second what Dief would be like with FRASER's baby. Seriously. omg, what if something happened to Fraser and/or Ray and Dief had to TAKE CARE of the kid and protect him/her from the bad guys? Dief herding along tiny toddler or grade-schooler to safety!!! o. m. g.

Hi, I am pathetic and just melted my own heart. Um. I think I lost my point.

3) I really, really love this picture of Don McKellar and Daniel MacIvor. I'm just throwing that out there.

4) In conclusion, Fraser is wearing boots, suspenders, puffy pants and a wifebeater. Please indicate how he could be any hotter without actually being naked or engaged in kissing with another person. (AS ALWAYS, extra points for diagrams!)
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Here is what I have accomplished today:

+ I wrote a little bit! Yay!

+ I did all my linguistics reading for the next week! I am ahead of the game! Even if it is only the first week of term, that is still awesome. Yay!

+ I have watched lots of Doctor Who. [ profile] mayatawi showed me a few episodes when I was in Boston, and then I came home and downloaded the entirety of the Ninth Doctor. I'm currently almost through with 1x07 (The Longest Game) and I expect I will probably be watching many more episodes tonight. While I am never going to be fannish about this, wow, is this show incredibly enjoyable! Time travel! Space travel! Aliens! Zombies! Fun fun fun. I am totally not surprised at how everybody on my friends list was shipping Nine/Rose, considering they don't seem to do anything at all except flirt. Also, I find Rose's accent very pleasing. Lots of glottal stops. Awesome.

+ Here is part of an email I just sent to [ profile] justbreathe80 about Ray Vecchio and Stella having babies:

I don't know )


9/12/05 21:02
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If you read the kidfic snippet I posted earlier, you need to go read the present [ profile] lalejandra wrote for me, too, because she is the AWESOMEST. It is here! Go now!
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Hi! Um, yesterday [ profile] lalejandra needed entertaining. And so, there was fic! Yay!

Here is 2000 words of fic from the Carrie-universe, taking place before "Merry Bells Keep Ringing" but after pretty much anything else.

([ profile] lalejandra was writing a companion piece to this, which I will link to here as soon as she posts it, because <3<3<3. Edited to add: here is the link!

birds keep leaving over autumn's ending )
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26. It actually should be on the TERRIBLY LAME list that the sister and I have had the song "Milkshake" stuck in our head all weekend and thus been wandering around singing it constantly. But sometimes my TERRIBLY LAME and AWESOME lists overlap a little.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

27. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY to someone I will cunningly refer to as "schmerialkarma" and HAPPY ON TIME BIRTHDAY to the person with the sekrit identity of "schmalejandra"!

28. A small snippet of ... something, in honor of the last )
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This story has raised very interesting philosophical questions for me. Stuff like "Does it still count as kidfic if the kid is older than I am?" and "At what point does it stop being fanfiction and start just being futzing around?"

The beginning of this story appeared in my journal a couple of days ago, but it's been expanded a whole lot.

Title: Merry Bells Keep Ringing
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Thing is, in my head, the munchkin's still stuck at fifteen or so.
Thank you to [ profile] lalejandra and [ profile] lyra_sena for beta and encouragement. And it's not her fandom, but it's still [ profile] fox1013's fault I wrote a Christmas story in June.
About 20k, 3500 words.

This is a sequel to How Many Ways, and I would recommend having read that story first.

You can read at my site or behind the cut tag )
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Okay, so February 15th = the date on the East Coast = the birthday of [ profile] lyra_sena! Lyra is not only a fantabulous beta and encouraging in all things, she's all funny and talented and generally AWESOME as HECK. I feel lucky to have her around, and I hope her birthday is, of course, as kick-ass as she deserves.

In honor of her day, I present: more of the damned kidfic.

[Backing up for people who are not Lyra: in September 2004, I posted a due South story called How Many Ways, which was basically Ray + Fraser + their kid. Since then, I've written a couple more small pieces in the same universe -- a piece for Dira's birthday, a writing exercise, and stuff to cheer up sick Nifra. The stuff behind the cut tag is pretty much not going to be at all meaningful if you have not read at least the first story, if not all four.]

[ profile] lynnmonster and [ profile] estrella30 did wonderful short-notice betas. They're pretty.

All that said, story awaits you behind the cut tag! )
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[ profile] pearl_o: I wrote Nif random porn!
[ profile] fox1013: you are awesome.
[ profile] fox1013: ...You should write me random porn now.
[ profile] fox1013: *smiles cutely*
[ profile] pearl_o: *cries*
[ profile] pearl_o: I am not a porn machine!
[ profile] fox1013: *pets*
[ profile] fox1013: there, there. We know you're not a porn machine.
[ profile] pearl_o: do you?
[ profile] fox1013: At least, not in the same way that a gumball machine is.
[ profile] pearl_o: can get porn out of gumball machines?
[ profile] fox1013: ...If you do it right.

[ profile] nifra_idril and I are both having "OMIGOD DIE WORLD DIE!!!!" days. Thus, fic.

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And now the second part of the tiny bit of writing I got done on my trip.

750 words of F/K, taking place in the same universe as How Many Ways, as per the request of [ profile] _aerye_ and [ profile] reginagiraffe.

Grown-Up Business )
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Unless I have failed in my time zone converting, I believe it is now officially the 19th in [ profile] dsudis-land, and thus birthday time. I have no hockey, I'm afraid, so I offer kidfic instead. Happy, happy birthday, Dira!

This story is related to How Many Ways, but doesn't require having read that one, I don't think. Thank you to [ profile] lynnmonster and [ profile] brooklinegirl for beta.

Night-light )
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Um, so ... it's weird. And it's kidfic. And weird.

Dude, I blame the girls in #discourse for encouraging it; you know who you are. Anyway.

Title: How Many Ways
Pairing: F/K
Rating: PGish
Summary: "She tries to imagine their lives before her, but it's difficult."
Thank you to [ profile] nifra_idril and [ profile] lynnmonster for beta.

Read at my site or behind the cut tag )

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