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35 across: "Kirk sometimes gave it to Spock."

Heh. Heh heh heh heh. I AGREE, CROSSWORD, BUT I'M PRETTY SURE SPOCK TOPPED PRETTY OFTEN, TOO. Also I believd you will find that is more of a "statement" and less of a "clue."

The actual answer was "com". Whatever! I like my 12-year-old-boy interpretation better.

In other news, this Star Trek reboot vid to "Don't Stop Believing" is way awesomer than it has any right to be. I miss vidding. :( One of my goals for this summer was to try my hand at again, but it's been literally years, and I had never actually gotten good at it, so I would be starting over completely from scratch. I don't know if I'll have the time. I do have an amazing John Crichton song, though, so who knows.
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Today I rewatched the vids to "You Can Call Me Al" and "Goody Two Shoes" and "Lord I Have Made You a Place In My Heart" and "In the Mirror."



Anyway. I am in a mood to play on the internet all day and chat with you guys, but it is a 100 degrees out! Seriously, the internet and the air conditioning being across the house from each other is the BANE of my EXISTANCE.

(If there was no air conditioning at all, I would have to spend money to go and see crappy movies, though, so whatever.)

I'm not sure why it took me six months to realize that since the other computer died, I have no copy whatsoever of either of my two older vids (here). Oops?
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It is a hundred degrees outside. This is pretty horrifying, since people in the Pacific Northwest melt once it gets above 90. Blah blah blah the problem with having mild weather fifty-one weeks a year is the total inability to deal with the other week blah blah blah.

One room in my house has air conditioning and is shut off from the rest of the house like a cave. It is very pleasant to hole up in during this weather. Sadly, it is not the same room where the internet is available! I love you so much, lj, but not enough to leave the air conditioning more than a few times a day.

I think my next project for this summer should be trying to vid. Down side: vidding is really, really, really hard. Up side: ..........

No, I'm sure there's something. I keep coming back to it, so there has to be SOME reason, right? Right! Vidding woo.

I have sucessfully pimped my sister into Doctor Who, only to find the rental place doesn't carry any of the dvds. Between that and slow internet, I am being thwarted. Lame!

In conclusion, Ray Kowalski!

We all know you're soft cause we've all seen you dancing
We all know you're hard cause we all saw you drinking from noon
Until noon again
You're the boy with the filthy laugh

Belle & Sebastian is so far down on the list of bands I would ever expect to make me think of Ray, AND YET. Also, "filthy laugh" is a wonderful phrase.
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This morning I had a dream where I logged onto AIM and was immediately pounced upon by a [ profile] nifra_idril, telling me all about what she's been off doing for the past year. And then I woke up, and it was sad. The end.

I downloaded season 3 of Stargate SG-1 the other day and am working through it very very slowly. It turns out it has the perfect ratio of boring-to-interesting and caring-to-not-at-all-caring to make it perfect background watching while I go about doing all my normal activities. Thumbs up.

Right now I am torrenting season 2 of the Office (US), because the pimping of half of my friends list has finally reached my saturation point. If it turns out I don't like it I shall hold it against ALL OF YOU very pettily.

Man, you know that song where you can see in your mind this really amazing vid hidden inside it, but you know that it's so far beyond your own technical abilities it's not even funny? For me that song is totally Andrew Bird's "Fake Palindromes", because the John&Aeryn&Scorpius possibilities in there are just gorgeous. But, yeah. At least if life ever presents me a captive vidder to be held hostage, I shall be prepared!
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New vid! Thanks, as always, to [ profile] ficbyzee for major hand-holding.

"This Year's Girl" by Elvis Costello
Marie Antoinette (2006)
'Cause you don't really give a damn about this year's girl.

2:57, divx, 20.5mb. Click here to download it from sendspace. Or you can watch it at my imeem page here.

Lyrics )
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Sometimes I have thoughts.

+ Watching many, many, many, many episodes of QI on youtube. Oh, Stephen Fry, why so darling?

+ VIDDING WOOOOOOO. Rough draft has been achieved! My normal vid pokey people aren't familiar with the source, which is a bother, though. Stupid not particularly fannish movies that happen to be really visually rich and interesting!

+ Also about vidding, I made this post almost a year ago, but everything I say in it is still absolutely true. On the other hand, vidding is maybe *slightly* less difficult now, because the new laptop is much less weak and wimpy and sad than the old one, and I can actually see things now! Cool.

+ Reading posts about last night's BSG has made me sort of want to watch it for the first time since I disgustedly abandoned it at the beginning of the season. Not for the [SPOILER], obviously, but for the rumored sexy bits.

+ I downloaded Heroes already, but I'm waiting to watch it live with Spes tonight anyway. I'm full of contradictions like that.

+ In conclusion, VIDDING EEEEEEE.
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Okay, so I have to tell you guys, I caved on my soda ban today. Which, you know, I had a very stressful week! Tomorrow I will start over from scratch, and hopefully it will stick this time.

But for tonight -- okay, I am pretty sure I have the house to myself, which I always love. Friday nights with me and the cat = PARTY. Plans currently consist of pizza, forbidden soda, catching up with the Fair Game podcasts, singing along really loudly with my music, and possibly some prep work for the vid I am really excited about. YAY.

Oh, and, the really stressful week thing I referred to back there? Seriously, I cannot express how grateful I am for all of you who commented on Wednesday's entry, every single comment. I almost cried that night, you guys. I was sniffling to [ profile] fox1013 about how nice the internet is. It was exactly what I needed this week, and I feel like a really lucky girl to have such kind friends and to be respected by people I admire so much.

(Oh my gosh, how many of you am I going to meet in ONLY FOUR WEEKS? It makes me shudder in joy and anticipation to think about it! YAY MUSKRATS.)
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Dearest friends list of mine,

I do not own the Twitch City dvds yet -- which is sad, but hopefully will be corrected when I have money. Except that won't be for months and months and months. So I come asking you guys for information. I know where the usual place to get downloads of the show is, and have done so in the past, but right now I'm really looking for better quality source. Do any of you have episodes available from the dvds? Or know of somewhere I can get some? I would be very grateful!

Love and kisses,

P.S., keywords for the new icon are "rpf: emo boys like to cuddle!"
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Things to rec!

NUMBER THE FIRST: [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] pirateygoodness wrote 21,000 words of Grey's Anatomy sex pollen fic for Valentine's Day. I am completely serious. It's hilarious, it's porny, it's hot, and they included the voiceovers. Basically, it is made of awesome. You can read it here: Bad Case of Loving You.

NUMBER THE SECOND: Someone made a Sylar Heroes vid to Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains." I do not have the words to express how utterly full of glee this has made me. Go to [ profile] shati's livejournal and download and feedback here.

Things less full of rec! Um, this page was one of the links on Largehearted Boy's round up of links this morning, mentioning that was a valentine's theme blog post about Kirk and Spock. So I went "aww!" and clicked. And, um, it turned it out it was totally mocking and pointing out bizarre and weird this slash thing is. Booooooo. And the thing is, some of the things they say are totally things I or a friend might post about in a bitch filter or a locked post or something? And that wouldn't make me mad at all, because we're part of the community, and it wouldn't be all "hey, look at these freaky freaks!"


Also, our House of Representative is classy like gossipy high schoolers.

On a closing note, I would like to point out that today is the International Interfandom Day of Making Out. Do your part to make it a shiny day, people!

EDITED TO ADD: I am listening to the Fair Game NPR podcast, and the host is talking to this scientist about black holes and stuff, and he was ALSO voted Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive! I totally think Sam Carter got robbed.
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So, as a complete and utter newbie, my first places to go for learning about vidding were [ profile] permetaform's Vidding for newbies links and [ profile] vidding community's memories -- along with lots of just general quiet lurking and observation of my friends list and friendsfriends list and vidding fandom.

At this point, I think I can say that these are the first three rules I feel fairly certain I have learned about vidding:

1) Cut to the beat
2) Don't be overly literal
3) Always know what you're trying to say (your theme, your thesis, your point, whatever)

There is other stuff I've learned or noted, of course, but I'd say those are the ones I've most internalized. What about you guys? What were the first building blocks you picked up? I'm thinking conceptual rather than technical, which, um, is a whole different thing.
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I just got home from my math final, which means I am officially done with summer classes. I have to go home to my parents' house for a few days, but they're not picking me up until Sunday. This means I have three days with no classes or schoolwork or important responsibilities to fulfill.

I think you can all see where this is heading. SEVENTY TWO HOURS OF VIDDING FEVER, WOOOT.

(Not really seventy two hours. I will sleep a lot, and eat, and probably clean. But VIDDING FEVER NONETHELESS.)

I've already mentioned how much I loved [ profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] pipsqueaky's Fraser vid, Goody Two Shoes, but I feel a need to mention it again, because I love it JUST THAT MUCH. I got out of my class and sat down at the bus stop to wait and suddenly the vid came into my mind and I thought "FRASER!!!! AND HIS RAYS!!!" and I couldn't get the doofy smile off my face for twenty minutes. Heart.
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1) Still rewatching season 3 of Farscape. OH SHOW! I have to say, though, "Eat Me" is the creepiest fucking episode ever. It is like a mini horror movie. I made Fox cuddle and hold me when I was watching last night -- but it's a really important episode for the entire rest of the season, so!

2) Articles which refer to a father caring for his child as "babysitting" are incredibly irritating and make me raise all my feminist rankles. On the other hand, Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are still adorable.

3) Crab rangoons, you are a beautiful, beautiful foodstuff.

4) People have started posted their vids from VVC, yay! From what I've seen so far, I'm especially fond of "I Put You There" by [ profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] lithium_doll (meta) and "Goody Two Shoes" by [ profile] laurashapiro and [ profile] pipsqueaky. FRASER! And his RAYS! In no universe is that not squee-making. The post for both of them is here.

5) Fox seems to think I am trying to slowly make her want to watch Farscape. Which, I mean! Just because I giggle evilly when she mentions Ben Browder and Claudia Black being adorable on SG-1! And talk an awful, awful lot about how incredibly fucking hot Aeryn is! And mention the Muppets and explosions! And show her pictures of pretty girl touching! )

But, nooooo. In her mind, everything's a plot!
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1. "Don't fuck with the fucking deity, Leon."

2. "Do you know where I can get one of those gold necklaces with a T on it?"
"That's a cross."
"Across from where?"

3. I had no idea Tracie Thoms was in The Devil Wears Prada. Huzzah for happy surprises.

4. Funny thing is, Joe Bean's never been to Arkansas.

5. This year is half over. There is no bad in that. I'll beat you yet, 2006!

6. I feel like I should be writing or vidding or doing something creative. Where is my fanbrain? Is it going to come back anytime soon?

7. My Farscape dvds I paid for a month ago still haven't arrived. Stupid ebay.

8. Bon Jovi makes me think of [ profile] lalejandra.

9. La la la, I am in the mood for juicy dS fic. Please to be providing for my whims on demand, fandom.

10. Compendium of Lost Words.
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And now I will once again return to exploring the many activities the world has to offer that aren't vidding, sleeping and eating. No, really!

A couple of notes )

"Drunk By Noon" by the Handsome Family
Hard Core Logo.
Sometimes I burn my arms with cigarettes just to pretend I won't scream when I die.

2:31, divx, 15mb. Right-click and save. [Currently offline]

Many thanks, as always, to [ profile] ficbyzee.

Any and all feedback is eagerly welcomed and beloved, either as a livejournal comment or at my email at

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1) The number one thing I have noticed changing since I started learning how to vid is how many levels I'm balancing in my head at the same time. Because before I started, that was very definitely a singular category for me, and now -- now there are two levels I can work with at once! Sometimes three! It's all very thrilling.

2) The other major thing is the difference in how I watch vids, just as much. The more I'm learning and practicing, the more I'm learning how to watch them, how to get more and more out of them. Watching stuff by an experienced, talented vidder, even when I know I might not be getting everything out of it they wanted, I'm still getting much, much more now that my eyes are getting trained to it. At the very least, I can tell how they're balancing anywhere from five to dozens of levels there themselves.

[Um, I will talk about non-vidding stuff here again. Soon! I promise!]
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Talking to [ profile] ficbyzee while I'm working on Joe Dick:

me: I think the first half of things are always harder because I'm like "I have to make sure not to run out of good stuff! Must save enough of it for later!"
me: It's like when you eat Handisnacks, and try to make sure you have enough cheese for each cracker?
Zee: oh, I know!
me: I always end up with 75% of the cheese left for the last cracker.
me: Which is delicious, but not especially good planning!
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I have no excuse for the song I am currently vidding Joe Dick to, except that [ profile] ficbyzee is a VERY BAD INFLUENCE.

Hey, look, comment rankings! Let's see who loves me the most.

Top commenters on my journal )
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So, I seem to have actually finished a vid. I don't know about you, but I am both shocked and excited over this development! (Technically, I guess this is my second one? I did make a short Wilby Wonderful vid back in March, but that was basically me going "Whee! Clips! You can set them to music! WMM does stuff!" So I'm a bit less newbie now! And also have left behind Windows Movie Maker, yay.)

"Big Guns" by Jenny Lewis
Why are we still chasing our own tails?

2:34, divx, 15.5mb. Right click and save. [Currently offline]

[ profile] ficbyzee and [ profile] mimesere both are wonderfully helpful and generally awesome, and I can't thank them enough for their advice and support.

Any and all feedback is eagerly welcomed and beloved, either as a livejournal comment or at my email at

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Yesterday I was on my computer from about 9:30 in the morning to 1:30 at night.

Now, not all of that sixteen hours was spent vidding? But, um. Well. A very, very, very large portion of it was.

Man, there's nothing like the feeling of getting up to get some more Coke and noticing that hey, eight hours just flew by! OMGWTFtrancestate.
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I just woke up from a two hour nap, and I am left with two questions: first, why on earth did I just have a very detailed and elaborate Supernatural dream? and second, how did it manage to be even more EMOTASTIC than the show?

Sort of in the same fandom, [ profile] wistful_fever posted a Jared/Jensen vid yesterday that is pretty much the cutest thing in the universe. Dude, I haven't even bothered to read much of their RPS, but -- the CUTE. Aww. "You're My Baby", here.

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