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Here are my top three OTP moments of all time:

1. Kirk/Spock, Star Trek: The Search for Spock. "Jim. Your name... is Jim." (Honorable mention: the very end of "Requiem for Methuselah.")

2. Fraser/Kowalski, due South, "Call of the Wild". "We still partners?" "If you'll have me." (Honorable mention: Same episode, RayK in the car with Thatcher at the stake-out.)

3. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun, Farscape, "Icarus Abides". "I'm very angry." (With a honorable mention going to "A Prefect Murder". "I'm not sure I have the strength to miss again." "I think I'm just a bad shot.")

You guys should do the same thing in your journals, too, because I would really like to see other people's answers! It's interesting when you sit down to do this, because there are pairings I consider OTPs where I do not have the same sort of specific moment crystallized - Bones/Booth, for example, or Angel/Danny from Hot Fuzz, are both pairings where I OTP them so hard it's sickening and flail over how much they love each other omg, but don't have the same sort of definite moment for, just that more general squee.
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You guys should tell me about Fraser and RayK traveling down to Vancouver to see the Olympics this year! Or at the very least, the very tense Sunday afternoon and evening in their household yesterday while they watched the USA/Canada hockey match.

--Man, you know there was no cuddling in that bed last night. Well, except by Dief.
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Sometimes when I am having a bad couple of days, there is nothing more comforting than thinking about how, right this minute, way off somewhere in northern Canada, Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski are off somewhere being happy married old dudes in love in some cabin they probably made with their own hands.

RPF can break your heart (as bandom as shown beautifully, but also, Demi/Selena, what happened?), but some things last forever.

Ray Kowalski, king of all he surveys )
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The original shooting script for CotW does not exist and is dead to me. Other people's reactions to it have confirmed my suspicions that you are all bitches who do not appreciate Fraser nearly enough.


(I still love you anyway! But no. We will not mention this again. La la la la la I can't hear you.)
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Our TBPID! came today yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! [ profile] happy_coconut and I both got Ray masks, which makes me really happy because the Ray one is so pretty and girly! We haven't watched it yet, because she just got home from work and we have chores to do first and such and such. BUT IT IS HERE AND IT IS AWESOME AND I AM HAPPY.

(I am still just a tad disappointed that the dvd doesn't include the videos and making-of-the-videos for the Black Parade singles, but oh well.)

I was going to do the "this day in history" post, but it turns out the backread of my journal is amazingly boring. Here, though, I'll link you to last year's entry from July 3rd, because that one is still entertaining: it is a list of utterly ridiculous pieces of fanon in dS fandom that gave me great joy.

Hey, you guys will still love me if I never write porn again, right?
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I got a new default icon, and I love it, but it's kind of unfortunate just because every single time I see it I sort of start staring at it and go into a daydream for five minutes. It happens a lot!

Here is some stuff that has been going on:

[ profile] 7iris wrote secret incest baby threesome fic just for me! It's here. This universe has been my happy place for a couple of days now -- you can see in the comments there I'm still thinking about it, plus I just had this conversation with [ profile] impertinence last night.

cut for chat ... about secret incest babies )

In other chat shenanigans, Imp posted our thoughts on a pointless MCR AU where they're all deer. This is mainly notable for the fact that I can't stop thinking about Frank the smallest deer in the world, climbing trees and barking at people. ALL THE PREDATORS WANT HIS TASTY BODY.


a) I went to get my last Coke out of the fridge and it was a Diet Coke instead. :(((((( Diet Coke is gross, you guys.

b) I can't find that picture of Fraser from MOTB -- you know the one, where he's in his boxers and wifebeater and it's all nrrrrrrrgh THIGH?

c) [ profile] fox1013 is still awesome. Always and forever. ♥

d) this is a subliminal message that everybody should write me more fic. Except I'm not even bothering with small font so it's not very subliminal.
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With all that said, the most important thing to remember is this: Ray/Ray is like Patrick/Mikey ONLY A MILLION TIMES WORSE. Anybody who tells you differently is LYING.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Okay, I know that that's a torosaurus, but come on, you guys. That's not a Ray dinosaur! That is definitely a Gerard dinosaur. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI!

On the subject of other fandoms, I know I will never truly be gone from due South as long as an entry like his can still make me black out with pure rage. *hisses* HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

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Yesterday someone on my friends list -- someone I know just from bandom -- was talking about their fanfiction plot kinks, and one of the things they mentioned was when people get punched in the face. Those escalating arguments, where it's all meaningful and personal and it just crosses the line and ... yeah. I was like "OMIGOD YES" and then I had to go straight to youtube and rewatch the beginning of Mountie on the Bounty Part 1.


Seriously, you know, I might not think about them every day or talk about them often any more, but Fraser and RayK still own a piece of my heart, and I don't think that is ever going to change.

So all you people who agree with the first paragraph but don't know due South? You should go watch that clip. MY OTP, IT IS BREAKING UP OH NOES. THE AAAAAAAAAANGST. LUCKILY THEY HAVE AN ENTIRE TWO-PART EPISODE BEGINNING WHERE THEY LEARN HOW MUCH THEY NEED/LOVE EACH OTHER AND HOW TO WORK TOGETHER AND ALSO HAVE SOME UNDERWATER KISSIN'. Also a lot of stupid plot, but that's okay, because it ends like this:


...Yeah. Due South isn't a fandom you ever really leave, I think is my point. You might get distracted by other stuff, but it's always there waiting in the back of your brain. FRASER I STILL LOVE YOU. ♥

Plans for the rest of the day: homework; watching more season two Torchwood; maybe going down to Safeway to pick up my prescriptions; answer feedback. Blah blah blah blah boring.

Also, unrelated to everything else in this entry, I find myself wanting to go "...FUCKING JARED" every single time Gerard does something stupid or annoying. And then I laugh some more. *loser*
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I just changed my profile for the first time in a long while. I have interests now and everything, you guys!

Sadly, all of the following ones are unshared )

Some other interest statistics! )

Anyway, that just entertained me for a good amount of time, but ... man, have you all started your weekends early or something? Why so boring? I just ... shouldn't somebody be talking about dirty porn/stupid little faces/something else to amuse me? I don't get it.
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So DS Match just started over at [ profile] ds_flashfiction yesterday -- four stories so far! Lots of awesomeness! You should go over and vote for TEAM ANGST BECAUSE IT RULES, yay!

The thing is that actually when I think about it this is probably the first I've really been reading dS fic since I got into bandom, and, uh. Perhaps reading the really well-written Team Angst fic where spoilers ) wasn't my best idea ever? Just maybe?

(It is very good, though! If you don't have my exact issues, I rec it! Go vote!)

Of course, it did lead to this conversation with [ profile] ficbyzee:

Cut for chat! )

Anyway, back to my fluffy bunny fandom! It's kind of weird that I went and read Pete/Mikey to cheer up, considering that it is not a pairing known for happy endings, but it's weirdly comforting. Especially since I know they get Alicia and Patrick in the end.

Things that I love and want more of:

+ Gerard/Lyn-Z (pictures AND fic, man)
+ Mikeyway has always been a girl
+ Wee!Ways gen
+ Gerard talking about musicals
+ Everything that is over the top and melodramatic and banter-filled and self-indulgent in the WORLD

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[ profile] slidellra recorded podfic of one of my stories! And so did [ profile] zabira! This is Plate Tectonics and this is Just Let Me Try.

And omigosh, you guys are following [ profile] ds_team_root, right? Because the ds match stories are starting tomorrow, and things are really ramping up for the competition. [ profile] joandarck made a TEAM ANGST TRADING CARD OF ME OH EM GEE.

(Bandom note: one of the entries joan links to there is this one. Six months later, the comments within are suddenly HILAROUS.
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--And the thing is, if this is my actual new fandom, I am going to be pissed, you guys. Because! What! Look, I have been in fandom not quite six years now, and as many other shows or things I have read/enjoyed/talked about in that time, I have had two Real Fandoms. I had two good years with Smallvile and Due South and me have been OTP for three and a half plus now. And I am HAPPY with that! I have no need for a new fandom! Me + dS = the love that never dies!

(And, you know, leaving SV and getting together with dS was some VERY STRESSFUL times in my life. [ profile] liviapenn had to give me a speech about the Circle of (Fandom) Life at Escapade that year, all "sometimes antelopes fandoms have to die so new ones can live!" The guilt, you guys.)


...Of course it's also possible I've overreacting for no reason. I do that sometimes. Maybe in a week this obsession will leave me and I'll settle back into my normal ways and just click on your guys' cut-tags and give you thumbs up occasionally. I could deal with that.

(Shit, I really do need more icons. Just laughing Pete and WWII Gerard is not cutting it. HEY, if someone wanted to make me a Gerard/coffee or Mikey/coffee or Ways/coffee OTP icon, you could be my bestest friend, okay?)

secret ps to spes: how do you feel about getting together this next weekend? It could be like your second, totally way more lame birthday party.

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So, uh, I quit my job yesterday -- a first for me! And on the one hand it kind of sucks, because ... I still need money pretty desperately, basically, and now I have to search for something else. But it's also for the best, because a place that makes me throw up from anxiety in the morning or burst into tears after work is not a good place to be.

(I didn't burst into tears because of the job. Not just because, anyway. It was a whole combination of the meaningless hateful job PLUS living in the middle of nowhere where you can't do anything without a car PLUS all my friends being really far away PLUS having the next six months of my life being a giant void, etc etc etc.)

Here are my plans for today: read sf novels, practice my Latin, hang out with my siblings. Boring stuff, mostly.

MEANWHILE OH MAN YOU GUYS. I suddenly really really really need to read some Fraser/Kowalski fic with arranged marriage premises. I don't have any idea what might inspire a need for an arranged marriage or marriage of convenience? But you guys are smart! I know it! Also, now that I have mentioned it, don't you all crave it too? I thought so!


27/9/07 18:40
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I am unhappy. Tell me a story about Fraser and RayK and their pure woobie love?

Alternatively, tell me to tell YOU a story about one of my fandom, ala [ profile] etben's new meme! See examples here here here here. I can try due south, 6 degrees of ds, farscape, grey's, any fandom you're pretty sure I read in and have significant knowledge in.
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Last night I had a dream where [ profile] cidercupcakes had written a novel that could basically be boiled down to "Napoleonic Wars meet Mr & Mrs Smith". It was pretty awesome -- competent married Regency spies wooo! -- and now that I have woken up I am kind of bummed it doesn't exist.

In the comments to the last entry I was telling [ profile] kristiinthedark about how I was thinking about Ray and Fraser in a blackout. It would be while they're busy doing something, maybe for a case, examining some large and busy room or something. The lights go out, it's pitch black, Ray is twitchy and keeps moving around, bumping into things and cursing, until Fraser tells him to quit and stay in one place. Which Ray is probably bitchy about, but he stays still anyway, and Fraser asks him to keep talking, so he can find him by the sound of his voice (like Marco Polo). So Ray is standing still all alone in the pitch black and forced to just keep talking to himself about stupid things, until Fraser finds him, and that shuts him up because Fraser's right in front of him, so close you can feel the heat of his body and his breath. And then THEY KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, in the dark, and it is awesome until the lights suddenly go back on again, and then they pull apart and are awkward and stupid and pretend for days/weeks that it never happened and don't talk about it at all.

Sigh. Booooooys.

In news that will shock absolutely no one, Paul Gross is still distgustingly attractive. Um, ignore the last one, though. Stick to the candids of "my god."

I spent an unhealthy amount of time yesterday looking through and making lists of all the dvds I would need once I was filthy stinking rich and things like food, rents, and debt were not an issue. Heroes! Arrested Development s3! How I Met Your Mother! Grey's s3! Deadwood! Rome! Doctor Who! NCIS! Joan of Arcadia! Newsradio! I want it all. Is that so wrong?

It's too hot for September, and I'm really really excited about my Latin textbook coming in the mail.
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It's been raining steadily since I woke up this morning, which is just fabulous: there's nothing more comforting than the grey skies and the sound of the raindrops outside. I missed you, rain! Summer always wants to drive us apart!

Yesterday [ profile] isiscolo replied to the Frannie story I posted using her Miss Fraser icon. This means I now have the idea of Miss Fraser/Frannie in my head. I admit mine is a sick mind.

This week's goal is to start applying to lots of jobs. I will let you imagine the fun involved in this for yourselves!

Here, let's have a poll.

[Poll #1023103]
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So today I've been thinking my and [ profile] etben's theory of Ray K. and Fraser ended up as Those Old Married Queers Down the Street. I know a lot of you find the "Arctic Winter Murder/Suicide TRAGEDY ON THE ICE!" theory more convincing, but I can't help it: I find it too horribly, horribly charming. I am vaguely ashamed of this )

MAN, I am in such a weird mood. I want to write! But that doesn't seem to be happening. I want bittersweet and tentative Fraser porn. Or Vecchiocest! Kowalski boxing! I want Fraser waking up for the first time in the new and unfamiliar bedroom after sleeping with his Ray. I want thoughts about RayK's eyelashes and rough stubble, Fraser's crooked smile and strong arms, Vecchio's long loose limbs and the way he shakes his head at Benny, all love and affection and acceptance of every weird and annoying and crazy thing about him. I want Thatcher being red-hot and bitchy and competent and in-charge and sparking with Fraser all over the place during season 2. I want fic that makes my insides feel the same way that screencap of Fraser and his boyfriends in the hotel room does, or the one of Frannie and Vecchio hugging in the interrogation room in Heaven and Earth, or that look on Fraser's face when he watches his parents at the end of CotW.

I want it all, you guys. *sighs dreamily*
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P.S.: I don't know if you guys know this already? But Fraser has TWO BOYFRIENDS. And he loves them BOTH )

....I kind of love that dude. SSSSSHHH IT'S A SECRET.

I know you guys know I approve of F/K/V just in *general*, and I'm really glad it's taken off the last year or two. Like, any time some one is writing it, I do a little "yay!" just on principle. But it's true, I love it best when it's really all about the Mountie and His Boyfriends. Something about the Rays not even liking each other to start with, but dealing with each other because they both want so badly for *Fraser* to be happy -- and then them bonding somehow through all the jealousy and weirdness and becoming friends through that, and the transformation from F/K + F/V at the same time to really being F/K/V. Hi, happy Pearl kink! (Hahaha, that is like the only emotionally satisfying Ray/Ray for me ever, too! At least with Fraser not dead.)

(Ooh, plus, I am finally getting around to organizing a F/K/V tag. I know I've talked about it besides this!)

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