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Ooh, you know what else I can do during my boring candyless Halloween? Mess around aimlessly in Photoshop and think about my imaginary fandom.

*beams at you all*

(Man, it makes me wish I had skills, because can you imagine someone with artistic talent doing something with those people and that scenario? MAN.)

Hmm. I think now it is time to go watch my s2 Grey's Anatomy dvds.

Subliminal message: go and sign up to write Canada RPS on the CW-only days on [ profile] rps_advent so we can have fic all month long! You totally can do it!
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So this evening I was working on this tutorial that I found from Lifehacker.

I started with this picture of Rachel McAdams:

cut for image )

And at the end of the tutorial I had this:

another image )

I am left with no possible conclusion except that OMG RACHEL MCADAMS IS SEKRITLY SANDMAN'S DEATH WTF. Cool.
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For the last four weeks of summer quarter, I'm taking an upper-divsion anthropology class called Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective. It's pretty interesting, on the whole, though due to the short session we have to move really quickly and not cover some things as deeply.

Today's session was largely a discussion of sexualities -- the social construction thereof, the different ways they're constructed in different cultures, the ideas of homophobia, compulsory heterosexuality, and heterosexism in U.S culture. From there, we also talked about some general LGBT issues before moving on to watching part of an interesting documentary on FTM transexuals who've gone through transition.

Here is the thing: I have talked about these issues all before, some more in depth than others. However, the places I've had these discussions before are, basically, the internet (a small section of slash fandom in particular), SRC (a tiny liberal arts college) and Evergreen (another small liberal arts college). So all these discussions have been held in extremely queer-friendly, queer-visible environments.

So the context of this discussion was ... different, and in some ways really uncomfortable to me. Because on the one hand: yeah, education is really important. But on the other, even though the discussion went to some really interesting places, it's hard to shake off this weird feeling that "we" -- assumed to be the straight, educated class -- need to be taught and learn and respect this totally exotic other.

This feeling was possibly increased by the fact that apparently during the 10-week (rather than 4-week) sessions, there's a day when the professor brings in a panel of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, etc., people to sit in front of the class and answer questions. Um.

I suppose the lesson here may just be that I have been lucky to have been in a lot of environments up to now where the heterocentricism wasn't quite as obvious.

Anyway, like I said, upper level anthro class, so it wasn't so much an issue of so much sexism or homophobia (though there were one or two remarks that made me wince) as more of an underlying feeling of creepiness. Meh.

On to fandom stuff -- last night I played the game called "Let's open up photoshop and fool around aimlessly!" Fun times.

The results involved 2 Vecchio screencaps from Heaven & Earth )
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While I'm still abusing photoshop, I thought I would post the last covers for stories I've made. Everyone loves covers, right? Um. One of them I made a couple months ago and never got around to posting, for [ profile] cesperanza's Flying Blind, which is a very lovely due South Quest story she originally wrote for the Necking Challenge on [ profile] ds_flashfiction. The other one I finished today, and it is for [ profile] minervacat's Slings and Arrows story from earlier this month, there's an art to the laughter (there's a science), which is awesome and full of crazycakes Geoffrey Tennant.

Both of the pictures link to the stories if you click, and you should go read and leave feedback.

Flying Blind )

there's an art to the laughter )
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Am I missing something fairly obvious, or has the option to change your journal's title and subtitle now disappeared? It doesn't seem to be on the redesigned manage info page, and I can't see where else it would be.

Anyway. Here is more stuff I made! Addison Sheppard is hot, and Duck MacDonald lives in my heart forever. Probably someone should really tear Photoshop away from me, but it really is weirdly soothing.
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This is what my desktop looks like right now, and this is the version without the completely random song lyrics stuck in my head. I actually might like that one better, as I am not entirely happy with the text, despite poking at it for a long time. HM.

Oh, Photoshop. I must abandon you! I'm supposed to be working on the boring paper! Yes! To work. In just another second.
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Also, while I continue to experiment and try to figure out the new program I'm using, another wallpaper: Billy Hollywood, 800x600 and 1024x768.

This is the current wallpaper on my desktop, but I'm not really sure it will stay here very long, because HI, looking at this for too long is remind me exactly how depressing and soul-crushing Hard Core Logo really is. Heh.
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You know who rocks my socks? Is [ profile] brooklinegirl. Not only is she crazy and weird and smart and fun, but she also is one with the really fierce porn writing. She makes me a happy happy girl on a regular basis.

All of which is a long way of saying, look what I made for her.

Cover for Bad Behavior by Brooklinegirl )
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Ahahahaha. Time waster of the morning? Grey's wallpaper.

I was thinking of going with something along the lines of "My fandom has vaginas" or lesbian orgies or "Super Girl Squad", but [ profile] fox1013 convinced me simplest was best.

They didn't turn out exactly how I would have liked? But since I don't know exactly what I wanted, I'm pretty okay with that.


New fandoms are so EXCITING!
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I made this for [ profile] kormantic, because wee Stella and wee Vecchio make me me clutch my heart with glee.

Cover for white gloves and wet umbrellas )

I wrote this for [ profile] aerye, because she was having a painful day, and you people wrote me comment fic when I was having pain yesterday, and comment karma should be passed around.

Comment porn )

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You know, I never had an ear infection once in my childhood. Apparently my body is making up for its mistakes in my infancy! Next thing you know, I'll be getting chicken pox.

(Please insert the necessary knocking-on-wood there yourself, okay?)

On the subject of things that are not me whining -- and yet still in lieu of actual content in this journal -- I continue to spend large amounts of time fooling around and experimenting with images. This weekend, I also reread one of my very, very favorite stories: [ profile] cesperanza's Passion. This is approximately the eight millionth time I have read it, and the first time I have bawled all the way through it. I have a great many woobie Fraser buttons, and this story hits all of them and then some.

I made a cover for it, which you can find behind the cut tag here )
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Today, in between my eight gazillion pages of reading for Monday, I made my most darlingest [ profile] estrella30 a cover for her story Mr. Cool.

Image behind the cut tag )
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As those on my friends filters already know, I've pretty much spent most of the last week playing around with my image program and and goofing off and teaching myself how lots of different things work. As a side effect of this, I've ended up making a whole bunch of stuff.

So: wallpapers. 800x600 and 1024x768. Right now it contains the following: due South (Benton Fraser; Ray Kowalski); Firefly (Mal and Saffron; Mal, Inara and Saffron; Inara and Saffron); Wilby Wonderful (Duck and Dan); Hard Core Logo (Billy Tallent); Lauren Ambrose; Maggie Gyllenhaal; Don McKellar and Callum Keith Rennie; Molly Parker; Molly Parker and Paul Gross.

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