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Looking at red carpet pictures at IMDB:

random impressions )
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Things I did not know: pictures of heroes cast members )

Hiiiiii. I really really want a gingerbread frappuccino from Starbucks, but my sister is not responding to my begging well. My life is so sad, you guys!

I really want a bandom commentfic meme that is just about Dudes First Times Getting A Blowjob. Somebody should do that. *looks cute*
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Friends list, you all lose for not informing me Molly Parker is now a mommy. I take away mega-points!
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+ When I was looking up the Heroes cast on IMDB, it turns out both Sendil Ramamurthy and Noah Grey-Cabey have been on Grey's! Mohinder was just "Intern #2" in the pilot, but Micah was that little kid with two daddies from late last season.

+ Goddammit, Isaiah Washington, how on Earth did you manage to lose the high ground to motherfucking Dempsey, man? I hope this does not make me see Burke as any less hot.

+ And I mean, it's not like there was any doubt that the [name deleted] up there was TR Knight, because even before Fox linked me to these pictures it was pretty common knowledge that the boy is kinda bent, right? Nonetheless, AWWWW. His boyfriend actually looks pretty cute; good for him.

+ Can anyone tell me who the pregnant chick was in last Thursday's episode? The guest star cast isn't up on IMDB, and she seemed super familiar.
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Continuing on the celebrity gossip theme, this story is the best thing I have read in ages.

I finished Laura Kinsale's The Shadow and the Star. She continues to be freaking amazing. Seriously, she and Jenny Crusie are the two authors I would recommend whole-heartedly even to people who don't like romance, because... BWEE.
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Apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard had their baby yesterday. AWWWWWW. Another Gyllenhaal in the world = no bad! Although I can't decide if the name Ramona is ugly or sort of old-fashioned cute.

In other celebrity baby news, Turnbull and Donna Martin are reproducing. Wll, then. Also, omg, Lauren Ambrose! Claire Fisher, I still think of you as being like 18! WEIRD.

Um, I'm going to go to school now and maybe do things that don't rot my brain.
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Things on my mind this evening:

1) This dialogue of Fraser's, on love:

I thought I was in love once. And then later I thought maybe it was just an inner ear imbalance... We spent an evening snowed in on the side of a mountain watching the northern lights. It was probably the most dramatic moment of my life. But in the end I realized I'd learned two things. The first is... that it's easier to think you're in love than it is to accept that you're alone, and the second is that it's very easy to confuse love with subatomic particles bursting in the air. Well, I also learned that I should have my ears checked more regularly.

Emphasis mine, of course. Oh, FRASER. Just that sentence makes a million extremely vague bunnies pop into my head, and they're all wrist-slittingly depressing. Also, it makes me think of [ profile] katallison's Fraser, post-"End of the Road". Sigh!

2) Jeannie Miller's (and by extension, Kate Hewlett's) hips are a thing of joy.

3) Wait, Amy Acker had a baby? Two babies? Seriously? I actually really like her, but I am having trouble imagining her pregnant and a life-sustaining mass. Huh.

4) I pre-ordered the Grey's Anatomy s2 dvds. PLEASE COME NOW THANK YOU.

5) For people whose names rhyme with schmox1013: the second sexiest man in America is not only castrated, but apparently hates babies.

6) Marcia Cross is pregnant, too. Man, I skip my gossip blogs for a week and all this stuff shows up! So, uh, I guess this means she actually has heterosexual sex with that guy she married? Huh.

7) Tomorrow starts two weeks of Ray/Ray over at [ profile] stop_drop_porn, which means all the rest of you have to pick up the slack to give me my Fraser fix, okay? I would say you should all post more [ profile] getfraserlaid fics, but, you know, pot throwing stones at the glass kettle.

8) I am in LOVE with my giant room and my tiny cute house and BWEE.

9) Back to reading more of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver while I wait for more NCIS to download.

omg bff

19/5/06 11:46
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Here is my official list of Celebrities With Whom I Would Totally Want to be BFF and Hang Out With and Eat Ice Cream and Giggle and Gossip a Lot:

1) Meg Cabot
2) Jennifer Garner
3) possibly Shonda Rimes.

Runners up: not Katie Heigl, because I just want to watch her be awesome and adorable without interacting with her; not Felicity Huffman/Bill Macy, because they are much too cool for me.

Who are your guys's choices? [sic: yes, that is actually how I would say that if I was speaking out loud. Heh.]

P.S., Speaking of Jennifer Garner, she and baby Violet just made my ovaries explode.
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Tom Cruise writing about J.J. Abrams in Time Magazine.

This sort of thing really makes you wonder, doesn't it? Like, someone had the brilliant idea to just, like, give Tom Cruise a couple hundred words of space to just ... ramble on crazily. It's kind of beautiful, in that way where it's fucking weird. Like, dude, I doubt many people would blink if you told them that was a parody.

Also, as I told Fox, the other thing about that article is that it vaguely comes across like that dumb jock guy who just made his first geek friend and is really proud of him. "Dude, he can do math in his HEAD. Go ahead, give him two numbers! Show 'em, J2!"
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1) I think Lynne Stopkewich talking about how CKR said "Make me your meat puppet" is my favorite Callum Keith Rennie quote of all time.

2) I don't know what it is about "All the Queen's Horses", but I think it has magic powers. I'll be going about my normal life, and then that episode comes on, and suddenly, for the course of those 40 minutes, my mind is taken over by a flailing Fraser/Thatcher shipper. [ profile] liviapenn showed it to me for the first time; I flailed wildly the entire time. "Why I am flailing? I CAN'T STOP. Omigod, why are they so ENDEARING? It is like a good slash fic! Only on TV! And with a GIRL!" [Also, the whole "Things grow ... feelings." bits? I choose to believe those are erection jokes. Hee.]

3) [ profile] speshope and I are going out in about a half hour for dinner and STICK IT. Yays!

edited to add: what the hell, let's make it four things. Some of you on my flist are partly there because of your awesome linguistics connections, but some others of you I just found out about recently. Are there more people out there I am missing? Fandom and linguistics are the two most brain-eating obsessions I have; I'd certainly like to read more journals of people with similar dorkiness.
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Further celebrity gossip in between homework: now more obscure than ever!

Pitchfork says Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens are having a baby. Okay, the Jolie-Pitt baby coming up has the Best Most Freakishly Gorgeous Genes things lined up, and the aforementioned Cruise-Holmes offspring has the Hi You are Creeping Me Out and You're Not Even Born Yet, right? But, wow, this baby has a really good chance to grab the Indie Hipster Royalty prize, don't you think?

In fannish news, [ profile] liviapenn's new SGA story is hella awesome, and you should all go read it.
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Tom Cruise's preperations to keep Katie Holmes completely silent during her labor: creepiest thing ever, yay or nay?

One more reminder about the [ profile] ds_flashfiction challenge! Come on, don't you want to be the one forced to write me a story about Fraser and RayK as RIVAL SPIES IN LOVE?
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My mind having turned once more to Callum Keith Rennie's somewhat unfortunate taste in men, I present a poll. Uh, my choice here is probably pretty obvious, but I know many of you feel even stronger in the opposite direction (aka, the unhygienic option).

[Poll #703262]

In other news, I just had a dream involving an elaborately plotted, farce-like episode of Grey's Anatomy that ended in a foursome-slash-orgy. Score? I have retained a very vivid image of Meredith lying back on the bed in the middle of the melee and saying "Somebody kiss me, dammit" in her cranky voice, which cracks me up a great deal.
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Here is another link about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, just because it's amazingly horrifying.

No, seriously.
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This weekend was supposed to The Two Day Studying and Cleaning Extravaganza in My Apartment, but, uh. That didn't exactly happen. I did get my homework assignments for tomorrow finished, but not the extra studying I meant to do, nor did any cleaning at all get done. Instead, uh, I kind of read though all the newbie memories from the vidding community and spent the last three days fucking around with virtual dub and windows movie maker. It is kind of strangely captivating! And also I am strangely proud of myself. Like, I'm never going to be able to cook a five course gourmet meal, but now I know what the oven looks like!

Requisite post-Oscar thoughts: disappointed about Best Picture, happy about Best Actress, indifferent to everything else.

I didn't like Rachel McAdam's dress from the science and tech awards; she kind of had the whole same-color-for-skin-and-hair-and-clothes thing going on. But this picture (which is massive) is FREAKING ADORABLE.

So. How are you all doing today, my lovelies? I am feeling the Fraser love today (yes, even more than normal, shut up). Tell me something you adore about him! Share the love!
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[ profile] fox1013 and I just spent like a half hour playing a game we like to call HOT CELEBRITY CAGE MATCH!!!*

The point of this game is very simple: we make lists of celebrity couples, current or former, and then we judge them. In every couple, one person is the Hot One Who Is Slumming, and one person is the Less Hot One Dating Up.

(Please note we're judging just on attractiveness, and ignoring fame and wealth here.)

Some couples we have judged so far )

Please feel free to comment and continue the game with more couples and your own opinions. Celebrities are made to entertain us, people!

*Note: No celebrities were harmed in the making of this cage match. Except for that one. we hate him. We kicked him in the fucking face.
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Today's Defamer Hollywood PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings included this item:

2/14: Katherine Heigl (“Izzie”) and Kate Walsh (“Addison”/”Dr. McDreamy’s Bitchy Wife”) from Grey’s Anatomy having dinner on the patio at Girasole in Larchmont. Heigl is as beautiful as you’d imagine, but Kate ROCKED a forest green wrap and looked hotter and younger than her character. How do they do that???

Obviously, someone up there loves you. A LOT.

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