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So all of you guys who commented on my post yesterday? Thank you. Seriously, thank you so much. It's, uh, possible I almost cried.

Today was a good day. I went to class! I am pretty sure I aced the really easy bio midterm. And after that was the Lithuanian/PIE seminar, which is pretty much made of awesome. Seriously, I draw so many hearts around that class. SO MANY. Even though today we were talking about accentuation and prosody, which, uh, pretty much make my mind go totally blank whenever they come up.

Here, this is the typed handout we print out before class and then go over:





If you understood any of that, you are pretty awesome. And possibly an even bigger dork than me.

Sometimes when I am falling sleep and my mind is doing that random wandering thing? I end up thinking up new arguments for the stage gay wank. Yes, the one from LAST SUMMER. When I wasn't actually even IN BANDOM. The hell, brain! THE HELL.

My tummy hurts. My journal is currently friended by 666 accounts. I have seven classes left to go to before COBRA TIME. (Who else is going to the Portland show next Friday?) The Super Bowl episode of Alias season 2 is still just as awesome as it ever was.

If I was the sort of person who did bandomsecrets, my secrets would all be things like this:

1. I love Ray and I love Bob but I can't get into Ray/Bob because I associate it with weird tinhatting
2. When Patrick is paired with anyone but Pete or Bob, I get bored.
2a. When Patrick is paired with Gerard or Frank, I read the story anyway just because it is usually Summer of Like and there might be Pete/Mikey references hiding out in a few sentences. And then I get sad because I wish the story was about them instead.
3. Every time something happens in Panic fandom, I sort of gaze at my friends list the same way I gaze at it when something happens in Supernatural. Like "Aww. You guys are so cute! I don't get it at all, but you're cute!" And then someone posts a picture of Gerard I have never seen before and I FREAK OUT LIKE A NUTCASE.
4. I judge people who are mean to Pete Wentz. Like, I might still love you a lot! But I see it as a character flaw of some kind.
5. Everytime someone says Mikey Way is not hot, a unicorn dies. D:
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