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1. From The Knowledge of Water, which I'm currently reading:

Love made Milly nervous. Sex, that was easy; one sys yes, one says no; but when the person was in love, who knows where it ended. Milly liked things clear and definite; love, like stories, should have a beginning, a middle and especially an end. Love was depressing, a want without reason, a male want. I want the Mona Lisa to throw in the Seine. I want to own another person. I want you to write, dear. I want the moon.

2. Today I have reached the point in my job hunt where I lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling and did pretty much everything but burst into tears. Two major lifechanging important things happened to me this summer, and it is still going to go down in my memory as The Summer of Rejection.

3. Why is shirtless pete wentz in a bunny head with his arms outstretched hot? That should just be creepy. DAMN HIS EYES.

4. I think I'm going to go play the Sims 2 some more. Mmmmm micromanaging imaginary lives, why so satisfying?

5. [ profile] taraljc's 101 Reasons to Love the Middleman. Seriously, if you are not watching this show, you are missing out. If you show up in a couple weeks being "omigod this is so good why didn't you TELL me" I will beat you with a stick, because you should consider yourself officially told. Bandom people, it is a snarky comics-loving art kid saving the world! What more do you want?

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28/8/08 23:52 (UTC)
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God, I feel your pain. Job hunting sucks so fucking hard. I sent out an application to this one place and within hours they called me and I was super psyched about the whole thing. Problem is I was out of town at the time and they told me to get in touch with them as soon as I was home again to set up an appointment. I rushed home as soon as I could, sent them an e-mail as we'd agreed, and nothing. Not a word. Not even a polite "sorry, the position has been filled." Epic fail.

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29/8/08 19:47 (UTC)
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Ugggh, that seriously sucks.

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