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Dear Secret Mutant,

Hi! Here is the first thing you should know: I am pretty much guaranteed to love your story. No, really. I am like a little kid that way; there is pretty much nothing in the world that makes me more excited than a present just for me. You can't lose here, because no matter what I'm going to clutch to my chest and stroke it and love it and call it George and make everyone admire this story, MY story, a story for ME.

I tried to give some variety of my prompts, both in detail and subject matter, so hopefully at least one of them is inspiring. If so, yay! But if you'd like a random hodgepodge of some things I like a lot, go ahead and read on.

First things first: Charles/Erik is (fairly obviously) my OTP. I do like other pairings (Charles/Raven, Erik/Moira, threesomes, random het) but mostly in a "this is hot and/or interesting to think about" way, whereas Charles/Erik is serious shipping, if that makes sense. I'm in this fandom for the relationships between characters, and the connection between them always fascinates me, no matter what direction you go with it.

The other relationship I'm most invested in is the one between Charles and Raven, as you can probably tell by my gen prompt. Even if you pick one of the other prompts, if the Charles-Raven relationship is a factor to the story you're trying to tell, all the better! I'm also very fond of Moira. I don't really care at all about the rest of the characters in the movie beyond those four.

More generally, some things I adore:

+ Canon fic (especially during the recruitment trip, or post-Cuba)
+ AUs (both powered and non-powered)
+ Porn (this doesn't mean I expect you to write porn by any means! Write what makes you happy and/or fits in the story! I'm just saying)
+ Size kink (both of the "size queen" and "size difference" varieties)
+ Sex pollen
+ Dialogue: banter, bickering, arguments where people know how to push each other's buttons, playful teasing
+ Consent play, genderplay, roleplay
+ Emotional vulnerability
+ Kidfic
+ Erik having weird sex hang-ups and/or being relatively sexually or romantically inexperienced
+ Sibling incest
+ Playing with genre or structure
+ Photographs of people together
+ Lap-sitting
+ Nightmares
+ Post-coital or morning after scenes
+ Shaving kink or hair-washing
+ Charles using his powers to hold Erik down
+ Someone turns into the opposite sex
+ Identity politics (navigating their mutantness, queerness, Jewishness, disability, class issues, etc)
+ Basically anything that makes me cry out "FEEEEEEEEEEEELINGS" is good

Not a huge fan of:

+alpha/omega dynamics
+dark!fic (especially dark!Charles)
+ anything where the characters honestly don't seem to like each other that much
+ sex involving food
+externally-plotty fics (by which I mostly mean plot that's not focused on/arising primarily from the characters' relationship)
+crossovers (including Avengers characters)

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact [ profile] pocky_slash/fourteenacross, who knows better than anyone what I dig.

I hope this was helpful! I am SO EXCITED to read your story. <33333


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