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Here are my requests:

Think of England - K.J. Charles
Archie Curtis
Daniel da Silva

I love the way Archie and Daniel interact together; anything you'd like to write with them as an established couple would neat. One of the things I love about the book is how awesomely tropey it is, too, so feel free to go in that direction with any of the classic cliches adventuring, or, you know, just them learning more about each other and how to be together. I'm also always interested in backstory, especially of Archie, who is basically my platonic ideal of a character type.

Spy (2015)
Susan Cooper
Rick Ford
Rayna Boyanov

I am super into the ridiculousness of Susan/Rick, not gonna lie. Either gen or femslash with Susan and Rayna together would also be wonderful -- maybe Rayna gets a deal in exchange for helping with some other mission? I'd also be up for just anything exploring Rayna on her own a bit more deeply.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Phryne Fisher
Jack Robinson
Dr Mac (Elizabeth MacMillan)
Dot Williams

I love Phryne/Jack as a pairing, and after the loooooong tease of all three seasons, I would love to see what happens next once Jack follows her to London. (Presumably kissing. Possibly dead bodies.)

One of my other things about the show is how strong and wonderful Phryne's female friendship are, so the other stories I would be really excited to see would be exploring either Phryne&Mac (especially with all the history between them) or Phryne&Dot (possibly I cried at Dot's speech to her in the finale, shhhh, don't tell.)

If the sign-up itself gives you ideas, feel free to ignore the rest of this! But if you want a little more info of my general likes and dislikes, here you go:

+ dialogue
+ kissing
+ m/m slash, femslash, het
+ female friendships and family relationships
+ people trying their best even if they don’t succeed
+ classic fan fiction tropes and cliches in general
+ dubcon of the sex pollen/fuck or die/aliens made us do it sort of vein
+ happy or hopeful endings
+ the sort of arguments people have when they know each other really well
+ v-shaped poly relationships (as opposed to triads)
+ experimenting with form or genre (letters, social media, mixed media, pastiche, anything like that is cool)
+ happily ever afters that are still a lot of work and effort
+ backstory especially about people's childhoods
+ people being excited about their geeky obsessions
+ both canon fic and aus are good
+ here are some smut elements i like if you go that direction

+ hopelessness/grimness
+ heavy noncon
+ um not super into a/b/o or bdsm aus, i guess
+ novelization-type stories that are basically just restating what happened in canon
+ there’s probably more but i’m honestly having trouble thinking of anything that isn’t super obvious?

In general, I am much more invested in characterization than in plot, so take that as you will. If you want to write porn, that’s awesome and I will love it! But definitely don’t feel like you have to.

Basically, write the story you think you can write best and have fun. I already love whatever it is just for being a PRESENT FOR MEEEEEEE (aka my favorite thing.) THANK YOU. <3

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Psst post your prompts for Reasons!

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