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I am making a list of reasons today is, in fact, secretly a good day. It includes things like "I have Coke to drink" and "Gerard Way exists" and "I got to talk to my [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 last night" and "My mommy sent me a package that not only included the Edward Gorey book I left at home but also a really pretty new skirt and corduroy messenger bag she bought for me" and "One of my housemates was incredibly nice and helpful beyond what I could expect" and "I finally figured out how to do the household chore it is my turn to perform after wandering into the room and staring blankly for two days" and "Even when things really suck, I have friends and am not alone."

So this is one of those posts where someone on your friends list asks for you to give them comment fic, even though they don't have anything to give you in return.

Tomorrow I have three classes, and one of them is a midterm exam and one of them is my really hard class where I really want to impress the professor and one of them I have an important assignment due and basically I am already kind of freaking out about the whole thing and am scared I am going to end up hiding in bed with the covers over my head, and that is the last thing on Earth I want to do, SO.

So I'm thinking bribes are the best way to go here. This actually works on two levels for me: one, nice things make me feel better --> less anxious --> want to earn my reward. Even more, though, it makes me responsible to people I like, want to please, and can't avoid or lie to. Seriously, guys, this is one method where I can make my neuroses work for me. Tomorrow I'll get back from my last class in the evening and sit down to check my friends list I won't think "that person did something nice to me, and I let them down." I will think "That person is awesome! Yay that person!"

Uh, so, all that said, if you wanted to write me comment fic, I would think you were the peachy keen bee's knees. Things I that I happen to be particularly fond of include:

Pete/Mikey, Frank/Bob, Gerard/Ray, Gerard/Bob, Brian/Gerard, Brian/anybody, Pete/Joe, Pete/Mikey/Alicia, Gerard/Lyn-Z, Waycest, Mikeyway/anybody, MCR gen of any kind, underage shenanigans, opposite-sex AUs, gender issues (cross-dressing, trans stuff, gender identity in general, whatever), secret marriages and marriages of convenience, exes who remain best friends, first kisses, awkward handjobs, dudes coming on other dudes' faces, time travel, comic books, cuddling, gangbangs, threesomes, and good-natured mocking.

(Which is to say ... I'm really, really, really easy?)

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(Does Mikeyway/Anybody include Mikeyway/Chris? I'm sure I could manage something else, I'm just making sure. And I won't blame you if you don't want that. :-P)

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I would still appreciate the fic and love the Mikeyway bits, but I'm afraid all the HeyChris stuff will go over my head? So it is really up to you; I'm sure I'll love anything.

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Umm...hmm...something I haven't posted elsewhere that is MikeyWay-centric...

damnit, I have nothing. And you offer too many options to start from scratch unless you request something slightly more specific.

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Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Aww, but I appreciate the hugs! Thank you.

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Placeholder for comment fic to come! Do you have anything to request of me? You know my specialties at this point, I think.

Oh, and do you want to read what I have of my Gerard/Frank Life Model AU (currently stalled out at 11000 words, and maybe you could help by just reading it and saying whatevs, keep writing, you should add porn)?

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Posted by [identity profile] bexless.livejournal.com
Dude, if she doesn't, *I* fucking do, Jesus Christ. *________*

Pearl! I'm working on that thing you asked for *bustles* so consider that my bribe :D

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Dude, seriously, anything I have in that long list makes me ridiculously happy. If you wanted to something with Schechter or gender or pre-joining-MCR!Bob, those are all things I love.

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hey, I have some underage!Mikey/Ray in the works, and I'm pretty sure it's leading up to Mikey/Ray/Gerard shenanigans. Here's a teaser:

"Mikey, how do I tell your brother that he's kind of a shitty DM?" Ray asked from where he was sprawled out on the floor.

Mikey looked up from the stacks of comic books he was half-sorting, half-reading. "I thought he was doing okay," he said. "What did he do?"

Ray groaned. "Did you miss the part where I got slaughtered behind a tavern by a pack of wild unicorns?" Mikey giggled a little and Ray leaned up onto an elbow to glare at him. "Did you tell him to do that?" Ray accused.

Mikey shrugged. "Maybe if you hadn't laughed at my unicorn shirt, I wouldn't have had to say anything to Gerard about how you hated unicorns."

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Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Eeeeeeeeeeee, it's so adorable! ♥ Thank you!

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Pete/Joe! I swear, it's like I see that pairing written somewhere, and I can't not write it.

Consider this an 'I am putting my thinking cap on because I apparently suck at thinking on the spot' comment fic IOU.

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The first time Pete and Joe hook up is right after the whole Mikeyway thing sort of blows up. Pete mopes around the bus for exactly 2 days before he gets frown lines between his brows and his shoulders get tense in a way that Joe recognises as meaning he either needs to hit something or fuck someone. Pete’s damaged enough inside as it is, without a pair of split knuckles (or worse) being added to it, so Joe kind of hopes he goes for the latter. Joe kind of hopes Patrick will step in, but when two more days pass and Pete starts staring contemplatively at the window of the bus, Joe ushers him into the back lounge while Patrick and Andy are off elsewhere, and he pulls him into a tight hug, body pressed against body, Joe’s mouth against Pete’s neck. He holds him for a long moment then pulls back, staying close enough that they’re sharing air and Joe’s lips are hovering close enough to Pete’s lips that he could kiss him if he wanted to.

Pete, it seems, does want to, and his lips are warm against Joe’s, hands cold where they slide up under his shirt, and when Pete pushes him against the wall and undoes their jeans with deft fingers, Joe’s cock is hard and aching. He grinds up against Pete as Pete frees his own dick and wraps his hand around both of them, jerking in short, tight movements that make Joe gasp against Pete’s mouth. Pete comes first and Joe is right behind him, biting at Pete’s lip as Pete wipes his hand on his own shirt. Then he pulls Joe into a tight hug, tipping his head away to rest it on Joe’s shoulder, and sighs, ignoring the fact that their pants are round their ankles and their shirts are pushed up, and there’s a whole lot of flesh on flesh interaction going on. Pete holds Joe for long enough that Joe thinks he’s in danger of getting hard again, but then, just as Joe thinks he’s going to have to start thinking incredibly unsexy thoughts about boring sports and his grandmother and dead people (not all at the same time, although that’d probably work too), Pete pulls away and grins at him.

“Thanks,” he says, pressing his mouth briefly against Joe’s before yanking his jeans back up and heading back to the front of the bus.

Joe pulls his own pants back up and follows, and is pleased to note that Pete seems a lot happier suddenly, that he’s smiling again, and the tension is gone from his shoulders and so Joe considers it a job well done.

Andy and Patrick both notice. Patrick seems to think it’s just Pete naturally getting over it. And Andy seems to think it was Patrick. So it all works out rather nicely.

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Ooooh! I've got some girl!Frank/Gerard crossdressing shenanigans that I can finish up for you tomorrow.

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ext_9990: ((bandom) frank be excellent)
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It's hard, usually, to date dudes in bands. The good news is that, really, Brian doesn't date all that much.

He hooks up, yeah. He has no dearth of backstage blowjobs and handjobs in dark alleys, and he generally isn't relying on his own right and left hand except when that's what he'd prefer. He’s not dating, he’s hooking up and, thank god, hooking up with dudes in bands is a whole different world. For whatever reason, it's not awkward, it's not strange, and there are rarely strange looks over the top of tangled cables to deal with.

It's vastly preferable to hooking up with civilians.

The problems come when the hookup either turns into a relationship, which is complicated, or into a not-relationship, which is even more complicated. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Bob fell into the latter category.

Brian should probably have known better than to start looking, like, with intent. He should have known that Bob was too competent, too in love with music, too good at this life, too talented at balancing being easy-going without being a pushover.

He should have known that Bob was going to stick around.

Their not-relationship had been more than half-drunken groping in corners or even messy kissing in the middle of rooms with Quinn laughing in the background. Bob’s eyes were too blue, that’s Brian’s excuse.

Really, he thinks later, it’s just that Bob is too Bob. All of the things that made him a good tech – his attention to detail, his periodic bossiness, his patience – make him fucking phenomenal in bed. And he always got it, he always understood when Brian needed to put his pants on to go put out a metaphorical or (in a few memorable cases) literal fire.

They were the center of The Used’s team of decently-paid babysitters and the minute that Brian realized how important Bob would be, he cut it off.


“Okay,” Bob said after Brian mumbled out something that probably sounded like a half-assed excuse. His face was a little tight and Brian would love to think it was hurt, but it was probably just confusion. Bob has never had the easiest face to read. “That’s cool.”

“Thanks, man,” Brian said, feeling a weird mix of feelings, like he had both simultaneously dodged a bullet and been a total idiot.


The best thing about hooking up with and having a non-relationship with Bob is that Bob is that Bob is seriously one of the nicest people Brian has ever known, anger and camera issues notwithstanding. So it almost never gets awkward, definitely less often than Brian had expected from the minute that Frank had looked up from the ground in Japan and simply said: “We need to call Bob.”

Because Bob is Bob. He’s not placid, Brian knows that experientially. But he’s not someone who’s going to put all of his shit out there for you to deal with, either. So, really, Brian has been spoiled by the lack of odd pauses in conversations or hands pulled back during setup.

But there are still times, times when he sees the way that Bob smiles at Frank, slow and lazy, that something tightens and he turns his head away, fast.

Because, yeah, maybe if he had known that Bob was going to stick around like this, it would have been different.

Maybe it would have been, but it’s not. And the times that something constricts in Brian’s belly are vastly outnumbered by the times that he finds himself laughing hysterically with Bob in some shitty diner in the middle of nowhere, marveling at his luck.

Because he still has Bob, at least pieces of him. And really, that’s more than Brian could have expected.

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Posted by [identity profile] nova-bright.livejournal.com
Yeah, you're now my favourite person of the day. Seriously.


I love this!

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Hmmmmm....Suspiciously, your list of likes is ALMOST IDENTICAL to mine. Handy!
Because I am at work, and have not enough time to write proper comment fic, here is a teaser of my catholic school girl AU featuring Gerard/Lyn-z and others.

When the substitute teacher reads out the roll, everyone looks around when they get to her name. Lyn-z stops colouring in the run in her black stockings with her pen. A small voice pipes up at the back of the room, and everyone turns to see the pale girl with her messy ponytail whisper "Here."

"You? Your name is Gerard?" The teacher asks in disbelief, and the girl blushes a little.

"You can call me Gee." Lyn-z spends the rest of the lesson watching the oddly named girl through her eyelashes. Gee seems to spend her time drawing frantically in her exercise book. Lyn-z likes her already.


Deftly avoiding Sister Margaret's hawk-like glare, Lyn-z slips into the bathroom, to reapply her lipstick. She goes to kiss the mirror, but decides against it, since she's pretty sure that the nuns have, like DNA scanning technology inbuilt into their wimples.

She pulls her pack of safety pins out of her pencil case and carefully pins the hem of her skirt up to thigh height. It's uneven at the back, but she doesn't care. She grins at herself in the mirror and struts out, ready to take on the world, or at least art class. And she's hoping that Gee is girl enough to appreciate the view.


Annoyingly, Gee doesn't come to art class, which was where Lyn-z had been planning to launch her seduction plan. Admittedly, it mostly consisted of tackling her target to the ground and crushing her with her thighs until the other girl agreed to go on a date with her. Lyn-z has never been a big believer in subtlety. Now she is at a little bit of a loss.

True, she'd seen Gee around the school before.
They were a small group; only 300 girls inside the cold grey stone walls of the convent turned catholic school. But she'd never spoken to her. Up until this term, she'd been accompanied by her good friend Jemima Euringer.

Sadly Jemmy had been expelled due to, amongst other things her constant and aggravated nudity, leaving Lyn-z to her own devices. She had resigned herself to a life of boredom, lightened only by the occasional illegal visit by Jemmy and minor acts of arson, but now Gee has caught her eye. And the other girl looks weird enough to provide at least some fun.

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31/1/08 01:14 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] sociofemme.livejournal.com
constant and aggravated nudity! BEST REASON FOR EXPULSION EVER. <3333333333333333333 Catholic school AU Lyn-z!

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Posted by [identity profile] missmollyetc.livejournal.com
Continued from Here.

[livejournal.com profile] pearl_o: "Bob," Frank calls, and he's almost embarrassed by the sound of his own voice. "Bob, it's my turn now, Bob."

"You can wait another fuckin' minute, I swear to God--" Bob says in a low grumble that does things to Frank's insides.

Frank doubts the truth of the statement. Ray's sucking on his throat, his fingers still brushing against Frank's ass, a fluttery tickle.

He can tell the exact moment Bob stops moving, his hips pausing, not because he's finished, just out of some bastion of supernatural force of will. "Gee, gonna pull out, okay," he says in a whisper. Gee's "Nnnnnnn" sounds almost confused.

Bob kisses Gee again, and then he's moving, Gee sighing while he leaves and squeezing Frank's hand tight. Frank can't quite get the right angle to kiss Gee the way he wants, but it's almost right.

There's an arm wrapped around his chest, and he's suddenly being pulled back to his knees, flush against Bob's warm body, his head falling back naturally onto Bob's shoulder. Ray beams up at him with an unabashed grin.

Bob moves his free hand up to Frank's face. It's sticky, wet with what Frank immediately realizes is Gee's come. Frank sticks his tongue out, stretching to taste.

The taste of salt explodes on Frank's tongue, slippery and thick. He leans forward, ducking his head to lick over Bob's palm as Bob moves his hand lower. Frank whines, stretching almost over Gee's shoulder as Bob palms the side of his neck, cupping his scorpion tatoo, and drags Frank close for a kiss.

It's awkward, his hips sliding along Ray's, his chest slung across Gee's shoulder, but Bob's pushes past Frank's lips and teeth like they've got all the time in the world, tongue lazily flicking the roof of his mouth. Frank moans, energy strumming like a high note through his body. He jumps when Gee's mouth presses against the side of his chest, but Ray's hand on his back steadies him.

Bob pulls away, licking his lips. "Come over here," he says, and sits back.

Ray's hand pushes on Frank's back. He giggles when Frank scrambles over, thumping into Bob's chest and knocking them both flat. "Damn, Frankie," he says.

Frankie looks over. "Fuck you," he says.

"Nah," Gee says slowly. He's blissed out, stretching out on top of Ray and nuzzling into Ray's throat. "Too soon."

Ray lifts Gee's face by the chin, kissing his closed lipped mouth and turning his head in Frank and Bob's direction. "In a little while," he agrees. "But Bob told you to watch, Gee. Rememeber?"

Gee nods. His hips give tiny thrusts as Ray drags his hands down Gee's back to his ass, spreading Gee's leg to bracket Ray's knees.

Frank swallows, watching the drag of Ray's thumbs against the bottom of Gee's ass. Bob's hand on his throat squeezes, once lightly and again, harder. Frank shivers, eyes falling shut as his mouth falls open.

"If you're very good," Bob whispers in Frank's ear, "you might even get your cock in there."

Re: Ahem.

31/1/08 02:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Nnnnnnnngh. I will return to this later, when I finish with school type things, because ... yes. Yes indeed. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Re: Ahem.

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Posted by [identity profile] soundslikej.livejournal.com
My brain apparently takes Brian/anyone and Mikeyway/anyone to CLEARLY mean Brian/Mikeyway. Plus this got a little angstier than I'd've hoped. Oh well. Here, have some cuddling boys.

Mikey wasn't sure how long he'd been wandering around the venue when Brian came to find him. Probably too long, if they'd sent people out looking. He couldn't really bring himself to care.

"He's sleeping," Brian said, leaning against the wall beside him. Mikey stared at the ground. He already knew that. He wouldn't have left the bus otherwise. "We're leaving soon," Brian told him. Mikey knew that too.

"Have anything to tell me that I don't already know?" he asked.

Brian shrugged. "You look like you need a hug," he said, in a tone of voice that sounded more like you should go find someone to fix that than here, let me give you one.

Too bad Mikey knew that one already too.

Brian shifted against the wall for a second or two before leaning over, wrapping his arms around Mikey's chest. Mikey stood there a little awkwardly for a second before Brian said, "you could help me out here, man," and squeezed, his hands spread out warm across Mikey's back.

Mikey let his hands come up to rest against Brian's back, and he closed his eyes, pressing his face into Brian's hair. Brian's head tipped comfortably against his shoulder, and they stood like that for a long time, Mikey shaking a little, Brian's hands smoothing slow circles against his back.

Finally Mikey sighed and pulled away. "Think anyone will notice if we don't go back?" he asked.

"I was the only one who noticed you were missing in the first place, so maybe not," Brian said, a tiny smile pulling at his lips.

"You sure know how to make a guy feel loved," Mikey told him. He didn't quite smile back, but almost.

They walked back to the bus in silence, Brian's steps matching his own, and as the engine hummed to life and the motion beneath them started, Mikey curled up on the couch with his head in Brian's lap and let the gentle rocking of the bus and the feeling of Brian's fingers trailing through his hair lull him to sleep.

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31/1/08 02:06 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Awwww, BRIAN! Awwwww, MIKEY! I love this, darling, thank you so much! *snugs*
Posted by [identity profile] ficsoreal.livejournal.com
Alicia bangs on the door. “Okay, you’ve had enough time to talk to Gee. Come out of there right now, Michael Way, and let me fuck you! I want to try this thing out. See if it’s as great as you make it sound.”

Mikey sighs, shoulders curving inward and slinks out of the bathroom. Alicia smiles at him and holds out her arms. Mikey goes without question or comment. Alicia mummers into his hair, “You are so pretty,” and “I think you’ve actually got an ass now.”

Mikey mumbles into her neck, “What have you been doing out here?”

“Sending Pete pictures of my dick.”

Mikey pushes back out of her arms. “What?”

Alicia goes, “Look at it,” and gestures toward her crotch. “It is totally better than his.”

Mikey rolls his eyes and goes to climb back into bed. He can feel Alicia’s eyes on him and he kind of likes it. She follows him over. “What are you doing?”

He says, “Going back to sleep. When I wake up this will all be a bad dream.”

Alicia’s quiet for a second and then she suggests, “We could just make out. See how you like it.” She widens her eyes pleadingly and it looks almost exactly the same as when she does it as a girl. Adorable.

Mikey says, “Okay,” and she beams at him before climbing on top of him. She hasn’t stopped fucking beaming since she woke up this morning. Mikey wishes having a dick made him that happy. She’s heavier than she looks, heavier than she was before or maybe Mikey’s new body just takes her weight differently now. He hopes absently that he hasn’t been crushing her in bed but he thinks that Alicia would have told him to move his heavy ass if that was the case. Mikey’s hands explore her flat chest, her back without his permission because it’s been a long time since he slept with another man and he’s sort of missed it. He hasn’t missed it enough to do anything stupid, but it’s nice.

And she kisses exactly the same, like she wants to own his mouth and he likes it just as much as usual. What’s different is the way the heat is pooling in his belly, warm and tingly. He tries to shift subtly underneath Alicia but that just makes him aware of the feeling of slickness between his legs. Huh. He shifts again to try and get a grasp on the sensation. It feels…good, he guesses. Different from when he’s touching Alicia, rubbing his fingers over her slick skin.

Alicia presses him further into the sheets and leaves his mouth to trail kisses along his new jaw line to his ear. “Do you feel it? Are you getting wet from this?”

Completed (http://ficsoreal.livejournal.com/18957.html)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
*big eyes* Um, a million yeses! I am saving reading the completed version till I finish my class readings for tomorrow, but it is a struggle.

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31/1/08 01:50 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] elucidate-this.livejournal.com
um would 1500+ words of mikey ways unicorn purity be helpful? because i wasn't really planning on ever posting that but i totally could if it was in a cheering up capacity.

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31/1/08 02:09 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Ahahahaha, oh man, I cannot think of any conceivable way that *wouldn't* add joy to my life!

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31/1/08 02:27 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] hobbledehoy.livejournal.com
:: bribes you with kittens? ::

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31/1/08 02:48 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
I LIKE KITTENS. ALSO: YOU. (I was actually asleep when you called the other day. My sleep schedule = bizarre.)

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Posted by [identity profile] irradiatedsoup.livejournal.com
The first time, their lips are barely touching; Gerard’s fingers only lightly tugging the edges of Ray’s t-shirt, when they’re interrupted. Mikey walks in from out of nowhere, coffee in hand, talking about how he was “so freaking drunk” last night, and he doesn’t see them pull apart but he does catch the edge of the mood and his brow furrows and he says: “What’s going on?”

Ray says it’s “nothing,” without even thinking about it, but he notices Gerard’s not saying much of anything at all which is weird, and he notices as Mikey keeps talking, that Gerard won’t look at him. Ray’s not a pro at reading the signs or anything but he knows that’s probably not a good one.

So when they’re alone again, Ray doesn’t want it to be weird, so he doesn’t try to kiss him again or anything, he just says “Kong?”

Gerard sort of shrugs and then nods; still not really saying much, and Ray’s really beginning to feel like he did something wrong. But when they sit down on the floor, Gerard sits real close, so that their knees are pressed together. (He wants to be Dixie, as usual.)

Then, when Ray hands him the controller, Gerard finally actually looks at him, and his mouth twitches a little like he want to say something but he doesn’t, and he doesn’t take the controller either. He takes Ray’s free hand in both of his and he presses a quick kiss to the top of it. There’s a weird kind of silence and then Gerard laughs; self conscious and awkward, his face flushed red. Ray smiles too, feeling heat in his face, and deep in his stomach. It’s so stupid and embarrassing and Gerard and Ray is going to say so, but instead he just pulls Gerard close and kisses him, again, and again. Every time like it’s the first.
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
They are the MOST precious. FOREVER. ♥♥♥♥♥
Posted by [identity profile] jezrana.livejournal.com
Bobbie's never really thought of herself as a feminist. She's all for equality, sure, and don't get her started on the assholes who feel the need to talk about girl drummers like they're some kind of mutation, but she's never felt the need to subscribe to Bitch or burn her bra or anything (all other issues aside, bralessness is for people who don't wear a D-cup, okay).

So she's never sure what to say when journalists ask if they consider themselves a "feminist band", whatever that's even supposed to mean. Gee's usually willing to field those questions, though, and if she wants to get up on the angry feminist soapbox now and then, who's Bobbie to say anything against it?

Besides, it can be pretty cool to be up there on the riser, looking out over the crowd while Gee hollers at all the girls in the audience about how they should never let anyone give them shit for being girls, and they scream back in agreement. One of the reason's Bobbie's never been sure of the whole "feminist band" label is that it seems like such a loaded thing, like it creates obligations and expectations that Bobbie's not sure she wants to sign on for. But when Gee's standing out there telling girls to be who they are and tell anyone who has a problem with that to go fuck themselves, Bobbie feels like this is right, like putting that message out there is important, even it it comes with stupid labels.

Plus, sometimes Gee gets the guys in the audience to take their shirts off. That's always fun.
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ugh, bad days. I hug you. ♥

Rae was taller than Gerard, and better at guitar, and a hell of a lot hotter. Also, more boobular.

"Boobular's not a word," Mikey said, meticulously straightening his hair.

"Her tits, Mikes, have you even seen them?"

Mikey smirked at him. "You were always blocking the view. Except for the one time I slipped on your drool."

"I can't help it." Gerard sighed dramatically. "She's so talented, Mikey. I'd write her a song and she'd just make it better, that's how talented she is."

Mikey shrugged. "Ask her out."

"She's my band." Gerard's life was horrible. Painful. Completely -

"I'd still go out with you," Rae said, sitting down next to him.

Gerard gaped. And gaped. And then gaped some more, this time while Mikey snickered.

"We could hit the comic shop, see a movie." Rae smiled. "And then maybe buy ice cream and make out."

Gerard couldn't talk. Oh God, he couldn't talk, he had laryngitis and he was going to die and never get a chance to -

"He says yes," Mikey said, sounding supremely bored. "And also that you're pretty." He looked over at Gerard. "See, I was nice and didn't tell her you called her boobular."

Rae laughed; Gerard was pretty sure it was on purpose, because things...jiggled. "Thanks," she said, and then leaned forward, kissing Gerard quickly. Her breasts pressed against Gerard's chest; Gerard tried not to think about licking her all over.

"Tomorrow?" he said finally, very nearly squeaking.

Rae smiled. "Tomorrow," she said, squeezing Gerard's hand with the fingers that Gerard fervently hoped would be wrapped around his cock - or in his ass, really - very soon.

Gerard refrained from making victory arms until she left, at least. He was very proud.
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Gerard! Such a doofus, my god! Mikey's bored helpfulness and Rae's awesomeness! I loooooooove it.

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31/1/08 07:25 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] clumsygyrl.livejournal.com
uhm... i wrote this and thought of you.

angsty and whatnot. bodyswitch. uhm. do not read if you do not want to be angsted.


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31/1/08 22:43 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
*beams* You think of complete fucked-up-edness and weird Waycest and I'm the first thing that comes to mind? I cannot tell you how awesome that is.

Also, wow, that was really powerful, dude. Nice.

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31/1/08 20:31 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] frausorge.livejournal.com
Gerard came onto the bus with with his show makeup still on and a cigarette butt clutched between his fingers.

"Hi, G," Ray said.

Gerard lifted his chin in response and stubbed the cigarette onto a plate full of toast crumbs on the counter. "Mikey around?" he said.

"Yeah, in back," Ray said, "but he's got-" The bunkroom door closed behind Gerard. "- Pete with him," Ray finished. He sighed and looked back at the TV.

Some minutes later the door opened again and Pete came out. He was wearing jeans but nothing else, and his tattoos pulled and stretched as he lifted a hand to scratch through his hair. "Hey, Toro," he said.

"Hey," Ray said.

Pete sat down next to Ray on the couch. He didn't say anything else, so Ray couldn't have accused him of interrupting the show Ray was watching, but he chuckled under his breath a few times, a low, warm, distracting sound, and he would not stop fiddling with his hair.

Eventually the door opened yet again. Gerard was wearing a clean shirt now but his makeup looked, if anything, even more messed up than before. "Pete?" he said, and jerked his chin in the direction of the bunks. Pete stood up, shot Ray a grin, and made his way past Gerard into the back. Gerard stood aside for Pete to go through and then retreated back inside himself. The door fell shut behind him.

Ray got up, started the coffee maker going, and then searched around till he found his bag with his iPod crammed under the table. He sat down with his mug held tight between his hands and turned the volume up high.

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31/1/08 22:45 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] pearl-o.livejournal.com
Oh, wow, this is really excellent -- all subtle implications and unsaid things. Pete! Gerard! MIKEY! Ray's life is really very hard.

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why so epic? (1)

1/2/08 14:44 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] sinsense.livejournal.com
This isn't finished! And inspired by an incidental mention of something in [livejournal.com profile] besquared recent story.

Frank doesn't make a big deal about it. He doesn't get the guys together and give them all a talk, like Gerard would. He's not quiet about it, either; after all, it's Frank.

Brian finds out about it the same way he finds out everything: he walks in on it. This is tame, compared to some of the other things he's witnessed. It's just a flash of pink lace when Brian opens the door of yet another dingy motel room, and then Frank finishes buttoning up his jeans. Frank doesn't even pause. He bends over -- the satiny trim peeks over the waistband of his jeans -- and comes up with a black t-shirt, tugging it over his head and then shoving his arms through the sleeves.

"Did I know about that?" Brian says, idly.

Frank raises an eyebrow, and Brian snaps the elastic of his own underwear against his stomach, once. "Oh! No, I guess not? I don't wear them for concerts."

"Okay," Brian says.

"They're not breathable," Frank adds, and they snicker together. Frank grabs the room key off the bureau, and he and Brian both pause at the door to check -- wallet, phone, keys, cigarettes, lighter -- before they're off to yet another shitty diner.

why so epic? (2)

1/2/08 14:45 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] sinsense.livejournal.com
The thing is, Brian has already had the top ten shameless band shopping trips of his career. Jepha's order of magnum condoms, three bananas, duct tape, lube, and straight razors only reached number three. He's willing to blame all those other bands for what happens at Target; they're the ones who encouraged his complete lack of shame and insane dedication to his job.

The checkout clerk keeps glancing up at him as she runs pair after pair of panties across the scanner. Brian maybe went a little bit overboard when he realized how cheap their selection was, but he figures it'll keep him from having to restock. The super soft thongs were only three for twenty dollars, for Christ's sake. The stores always fuck him on that, though; three was too few, so of course he had to get six. Brian's pretty sure Frank's into lace, so it wasn't like he could put the peach or the purple ones back once he'd picked up those. And he just likes the others. Motherfucking Batman boy-shorts, how the hell was he supposed to pass that up?

Of course, he also had to buy a whisk, two sets of shoelaces, Frizz Ease, and a bunch of drawing pads, so he forgives the girl for looking at him a little weird. He grins at her when she hands him his receipt, and her lips quirk up at the corners. "You have a great day now," he says, and walks out with a bounce in his step.

The guys are back from the afterparty by the time he gets done with the shopping; he timed it just right. Brian hands the whisk to Mikey, the shoelaces and drawing pads to Gerard, and the Frizz Ease to Ray. "Here's the undershirts you wanted," Brian says lightly, and passes the last bag over to Frank.

Frank looks inside the bag, opens his mouth, hesitates, and shuts it again. Brian grins at him, but Frank doesn't meet his eyes; Brian settles in a seat and faces front, smarting a little, but mostly worried he's hurt one of his guys.

"Can we crash together?" Frank murmurs to him as they turn into the parking lot of the Knight's Inn. "Give Ray his own room."

"Sure," Brian says, "Hey, Ray--" because that's what he does, it's his job.

why so epic? (3)

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Re: why so epic? (3)

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