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My grand plan for today went something like this: go to the bookstore! return books for the class I dropped! take the money from that refund and buy GROCERIES OMIGOD FOOOOOOOOOD I MISSED YOU! go home and feel satisfied at a job well-accomplished!

I got through about half of that. The going to the bookstore and returning the books part went well! Only, you know, obviously when you paid for something using your debit card, the refund goes onto your card, too, not in cash of any sort. Which is not a problem!

Unless of course you are either very naive or very lacking in life experience. (I happen to be both.)

See, I assumed once they did that, the money actually EXISTED. It took me a bus ride across town, an hour of standing at the groceries staring longingly at food and checking my ATM every five minutes, and a phone call with my mother before I understood the truth. The truth, that money does not exist. That money does not belong to me. It is floating around somewhere in the void, and will continue to do so until my bank decides it's good and ready to acknowledge me, which will probably be, oh, several days.


[AHAHAHAHA FUNNY STORY. Apparently every time I checked my account balance, the ATM was ALSO charging me $1.50 I don't actually possess! Isn't that hilarious? Every other ATM I've ever used has charged for taking money out but not for just LOOKING, and has also given you that little screen of "hey, are you sure you want to spend this money?" I GUESS THIS ONE IS SPECIAL.]

On the list of ways that life DOESN'T totally fail, on the other hand, you should all know that I have had a tab open with this picture pretty much continuously since I posted those screencaps last night. Because they're BOYFRIENDS, okay. They are my pairing of Two Really Incredibly Nice Boys Who Love Each Other Without Any Sacrasm Or Really Any Edginess To Cut the Sap Whatsoever. In all fairness, it should be unbearable, but no. It's still pretty much just precious.

(Last night I stayed up way too late scouring the net for every bit of Ray/Gerard I could find. I'm not sure if it's actually possible, but there might be even less decent Ray/Gerard out there than decent Waycest. D: It's amazing how binging on badfic can bring on the same exact physical symptoms as binging on junk food, by the way.)

Oh, hey, do you any of you have a picture of Mikeyway from that one Fuse interview? Where he's laughing really hard at something and his face, seriously, pretty much just looks like this: XD ? Because I want to show my sister it, because the last time we talked she brought up Mikey looking like an anime character.

Which, ahahaha, reminds me, last email exchange we had was HILARIOUS. For context, she's not into bandom at all (except for Cobra Starship). She just puts up with me. So, okay )

Ahahaha. We all wonder that, really.

(This email from her is unique in that it doesn't mention Hemmy once. Seriously, she's obsessed with Pete's dog. It's kind of adorable.)

Finally -- new icon, courtesy of [ profile] lordessrenegade. HEART.
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Me: What is the name of that one Nirvana song? The one where he's a little kid, and he's at his grandmother's house because his parents went or something?

La Soeur: Oh, that one. I hate that one, it's so depressing!

Me: Yes. THAT is the one depressing Nirvana song. [beat] What the hell do you mean? THat's like the least depressing Nirvana song of all time!

La Soeur: Isn't that the one that ends with the guy shooting himself?


La Soeur: Are you sure?

Me: It's about a little kid.

La Soeur: Yeah...

Me: It ends with him waking up in his mother's arms!

La Soeur: [makes skeptical face]

Me: SERIOUSLY I WILL GO LOOK IT UP FOR YOU. [looks it up] After dinner, I had ice cream / I fell asleep and watched TV /I woke up in my mother's arms. That is the last verse!

La Soeur: Huh. Maybe I was thinking of some Nirvana fan who was listening to them and shot himself in the garage.

Me: Maybe?

La Soeur: [pause] A happy song doesn't sound very Nirvana-y, though, does it?
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LA SOEUR: You know who I love?

ME: Who?

LA SOEUR: Ian McKellen.

ME: Everybody loves Ian McKellen.

LA SOEUR: Well, yes, but I actually meant to say Don McKellar and Ian McKellen came out instead.

ME: I like both of them!

LA SOEUR: I know you do!

ME: I actually have a little crush on Don McKellar.

LA SOEUR: I actually have a lotta crush on Don McKellar.

ME: Dude, he's totally cute, you know? He's attractive in that really really quirky way.

LA SOEUR: I was totally waiting for you to use the word "quirky".

ME: Really?

LA SOEUR: If you hadn't have said "quirky," I would have had to say it myself.

ME: Hee. Quirky.

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