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For anyone reading this who both a) cares about my opinions on X-men: Days of Future Past and b) doesn't follow me on tumblr, my immediate post-movie reaction post is up here!

I also shocked myself last night by staying up late madly scribbling out a missing scene. Said fic is up at AO3. Charles/Erik, mature, ~1400 words. Spoilers, of course.
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I'm not feeling totally inspired lately, so I've decided to try a new writing exercise. Here's how it works: comment to this with an AU I've already written in XMFC, as well as a trope prompt (sexy or not - wall sex! tending somebody's wounds! nightmares! whatever!) , and I'll try and write a couple hundred words of a ficlet set in that universe.
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Stories written and posted this year (not counting fic exchange stories that haven't had author reveals yet): 18.

Stories written before mid-June: 0.
Fandoms written in: X-men: First Class and nothing else.

Places where I stole titles from: music from the Decemberists, Tegan & Sara, The Beatles, the Mamas & the Papas, Sleater-Kinney, the Gaslight Anthem, Aimee Mann, The Tallest Man On Earth, the Hush Sound, Bruce Springsteen, and the Weepies; poetry from Margaret Atwood; dialogue from X-men: First Class.

First, a couple of vignettes, which are more exploring the characters than anything else (as well as figuring out my views of the guys in XMFC vs the other movies) but they do have some sentences and observations I really enjoy:

Come Hell
Repeat, Repeat the Words
Longer Than The Road That Stretches Out Ahead
stars fading

Other stories:

At point blank range: the one that's pretty much an extended metaphor about Erik wanting Charles to shoot him in the head and how that is related to telepathic sex consent issues
I tell you it still will come: the sequel to the above, also known as "Charles and Erik watch each other sleep like giant creepers and also there are sex tears"

dissolve (in the heat of your charm): the one where Erik gives his first blowjob. The thing about this story is that even though it's total PWP, it might have my favorite Charles/Erik dialogue I wrote this year.

To be said and said: the one where Raven and Erik don't leave at the beach, but all the ideological differences are still there. Basically, me writing out all my problems with the ending of the movie MAKING NO GODDAMN SENSE and trying to figure out a why I could see the split more easily. Ravencentric, but has Charles/Erik in it, too.

A Harmless Green Burning: the one where it's post-coital Charles/Erik during the mutant recruiting trip. This was greatly influenced by a lot of discussions with [profile] zombieboyband about the differences between Erik's and Charles's sexual histories and how that can put them on slightly different places during the same conversation. Also, how Charles is really good at saying the worst possible thing. Also also, het and mental threesomes are really hot.

Amateur: Raven and Charles as teenagers, practicing kissing. My teenage Charles headcanon involves a lot of him not immediately understanding the difference between knowing that someone wants something - because he can see it in their head! - and actually obtaining verbal consent.

wasn't just the same old song
above these indifferent stars
share your tin man heart: the three are all set in the same alternate universe, with Charles and Erik as mutant teenagers who meet in a college class. Lots of underage makeouts and possibly comes perilously close to schmoop, but that's okay.

Swim From Your Heavens: the one where Raven and Charles lose their virginity to each other when Raven crawls into Charles's bed after her nightmares. AWKWARD HET INCEST SEX FOR THE WIN, yesssss.

Kicks and Bucks: the one where I somehow made myself love Erik/Moira as a pairing. Also where I indulge my love of stories where both people involved in the sex are thinking about the same third person.

My Push and My Shove: the one that is snapshots from Erik's POV as he and Charles run the mutant school together over the years.

That Secret Pact You Made: the OTHER one that is all about telepathic sex consent issues, and what Erik needs and what Charles can give him.

Sometimes Rain That's Needed Falls: The one that is a modern non-mutant AU where Charles is a sort-of-lost recent college graduate and Erik is his older boyfriend. This is a very me story, I feel, in the way where despite being my longest story in the fandom so far, it's somehow also the most - I don't want to say underwritten, but it's definitely sparse and subtle; there's as much unsaid as there is said.

SO THAT'S THIS YEAR'S OUTPUT. I appreciate you, new fandom. Here's to good things coming next year.
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So, for those of who have seen X-Men: First Class and want fic, there is good news and bad news! The good news, there is already a very active kink meme going on, located here: [ profile] 1stclass_kink! On the other hand, I personally cannot recommend the community ever, because I find some of the rules and decisions the mod has made to be actively offensive.

To quote from the rule post:

1. This is a KINK meme.
It is for porn. It is for random crack and smut. It is for FUN. If one poster's kink happens to be your anathema, avert thine eyes an' scroll on by.

2. No kink too vanilla, no perversion too strong... Except THAT one.
From G-rated baby squirrel adoption to NC-17 rated anathema insertion - prompt away. But please bear in mind that prompts involving shota/chan/underage characters in sexual situations ARE NOT currently permitted on this meme.

So, to be clear: this is a kink meme, and even in the very midst of the language of kink positivity these memes are based on, it stops to police and shame one specific kink - and, honestly, not that unusual of one.

I myself have been open about my underage kink forever. While I don't have any interest in, for example, sexual content about prepubescent children, I find stories about teenagers discovering and exploring their sexuality to be fascinating. I mean, for goodness' sake, my first fandom was Smallville.

But for this fandom, I can't think of a single prompt I would want to give that would be underage. That's beside the point. The kink singled out could be scat or vore and I would still find it unacceptable for a kink meme.

The mod goes into further detail in the discussion post here.

I am gonna go ahead the quote the reasoning almost in full here:

The spirit of a kink meme is to fetishise, sexualise and promote turn-ons. Prompts and fic involving underage characters in sexual situations fetishises, sexualises and reinvents childhood itself as a 'turn-on'. That's pretty much the legal definition of paedophilia. Paedophilia is illegal in the most countries.

So, no it's not against the spirit of a kink meme to prohibit the promotion of child-focussed erotic material. Especially when LJ could close the meme down for such an infraction.

There will NOT be a warning system for anyone who posts prompts or fic where underage characters participate in sexual situations. If it's against your values to post-date the timeline of the prompt to age-up an underage character then DO NOT post the prompt. Prompts where a character is recounting their experiences as a childhood abuse survivor is a separate issue, as that has been known to help real-life survivors of abuse come to terms with their own experiences through writing and reading. The same can be said for fiction depicting adult rape, non-con, dub-con, drug/drink influenced sexual activity, and extreme violence. I'm no one's therapist, but I can't deny anyone an outlet for their own catharsis.

Okay. The mod does go on in other comments to go into more detail about being afraid of LJ shutting down the comm. While I suppose this could be theoretically possible, it's not a particularly realistic worry, honestly. As I said above, underage is not a particularly uncommon kink in fandom: there are thousands upon thousands of communities and journals that might include two fictional 16-year-olds getting it on without any such interference. In any case, the manner in which both the rules and first response mention such a danger only secondarily gives the impression that it is less important than the fact that it's just gross.

At this point we get to the second reason I don't feel comfortable supporting the com, which is the position on trigger warning systems, which several people suggested in the same thread. The mod responded thus:

There is no warning or trigger list because this is a kink meme. If you don't like something, or it disturbs you, scroll past it - that's Rule #1.


If you're triggered by something specific (for a mild example: feet) then seeing 'foot fetish' in the header should be clue enough to scroll past it or jump to a new page ... What the poster above was asking for was a trigger LIST - a separate list of everything prompters should warn for ... If I did that, I'd still be writing the damned thing by Xmas. So, I'm leaving that to the discretion of prompters and readers, the use of headers, and the knowledge that this is a kink meme with just enough offensive content for everyone

Which is to say, a) "You shouldn't be on the kink meme if you're can't handle seeing something you don't like!!!" and b) "ANYTHING could trigger somebody, it's impossible to cover EVERYTHING!!!" which are pretty much the two most annoying arguments people put up on the subject, and which I can't respect.

As I said, it's a pretty active comm, and during my first look through there seemed to be some quite fic in there, so if the things that bother me aren't big deals for you, it would probably be a quite positive experience for you! But for me, these are dealbreakers.

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