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Another post on my friends list had me looking up average height charts for American men earlier, and I was like, wow, Frank and Patrick and Brian Schechter are even shorter than I previously realized! Because looking at the bell curve, they are waaaaaaay out in the tiny part in the left, for serious. Like, 90-95% of dudes being taller than them, left. So that was interesting!

And then I just spent a fair amount of time trying to turn all my bandom fics into summaries worthy of mcrficfinder. For some reason -- possibly the fact that they're all really short and have kind of stupid plots -- it was really easy.

(I won't lie, part of me is totally bummed that I used up the "breathplay and pancakes" fic on due South. That's really not something you get to do twice, you know?)

"pete and mikey are secretly married and mikey wants a divorce so he can marry alicia? and pete is really sad."

"it's an au and mikey is like a teenager and pete is old? and they have sex in a field. and i think pete asks him to prom."

"it was a brendon het fic with some actress. all i remember is brendon yelling to himself about liking pussy in the bathroom."

"gerard wrote angsty poetry and lyn-z was his vampire queen? or smthg like that."

"gerard was really drunk and fucked-up and brian had a lot of sex with him. and bob, like, watched gerard give brian a blowjob and it was really hot but kind of fucked-up."

"pete breaks up with his girlfriend and then joe has sex with him to make him feel better. i think there was something about pete fondling joe's beard."

That was a) way more fun than it should be and b) probably not entertaining to anyone else. Whatever! Come and tell me about your stupid fic summaries, too.
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I think lots more people should join [livejournal.com profile] overheardfandom, because the idea entertains me to no end. And by "people" I mostly mean "people in bandom" because, um, you guys are really entertaining! And SGA is boring. Yes.

I am exhausted/miserable/achy/various other adjectives that come along with getting my period. Ugh ugh ugh. I am also craving Coke like a motherfucker, but there is none in my house and I doubt I am going to put on pants and walk all the way to the store for some. SIGH. My life, so hard, etc, etc, you know the drill. I am going to be really emo and cry about it now and you will all feel guilty for living too far away to come and wildly indulge my whims. So there. *moans, whines, blah blah blah*

Although I have to admit things are not all bad, okay. The rumor about Pete Wentz acting in the next Diablo Cody movie, for example, is pretty much pure gold. Made of HILARITY, in fact.

Ugh, moods suck. Maybe I will try and write something tonight.

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