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FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: the Justin/Alex kink meme is open!!!!! You guys, it is retarded how excited I am about this, seriously. It's located over at [ profile] omgjustinalex and the main kink meme entry is here. Make sure you read the rules, and then we can all get busy requesting and writing fic. Obviously kinky porn is encouraged, but seriously, anything Justin/Alex or Justin&Alex goes.


Look, there's even a banner!

Uh. Other things I wanted to discuss in this entry! That have nothing to do with sexy underage incest for Disney shows!

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FINALLY, I uploaded one of my favorite movies and you should all download it, and then watch it, and then if you want to write fanfiction AUs off of it, you should feel entirely welcome, but just appreciating its genius is also enough. It's called The Lady Eve, and it is a 1941 Preston Sturges screwball comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, involving sexy con-women and innocent-yet-self-righteous rich boys and snakes and revenge and love. Here is a link from megaupload:

(Seriously, I think the bandom story I want most right now is still the one where MCR are conmen and Mikey falls for Pete and Pete finds out who they are right before Mikey was going to tell him the truth. I want that one even more than the sex pollen Summer of Like one where Mikey thinks Pete has finally just got over his weird gay sex hang ups and they have lots of dirty fucking and then the next day Pete freaks the hell out. Either of those stories would make me love the person forever, basically.)
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TODAY'S RANDOM CONNECTION: Lassiter from Psych is totally Molly Parker's first dead husband from Deadwood! Only with a hilarious mustache. This makes me very joyful indeed.

Also this means everything in Psych is only one step away from everything in due South. Awesome.
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MORE PSYCH. From all over season 2.

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Today I watched both the season 2 and season 3 Psych Christmas specials! Pop quiz, which is gayer, s2 spoiler or s3 spoiler )
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I was pretty pumped to watch a movie about Lilly Kane getting married to a soundtrack of ABBA sing-alongs, but I have to admit, it was even better to end up watching a movie about Lilly Kane getting married to Dakin the History Boy to a soundtrack of ABBA songs.

Also I have downloaded s2 of Psych (also known as the season I haven't seen!) and today I watched the first episode. EVERYONE IS OFFICIALLY FIRED FOR NOT TELLING ME ABOUT TIM CURRY GUEST STARRING. I don't care how well known you thought it was.

Tomorrow I am making coooooooookies. I am overly excited about this, evening though the whole time I was looking through my cookbook and trying to choose a recipe Kelly was all like, ":| Why do you have to make sweet things? I don't want anything sweet :|" and harshing my buzz.

This icon is actually inappropriate, as I am completely sober right now. I am trying to convince Kelly to walk down to the grocery store with me tomorrow to buy soda so I can make Sprite + watermelon vodka drinks tomorrow, which is the alcoholic equivalent of a giant Jolly Rancher, incredibly sweet and sticky and rather good.

On a final note, if me + Amy + Jules all ended up living together at some point, would a single apartment actually be able to contain our awesomeness? Check yes or no.